Grey Knights Primary & Necron Allies

The vast majority of my play time with this combination has been mostly Acolyte based with a smattering of Strike Knights for durability purposes and then Necron Flyerwing (Scythes + Warriors, Staffteks). I’m finding it’s quite solid but with the changes for 6th, not the army it was in 5th in how it played. I.e. it’s much more of a hang back and shoot army and use StrikesĀ  + Flyers to grab far away objectives. The issue I’m finding is attrition over the course of a game can often mean I hold objectives on my side and my opponent holds objectives on their side as I only have a set number of units which can really push opponents off contested objectives.

So what I’m thinking is trying to replace the effect of the Strike Knights in my pure GK army (linked) with Necron Immortals. They’re cheaper (squad of 10 is 170 compared to 230 w/Psybolt) and are S5 firepower (Tesla & Gauss have their own +/-‘s) with a bit more durability due to Reanimation Protocols. If I was to reduce the number of Strike Knights I was running and bring in some Immortals instead whilst using other goodies from the Necron book – i.e. Scythes, Barges, Crypteks, etc. and using Acolytes to SUPPORT the remaining Strike Knights + Immortals, I imagine I’d be able to get a similar army style but with more versatility from the Allies. It all depends on the transfer of points from GK to Necrons though.

Unfortunately for me I’ve been busy of late – site and job stuff you know? So I’d love to hear the brainstorming ideas of the 3++ community in relation to putting such a 1750 list together. I’ve played around with the calculator but don’t have anything really sticking in my mind. So let’s see what we can all come up with and I’ll get back to you with what I start playtesting for use!

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30 responses to Grey Knights Primary & Necron Allies

Could be slightly off points (+/-5) but this is what I wrote up before. Lord in each Immortal unit.


10x Strikes
– Psyammo, 2x Psycannon, Rhino

5x Acolytes
– Storm Bolters/Rhino

5x Acolytes
– Storm Bolters

5x Purgation
– 4 Psycannon/Rhino

Necron Overlord
– Scythe, Weave, Mindshackle

Necron Overlord
– Scyth, Weave, Mindschackle, Res Orb

10 Immortals/2 Crypteks (Chrono and Veil)

10 Immortals/2 Crypteks (Chrono and Veil)

5 Warriors/2 Crypteks (Voltaic Staves)
– Night Scythe

My take on GK + Necrons @ 1750


10x SS + 2x PsyCan + 1MCDH + Rhino (Dozer)
10x SS + 2x PsyCan + 1MCDH + Rhino (Dozer)

5x Bolter Acco + PsyBack
5x Bolter Acco + PsyBack



Overlord + Warscythe + MSS

8x Immo + PulseTek + NightScythe
8x Immo + LanceTek + NightScythe

Comes to 1745 if i did my math right

More mech saturation and cron toys:


(5x Bolter Acco + PsyBack) x3
(8x Psykers + 2x PlazmaLytes + Acco + Chimmy + Dozer) x2
(PsyfulDread) x2

Overlord + CCB + Scythe

(8x Immo + LanceTek + NightScythe ) x2

Annihilation Barge

I have a GK/Nec list, but it runs nothing like yours.

How about using Grand Strategy to make a DLord + Wraiths scoring?

Unfortunately, with the ally rules, a GK/Necron army wouldn't be able to use the abilities of their leaders for each other's units since they are not Brothers in Arms.

Incorrect. Allies of Convenience only refers to Psychic Powers. Nothing about Grand Strategy invalidates anything on page 112 of BRB. It's not a Psychic Power, nor is it a Warlord Trait.

MadmanMSU is right, you can use Grand Strat on Ally units.

I'm sure GW will FAQ this away eventually given their recent habbits, but for now it's worth using if you're not spending an arm and a leg to get the models (ie you already own them).

It does make a certain degree of sense. After all, it's not some buff that the Grand Master is using – he's using his millenia of experience to better position the forces.

So if they are willing to listen, they get the buff. It's not like, say, Blood Angels and their bleeding cups.

This is true. But Grand Strategy doesn't change that. It doesn't attempt to make Death Company a scoring unit, it simply says that they can now capture objectives.

Yes, I'll grant you that this is destined to be FAQed, but RAW now, you can make it so Death Company can claim objectives.

Regardless of how GS is FAQ'd to be used later, I'd rather make things like Purifiers/Dreads/Paladins scoring than Wraiths.

What list have you been running?

The gist of it is to run a barebones Necron force to capatilize on their particular strengths, then use the essentials of the Grey Knights to shore up the rest. So, Necrons are one (or two) troops with a dedicated Night Scythe (or two), a single Doom Scythe, and an HQ of your choice. My two favorite so far are an OLord on Barge vs. a DLord witih Wraiths.

Then supplement with a main force of GK that focuses on shooting. Psycannons and Psyfledreads make up the core, and you can flavor to taste with your own variety.

It makes for a very shooty army. Sadly, it's not very exciting to play because there aren't really any "tactics" involved with its use. You're basically math-hammering everything off the board.

Occasionally I'll throw in an Aegis with a Chronotek on the Icarus Lascannon, just for the giggles.

Addendum: A single pulse also helps GK move into 24" range. I rarely run more than a single cryptek anymore. Two if I'm feeling feisty.

Personally, I'd put a Very Large blob of warriors in there, possibly with a ghost ark. There's a lot to be said for a very durable scoring unit in 6th.

Well, that works too…I guess I'm thinking a very large "distraction" unit, except it's not a distraction, it's functional, but it's not a deathstar. It takes the center and becomes a problem while the GK move around and do the real work.

What about this.

Grand Master, MC Sword 180

2 x ( 10x SS 2x Psycannon 1 x Daemon hammer Psybolt 250 )

2 x Psyflenaught 135

Storm Raven, m. melta, asscan, hurricane bolters, psybolt, 255

Overlord, res orb 120

9x tesla immortals 153 ,
10 x gauss immortals 170, night scythe 100

1748 Scales up to 1850 with another night scythe or annihilation barge, or razorbacks for the strike squads.

Why go GK core?

1x Lord w/ Scythe , S.W
2x Stormteks
1x Lancetek w/ Pulse
2x 5x Warriors w/ Scythe(storms go here)
1x 10x Immortals w/ tesla(lance goes here)
3x A. barges

1x Coteaz
2x 10x Strikes w/ 2x psys, Rhino w/ SL
1x PsyDread w/ SL


The only thing thats bothering me is no CC support for the strikes.

Because that's what army I have.

Nec/GK runs very differently from GK/Nec as well – not sure which would run what I want to runatm the best but not really experimenting with Nec/GK for this type of list in terms of what *I* want to use.

One good thing I have seen is 10 immortals with a veil attached – very useful for getting those turn 4 shunts across to where an objective is lying, or contest another – especially as an opposing army is fragmenting turn 4 and after to try and be across objectives.

Barges are good, but not fantastic, due to the fact that they have some real hard matchups – sadly against all the people who have 5th edition meltas still in their army.

Another good option is a doomsday arc – it can cover corners/edges as well as a rifle dread and force most enemies to spread out. Plus it is rather unlikely to go away with 4 hull points and living metal.

Even at 1500 points I think a Stormraven is a great investment and brings something to the table lacking with Necron flyers. It can destroy infantry (assault cannon + hurricane bolters + psybolt) and pop enemy armor quite reliably (multi-melta + PotMS). Sure it's a lot of points but well worth it. The transport capability plus assault ramp is also very useful.