8th Edition Chaos Space Marines – Sneak Peak at the new Codex

We now have access to a preview of the new Chaos Marines codex. This is unfortunately a fairly poor quality copy, but it is likely to be of interest to players of other armies too, as it contains a better view of the way GW is pricing units and wargear upgrades than anything else we’ve seen so far.

The pages we can see include an example of a Psychic Table (Dark Hereticus Disciplines) that the player can roll on to generate powers, as well as a secondary table (Contagion Disciplines).

There is also a profile of a Flyer in the form of a Heldrake (12 Wounds 3+ save) well worth a look, but I must admit I was stopped in my tracks by the 70pt cost of the Chaos Rhino.
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8th Edition 40k – Dark Imperium Datascrolls

A little late again, sorry! Busy weekend. We have been given all of the Datascrolls for the Dark Imperium box now. I will list brief thoughts under each.

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8th Edition 40k – mini-preview Genestealer Cults

Little bit late on this one guys, sorry! Summary below.

  • Cult Ambush still exists and allows for Genestealer Cults to be reserved and enter play via multiple means determined by a D6 (i.e. coming on from a table edge, standard “deep strike” 9″ away from an opponent but being able to move, etc.);
  • Aberants are 6″ move, 3+ WS, 6+ BS, S5, T4, W2, A2, Ld7, Sv5+ with a -2AP, D3 damage melee weapon;
  • Genestealers hit just as hard as in a normal Tyranid army with the Patriarch compared to Genestealers + Broodlord;
  • Patriarch allows nearby units to ignore Morale;
  • Genestealer characters can ignore wounds on a 4+ as a minion “sacrifices its life” (Look out Sir! ?);
  • Mass Hypnosis is a psychic power which prevents an enemy unit from firing Overwatch and they strike last in combat even if they charged and a -1 to Hit;
  • You can take on Astra Militarum detachment for each Genestealer Cult detachment in your Battle-forged army;
  • Goliath Rockgrinder can have a Clearance Incinerator which gets D6 hits up to 12″ away;
  • Goliath can also have a Cache of Demolitions Charges which can be used when a unit is embarked upon the transport for a 6″ ranged attack at D6 shots, S8 AP-3 and D3 damage;
  • Goliath can have a Drilldozer for melee attacks which gets 6+D3 shots S8 Ap-2 D3 damage.

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DETACHMENTS in 8th: How many Command Points can I get?

Having reviewed the preview of the Detachment creation rules, my current guess is that it is likely that when playing common game sizes (1500-2000) the majority of armies will have something in the region of 7 to 10 Command Points (CP) available. This article will dive into army building using Detachments, and what that means to the quantity of Command Points likely to be available to you and your opponent.

Brief recap: All Battle-forged armies start with 3 Command Points, and then more can be added by adding more detachments, or by including certain units in the army. We know very little about which models or units will give Command Points other than a couple of legendary heroes apparently awarding 1 each. Assume that all armies discussed in this article are battle-forged (3 CP) and can afford one HQ or other unit of high enough calibre that it that grants an additional CP, and work upwards from that baseline of 4.

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8th Edition Core Rule Leaks

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The Return of the Space Marine Captain, Primaris Inceptors and Hellblasters

A Space Marine Captain with 6 (SIX!) wounds, Toughness 5 and a 3+/4++ save leads today’s charge, followed by another source of the apparently rare Mortal Wounds. Read on for today’s preview as more units of the Emperor’s Finest are revealed.

We’ve already seen the stats for the Intercessors, but they are just one of the new units. Today we take a look at a couple more.

Let’s start with the leader, the Captain in Gravis armour.

Space Marine Captains should be amongst the most feared warriors in the galaxy, but a lot of the time today, they are looked down on compared to other characters that can bring more utility to an army.

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8th edition 40k – mini-preview Orks

Waaaaaaagh! The army that never speaks to me. Let’s see what their mini preview includes:

  • Mega Nobz have a 2+ save and 3 Wounds (come on Crisis Suits, get 3 wounds too please!);
  • No more challenges in melee;
  • Bip Choppa is S User+2; -1AP and 2 damage;
  • Choppa gives +1A;
  • Warboss can ignore Morale effects by removing D3 models instead if within 3″;
  • Nobz squads can roll a D6 for each nearby Ork that tries to flee and saves them on a roll of 6;
  • Mob Rule! allows a unit of Orks to use a leadership value equal to their unit size or leadership value of a nearby Ork unit;
  • Painboy gives infantry and bike units a 6+ FNP save;
  • Big Mek with KFF still gives nearby Ork units a 5++;
  • Warboss’ WAAAAGH allows all Ork units within 6″ to charge after Advancing;
  • ‘Ere We Go allows Orks to re-roll failed charge rolls;
  • Weirdboy has a power that allows a unit within 6″ to teleport anywhere on the tabletop within 9″ of the enemy.

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New Mission: Only War

The first of the new 8th Edition missions has been released -and it contains at least one surprise: the battle lasts only five turns. Combined with what appears to be a more brutal combat and shooting phases, if 5 round missions are the new norm it would go some way towards explaining why the games are now expected to take less time.

Deployment alternates unit by unit (possibly to the advantage of armies with cheap unit ‘drops’). It is probably important to note that this mission is for armies based on Power Ratings, rather than points; for the fans of points matches, the single most important part of this entire sneak preview may in reality be the following two sentences, rather than details of the mission that was released:

“And of course, we have matched play. A lot of these missions will be familiar to players today. You still have your six Eternal War and six Maelstrom of War missions, but with a few tweaks since their last outing. One big change is we now have six deployment maps, rather than the three of today. “ Read more »

Hellforged Leviathan Dreadnought: Complete Datasheet

Today’s news from Warhammer Community includes the datasheet for Forgeworld’s Hellforged Leviathan Dreadnought. This follows the same pattern as standard 40k datasheets, with a simple stat line with several elements that degrade as damage is done to the model: Move, Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill.

This is one tough dread to kill though – 14 Wounds, Toughness 8 and a 2+ Save make it a good example of why degrading models could make a more fun, slightly less frustrating game for its unfortunate opponents.

We still don’t have the all-important points costs of the new models, but for comparison:

  • 3 Power = 3 MV71 Sniper Drones (T’au)
  • 5 Power = Starweaver (Eldar)
  • 6 Power = 1 Intercessor Sergeant and 4 Intercessors
  • 8 Power = 1 Aspiring Sorcerer and 4 Rubric Marines
  • 15 Power = The Swarmlord (Tyrannid)
  • 16 Power = Hellforged Leviathan Dreadnought
  • 23 Power = Knight Errant
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8th edition 40k – leaked Rules Pages

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