Farsight Enclave – Tau Supplement

Okay guys, jumbled up summary from the sources on what the Tau supplement info is but find below please :).

Some pictures as well – we’ll hopefully get clearer ones soon.

I’ll be adding my quick thoughts in for yummy reading…

Overall from a quick look, a much better feel to it than the Iyanden and I hope this sort of trend continues, even if the rules aren’t as great as they could be (which I haven’t looked at yet).

Thoughts added – moving Crisis to Troops is what supplements should do, the wargear isn’t as great as the Tau options but being able to BB ally helps with that. I see a lot of Farsight armies being used as Allies rather than the core force and bringing along Commander, Riptide and two Crisis squads.

mirrorcodex – 50pts
– +1 to seize rolls for your army. Roll a d6 at the start of every turn. 1-3 nothing. 4 is preferred enemy space marines. 5 is preferred enemy space marines & imperial guard. 6 is preferred enemy everyone. Getting an alpha strike with Tau is nice so 5+ to seize isn’t bad but the other bonuses are pretty hit and miss; 1/6 chance for preferred enemy? Great but 50 points is steep. Not abad piece of wargear but certainly not a must have. 

seismic fibrillator node – 45pts
– one use only. may use it at the beginning of any turn. Roll a d6. on a 2+, all open ground within 36″ is treated as difficult, all difficult is treated as dangerous. roll d6 at the end of each turn. 1-4 the node’s effects stop. 5+ they stay in play. 45 points is too much, particularly if it does nothing (which over the course of a tournament is likely to happen). Actual reduction in movement would have been great and it remember, it’s difficult terrain for everyone. 

warscaper drone – 35pts
– nominate a drone purchased by the character – this is the warscaper AND the original drone type. All models in the same unit have move through cover, outflank and acute senses. Furthermore, any enemy unit that is both outside of it’s deployment zone, and within 12″ of a warscaper treats difficult terrain as dangerous. Outflanking with some Crisis is cute but not a great thing and again, adding randomness for points doesn’t mean it’s going to do what you want. 

fusion blades – 30pts
– commander with a twin-linked fusion blaster only. Replace one twin-linked fusion blasters profile with following: shooting (same as twin-linked fusion blaster), melee – str 8 ap1 attacks w/armourbane and blind. if you use them in the assault phase roll a d6 at the end of the phase, on a 1 neither the shooting nor melee profile may be used for the rest of the game 50 points for a twin-linked fusion blaster and S8 Ap1 armor bane in combat which might break? No. 

earth caste pilot array – 30pts
– models with battlesuits only. The model re-rolls all rolls of 1 to hit in the shooting phase. May also re-roll the dice when using a nova reactor. Weapon skill is also reduced to 1 Now this is something everyone could want on their Riptide – re-roll 1’s (overheat!) and NOVA? Okay. 

talisman of arthas moloch – 25pts
– talisman confers a 5+ invulnerable save. In addition, the bearer and all friendly units within 12″ roll 4d6 for deny the witch rolls, taking the highest result Nice against high psychic armies and if you’re allying in with say Space Marines or Eldar, those Deny rolls can become very reliable.

6 wargear options IN PLACE OF TAU SIGNATURE SYSTEMS – so no PENchip, M3S or CnC
6 warlord traits
CAN take ethereals – yay
CAN NOT take aun’va or shadowsun – boo but expected
Crisis are troops – hell ya
Everyone has preferred enemy orks in combat – don’t run into combat
Everyone that can take Bonding Knife Rituals MUST take them – yuck
Riptides can take signature systems from the farsight enclaves list – goodie since one is designed for them

warlord traits: 

1 – The way of the short blade; The warlord has weapon skill 5. If your warlord is not a battlesuit, re-roll this result. – no

2 – echoes of the grand master; PEN chip except you have to choose what profile you want when you roll this warlord result, and keep it for the rest of the game – hells YA!

3 – the way of the broken sword; one use only. declare your warlord is using this ability at the start of one of your opponent’s turns. Your opponent has a -1 modifier to reserve rolls they make this turn – meh

4 – the fire unquenchable; warlord is fearless. All friendly units from codex: tau within 6″ of the warlord have stubborn – um no.

5 – countercrisis; XV8 Crisis teams have +1 modifier to their reserve rolls – meh

6 – through surety, destruction; one use only. declare your warlord is using this ability at the start of one of your shooting phases. For the duration of the phase, warlord and his unit have the shred special rule – okay for one use
Warlord traits are much worse but 2 is friggin sweet.
Farsight also retains his original warlord trait from the Tau Codex (so no deepstrike scatter). HE SHOULD HAVE 2
You can also take farsight enclaves as battle brother allies to a normal tau army. – and vice versa I’m told, the question becomes with the special Farsight bodyguard, can you have two Sig systems (i.e. PENchip from Tau and Vastos?)
Also with farsights body guard unit, you can either take them as normal (like in codex: tau) or you can purchase 1-7 named independent characters. I can post rules for them up if you guys want, but they only have individual wargear, they don’t have any special rules.

farsight4 farsight5 farsight6 farsight7 farsight8

farsight9 farsight10

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110 Responses to “Farsight Enclave – Tau Supplement”

  1. aracersss says:

    I contributed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jasonc says:

    I'd consider tau + tau allies; taking something like

    3 crisis w/gear
    Riptide + earth caste

    Use it in same was as normal tau, but dont take normal suites; join puretide commander with this suite squad, become stubborn scoring when you need to which is nice. Probably one Riptide in total switching between 3+ invuln and ordnance as need be. Might consider several pairs of broadsides?

