Dark Angels Leaked Pictures & New Models

New Dark Angel pictures! So exciting. That Land Speeder looks…well quite large. Nice to finally see some pictures of the new models, now we just have to hope GW continues their relatively good 5th edition trend of armies.

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54 responses to Dark Angels Leaked Pictures & New Models

It's a little hard to make out in the pictures, but I like the look of the new aquila style flyer.
The landspeeder vengence is hard to judge, from these pics it looks a little like a Typhoon mated with Jabbas sail barge. Come to think of it, that might be reason enough for me to buy one lol.

I quite like the maces on the Knights, but the main body looks off. They remind me of the dreadknights, or at least the idea of someone piloting a larger suit than themselves, that regular termies don't. Maybe it's the heads/robes?

The landspeeder is ridiculous. Clearly they were going for a baroque look, but it seems slightly off. Same with the decorations on the flier.

After my intial reaction to the landspeeder (ie, repressing my urge to vomit) I forced myself to stare at it for a good while. If the forward gunner can be moved back into his "proper" position next to the driver and the "hood" of the fuselage returnned to its more-or-less original shape, I think it may look quite good. Its certainly larger than the standard speeder, but its got a turret in back, so its reasonable to assume it isn't mant to be quite as fast.

Plan B, if I find the rules make this worth having in my Deathwing Army, will be to convert some Landspeeder Storms. Power Armored pilot and gunner, and a pair of plasma cannon armed battle-brothers in the rear. Roughly the same size, roughly the same load out, quite obviously not a normal `speeder.

so…. 6 missiles, assault cannon, TL heavy bolter on one flyer; hurricane bolter, fancy plasmacannon on the other?

So, the Space Marines get the Storm Talon and now the Dark Angels are getting their own flyer, as well. I wonder if either the Blood Angels or the Grey Knights are going to get their own distinct flyer down the road, or whether they'll continue to share the Stormraven.

The BA have an excellent flyer in the Stormraven, I'm almost certain this beefed up speeder isn't something they need.
GK don't need anything except a major nerf.

No that… that's not… blurgh?

I was making a point that the various Space Marine codexes seem to be getting their own flyers, and idly wondering if either the Blood Angels or Grey Knights would get their own codex-specific flyer somewhere down the line, as well.

Uh huh. I got that, but they already have one… or are you saying they need a special snowflake one that they don't share? Because they already have plenty of unique units, for the last coded the DA had nothing unique save Special Characters. The DA signature unique vehicle — the Morris Dreadnought — was in IA2 and spoilsports wouldn't lets us use it and then GW started handing out dual autocannon dreads like Halloween candy.

No. He's asking if this is a route to be expected – Each Marine Codex has its own flier – rather than complaining about how everyone should be super snowflaky.

He's wondering, not complaining.

But they do have their own flyer… Okay, sure, two codices have to share it, but it is still a lot more unique than most Space Marine equipment. I imagine that the Black Templar and Space Wolves will get a flyer or two when their codices eventually come up.

Again, missing the point.

He's wondering if "Each codex has its own flier" is a new way to go.

As it stands:-
Grey Knights+Blood Angels:- Stormraven
Marines:- Stormtalon.
Dark Angels:- Thing Above.
Space Wolves and Templar:- Old Codexes.

He's not saying "Waaa! I want my own flier for the Grey knights!". He's saying "ok, it originally looked like they were going to give multiple marines the Stormraven, but the two recent fliers have been very different and codex specific. Is this a new direction?"

Incidentally, I really hope Wolves don't get a flier, it doesn't fit their approach at all.

Well, it "doesn't fit their approach" right up until the momenet a new Codex is released at it says it does. I've been involved in this hobby since Rogue Trader, so I remember when friggin' jetbikes fit the Space Marines approach to warfare, when the Leman Russ tank fit the Space Wolves, or when no one would ever have considered aircraft fitting in with the Imperial Guard.

GW included the ValkDettas in the 5th Edtion C:IG, and suddenly everyone looks at my mix of ground-pounding Mordians and a half dozen Leman Russ battle tanks as an oddity.

But, yeah, every codex will probably get there own more-or-less unique aircraft; I could see GW deciding to make either the BT or SW the "odd man out" and just give them some sort of hell-on-treads antiaircraft vehicle as thats a pretty easy way to make a faction feel unique but remain competitive. On the otherhand, crazy space vikings jumping out of the back of a space-helicopter seems pretty rad…

I've been playing since Rogue Trader as well.

Jetbikes still fit the marine approach. They just don't have any. There's a difference between marines no longer having Jetbikes and Space Wolves no longer having the part of their background that says they are distrusting of crazy technology.

It would be like Black Templars getting psykers.

Aircraft are hardly crazy technology, even for the technologically scizoid Imperium and the technophobic Space Wolves. Thunderhawks are very much part of the established background.

I doubt GW would give them a proper fighter or even a ground-attack fighter like the Storm Talon… but I could see an assault transport fitting in with the Space Wolves and the Black Templar. Something like a miniature Caestus Assault Ram, perhaps?

A gruff old Longfang and/or grizzled Sword Brother in the cockpit, a hold full of Bloodclaws/Crusaders revving up their chainswords and howling/praying as they leap into the fray.

Longfang definantly wouldn't fit.

I could see some form of flying assault transport being driven by a Blood Claw (after all, there ARE veteran Blood Claws and wolf guard who go straight from the claws and haven't really "grown up")…but an assault transport would really be a skimmer……

It IS the Stormtalon with wings. I bet all the marine players who bought the Stormtalon and then realised it is rubbish are hoping there is a conversion kit for the Dark Angel flier, as it looks like it actually won't be rubbish!

Well, not as rubbish at any rate… that stupidly stubby tail is still an annoyance. Hopefully third-part extension kits hit the market by the time I'm expanding my Deathwing into a larger force.

