Eldar pictures & Rules (updated)

So I’m sitting here with the White Dwarf in front of me so let’s see what rules we can pick out that have and have not already been done by the wider Internet mob. Also, there are pictures below of everything pretty you need to know.

And for the moment you can stare at the pretty pictures whilst I read through and put together all the information for you. Patience is a virture but you can complain if you like :)! I’ll update in comments.






e1 e2 e3 e4 e5


Come at me bro.

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146 Responses to “Eldar pictures & Rules (updated)”

  1. Anon says:

    Appears some of the image links are broken, I'm super excited for the summary. Read faster Kirby!

  2. Dan says:

    What's the 4chan.org thing

  3. Kirby says:

    First off, the Windrider Jetbikes are the exact same, just re-packaged into a bigger product.
    Dire Avengers are the same be down-packaged.

    • Oracle says:

      No chance of new riders at least? Sad face. I was kind of hoping that the DA box might also make Fire Dragons seeing that could be done with a weapon and head swap no problem…. oh well.

    • daboarder says:

      are they the same cost?

    • Dodo says:

      This makes me very sad, those jetbikes look really poor.

      • clever handle says:

        yes, what happened to the new eldar jetbike we saw sculpted when the Dark elder were released?

        • abusepuppy says:

          That was almost certainly one of the "test models" GW sometimes does for new sculptors or when trying out concepts for upcoming releases.

          • Oracle says:

            No, I'm pretty sure Jes said that they made the eldar concept bike first so they could "strip-down" the design for the DE Bike. as most people are imagining they will probably release new bikes and a Sam Hain book in the next couple years.

            • Ish says:

              The extant Eldar Jetbike is a fine model on its own… but Citadel's size-creep has left it looking like it is crewed by teenaged Eldar as the infantry are now notably out of scale with the older model's jetbike riders.

  4. Kirby says:

    Both flyers are Fast Attack – Hemlock Wraithfighter with two Heavy D-scythes and mindshock (advertised to work together and make units flee and kill infantry dead) and Crimson Hunter (which was upgraded to an Exarch – described as Fighter Ace upgrade) which has two Bright Lances and a Pulse Laser.

    • Sentaph says:

      Someone mentioned that one of the fighters could be made into a squadron by taking a character. Is is possibly the Crimson Hunter Exarch?

    • _Garnet_ says:

      Four S8 AP2 shots? Presumably with BS4 from the Exarch pilot? Ladies and gentlemen, I do believe we've found our latest and greatest flyer-hunter.

      • SomeCallMeTim says:

        Aspects have BS4, so presumably the Exarch should give it BS5. Will most likely still be inferior to a Vendetta, but depending on cost and defenses will be better then the DA or Tau fliers.

      • CrAzY says:

        Why only BS4? Exarch's are BS5.

    • rihker says:

      it makes me sad that the Dark Eldar flyers are in Heavy support, clashing with their best HS choice, i have never figured out why that is given everyone else has flyers in FA. At least now i can ally in some anti air and still run ravagers.

  5. Kirby says:

    Wraithknight – can take two arm weapons and two shoulder mounts (normal heavy weapons). Scatter Lasers or Wraithknight has Laser Lock – twin-linked weapons after initial weapon hit. Suncannons are the advertised S6 AP2 heavy 3 blasts.

    Wraithknight is apparently "incredibly fast."

  6. Kirby says:

    Psychic powers are rolled for. Fortune Doom and Guide still exist. There are two forms to each power.

  7. Kirby says:

    Units are still "role specific." Boo 🙁

    • nagash42 says:

      well least we'll know what they do?

    • Prometheus says:

      Uh….isn't kinda Eldar's whole deal?

      • Kirby says:

        And the reason why half their book has generally been ass for ages. There's specialising and then there's doing a role very well whilst not being complete crap if something else comes at you.

        • Prometheus says:

          Nah, it's still the eldar's deal. That's what they SHOULD be. Everything else is essentially a costing issue.

