Army building in 8th – trying out Terminators.

I take cash, too.

Its Stuart Lord here (Lords2001) and I’m planning to put together an army to playtest for 8th. I’m going to put together some army lists of stuff I want to try and why. As always, I would love your feedback on list composition, tactics and feedback from your own experience .

I’ll list out the unit and the points, assuming my maths works out (and if it doesn’t, I can blame GW of course. I love the fact that you remove points for the weapons you already have before putting points for new ones in. But I hate actually working it out.) So here is my first list

List 1 : Give me your armour, your guns and your Dreadnoughts – 1500 points (with 2000 point option)

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Forgeworld – Orks

Everything for Orks.

Zhadsnark Da Ripper and Ork Mek Boss Buzzgob

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Forgeworld – Tyranids

Everything for Tyranids.

Malanthrope and Dimachareon

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Forgeworld – Necrons

All the Necron Forgeworld options.


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8th Edition – Almost top 5 – Adeptus Astartes Style


Hi, I’m Stuart Lord (lords2001) and Ive been a long term tournament player, at least on the NSW circuit. I’m planning on getting back into 8th, assuming it will have me after I and so many others callously abandoned it during 7th.

Quite a few people have been over the various armies and the main rulebook, so I don’t want to do too many in depth reviews of individual units, especially as I haven’t taken them all for a spin, or had them used against me.

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Optimising Your Army for Command Points

Command Points are a new addition to 40K, and potentially very powerful. Neil recently wrote an article on 3++ called Clutch Command Point Rerolls which I recommend to anyone unconvinced that they should take them seriously, and as a follow up I will be writing this article about optimising army builds to get the maximum amount of CP.

There are two ways to get more CP from most lists; passive and active optimisation.

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Clutch Command Point Rerolls


Today I’m looking at some of the best ways to use the Command Re-roll stratagem.

Once upon a time, Brother Corbulo had a unique ability. He let you re-roll ANY single dice during the game. I remember the first time I heard of someone re-rolling the “does the game end” roll. It was at the Australian Team Championships, and turned a loss into a win. Now, that ability is available to everyone!

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New Edition, New Look for 3++

We’re celebrating the new edition of 40K rules with a visual update to the 3++ site. This comes with a clearer statement of what the site is about and some stronger branding.

‘3++ The New Black – Kirb your Enthusiasm’ is gone, replaced by ‘3++ The 40K Strategies and Tactics Site’ – although the die-hard fans might be happy to know they can still find a Kirby (and a Shadowlord) fighting in the banner at the top.

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Forgeworld – The Rest of CSM / Daemons

The rest of the Chaos Space marines and Dameons Forgeworld. PM me if you have the Xenos.

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Forgeworld Indexes – Imperium and Chaos (UPDATED)

Scroll through 🙂 – not everythign here yet; will upload rest later.


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