Dedicated Transports in Fast Attack – Impact

I'm sorry – busy! I know.

Alright things we've seen in the last three books has been a movement of Dedicated Transports to Fast Attack. The implications of this at first don't seem that big – they aren't gaining Objective Secured, there's only three Fast Attack slots anyway and most dedicated transports aren't massive options that you must go for by themselves. Yes even Wave Serpents – if you can take on in the Troops slot, do it. In all all it doesn't seem like that big a deal though when we take into account the Battle Brother changes from 6th edition to 7th edition (and assuming we are working under a CAD army building approach), some of those transports can be really bloody useful for other armies.

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7th Edition Orks Codex Review Part 7: Fast Attack

orky7by Scuzob

Ork Fast Attack is not as packed as it first appears, since three of the units here are actually slight variants on the same Flyer, and two others do the same kind of job, except one is a Jetbike and the other is the flimsiest vehicle in the game. The units do the usual FA job of being fast married to the Ork jobs of being plentiful and cheap, which is a great combination that many other armies lack in their Fast Attack. For the Orks, these units all make good minimum-size harassment units.


Like Kommandos, Stormboyz are Choppa Boyz with an upgrade that fixes their terrible speed issues. Namely, the Stormboyz are the Assault Marines to the Ork Boyz Tactical Squad. At nine points a model, they are very cheap for their speed, as their special jump packs let them run 2D6” at the cost of taking Dangerous Terrain tests when they do so. It can cause a lot of casualties if you’re unlucky, but at least this potentially damaging movement is optional, unlike the last codex.

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Guest Article: Stompin’ Time: Notes on Knights

by tjkopena

This past weekend a good-sized crew from PAGE went out to the NOVA Open. I pretty much got my face punched in throughout the Trios and Narrative tracks (reports here & here), but I learned a lot and had a great time. Even in those but especially walking around the Invitational and GT you couldn’t help but notice the multitudes of Knights: Imperial Knights, Wraithknights, Rip-knights… Gorgeous models, under-costed points, for once GW figured out how to really sell something everyone will like, as long as it’s on their side of the table. The following are some lessons I’ve learned about fighting and using Imperial Knights.

Your weapons are (all but) useless, puny fleshlings! Charles Craig's sweet Chaos-allied Knight picks a fight with Sgt Titus and his meltagunner friend.

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Grey Knights – Digesting

Okay so I've been able to sit down with Grey Knights finally and go through them a little bit and figure out what I like and don't like.

I'll be very forthright initially (and I've said this several times; if you don't wish to read over the way codex changes are currently – please skip to the next paragraph!) – I'm not a fan of the current stage of the direction they are taking with armies and removing “flavour”; it's really easy to see in the case of Grey Knights as everything that isn't a Grey Knight no longer exists. Again, if this leads us to a great platform on which to add and evolve the game; great but I'm not loving it currently (if this is the case; there is always going to be a a time of upheaval and I will look back and gladly eat these words). Until then, well Grey Knights are an army that requires allies to effectively see use. This isn't a huge issue itself for me as I run multiple Marine armies and Eldar so have the ally options available (as well as the models to count as Inquisition). I don't have Guard though or Sisters / Knights which might be of use and for many players out there – they may not have any of these options or a lot less than someone who has collected for an extensive period. This to me is an initial negative.

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X-Wing’s 3rd Faction: Scum and Villainy

Fantasy Flight recently release the first information about the much anticipated, much speculated about third faction for X-Wing:

Scum and Villainy are coming to a galaxy near you soon.

Existing players, prepare your fleets for engagements against new ships with entirely new moves and abilities. Undecided players, get off the fence – if the light side of the Force was too lawful-good and the Dark side a little too lawful-evil, you now have the option of a chaotic-neutral faction.

Plus Boba-Fett's just got a lot cooler.

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The State of 7th: Overview

Inspector Gadget Notice

So we are a little ways into 7th Edition now and we've seen a few of the larger tournaments. The nature of the game, such as it is, is becoming more clear and so are the armies that are making the cream of the crop. While the environment is hardly settled completely, I think we're reaching the point where we can make some more definite statements about things and start looking at what kind of environment we'll be playing in. There are definitely a few surprises in what's shown up so far, but also a lot of the expected players on the field.

This will be the first article in an ongoing series that aims to take a look at the major armies in 7th edition, what they are composed of, and how they function. Later articles in the series will focus on particular armies and builds; this one is intended to give a broad overview of the 7E environment and the sorts of challenges it presents.
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Dataslate – Officio Assassinorum

Alright then – the feeling is that Games Workshop is going to be releasing more and more add-ons to supplement the armies they've already released sort of like supplement books back in 3rd edition. We've already got dataslates and formations and they appear to be coming back around again and with the Inqusition style books (GK, SoB, Inquisittion) all being given their own book, tournament organisers will need to look at how armies are being built for tournaments. Again.

That's another post though; for now – let's look at the new Assassins.

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A New Look at Axis (Convergence Warcaster)


Heading back into Convergence, I did a reevaluation of Axis, the Harmonic Enforcer.  A lot of players rank him as the worst of the five, and it is easy to see why.  He's a living model, so he's exposed to Grievous Wounds and other effects that matter against living models.  This also means the Optifex Directive can't grant him Magical Weapon, Pathfinder, or Repair him innately.  As a melee beatstick, he lacks Reach.  Even with two PS14 weapons, he does not have Reach, is slower at only SPD5, and a Focus of 6.  His Feat does bump him up an increase in +2 to SPD and STR, but Father Lucant is already there naturally with Positive Charge to hit harder, Iron Mother has her Exponent Servitors, Syntherion has Synergy, and finally Aurora has Flank with her Angels.  Translation: Every Warcaster except for him has a built-in ability to increase their damage output and accuracy.  Axis does not.  So the question becomes why run him when his output for damage can be exceeded by every Warcaster in the faction?  The reason: Board Control.

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7th Edition Orks Codex Review Part 6: Elites

orky6by Scuzob

Like most Codices, Ork Elites suffers because it is jam packed with units you might quite like to take a bunch of, with no way to shift any into Troops or get more of without doubling your detachments. The units are mostly improvements on the basic Ork Boyz mob, having specialized roles or just being mighty melee beatsticks. With a few exceptions, they still have the problem of getting into close range quickly, as walking through a cloud of incoming fire is not something you want to subject these expensive units to.

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Grey Knights: First Look

A Teleport Homer, duh.

Wait, what?

Yep, the codex is leaked in its entirety already. Normally this would be a bit tricky, because it would take time to scan all of the pages, etc… except that with the new GK book, there's hardly anything in there to scan. So yeah, let's the steaming pile of garbage that we've been served up.
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