          And yeah, that means they take more skill to use than other armies. Before AB pipes up, yes, that's a thing. (not an eldar player, though I may buy a small allied force for my Tau. Overall, too much of their stuff looks like dildos to me.).

          • Sentaph says:

            I think what he's saying is there's a difference at being really good at a certain thing, and only ever being able to do a certain thing. Banshees should be really good at killing marines. However, if they run into hordes, MCs, or terminators they shouldn't be completely wasted points. Like Dark Reapers against things that aren't a marine outside a vehicle. Or Shining Spears and… actually, I'm not sure what they're even supposed to do in the first place.

            For instance, the Helldrake is really good at killing its hated enemy: Loyalist Marines in cover. However, it still has the tools to deal with just about anything else you can throw at it. It isn't built do destroy Dark Eldar, but man, it sure doesn't have a problem doing so if forced.

            • Prometheus says:

              I think the helldrake is a really excellent example of what not to do in game design. It's easier to name what it's bad at killing than all the things it's great against. Wraiths are similarly bad, though not nearly as OP — they're just too generically good against all targets.

              That said, some armies and units are going to be more generalist than others….a vanilla marine squad with a few special weapons should be good against most things (when new codex comes out and costs are balanced), and that's ok…..but specializing in a particular role is what eldar do. Banshees should annihilate any 3+ save in CC, but yeah, that's also all they should be good for.

              • _Garnet_ says:

                The problem there is, if all Banshees are good for is killing MEqs, and all Scorpions are good for is killing TEqs, what do you bring if you don't know what your opponent's army is going to be ahead of time?

              • Kirby says:

                The problem is, this is poor game design as it ends up encouraging RPS type builds and/or dead units. Not saying Eldar units need to be generalists or the best at everything but there needs to be the capacity for them not to just throw up their hands and cry if a given unit comes around. Or they need to be cheap enough that you don't care.

                I'll do a post on this.

  8. Kirby says:

    Battle Driven – run shoot run.

    Quicken is a psychic power which "helps assault units get into assault faster."

    Avatar still has Fearless bubble and Fleet.

  9. Kirby says:

    The Wave Serpent has something called a Serpent Field – an offensive weapon.

    • Martin says:

      Could this be like the very early Epic Wave Serpent field that could be "fired" to stun the enemy as an assault vehicle upgrade?

  10. Albi says:

    Any chance you could check the codex new release page and tell us who the author is?:)

  11. Jon Bunn says:

    Pricing as reported?

  12. Again says:

    OK, OK, one more try…

    Does it say specifically what Battle Driven does?
    Also, does it indicate whether Fortune and Doom are among the randomly generated powers, or are they primaris or options in some way?

    • Kirby says:

      Shoot then run.

      Randomly generate – Primaris is Guide (Fate) and Conceal/Reveal (Battle) which provides or removes Shrouding.

      • Sentaph says:

        I'm liking the idea of these dual blessing/misfortune powers. Random rolls isn't good for reliability, but at least you'll have a few more options. For instance, shrouding might not help you much against a bunch of marker lights, but removing it from the stealth suits is.

      • Again says:

        Cool, thanks. Is running then shooting possible? And does it only apply to shuriken weapons?

        Lack of guaranteed Fortune is going to be a major issue…

  13. borneojum says:

    how is the serpent?

  14. nagash42 says:

    Oh oh is the wraithknight a monsterous creature or walker? everyone seemed to be getting confused.

  15. TommyH says:

    Wow, so basically if you play Taudar/Eldau, you can just JSJ your whole army? Sounds awesome!

    • Marsh says:

      I'm thinking there will be a LOT of Taudar and Eldau armies in the coming summer!

    • blacksly says:

      To be honest, Eldar/Tau even before this was a very strong secret build.
      Eldar can bring a mass of S6, Tau S5 and S7. Both can bring S8 melta to deal with heavier targets. That covers basically all that you need for a shooting army.
      Tau can bring Skyfire and Ignores Cover to take care of some specific issues, and Eldar can bring cheap fast troops (Jetbikes) to advance and take objectives after the Tau have shot you off it.
      Even the current Eldar Codex can make a very strong build with a Tau fire support group. I imagine that the new Eldar Codex plus Tau is going to be scary strong.

