Grey Knights: First Look

A Teleport Homer, duh.

Wait, what?

Yep, the codex is leaked in its entirety already. Normally this would be a bit tricky, because it would take time to scan all of the pages, etc… except that with the new GK book, there's hardly anything in there to scan. So yeah, let's the steaming pile of garbage that we've been served up.
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Introduction to Warmachine Factions

Hello again and welcome to the second installment of my posts here on 3plusplus. (Hmm…I may need a name for all this…)

Last time, I argued why you should try Warmachine. Today, I am going to assume that some of you were at least mildly interested but are now looking at all the options saying “Now what, Ed?”

So, I’m going to give a brief overview of each faction in Warmachine and Hordes. The operative word is brief. Frankly, there is simply too much complexity to attempt an even semi-comprehensive assessment of each faction and you’d be drowned in info, even if I could do it. Therefore, this is going to contain a no-BS look at the basics of each faction. We’ll touch on general playstyle of each and give a realistic look at what a player can expect from the faction. I’ll talk about the most popular casters and their typical style as well as building up from the battlebox.

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Mistake Mondays: 7th Seal Edition

ae N8b Ep 700b v1

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WM/H ETC Report #2 (Trollbloods vs Cygnar)

Alright, so my round five. We're up against the EU dream team Martin's Manhoes ft. Rickard Nilson (Minions), Daniel Knauss (Cygnar) and Robin Maukisch (Legion). The only matchup I desperately want to avoid here is Hornacek because he's got Fist of Halaak and it's probably a little in his favour. So we use our team feat on Martin to stop him for being an eligible player for the tiebreak table and put me on it. As a result I end up in a game against Daniel Knauss, a player who's name I recognised from somewhere. Turns out he was a player who's name I recognised from the EU masters tournament, top 8 in multiple european tournaments including the Iron Gauntlet. He's also an upstanding gentleman and a fantastic opponent.

So he's playing his Swans into my Trolls. Daniel has a super interesting Stryker3 list which I was eager to test my meaty mettle against:

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Hordes Gencon Spoilers

We have a bunch of pictures of the Hordes Warlocks being revealed at gencon.

So does everyone else – get reading :).


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Formations, Dataslates, and Alternate Lists


Keeping up with Warhammer 40K these days is an increasingly-impossible task. Between the rapid release of codices, the addition of supplements, and then dataslates on top of all that and you have an absolute nightmare of jumbled information- not to mention the FAQs, any local house rules or errata you might be using, and so on.

So, in an attempt to try and collate some of this information and make it more accessible and well-understood I've put this post together to help people understand what dataslates and formations are and which ones are available. If there are inaccuracies here, I apologize in advance- as I said, this whole thing is rather confusing.
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O Captain my Captain

You will be missed Robin Williams.


WM/H ETC Report – #1 (Trollblods vs Legion of Everblight)

Hey there guys. I recently attended the European Team Championship tournament in Stockport as a part of Team Scotland, playing Trollbloods. I was originally going to do reports for all my games, but my memory sucks. So to that end I'm going to do my round four and five, as my day one games aren't very interesting (2 bad matchups and one game where every dice roll I had to make that was important failed) and if you guys really want I'll write up other games. Not to take any credit away from my Day 1 opponents, it's just when you're playing 2 lists that can't crack meat mountain against meat mountain it doesn't make for very interesting reading. The other game is Grim Angus missing 3 snare gun shots in a row against DJ and DJ walking my entire army.

So, lets start with Day 2, Round 4. A little bit of scene setting, my team is currently 3-0, I'm personally 2-1 having lost a game to some exceptionally bad dice which led to tilt in the first round. I'm not locked into either of my lists, speaking of which these are my lists:

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Space Wolves – Summary and an Initial Glance (Finally)


Okay I've finally had time to sit down and start reading so going to run through initial thoughts on units and then bang out some general impressions as we normally do. Edit: nevermind – I thought I'd put overall thoughts first since that's all you care about :).

Overall Thoughts

This is very much in the same vein as Games Workshop's most recent codex releases – very little change, addressing of the “issues” seen in 5th edition (i.e. Grey Hunters being the best generalist around; autocannons on Dreadnoughts being too cheap, Jaws, etc.). I'm not saying the book is bad or anything but I'm over Games Workshop asking us to fork out a lot of money for what they basically could have done in an Errata. Anyway, enough of the naysaying…

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Grey Knight “leaks”


No more psybolt ammunition! Nooooo. There appears to be some leaks going around of the GK book with the e-release of Space Wolves with the following changes noticed:

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