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Greetings One and All!

My name is Dawnlord Ed. I have spent much of my childhood and all of my adult life playing games (when I am not being a husband, a father, or killing terrorists). I will try damn near any game once. But, I have spent the last three years or so teaching and growing the Warmachine and Hordes community as part of the PP Press Gang and Kirby (in his infinite, pink wisdom) has brought me on board to post regularly about Warmahordes. (I also have a graduate degree in profanity so I am sure Kirby will have fun editing my posts and pictures!)

Now, before I get started, I know that this corner of the internet has always been pretty devoted to 40k. And, I know that Warmahordes is very polarizing in the gaming community. Especially in places where 40k is entrenched. In fact, after just mentioning the word “Warmachine,” I know several of you have pretty much made up your minds:

This Heretic

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3++ On the Go to BAO!

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Hey all you cool internet folks. I'm leaving for the Bay Area Open today, driving down to southern California with some cool internet friends to throw down with a whole bunch of other warhams at one of the biggest tournaments on the west coast. If you're gonna be there this weekend, keep an eye out for for the me and maybe say hello if you please (I'll be the one with pink Kirby dice and some Necrons + Tau, hopefully rocking the top tables or, alternately, being utterly disappointed with said dice and cursing the hell-spawned fate that I am cursed to bear.)
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Space Wolves – Stromfang / Stormwolf (Pictures and Rumors)

We're keeping pace with the rumors but with Games Workshop's new “stuff everything down their throats fast” philosophy it's hard to keep up when I'm not on the Internet everyday… Summaries are going up here in the forums though. More pics / info after break.

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7th Edition Orks Codex Review Part 4: Weirdboyz, Psychic Powers & Special Characters

orky4I said I'd be posting the Special Characters separately, but there really isn't much to say about most of them, so they're sharing this spot with Weirdboyz. After these, it's onto Troops (and Trukks).


Look Ma, I'm a real psyker now! Weirdboyz got a big improvement in that their powers are as random as those of any other psyker, instead of being rolled for each turn. They generate Warp Charge properly, use their powers like everyone else, and they even got a force stave into the bargain. Weirdboys also generate an extra Warp Charge if there are 10 or more Orks within 12″, pretty easy to do. This rule does have a small downside where the Weirdboy might take damage if he doesn't pass a psychic test in the same turn, but he only suffers a Wound on a 6, so it's not too dangerous.

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Objective Secured and You

cultist chan

Although it's not wholly new to 7th Edition, it is only with 7E that the rule is now widely available and thus widely relevant. Replacing the rules from the past two editions when only Troop units (and non-vehicle ones, at that) could hold objectives, all units are now scoring, but Troop units are “super-scoring” and can take an objective even if there are multiple units already on the objective so long as they don't possess Objective Secured. This is a major shift in the way units are balanced for a variety of ways and will significantly affect how armies need to be built in the future- and we're already seeing the early stages of that.

However, while Objective Secured is arguably the single most important rule in 40K right now, that still doesn't make it the be-all end-all that some people seem to perceive it as. So what does Objective Secured mean for you army?
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Warmachine Tactics: The Beta so far


For all the Kickstarter backers for last year's Warmachine: Tactics at a certain point and beyond, the beta officially launched for them two weeks ago now.  Much like what Dawn of War did for Warhammer 40K, Tactics fans' expectation is to deliver a similar surge in the hobby.  I've played a bit and with a few updates now under their hood during this testing period before the general beta release later on most likely this July, lets go over what the set-up is like so far.

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Hordes: Exigence

I know, I know – I'm behind on the times. Lots of pictures have dropped and we've got some confirmations finally of names, etc. A summary of the rumors we have so far is here on the forums though more info is to be added as it comes.

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Stromclaw Drops

Interesting mix of models and nice to see some unique HQs but limited stock just doesn't make sense. Mini-rulebooks makes these things sell for ages. You haven't put a lot of effort into making new sculpts like you normally do, etc. (you could keep the Dark Vengeance with a new rulebook as well). Oh well.

Has Low-AP Become a List Design Trap?

Ever since the mechanic of Armor Piercing was introduced in 3rd Edition, low 'AP' weapons have been a staple among many powerful lists. The ability to remove models without allowing a save was always an extreme bonus against Space Marines, and the flood of AP 2 weaponry made Terminators and other 2+ save units almost obsolete. Over time, the target units have changed – Terminators gained Invulnerable saves, Vehicle damage tables have been modified/removed, and access to better cover saves has generally increased over the years. In response, AP changes, but not always at the pace of the 'counter-modifications'. The question I'd like to discuss -

Is AP currently an important stat to consider when designing a list?

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7th Edition Orks Codex Review Part 3: Generic HQs

orky3by Scuzob

I'm splitting HQs into three parts: the ones here, one article for Weirdboyz and their status as real psykers, and one for special characters. In general, Ork character can carry some good equipment, and most are able to hand out a significant bonus to the unit they join, while still being relatively cheap to take compared to HQs from other armies. Without upgrades, the armour of the generic HQs is universally terrible, and the characters can be built to do a specific job while they hand out their auras.

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