  16. Zion says:

    Any talk about changes to the Shuriken weapons? Or more specifically the Shuriken Rifle?

  17. Sentaph says:

    Well, 6 S6 AP2 straight shots, and 6 S6 AP2 small blasts.

  18. Ricardo says:

    Did they play any other aspect and if so; did it change? Weapon profile or special rules would rock too

    • Kirby says:

      DA and Fire Dragons – FIre Dragons could still drop a Monolith reliably so we assume they stayed the same. No other word.

      I haven't seen any pictures of Shining Spears. Everything else has the same old models but no rules.

  19. casperionx says:

    Any word on whether Far Seer's still have runes of warding??

  20. Sentaph says:

    Do we have any idea what these D-Scythes do? Sounds rather interesting, seem to show up on a couple platforms, but I'm not sure how they will change D-weaponry while still keeping with the same theme.

  21. Kirby says:

    Wraithlords and Wraithknights are Heavy Support.

    • GTKA666 says:

      That is kinda saddening, but somewhat expected. Are they like the Riptide and can be taken as a squad? Even a squad of 2 would make it a little bit worthwhile.

      • clever handle says:

        which riptide can be taken in squads? Mine codex shows a unit of 1 with the option to add drones, is that what you mean?

    • Marsh says:

      Hmm…so it's legal to have 3 Riptides and a Wraithknight. Interesting =P

    • Scuzgob says:

      exactly how badly have wraithlords been nerfed to get us to buy wraithknights?

      • teslarod says:

        They need to nerf it for that? oO

        C'mon its 150 points for 2 S8 shots right now. Couldn't really get worse… I think…maybe…. just remembered we are talking about GW so I'll take the last thing back.

  22. Kirby says:

    AUD prices:
    $83 codex
    $125 Wraithknight
    $185 battleforce
    $76 flyer
    $55 wraithguard
    $50 jetbikes
    $55 dire avengers
    $22 farseer
    $28 spiritseer
    $28 ranger SC
    $10 psychic cards

    • Albi says:

      That's 33% cheaper for teh Wraithknight than I was expecting. I'll take two. Does it say how many pages in the Iyanden supplement?

      • Martin says:

        Strange pricing. How can the new multi part Wraithguard kit be the same cost as the 10 year old Dire Avengers sprue in a new box? Is it only 3 Wraithguard in the box? I was expecting them to be nearer the Terminator mark of $74 for 5.

        Not that I'm complaining, just unexpected.

  23. Anon says:

    All looks very interesting. A first I was annoyed that there were no plastic aspect warriors, but I now see that they seem to be focussing on the wraithbone stuff, which I a tally quite like. Hopefully the army will be at a suitable power level and I won't have to buy any aspect warriors to make the army work.

  24. Kirby says:

    They recently re-released all Aspect Warriors and made them finecast so getting new ones was a stretch despite needing new Warp Spiders and Shining Spears.

  25. nagash42 says:

    So what was the armylist in the battle report?

    • Kirby says:

      Avatar of Khaine
      Farseer w/Spear, Mastery Level 3 (choose three powers)
      Warlock w/Mastery Level 1 (chosoe one power) and by choose I mean rolled for

      5x Dragons w/Wave Serpent (twin-linked starcannons)
      5x Wraithblades

      10x DA w/Exarch, Powerweapon Shimmershield
      10x DA w/Exarch, Powerweapon Shimmershield, Wave serpent (twin-linked brightlances)
      6x Jetbikes w/2x Shuriken Cannons

      Hemlock Wraithfihter
      Crimson Hunter w/Exarch

      Wraithlord w/Brightlance Ghostglaive
      Wraithknight w/suncannon, shattershield, 2x scatter lasers

      About 2000 pts

      • TheKips says:

        Hmmmmm, does it look like warlocks are a HQ choice now?

