XWing FAQ: A New Hope against the Phantom Menace

The Interwebs were lit up with the news that Fantasy Flight have released a new FAQ for their wildly popular X-Wing game. This contains a range of changes and clarifications to rules, upgrade cards, movement and ships, but the one that has really caught the attention of the players is the tweak they made to how the meta-defining Phantom works.

The Phantom's decloak is now at the start of the activation phase, rather than immediately before the Phantom moves, giving new hope to squadrons of ships with lower pilot skill. The struggle for lowly pilots to chase down phantoms has been changed from 'Almost impossible' to 'Very hard'.

And making fighting phantoms merely 'Very Hard' is possibly the best thing that has happened to the X-Wing metagame and the diversity of what competitive squads can look like for a while – and yes I am including Autothrusters.

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Lessons for Competitive Players

There are lots of ways to play any game with different goals in mind; for example, some players play games purely for the social aspect, with the game itself being more or less a secondary concern. Some do it as a form of problem-solving, treating the game like a puzzle. Some take the game as an entertainment experience, with success and failure just being two different “plotlines.” None of them are right or wrong in any meaningful sense of the word, although not all games are equally suited to these methods of play (but, of course, if you're having fun with it who cares?)

So here's my list of lessons and strategies for players who want to enjoy 40K from a competitive play perspective. Hopefully you can take something away from them as well.
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The Day the Clown Cried (Codex: Harlequins review)


After quite a long time spent being little more than an entry in other people's codices, Harlequins have gotten their own book once more. As seems to be the case for a lot of the new “mini-codices” it's not really enough to easily field a full-sized army with (although theoretically you could), but it does make a nice little package to add into another army.

But, of course, that raises the real question: how good is it? Because Harlequins, as they were in the Eld/DE books, hadn't really had any meaningful influence on the game for quite a long time for a variety of reasons. Does the new book shore up their weaknesses enough to be useable, or is it another Legion of the Damned-esque blank slate?
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Mistake Mondays: Time and Time Again Edition

BJ2 Oo A4
It's time once again for everyone's favorite installment of the series at probably at least a few of you remember: Mistake Mondays! With special guest stars Strength D attacks! Necrons! Recent FAQs! And much, much more!
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3++con Results

Thanks to all those who attended! Small turnout with only 19 players over the weekend (three dropouts) but it did give me a spark to do more; so hopefully you'll see more from me as I get more time :) (I keep saying that…).

Anyway – results (I didn't keep much stats due to the numbers so won't have the usual data mining unfortunately):

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What Happens in the Dark Future of Only War…

h W4 P4o X
Well, by the time you're reading this I probably am on a plane and away to the fabulous desert land of Nevada to participate in the Las Vegas Open where I am hoping to repeat my successes from The Harvester of Souls and TSHFT to claim another trophy, or at least rank well enough not to embarrass myself. If you're going to LVO as well, keep an eye out for me (I'll have my 3++ dice!) and maybe say hi or something. I'm competing in the 40K Championships event on Fri/Sat and on Sunday I'll either be playing in the finals (if I am rad and awesome) or silently crying to myself at the Highlander event (if it turns out my previous victories were only a fluke and I actually am King Chump Spectacular.) Either way, I'll try and post updates as to the status of things through the day as best I can, although WordPress's dislike for anything to do with mobile devices will not help much in that regard.

Lists and more below, for those that care.
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As Strong as Hercules and As Flexible As Gumby: Using Nemessor Zandrekh


While many of the Necron special characters lost most of their unique abilities, there are a couple major exceptions. Szeras and Orikan, for example, offer significant survivability buffs to an army while also adding some other utility as well. However, one of the characters not only kept most of his original abilities, he actually got arguably more powerful in almost all respects. I'm talking, of course, about everyone's favorite delusional general, Nemessor Zandrekh.
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Little Pieces: Necron Sub-Assemblies for Consideration

It s a Butterfly by tyrantwache

When a new codex comes out, one of the first things you need to do is look at how its different units can do and how they fit together. Most tournament players are familiar with standard “builds” for units that they recognize at a glance because they are the most efficient way to run particular strategies; five Dire Avengers in a Wave Serpent with Scatter Laser, Holofields, and Shuriken Cannon, for example, is an entry on the army list that should take little time to assess. Figuring out how to use these building blocks of a codex is an important part of making an army list, then.

Below I'm going to talk about some of them from the Necron codex and why I think they may- with an emphasis on may be relevant. It's impossible to say at this point exactly how Necrons will turn out, but we can at least look at some of what they have to offer.
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40k FAQs – Updated

Immobilised skimmers don't get Jink.

Characters without infiltrate cannot join units and vice versa (was it that hard to write GW?).

Both of those are big enough to warrant a post all for themselves – some other little tidbits and clarifications otherwise.

EPIC – Models and Armies at Cancon

In the second and final part of my overview of models and forces at Cancon 2015, here are some photos of the EPIC:Armageddon armies that clashed in the tournament – once again demonstrating that smaller models can sometimes deliver bigger battles.

Cal's Space Wolves entering bloody combat with Steve's Iron Warrior Defiler formation. When a small formation was attacked by Chaos defilers, the Space Wolves used the 'Pack Mentality' special rule to call in all their nearby friends to help in the assault, dramatically turning the tide.

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