Explosives / Templates in 8th Edition – aka the Battlecannon Debate

We’ve had a few discussions around this topic already and while the final verdict won’t occur for several weeks (or months) now, we probably have most of the information to start dissecting the changes in template and blast weapons (now called Explosives and … well nothing). First let’s look at what we know:

  • Physical blast and template markers are no longer in the game;
  • Templates still automatically hit and do D6 wounds to a unit within X”;
  • Templates no longer ignore cover;
  • Some templates have different ranges (we know a normal flamer is 8″ and a pistol is 6″ so heavier weapons might be 10″/12″/etc.);
  • Blasts have been replaced with DX hits (we’ve only seen D6 so far for both a large blast and small blast);
  • Stronger weapons (such as the Battlecannon) do DX wounds;

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8th Edition 40k – mini-preview Tyranids


  • Synapse allows you to ignore the Morale phase;
  • Swarmlord is base 9″ move, T6, W12, S8, A7, Sv3+/5++ (4++ in melee) with 2+/3+ to hit in melee / shooting;
  • Swarmlord has three levels, losing 2″ move, 1S, 1A at 4-6 wounds and a further at 1-3 wounds;
  • Swarmlord attacks are Ap-3 and D6 damage;
  • Catalyst still provides FNP (ignores wounds on a 5+);
  • Hive Commander (which the Swarmlord has) allows one unit to move again during the shooting phase;
  • Genestealers still have Rending (-4AP on a to wound of 6) and have a 5++;
  • Genestealers gain +1 attack if they are in a unit of 10+;
  • Broodlord gives Genestealers +1 to hit and they are 3+ to hit base;
  • Genestealers can charge after advancing;
  • Hormagaunts and Genestealers have an 8″ move;
  • Tyranid Warriors remain T4, W3.

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8th Edition 40k – Transports

This is the key statement from the rules preview – “transports are almost universally better”. They mention specifically being better at shooting, being more durable, faster and fewer limitations on disembarking. Good – while no where near as bad as 4th edition, transports were not the most pleasant of death traps recently.

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Space Marines in 8th Edition – Datasheets, Points and Power Levels

Welcome back! In this instalment, we look at how Datasheets, Points and Power Levels are going to impact the Marines.

The first thing that is worth noting about Datasheets is that it will still be possible to have units switch spots on the Force Org chart. That is not a huge surprise but it is a relief to know that all-bike armies will still be a thing in all likeliness. It will be interesting to know if White Scars can get Bike Squads as a default Troops choice… probably not but it would be cool if so. Next, the fact that the Aspiring Sorcerer has Ld 8 vice the common 7 of the Rubrics is likely indicative that most if not all squad leaders will continue to have an extra point of Ld over their squaddies. How that translates for Marines is hard to say for sure: maybe only Veteran Sergeants will have Ld 8, or maybe all Sergeants will. Nevertheless, and as we discussed in a previous article, Morale is going to matter a heck of a lot more now, so spending some points on upgrading Sergeants to veterans may be a much wiser (if not outright necessary) move. Read more »

8th Edition 40k – Stronghold Assault

Today doesn’t give us anything too rulesy (I swear we make up so many words and bastardise the English language with every post) but nonetheless the types of gameplay are something I want to talk about. First, quick summary of Stronghold Assault. Read more »

8th Edition 40k – mini-preview Imperial Knights

Another name change to Questor Imperialis… Summary below:

  • 24 wounds, Toughness 8, 3+ save and 5++ invulnerable;
  • Base stats are 12″ move, WS/BS 3+;
  • 7-12 wounds remaining equate to 9″ move, WS/BS 4+;
  • 1-6 wounds remaining equate to 6″ move, WS/BS 5+;
  • Thermal cannon is heavy D3, S9, AP-4, D6 damage with the melta like rule (roll two, pick the highest in half range);
  • Thermal cannon gets an additional D6 shots against units with 5+ models;
  • Stomp is now called Titanic Feet and no longer removes models from play;
  • Reaper Chainswords and Thunderstrike Gauntlet do an automatic six damage per successful attack;
  • Thunderstrike Gauntlet can throw a destroyed monster / vehicle at another enemy within 9″ to do D3 mortal wounds (4+ to wound);
  • Trygons do D6 damage in melee;
  • Knights can leave combat with infantry and not suffer the inability to fire their weapons (I wonder if running a Rhino into combat with them would ignore this then?);
  • Super-Heavy detachment is 3-5 Lords of War models with a bonus +3 Command Points.

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8th Edition 40k – Combat Weapons

Okay. Time for some information on the hacky, sawy, breaky, biting, poking, fis…nope not going to say that. Anyway, melee weapons! We already saw the Force Weapon on Rubric Marines and very unshockingly, the power weapons of similar natures are the same but with only a single damage rather than D3 of the force weapons.

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EPIC:Armageddon – Another look at 40K’s little big brother.

A couple of weeks ago I bought 2 Eldar Revenant titans to use in normal pickup games, and none of my opponents minded or even raised an eyebrow. They have no reason to object -their own armies feature Warhounds, Thunderhawks, scores of Leman Russes, countless Tyrannid monstrosities,  Shadowswords and Reaver Titans, and yet the armies are balanced, the matches close right to the final moments, the game streamlined and the system tournament-ready.

It’s time to have another look at Epic Armageddon, and on the brink of 40Ks 8th Edition being release d I’ve updated this post from 2014 with some of the new developments for this old game.

I’ll be completely upfront about this: The goal of this mini-series about Epic is to get you interested enough in Games Workshop’s other game set in the grim darkness of the 41st Century to actually give it a try. I started playing it fairly casually with some friends and it took a few games to realise that Epic is actually GW’s most strategic and tactically rewarding game.   In fact, this weekend I’ll be flying 4,000km to CanCon for a major Epic Tournament, which is about as strong a personal endorsement as anyone can give a game. Read more »

Live QnA re 8th Edition 40k

From Natfka since I cannot be bothered summarising:

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8th Edition 40k – Vehicles

Okay vehicles today. We also get a sneak peak at the A-Barge. Let’s run through the rule reveals first.

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