Epic for Cancon

This weekend will feature CANCON, a red-letter date on the calendar for table top gamers of all types, with literally tens of thousands of people flying in to the Australia capital city (bonus points if you know which one it is) for a long weekend of hard core gaming.

This year I am eschewing 40K and skipping the massive X-Wing tournament, and instead will be playing EPIC:Armagaddon simply because its the game I've enjoyed most over the last year. It's brilliant.

I'll put up a couple of battle reports from a warm up event just to remind our 3++ readers that there is another 40K game. And it is Good.

Vior’la Tau vs Ork Gargants

The Tau army for this game featured a huge amount of air assets (AX-10 formation, Sunshark formation, Orca, Protector Spacecraft) and unlike most Ork armies the greenskins didn't even bring a single fighter bomba. This meant that the Tau had total air superiority for the entire game but with the challenge of having almost 1000 pts less on the table to actually claim objectives with.
The battle would also pit one of the very shootiest armies in Epic against one of the best combat armies, and the Ork titans against some of the best Titan Killers available in the 41st century.
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Cancon and 3++con

Remember me? Ya I don't either.

Either way, Cancon is around the corner (i.e. this weekend) so if you haven't got your ticket… well go get it.

More importantly though (sorry Jay), 3++con is a month away as well. Yes, we are still running a tournament despite being all but gone from the scene. Inspiration will hopefully strike… Anyway, there's still plenty of space and it's the 10 year anniversary for the Clash of the Titans so a good atmosphere abound!

Details are in the player’s pack here otherwise fire away with the questions :).

After-Action Report: Eldau at the TSHFT Open 2015

This past weekend a bunch of folks from Corvallis and I drove up to Seattle for TSHFT (The Seattle Heart of Fire Tournament), one of the northwest's largest 40K events. I've been to quite a few of them in the past and most always had a good time, so I was looking forward to it. Since TSHFT recently switched over to the ITC format, it was also good practice for LVO and I had been preparing for them both for a while now. Apparently all of that practice paid off, as I came away from things with first place in the tournament and a ticket to the Cruisehammer even happening next year.

Details on my list, the format, opponents, etc, after the break.
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Understanding your Weaknesses

Warhammer 40k list building in 7th Edition is not an easy task. Detachments, Formations, and unlimited access to any Faction make for an infinite number of combinations usable in your force. Not only that, but you've got to plan for EVERY permutation available for your opponent, right? Well, I think there's an easier way to go about building your army, and it starts by identifying the weaknesses in your chosen Faction.

I've started this off with a contradiction – you have infinite choices, but you have to pick one Faction? This seems to make zero sense… Let's assume that you're playing 40k because the background is freaking amazing, the models are sweet, and there's a particular army that has your interest. I would hope that this covers a large majority of players.

Every Faction in Warhammer 40k has deficiencies. In the past (before multiple factions/allies were allowed), building a competitive list involved finding the race with the least number of negatives, taking the best units, and rolling dice. In 7th Edition, it's possible to use any Faction and expect to win – of course, you'll still have your good and bad match-ups. If I were to analyze Eldar's weaknesses, I would point out the following -

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3++ Video Battle Report: Eld/Tau vs. Eld/SM


Hello, gents and ladies and gents. It's been a while, as I've been rather busy with the holiday season and tournaments and whatnot; however, there is an upside to this: some of my practice partners and I have been working on putting together some battle reports in a somewhat more animated form than the usual. So, without further ado, the first of (hopefully numerous) video batreps for your enjoyment.
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Merry Christmas to All!

And Happy Holidays, Hanuka, Kwanzaa and whatever else might give you a chance to unwrap a present at this time of year. All the best wishes for a terrific day from your friends at 3++.

Did you get any noteworthy loot? Feel free to shout out below, along with any greetings.

For the first time since I was 10 years old I got Starwars Toys this year! You just can't beat the classics. A VT-49 Decimator and two YT2400 Outriders, along with some things for my Death Korps of Krieg should make this a very Merry Christmas indeed.

The highlight is an Alpine gaming mat from Frontline Gaming, because nothing says Christmas like 'my planet once defied the rule of Terra and was reduced to an atomic-ravaged frozen wasteland.'

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X-wing: Raider Release relaunches the Tie Advanced

Fantasy Flight announced the release of the first 'Huge' Imperial Ship, the corvette-class Raider. While many Imperial players will be salivating at the mere sight of this potent blend of an Imperial Star Destroyer and an Interceptor, for the majority who play standard 100pt tournament games the big news is that this ship breathes new life into what was probably the least-used ship in the game: The Tie Advanced.
Vader Likes this.
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The 30 Best Photos from Battle of 5 Armies

Last weekend I ran another event (it's becoming a bit of a new habit for me!) and continuing the theme of GW's games that not everyone plays but are actually a lot of fun, this one was a 1,000 point tournament for The Lord of the Rings/Hobbit Strategy Battle game.

A new rule book was released the day before the event as a freebie with White Dwarf Magazine – btw, thanks for giving us more reasons to buy WD, anyone from GW who is reading.

There were some excellent battles across some terrifically themed terrain (most of which was created by Steve 'Onyx'), and a lot of fun was had.

Results are at the end, but really all most people care about are the photos. Because everyone likes to see pretty pictures of models fighting models. (click only for disappointment)

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Blood Angels Rumor Summary (…finally)

Taken from DED’ARD (thank you Harrower) – my comments in pink:

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Epic: 20 Best pics from War in the 41st Millennium

I know, I know, the majority of 3++ readers are die-hard 40Kers but don't also play it's big little brother, Epic:Armageddon. Despite that there are enough people who like both systems to be interested in the results of how armies did at the recent War in the 41st Millennium tournament, and for everyone else, there's pretty pictures.

It's just like 40k, but from further away.



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