Power mauls, really? I sense Jervis ^%$ing Johnson's hand there, why does he always nerfbat Dark Angels …………………i know he isn't rumored to be writing it but i'll still blame him.

However it is dark angels so i'll have to buy them anyway.

Twin-linked plasma on bikes seems very nice if the price is right, overwatch will be fun 🙂

Power mauls aren't always bad, there are armies in the game without 3+ Saves… Of course, if mauls are the only option for this unit that would be terrible. But it its just one more tool in the toolbox, it might be useful when facing those rare non-power armored armies.

What has me concerned is that the none of the new infantry appear to be multi-part plastic kits. That bodes ill for my budget.

"tool in the tool box" what ever a power maul can kill and thunder hammer can too, the hammer of course just does more.

So the only time the maul is better is when fighting guardsmen, tau or orks, because you'll get to go first. Lets see not enough attacks usually to care about killing a few orks before they attack, guardsmen meh…unless it's a blob full of power axes but you shouldn't have terminators in combat against that anyway. And you can't honestly tell me you're scared of firewarriors in cc.

The thunder hammer also hits last, whereas the power maul strikes at Initiative. That actually makes quite a difference for all those non-Marine armies out there, since it reduces the flood of attacks Terminators will have to take in return, and even against Marines it offers the chance that you could take out any AP2-armed models before they get to make their attacks.

Jeremy Vetock (relatively unknown – he wrote the Skaven army book?) is writing it, ignoring all the Ward rumours floating about.

I do dislike Mr Johnson, his article in white dwarf about social contracts while playing seemed just like a massive excuse article for GW writing bad rules. "What's that, you have a situation that isn't specifically covered by the rules – guess you should add to the chart of favours I owe you for this game." How about GW actually writes better rules in the first place, and then everything will be fine!

Vetock has been around since 1990, first as a staffer on WD before moving into the Design Team in `04; Vetock worked on the War of the Ring, Warhammer 7th and 8th, and Warhammer 40,000 5th and 6th main rulebooks as well as multiple WotR/WHFB army books. But he was the lead on the most recent Skaven, Orcs & Goblins and Ogre Kingdoms books. All of which were very well received by the WHFB community…

Although Skaven has some weirdness as it was written to be balanced in an era when all Warhammer Armies books were pretty over the top compared to the more down to earth approach of 8th. Compare and contrast Dark Elves and Skaven with Empire and Orcs. Oi vey. Not really Vetocks fault though, since this was clearly the direction he was given from on high.

Initial reactions:

– Make a unit made ENTIRELY FROM TERMINATOR CAPTAINS…. and then give them power mauls. They need to have a special rule making them AP3/2 or it'll be equivalent to arming Genestealers with gumdrop teeth.

– Twin linked plasma on bikes is cool, if they can keep the points below 200 per unit.

– The new flyers look awful (as usual) but I like the Hurricane bolters in the wings. We need to know points and what the stats are for the primary guns before judging effectiveness.

– The Landspeeder… might need to be seen in person. So far, I'm not impressed. It looks like a Tau vehicle, esp the plasma cannon one.

It could have been worse. At least they're trying some new things. I like the robes-in-terminator-armour thing.

Well it's a good thing the different chapters are becoming more and more different. The models, yeah we need to see them in person.

I expect all that plasma weaponry and overloaded speeders to be as expensive points wise as they are in bucks

I saw a rumor from some one claiming that in the WD the DWKs have power mauls with a special rule that gives them str10 Ap2 for a turn… also they are WS5 might be worth it, but I think I'd rather just take more scoring THSS termis thank you very much.

The termies actually look like the have a person in them. I think that the change in proportions is what needed to happen. Theu're good stuff

hahaha the little birdy planes are so cuuuuuute!

and that megaspeeder is so goofy. its the turret right on the front that makes me chuckle

twin plasma bikers are scary though

So, I had the same reaction to the landspeeder as everyone else. I still don't care for the one with the shrine, though since I don't play Imperial factions for their gaudiness I'm clearly not their target market. But I must say, the one with the plasma cannons has grown on me. It's got a certain solidity that I really like, makes me view it as less a landspeeder and more a Dark Angels skimmer-tank. I think it works.

I The plasma variant is certainly better looking, but man I hatethat forward cupola. I really hope he can be move to the passenger seat.

I actually even like the cupola. It gives the gunner a much wider field of fire by putting him in front of, rather than beside, the driver. And given that having power armour on is enough to make a vehicle not count as open-topped, it even makes some sense that he's standing out front, trusting his considerable armour to protect him in exchange for offering him the best possible shots. It's a very Space Marine sort of thing to do, to me.

It just makes the whole balance of the thing look off… and I know, its a super-science antigravity flying tank, so yeah, frak realism. But its just a matter of aesthetics and I just plumb don't like it… the overly fiddly trim on the forward cupola and the apparent chunk of concrete in the passenger seat combine with the asymmetry to leave a bad taste in my mouth. Er… eyes.

Having said that, the last few years has seen a whole slew of models from GW that I loathed when I only saw the photos in WD, but looked so much better in person. The hovertank might be one such model.

Although, I am an incurable converter and will probably perform a cupola-ectomy and transplant no matter what.

Completely fair. For myself, I feel the cupola balances the extended back and giant plasma cannons, but one can hardly say something is definitively aesthetically pleasing. Here's hoping you're right about it looking better on the table than in these scans, either way!

The blades of reason are an item of wargear, not a weapon. The power sword of the model advertised as Asmodai (really Sapphon) was a power sword, which would actually have been good in this world of AP4 maces and AP3 swords.

I'm looking at all the new stuff Dark Angels are getting, and then at the Chaos dinobots and thinking, "why GW?, why?"