3++con Results

Here is the table of results from 3++con. Sorry I couldn’t do live updates but my wifi stick was not to be found on Day 2. I will get the pictures up ASAP though. Daemons unfortunately took it out but he had some very tough games and opponents to get through to earn this victory. I’ll do some more Data mining over the coming weeks as always but for now, bask in the (mostly completed) results table of 3++con. Please note, these are overall rankings with the Top 4 based on their results in Bracket 1 – everyone else is then ranked based on their combined score over the weekend.


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44 Responses to “3++con Results”

  1. Neil B says:

    not many wolves players

  2. Thariinye says:

    I really want to know what the Blood Angels/Eldar player was running in his list. Most of the people I've been talking to (I also put myself in that category) have been pooh-poohing both Blood Angels and Eldar (somewhat less so) in this edition, and it's awesome to see someone able to make them both work together. I'll have to re-evaluate them!

    Interestingly no Tyranids that I see.

    A reasonable variety in the top 10 as well, with only Necrons being the only faction a bit over-represented. Relatively few CSM in the tournament, but one at #2 is good.

  3. casperionx says:

    Ba with eldar would probably revolve around eldar psyker defence on jet bikes and ba with heavy air support…

  4. Donzo says:

    Do you have lists to share?

  5. Azazel says:

    This table seems to be mixing overall scores with battle scores. Myself, Doug Crawford and Mitchell Corrigan all were in the top 8 bracket.

  6. Difsta says:

    Called it! Should have actually put money on it… Dan Gilmour is a juggernaught at the moment.

  7. Dr. What says:

    I'm very curious about the Orks + SM army as that combo was something I ruled out doing (labeling it as insane and ineffective) in the first few months of 6th.

  8. Jasonc says:

    Btw Vince and Lee mainly played as stand ins – don’t blame them for the bad score hahaha

  9. Grim says:

    What was Dan Gilmore’s army list?

  10. TheWolfsLunch says:

    Hey look, my name's there.

  11. Ernie says:

    I was crushed by Dan's list in game 2 of day 1 but it's all good. He almost made losing fun! lol
    He knows his list well and was a good opponent. I didn't really stand much of a chance, but it was a great learning opportunity so props to him. I look forward to meeting him aross the table again!

  12. Meme B. Weedy says:

    I good TO would never say that unfortunately a certain army won. What prejudice.

    : (

  13. S says:

    The overall rankings seem a mishmash of nova style and battle points – possibly the worst of both worlds. Battle points encourages seal clubbing even when you have the game in the bag, yet some close games could result in both sides receiving less than 4 points out of 15 between them.

    Fun times, but the format needs an update.

  14. Gorsameth says:

    Will armylists be shown anywhere, Im really interested in what the 5th place CSM army was

  15. TheGraveMind says:

    What?!! no Tyranids? not even as an allied force -_-
    but good to see dark angels and vanilla doing well.

  16. I love reading an article that can make men and women think.
    Also, many thanks for allowing for me to comment!

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