xwing1Australian X-Wing national champion and now World's runner up Morgan Reid agreed to write a little about his experience for 3++. Some of you may know him from the 3++ Clash of the Titans 40k event, but it's in X-Wing that he has really made a name for himself – even being flown around the globe by FFG in order to play in their world championship tournament.

“G’day guys – quick intro – Morgan Reid, I live in Sydney and have been playing X-Wing for about 8-9 months.

First up – I know this site is primarily dedicated to 40k so I think it’s worth mentioning that I came to X-Wing through 40k. I played 40k for just under a year but in the end I found the preparation (hobby), setup, deployment, game time and pack up were taking a long time and I wanted something a little less intense, more relaxed and quicker. A real beer and pretzels game. So I was introduced to X-Wing, initially I wasn’t a big fan but I persisted through a few games and then I started to realise and appreciate the incredible balance and depth, yet clever simplicity of the game. Easy to learn but hard to master!
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Tournament Report: The Harvester of Souls

Know Your Gons

Last weekend I went out to the Harvester of Souls tournament in Spokane, Washington and managed to come away feeling pretty good about things. The tournament was held at the “new” location for the Gamer's Haven after the old one had burned down. (I put “new” in quotations because it's actually been around for the better part of a year, but as it's my first visit to the store it was, at least, still new to me.) As an ITC-registered event and part of the store's yearly tournament series (with another event, the Storm of Silence, occurring in the spring) it was a good chance to face off against some pretty strong competition while still having a good time and play on some really nice-looking tables. I ended up going defeated across the five rounds with my Necrons and took Best General, though my middling paint score (as well as the presence of some very nice-looking armies) meant that my shot at Best Overall or Best of [army] was something of a non-starter. But as I said- good times, good folks, good games. Keep reading if you want the details.
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War in the 41st Millennium

va2War in the 41st Millennium: A new-player-friendly EPIC Armageddon Tournament – Sunday 23/11 at TGA

Regular 3++ readers may remember an article on the site called There is another 40K Game – And it is Good!, where I am inviting people to try GW's other strategy battle game set in the 40K universe. Epic Armageddon.

Epic continues to grow in popularity here, and for good reason – can you imagine playing a game of 40K with 35 Leman Russes and a Warlord on the table that is still balanced enough to be competitive? (actually some cynics might say I could have dropped 'with 35 Leman Russes and a Warlord on the table' from that sentence, lol).

So several months before the next national tournament (Cancon 2015) I have taken the plunge to organise an event for players old and new.
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This 16 Minute video could change how you play X-Wing

As most X-Wing fans will know by now, 2013 World Champion Paul Heaver managed to pull off a second victory last weekend, winning the title of World Champion for the second year in a row!

For your entertainment today I am posting a video by Outer Rim Smugglers of the Team Covenant Open tournament (TCO) game between Paul and the lead developer of the Xwing Vassal program. This is just 16 minutes long and well worth watching for three reasons:

  • The match features both the Decimator and the YT2400 -this is a chance to get a preview of the meta game the new ships may help create
  • You can see what Xwing Vassal looks like – isn't it time you joined in?
  • It's a chance to see Paul Heaver in action

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X-Wing: The Galaxy’s Most Wanted ][

I had no interest in buying in to the new Scum And Villainy faction in Star Wars X-Wing. I am a Rebel player at heart, and probably play around 95% of my games with rebel ships, treating the Imperials as the natural enemy. Scum and Villainy just looked like a way to cash in on the Bounty-hunter fans who would find this third faction more appealing, and it certainly wasn't the fleet I was looking for. Maybe I'd pick up a few cards for my Headhunters and Ywings from the new box sets, but that's about all.

That was yesterday. Today, FFG released more information about their S&V faction ships and pilots, and 'tempting' doesn't do it justice.
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New 40k FAQs

Tau – changed such that Ignores Cover form Markerlights is unit specific rather than weapon specific (and by changed I mean they answered a question in this way)

Space Wolves / Black Legion – nothing… thank you for making me look GW :).

Imperial Knights – clarified movement through terrain

Daemons – added attacks for Bloodletter Crews. You're still not using the skull cannon anytime soon.

Dark Eldar – nothing loaded…


Not much all in all folks, sorry!

Exigence New Tiers: Trollbloods

The second half of the roundup on Exigence involves the 6 Theme Forces featured in the book for the new warlocks: Avalanche, Wold War, Footsteps of Giants, Death's Wings, Voodoo Dolls, and Curtain Call.  The idea of a Theme Force gives you bonuses for running armies a certain way, at an opportunity cost of other models.  So lets see what we're looking at, starting with Trolls and going down the line for each one. Read more »

Imperial Armor 13 Review

1304782703681 So the long-awaited update to the multitude of Chaos vehicles is here, and with it a new army list that updates the Renegades and Heretics (i.e. Lost and the Damned) army as well as a side benefit. The book is something of a pleasant surprise for CSM players, since many of the entries within are just Chaos equivalents of many of the best Loyalist vehicles- and unlike many previous iterations, they aren't simply worse than their counterparts in arbitrary ways.

The book isn't all golden, but it's a ray of light for a faction that is struggling to remain relevant even in more casual games, much less the cutthroat competitive world. So let's take a dip inside and see what kind of gems we can discover (as well as poke fun at Forge World's inability to know the rules of its own game.)

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FF release new X-Wing FAQ

Fantasy Flight have released a new FAQ for X-Wing, and apart from the usual clarifications and wording-tweaks there are some changes well worth being aware of.

  • Ten Numb's special Critical hit is unblockable
  • A ship can only drop one bomb per turn – This could mean ships with more than 1 bomb slot are on the way.
  • Moving “Forward 0″ (a stop) after bumping into an enemy model previously meant you weren't touching them in the next turn. Now the models do count as touching. This will affect Shuttles, who could have used a Stop and then fired at Range 1 into the enemy model.
  • Players have to decide if they want to use Dash's special ability (You may ignore obstacles during the Activation phase and when performing actions) before moving, rolling or boosting. The wording is 'may', so this clarification means that they don't get to do a roll, decide they don't like the position after all, and then say they choose not to use Dash's rule as a cheeky way to retract the action.
  • Jake Farrel (After you perform a focus action or are assigned a focus token, you may perform a free boost or barrel roll action) can use focus as his second action (with PTL) and still get a free boost or roll.
  • The ship that Jan Ors crew-card is on can be the target of her ability (Once per round, when a friendly ship at Range 1-3 performs a focus action or would be assigned a focus token, you may assign it an evade token instead)
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Exigence Roundup

With the new release of Exigence, we now know everyone's upcoming new toys, both good and bad.  I'll be covering their Theme Lists later as its a bit of a discussion with 6 involved. Read more »

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