Space Wolves Preview – Hunters Unleashed

The Space Wolves are coming and as per normal, Warhammer Community is doing some previews for us.

First and foremost we have the Hunters Unleashed faction trait which is effectively a replacement of the army wide Counter-Attack / True Grit from years before. Basically whenever Space Wolves charge or are charged, they get +1 to hit in combat and Space Wolves characters can intervene 6″ rather than 3″. While not as good as an extra attack, this means most Space Wolves units are hitting on 2s during combat where there were any charges involved. That’s pretty reliable and there are definitely some strong melee options out there for the Puppies. This has very little impact on characters unless there are some strong neg stacks going on (Howling Banshees?) which are far less common in melee than compared to shooting; hence the 6″ intervention.

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Tau Codex Review – Part 3: Relics / Warlord Traits

I exist! Yay. Moving ahead with working towards playing in the ATC (Australian version) in September; once lists are released will go through my list in a bit of detail. Until then, as part of getting back into the swing of writing posts let’s finish off the Tau codex review. Recalling from months and months and months ago, we have already reviewed the septs and stratagems. As part of this we are going to update the weapons in 8th for Tau given some pretty significant changes to weapon profiles. Until then, let’s polish off the “front” part of the review and analyse the Relics and Warlord Traits.

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London GT Drama, Tau 1500 and Boardgame Stuff

Hi all. I know I have not posted in a month – sorry! I am finalising a post FAQ document and then you should see a bit more regular posting; life has been manic unfortunately for all of us all at once – standard.

Anyway, before we get into actual tactical posts I wanted to comment on the LGT drama that has unfolded recently (you can see the referenced information in this Facebook post).

While this is another “major” tournament to get embroiled in a cheating “scandal” not to mention various internet people throwing out comments such as slow play, etc. towards winning lists, this interaction just reflects badly on everyone.

Not only has the LGT let itself down hugely with terrible, terrible, terrible terrain (I understand terrain is expensive and hard to build up a good stockpile / change for editions but come on) but by publicly airing dirty laundry without talking to the parties involved, they have not done themselves any favours.

Not only is this poor terrain setup (nearly all LoS blocking, no area terrain / bases) but how hard is it to at least spray and paint the Styrofoam!

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Battle Report: Tau vs White Scars

Hi folks!

Neil here again. I haven’t had a chance to play much 40k lately, but last weekend I was able to get in my first game with the new Tau codex!

It was a casual game. My list was not very focused, just a bunch of stuff I wanted to try. Most notably 3 Broadsides with High Yield Missile Pods, and a cheap commander for the CnC Node stratagem.

Opponent had a fluffy White Scars list. Lots of bikes, and a couple of predators.

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Dark Eldar Rumours

Taken from Dark Eldar Facebook group.

So I’m compiling changes announced in BOLS review from book.

Archon gone up a little in price

Lelith now something like 80 points?!

Lelith no longer does drugs, but can choose what stat to increase each turn.

Urien halves incoming damage, no longer re rolls save. He dropped in points massively.

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Tau Codex Review – Part 2: Stratagems

Stratagems are often what makes or breaks a codex. We have seen Blood Angels get very few changes but a series of key stratagems (and combinations with Relics) have turned them into a very strong option in the current environment (still waiting for that March FAQ…). Tau are in a unique place akin to Imperial Guard where it is very easy to get lots of CP – a Brigade can cost as little as ~640 points (Fireblades, Hounds, Marksmen, Fire Warriors, Sniper Drones) with actual useful units. Seeing Tau lists with 10+ CP should be common sight.

With that in mind, let’s have a squiz at what those CP are bringing to the table (keeping in mind we have already looked at the Sept specific stratagems):

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Tau Codex Review – Part 1: Tau Septs

Regardless of what the rest of the Tau codex is like, they have done one thing correct – made it very difficult to choose what Sept, which models for each Sept and what wargear / stratagems do you really want. This is akin to the Imperial Guard and Tyranids release where there was no clear cut “Hello I am a hard to hit being” or “please take Girlyman” type of trait. IMO, this is great because it means lists will be different and there are options (also waiting for that neg 1 to hit nerf…).

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40K Tactics – Winning the Objectives before the game starts Part 1

Hi – Matt-Shadowlord back with a 40K Tactics article. Today we’ll take a break from army lists and leaks to discuss what I consider to be one of the most important skills in any tabletop game that allows the players to control where on the board the game is won: placing objectives intelligently.

You don’t have to spend a long time on it if you have a plan in advance, but too many players are far too casual about how they place objectives on the table. I’ve had lots of games where opponents have basically scattered them randomly or even tossed them onto the table. There’s nothing at all wrong with that approach -but wouldn’t you rather win?


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Must-Know Stratagems: Blood & Dark Angels

Greetings, fellow skeletons in the closet! Today, we continue our look at must-know stratagems with the Angels of Death: the Blood Angels and their sinister cousins, the Dark Angels. Please note that both the BA and DA have access to most of the same generic stratagems that vanilla Marines have (Auspex Scan, Killshot, etc), so ensure you read through the prior article in this series, found here.

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