Holidays & 2013 for 3++

Things have been a quiet over here lately so just letting you know, I’m on break! Hence the sporadic posting. I know many of you take breaks around this time of year as well so I’m sure most of you won’t mind… though we’ll keep feeding you some tidbits here and there :).

Anyway, as ever with the New Year approaching and a quiet time on 3++, it’s always a good time to give us any feedback you have and/or what you are looking forward to in the early months of 2013.

There will be an increase in Warmachine/Hordes content as our local group has started to get some traction going in consistent play and obviously codex reviews for 40k in light of 6th edition will start to roll out as well (Puppy has been working on the Tyranid and Chaos ones as I’m sure you’ve seen). We will also get the site fully functional… Matt’s promise of before Christmas failed =D!

Regardless, hit us up with some comments and we’ll do our best to keep 3++ churning along as you like it :).

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14 Responses to “Holidays & 2013 for 3++”

  1. Dr. What says:

    Would it be possible to help with one of these codex reviews for 6th? Possibly Orks?

  2. BaselessElm says:

    Does VT2 still write for you guys? If so, do we have an ETA on that GK review?

  3. abusepuppy says:

    I am going to take this moment to say that the next part of the CSM review would already be done and posted if WordPress weren't a piece of shit that ate the entire thing after autosaving it.

  4. Matt-Shadowlord says:

    The new theme is practically good to go, just a matter of your input on the forum and ad feature.

  5. Scuzgob says:

    man, you guys really like talking about Tyranids

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