        • Sentaph says:

          Well, that would make 3 HQs which would be odd. I'd imagine it's like before, where they are a honor guard type of squad. What's interesting, is it looks like they behave as wolf guard now, where they can group up or choose to become part of a unit.

        • Kirby says:

          Likely buy a Farseer, get a Warlock unit.

      • Scuzgob says:

        did the avatar manage to do anything?

      • Mkvenner says:

        Awh did they not post the points cost for the units?

  26. Kirby says:

    Guide is friendly unit now – 24" range.

    • jason says:

      Question-are doom fortune guide all primas powers or randomly generated.

      • Sentaph says:

        Guide is a the primaris for Runes of Fate (which looks to be for Farseers) while fortune and doom are randomly generated. We've heard the latter two work the same, although no confirmation as of yet. Guide is pictured above.

  27. Kirby says:

    Conceal/reveal – psyker gains shrouded; enemy unit within 18" loses stealth + shrouded.

  28. FarseerF1 says:

    Executioner- Focussed Witchfire that hits a model 3 times at the farseer's S with Fleshbane AP-. If the model dies it goes on to the next one with 2 hits, if it dies then another with 1. If the Farseer gets to pick the 1st model hit he can also pick the 2nd and 3rd.

    • Kirby says:

      Descructor/Renewal (Battle)
      S5 AP4 template + soulblaze which causes more soulblaze
      18" regeneration of a wound

      • FarseerF1 says:

        But note Renewer cannot bring back slain models. So no reinforcing normal infantry units.

        • TheWolfsLunch says:

          Basically just keep adding wounds to the Wraithknight until your opponent physically punches it off the table?

          • blacksly says:

            Dreadsock attack: Strength D, roll to hit based on player's Dex value. Your model can only make a Glue save.

  29. Taejix says:

    Any word on whether Jetbikes/Wraithguard can still be troops?

  30. Henry says:

    Do any of the flyers have any transport capacity?

  31. Kirby says:

    Warp Spiders have battle focus, hit & run, fleet and the ancient thing.

    Dark Reapers have ancient thing, slow and purposeful, missiles, reaper rangefinder

  32. fran says:

    what are crimson hunters and what do they do? also, ghostglavie is cc or ranged?

    • Sentaph says:

      Crimson Hunters are the red Aspect Warrior fighter jets with a Pulse Laser and two Bright Lances. They can take an Exarch upgrade.

      Ghostglaive is a CC weapon, looks like a new name for the wraithblade.

  33. fran says:

    aspect warrior fighter? well, if there is an exarch, we can hope for entire squad! =) (i'm looking at you, vendettas)
    also, any new rules on shurikens?

    • Damon says:

      I'm more looking at the possibility of having a flyer with Vector Dancer, 2 bright lances, a pulse laser, at Balistic Skill 5…

  34. Eldur says:

    warlocks able to always pick a Shrouded power is nice… huge improvement from Conceal, but now you can't combo with invisibility.

    Can Warlocks roll the Runes of Fate powers?? that could make Fortune easier to get for my council…
    There are no Exarch powers anymore?????

    • SomeCallMeTim says:

      The flavour text for the Runes of Battle only mentions Warlocks and the flavour text for runes of Fate talks about Farseer. The Battle spells seems to have 2 options (Destructor/Renewal, Conceal/reveal), while the Fate have single (guide as primaris, executioner as number 1).

  35. Guest says:

    Any confirmation that the sniper rifle with 120" range is NOT the named character's rifle "voidbringer"?

    Any news on the stats of the wraithcannon?

  36. Eldur says:

    Yeah, I just read the same thing now. I guess I'll go for the dual seer (and maybe Avatar) list as always. Ulthwe FTW!!

  37. clever handle says:

    new pathfinder character is a cool model with a great pose. Wraithseer not so much, reminds me of first release dark elder sculpts

  38. Mike says:

    Any mention of Phoenix Lords?

  39. Eldur says:

    Kirby, are you able to read the Items list, or is it too small to distinguish?

  40. Aircool says:

    I like the aircraft, they look like and Eldar version of an Su-30MKI. Jetbikes are still pants but new wraithguard look cool. The big wraith thing is kinda average.

    Enough to dig out my old eldar stuff? No. However, I'll get the book and some of the new wraithguard as they'll make a nice little allied det.

  41. artemi7 says:

    Is there any point to the Wraithlord now? Or did the Wraithknight eat it's lunch like I'm fearing?

    • maxislithium says:

      The Knight is supposedly 250 points plus. So It's not going to be realistic to take multiple of them in smaller games. I'm expecting the model to be bad ass rules-wise, but I don't expect it will replace the smaller, and much less expensive brother.

      The real fear I have is if they messed about with the Wraith Lord too much as 'Carnafexed' it into oblivion. I doubt that GW would do that. Not again. I don't expect the Wraith Lord to be overly powerful, but rather stay at the level it is.

      • Wyrmnax says:

        Well, the wraithlord was already a Carnifex – way too expensive. So the worse that could happen is to keep him unplayabily expensive.

        That is actually what i fear from the Knight. 250 base cost is *very* expensive. Even if it is something like T8, 5W 2+ it might not be enough to justify the cost. But we really need to see the codex before any sort of judgement is passed.

    • Scuzgob says:

      hopefully its a change like the broadsides and not carnifexes.

  42. SomeCallMeTim says:

    That seems like a very optimistic price guess.
    I expects AV11 180 points (probably more), especially with Exarch upgrade.
    There is also Nightscythes to consider, and they are quite adept AA as well.

    • clever handle says:

      dark elder voidraven is 145 with AV11 & (2) S9 lances @ BS4. Give it vector dancer & (2) additional shots & I can easily see 180 points prior to the exarch upgrade – of course the damn things will end up costing 160 with full kit but hey….

    • _Garnet_ says:

      So, ten points higher than the high end of my own guess. It would make it the most expensive flyer save the Stormraven, but it's got the punch to make it a worthwhile trade. Yeah, okay, 180 sounds not-unreasonable.

      And if the Exarch is that pricey, you could always just not bring it. BS4 for a basic aspect warrior pilot means it's still pulling down .4 more hits than a Vendetta.

    • _Garnet_ says:

      So, it turns out the Crimson Hunter is 160 points, has Vector Dancer, and Tank Hunter against flyers. Y'know, on top of its basic BS4 and four S8 AP2 shots. I think I'm going to go ahead and stand by my 'latest and greatest flyer-hunter' claim, thanks!

  43. GTKA666 says:

    There is always use for the lord. The Knight is probably going to be one of those things where it can go that way or this way, while the Lord goes the other way.

  44. clever handle says:

    >> What isn't worse than a Vendetta, except perhaps the Heldrake?

    stop with this. price x transport capacity x damage output potential* x reserve manipulation means that the vendetta is heads & tails "worse" than the vendetta.

    * "oh no! I lost 5 space marines!" at 16 points a pop is 80 points vs "oh no! I lost a leman russ!" at 150 points a pop….

    • _Garnet_ says:

      Because of course, nobody ever needs to get rid of a small squad camping on an objective out of LOS and in cover. That's a truly worthless ability, right there, no question. On a vehicle that's just as tough as a Vendetta, but with a constant 5+ save without Evading, and the ability to regrow any lost hull points a third of the time. And Vector Strike, for good measure.

      Truly, the Heldrake is a flying turd.

  45. Wupin says:

    Watch out, GW closed down Faeit 212 for posting High Elf pics from White Dwarf!!

    • teslarod says:

      correct me if I'm wrong, but doubt the same can happen to 3++ since its not blogspot hosted.

  46. Tarrasq says:

    That renewer power is going to be a bitch depending on the amount of wsrlocks we can take in this dex. Oh you fired your whole army at my wraithknight leaving one wound left? No worries I’ll just heal him right back up and we’ll see if you can do it again…

    • Sethis_II says:

      Wraithknight? I think you mean Wraithknights. Plural.

      Think of the fun you can have if taking a Spiritseer shifts Wraithlords to Elites as well as Wraithguard to Troops… Unlikely, but still.