  3. aracersss says:

    The Dawn Blade :
    The mysterious artefact that O'shovah took upon Arthas Moloch is even older than the Imperium of Man. Fashioned aeons ago by the strange race that once inhabited the haunted world, the Dawn Blade has been forged from materials that even the finest of earth caste minds cannot fathom. Its blade is sharp enough to cut through rock, and since taking it up on Arthas Moloch, and modifying it for use it battle, it has been O'shovah's weapon of choice for close engagements.

    Unbeknownst to Farsight, the ancient sword has a dark secret. Its blade is made from chronophagic alloys – whenever its wielder cuts a life short with it, the natural span that he stole from his victims is added to the wielder's own. This has allowed O'shovah to live for almost three centuries. Though he has his suspicions that it is the Damn Blade that has prolonged his lifespan to such degree, if Farsight ever found out the horrible truth, he would likely end his own life in ritual suicide then and there.

  4. MidnightSun says:

    The Dawn Blade stealing life force is a pretty awesome answer to why Farsight is so long-lived.

    Talisman is nice, Pilot Array is awesome, and Mirrorcodex might see some use, especially as Imperial Guard are so common as allies (5+ for preferred enemy Guard is ok. Not 50pts of ok, but ok). Loss of PENchip hurts, I guess. I see Talisman+Eldar allies being popular.

  5. Kirby says:

    Command team – the implication is you need to take Farsight here but it says "when choosing a Farsight Enclaves army, you have access to a special units, etc. etc. If you choose this unit, Farsight does not allow you to take an XV8 Crisis Bodyguard team as normal; he has the COmmander Team instead"

    So we have one sentence saying when choosing a FE army
    and another saying the 1-7 bodyguards are replaced with CT team


    Waiting for points on these guys.

  6. Jasonc says:

    "50 points for a twin-linked fusion blaster and S8 Ap1 armor bane in combat which might break? No."

    Actually – you have to buy the twinlinked fusion blasters first haha, this replaces them… so it really costs 80 pts.

  7. Thud says:

    Five Riptides?

    One from HQ, three from Elites, one from allied Tau Empire.

    Am I missing something here?

  8. Dr Doom says:


  9. Kirby says:

    Special Characters –
    Bravestorm – 199 pts
    Brightsword – 200 pts
    Ob'Lotai – 128 pts
    Arra'kon – 168 pts
    Sha'vastos – 174 pts (he has the PENchip)
    Torchstar – 154 pts
    O'Vesa – 305 pts

  10. boomwolf says:

    Allies solve that problem?

  11. Dakka'th says:

    I'm thinking Farsight Enclaves might be better as an ally than a main force.

    Question: if Farsight's special command squad all have the independent character special rule, does that mean you can split them up how you want? Or do they form a bodyguard unit and are thus all stuck together until killed down to one?

  12. davesinn says:

    So why shouldn't I just take my normal Tau army, say that an ethereal, one squad of fire warriors and two riptides are allies from the enclave to get the earth cast array thing??? Where's the downside?

  13. WestRider says:

    Someone just pointed out this bit of awesome absurdity on a forum: "A Farsight Enclave army cannot NOT include Aun'va or Commander Shadowsun"

  14. Darin W says:

    Please remove the photos from iBooks via iPad. If you leave them up it is safe to say Apple will disable screen shot capability within iBooks. Please remove so you don't destroy things for others. Thanks 🙂

  15. casperionx says:

    screengrab on iphone/ipad is actually a core utility, not an application specific one. THeyw ould have to dick around a fair bit to disable it for ibooks.

    But anyways, the 2 big arguments are, can you run dual signature systems (ie 2 xv8-02's), and can you build a farsight enclave just using the tau codex with the aforementioned cannot takes (sig systems, aun'va and shadowsun)?? I presmue so…and if thats the case, I can see a lot of people running dual commanders one though being from a tau codex allied detachment running all the fancy toys (CnC, Multi spec…)

  16. tau4eva says:

    I would like to run FE with my Tau Codex as allies but it does not sound as if units outside the main codex can benefit from markerlight hits. Rules for the markerlights specifically limit them for use in codex only.

  17. nurglez says:

    how does rerolling to hit help vs get ho? I thought the get hot roll on the ion cannon was for the blast shot, which isn't a to hit roll (unless you are using the over sized burst cannon)…

    Correct me if I'm wrong of course 😀

  18. Glyph says:

    I have a question regarding the Command Team. Must they be deployed together, or can you join members in different units (because they’re ICs) like Cryptecs or Wolf Guard?

  19. UbersaurusRex says:

    So does the 1 per army limit Signature Systems still apply to the Farsight wargear?

  20. […] A great summary of all the new rules for Farsight can be found here. […]

  21. Mystic says:

    so, just from curiosity. You state that you wish the Seismic Fillibrator Node actually reduced speed of units. Doesn't it do that? Turning everything Open Ground into Difficult Terrain would slow down enemy units fairly significantly. I guess you mean for the things which ignore difficult terrain too?

  22. guest says:

    Yo guys this question might be stupid but doesen`t the first picture/text on the codex page say : IF you choose to take this unit, Commander Farsight does not allow to take an XV-8 bodyguard team as normal; he has the Commander team instead. so he can take the bodyguard team instead but not both right?
    And sorry for my bad english.

  23. buo says:

    So with riptide hero we can have T6 XV8 battlesuits. yay

  24. Kirby says:

    I must say, just watched the GW video for this and that was actually quite good… For GW.

  25. Marsh says:

    A quick rule query:
    Let's say I have Farsight, O'Vesa, and a unit of 2 XV8s. