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I brought myself an unreleased rogue trader tyranid aka the Protonid as seen in the warhammer 40,000 rogue trader rule book. Yup, finally tracked down this most elusive, some would say holy grail, of tyranid models, and legit too as from one of the guys on the collecting citadel miniatures yahoo group who has a good fair few of the albums there being his own collection. What else did I get, well stuff, nothing to compare to this awesomeness! Best Tyranid Prime Ever! 😀

It's not my fault you know shit all about the rogue trader rulebook or anything from the era. So screw you you ignorant fool. With that said, apparently I'm talking balls so bugger showing you the pics too.

Well i can't find the link to the rogue trader rulebook download that was in french (no nee d to read it just all the pics!) otherwise that's the only real quick way to find the page,w ith no copy myself can't get a page number.

The pics will go up when I update my next article on progress of the army which means setting up my digital camera lol.

"The pics will go up when I update my next article on progress of the army which means setting up my digital camera lol. "

which actually means
"I'm not interested in proving shit,I'll post it whenever I bloody well feel like it, I'm bloody TAAK and I do as I please!!!!"

Really. I am waiting to check my copy of RT for that picture. Just give us the reference. As to 'protonid' the word does not appear once in RT. I have had my copy since 1990, but yeah sure I know nothing. Just give us those references to prove me wrong.

Sh*t or get off the pot little puppy.


But that's because we give gifts on a different day here, St. Nicolas on the 5th of december.

Wait… I didn't get anything for that either. Tough life.

Socks, a head/neck bandanna thing, and a Calender with pictures of fish.

I bought *myself* 20 Marines and some Kromlech Heads/Shoulderpads to make an allied Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons contingent, soon to also gain a Contemptor and some robotic Devastator things.

Being 25 years old, people don't seem to want to buy me little toy soldiers any more. Shame, that.

got a wraithlord and sanguinary guard. Being 40 years old, people understand that if they don't buy me little toy soldiers they don't get any pudding.

Mk IC Deimos rhino for my preheresy world eaters and an ipad for digital codices. I'm pretty happy with that.

Assault Terminator box from my girlfriend and a gift card for the local gaming shop to get the new DA stuff coming out.

Battlefoam stuff. Pressies are for those things that you want, but can never seem to justify spending money on when there are more exciting things to buy.

Also, a massive, perfectly cooked beef rib roast for dinner.

150 lb crossbow (which shoots through an aluminum garage door apparently), new tomahawk, borderlands 2 assassins creed trilogy, new belt buckle, some Pokémon cards, 3 flashlights, 3 pair cargo pants, slippers, rorch and brine, min gator posse, min bog trogs, full farrow brigands

didnt get anything warhammer related, so im going to buy some stuff later
maybe that FW warpfire dragon, looks like a painting challenge. and some ogres to kitbash up some ogre characters

Fear to Tread, The Primarchs, and Know No Fear, which is going back because it was supposed to be Shadows of Treachery but Amazon shipped the wrong book. Yes, I'm hilariously behind on the HH series.

Don't worry, so am I. I wait for them to hit special offer in the bookstores on top of waiting for paperbacks. Cue checking for them in Jan sales…

£58 worth of clothes (50 of which on a gift card, 8 contributed from general christmas funds), a dragon calender, chocolate, money off my brother and uncle. The rest is bits and bobs, clothes and everything.

I got an airbrush, only the company sent the wrong one. I ordered the eclipse hp-cs but got the revolution cr. Still waiting to hear back from customer service about how they're going to fix this problem. Other than that I got a clock for my shower, and some movies. Oh, and some stuff for my girlfriend. Yes, I was given stuff for Christmas that is actually for my girlfriend.

200 pounds from my mother, something as yet unknown from my Flatmate (he left it in Glasgow by mistake), and a plastic representation of a soundwave from my girlfriend, that she made.

The soundwave being her saying something, but that's all you are getting.

From MYSELF (justified due to being Christmas) – 2 boxes of Ravenwing, a Stormtalon, and a bike.

cash and a badass set of headphones. Cash that will be converted into 100 (thankfully unpainted) guardsmen from a friend who's dropping his ig.

A stinking cold. Oh and money but I'd pass on that to shift this damn cold if I had the option, in the absence of that option some of it turned into season 2 of Eureka so I don't go stir crazy.

Got a box of tacticals from the secret santa at work…. completely unexpected… btw you can obviously tell someone gets laid often >_>

Got W&N paintbrushes, Secret Weapon Minis weathering powders, and a KR Multicase card box (gotta put them orks somewhere).

Haha hitchhikers reference, nice! I actually really needed a towel. I gave everyone I know a present, a christmas poem I wrote:

Merry Christmas to you all
And happy Boxing day
Now you must listen closely
To what I have to say

My deepest apologies
For being so late
I meant to send this yesterday
But thought it could wait

Where's my good old aussie sun
I hear you all cry
I could say that I don't care
But that would be a lie

No sunny for you Sydney
Only stormy and humid
If god really does exist
He has a wicked sense of humour *

Let's make Christmas green again
As it used to be
Before Coca-Cola messed it up
To make a buck for free

Don't worry about the presents
A towel was all I got
Yet love in lieu of many gifts
I better than the lot

Thoughtless spending and indulging
Never will suffice
So let's spread the loving message
Of just being nice

Now I'm out of things to say
I really have run dry
So I'll let y'all go now
Have fun and goodbye

* Australia usually has great weather on christmas day, it rained all day here in sydney

From other people I got some christmas cards and a box of cookies.

From myself there should be a couple of warlords and some apoc scale terrain coming in the mail any day now.

My gifts can be divided into 3 catagories! Gaming! which included a Dark Eldar Raider (well that was for my birthday), a squad of warriors to go in it, and the Flames of war Volksgrenadier box.

Then the boring stuff, you know cloths and chocolate.

I'm totally excited because my wonderful wife (who doesn't get the whole modeling hobby thing) bought me my first miniature set–the Open Fire starter set from Flames of War! Cost has always prohibited me from getting into this hobby but she bit the bullet and got it for me anyway. Speaking of this subject, does anybody have any advice for the new plastic range that battlefront has?