Retribution of Scyrah color schemes

So I’ve recently gotten some new Scyrah models and don’t really have any massive inspiration in terms of what color scheme to paint them. I’ve trolled the intertoobs for something I like whilst keeping in mind the color schemes of my other armies currently:

Tyranids – Green + White

Marines – light blue + Magenta

Eldar – Brown

Tau – Purple

Menoth – Orange

Circle – el natural with Blue overtures


So the obvious colors missing are yellow/red but I haven’t really seen a color scheme that tickles me in either of those senses. So here are a couple I have liked…

Pink + black/grey – it’s pink man! I like this one and it’s something I haven’t done before for my armies; I think I’d want a bit of color differentiation but overall I’d be quite happy with this concept… (though not sure I’d have the base facings pink as well)


Grey + Purple – the inverse of my Tau really though obviously this scheme has been painted very, very well. I’m thinking something like this but with a different color outside of purple to make them even more different from my Tau. There’s no doubt I could get close to this level of skill though and that might detract from the overall concept…


Blue + Yellow – Another Rahn model! This type of painting is very similar to mine the way the highlighting works and I’m always a fan of blue…but I already have blue armies. The main thought I had here would be to inverse the color scheme; so yellow primary and blue secondary but I’m not sure how that would look. Thoughts?



Grey/Black + Secondary color: and the final option pictured is to use a Grey/Black primary color with one of the secondary colors listed (pink, purple, yellow, green, red, whatever) as exampled below. Not a huge fan of the matte black option just because it’s so hard to make black look good and can be a little bland but you know…



Anyway, I would love some thoughts here guys. GO nuts :).

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7 responses to Retribution of Scyrah color schemes

I'm in agreement with Antebellum; the grey and purple scheme you've posted, but swapping out the purple for a pink "glow" would look pretty good. You could break up the large grey parts with some details in a different shade of pink…

Pink is the best. You can never go wrong with pink.

As far as painting goes, pink is an okay color scheme too.

Retribution of Scyrah was my very first Warmachine-Hordes army. I miss them sometimes 😛

Grey + Pink would be pretty cool to see, not gonna lie. I myself have a hard time making black look interesting, so for main color black I usually go with a really dark grey.

The pink scheme is pretty neat but I'd gray the bases out, take the blue to a darker tone/color, and hit the little spheres on the armor with a gloss black for a little oomph. The good news is that the kittens with mittens now have fabulous magic fingers.