Dark Angels Leaked Pictures & New Models

New Dark Angel pictures! So exciting. That Land Speeder looks…well quite large. Nice to finally see some pictures of the new models, now we just have to hope GW continues their relatively good 5th edition trend of armies.

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54 Responses to “Dark Angels Leaked Pictures & New Models”

  1. Foam says:

    Not a fan of any of those models really…

  2. clever handle says:

    deathwing command squad top left pose seems identical to the DV Chaos Lord….. its wierd.

  3. Matt-Shadowlord says:

    It's a little hard to make out in the pictures, but I like the look of the new aquila style flyer.
    The landspeeder vengence is hard to judge, from these pics it looks a little like a Typhoon mated with Jabbas sail barge. Come to think of it, that might be reason enough for me to buy one lol.

  4. tzeentchling says:

    I quite like the maces on the Knights, but the main body looks off. They remind me of the dreadknights, or at least the idea of someone piloting a larger suit than themselves, that regular termies don't. Maybe it's the heads/robes?

    The landspeeder is ridiculous. Clearly they were going for a baroque look, but it seems slightly off. Same with the decorations on the flier.

  5. Firstius says:

    That land speeder is goofy

  6. clever handle says:

    so…. 6 missiles, assault cannon, TL heavy bolter on one flyer; hurricane bolter, fancy plasmacannon on the other?

  7. _Garnet_ says:

    So, the Space Marines get the Storm Talon and now the Dark Angels are getting their own flyer, as well. I wonder if either the Blood Angels or the Grey Knights are going to get their own distinct flyer down the road, or whether they'll continue to share the Stormraven.

  8. Dakk'ath says:

    Anyone else think that flyer looks like they moved the engines on the stormtalon and added wings?

  9. Ish says:

    Also, is it me or is the White Dwarf's cover something straight out of 1996?

  10. the dark angel says:

    Power mauls, really? I sense Jervis ^%$ing Johnson's hand there, why does he always nerfbat Dark Angels …………………i know he isn't rumored to be writing it but i'll still blame him.

    However it is dark angels so i'll have to buy them anyway.

    Twin-linked plasma on bikes seems very nice if the price is right, overwatch will be fun 🙂

  11. Albert says:

    Strong firepower (TL plasma cannons, stormtalon with 3 weapon systems) in AV10/11 fast skimmer platforms. Dark Eldar anyone?

  12. Sethis_II says:

    Initial reactions:

    – Make a unit made ENTIRELY FROM TERMINATOR CAPTAINS…. and then give them power mauls. They need to have a special rule making them AP3/2 or it'll be equivalent to arming Genestealers with gumdrop teeth.

    – Twin linked plasma on bikes is cool, if they can keep the points below 200 per unit.

    – The new flyers look awful (as usual) but I like the Hurricane bolters in the wings. We need to know points and what the stats are for the primary guns before judging effectiveness.

    – The Landspeeder… might need to be seen in person. So far, I'm not impressed. It looks like a Tau vehicle, esp the plasma cannon one.

    It could have been worse. At least they're trying some new things. I like the robes-in-terminator-armour thing.

  13. MidnightSun says:

    Does anyone else see Asmodai doing the Blood Elf Male dance? I do.

  14. Ivestar says:

    The termies actually look like the have a person in them. I think that the change in proportions is what needed to happen. Theu're good stuff

  15. Scuzgob says:

    hahaha the little birdy planes are so cuuuuuute!

    and that megaspeeder is so goofy. its the turret right on the front that makes me chuckle

    twin plasma bikers are scary though

  16. _Garnet_ says:

    So, I had the same reaction to the landspeeder as everyone else. I still don't care for the one with the shrine, though since I don't play Imperial factions for their gaudiness I'm clearly not their target market. But I must say, the one with the plasma cannons has grown on me. It's got a certain solidity that I really like, makes me view it as less a landspeeder and more a Dark Angels skimmer-tank. I think it works.

  17. Guyver 3 says:

    Where is asmodai's blade of reason? Only having a crosius is a bit of a nerf!

  18. Jason says:

    The blades of reason are an item of wargear, not a weapon. The power sword of the model advertised as Asmodai (really Sapphon) was a power sword, which would actually have been good in this world of AP4 maces and AP3 swords.

    I'm looking at all the new stuff Dark Angels are getting, and then at the Chaos dinobots and thinking, "why GW?, why?"

  19. Oracle says:

    Yeah why did multilators have to be one of our "new" units

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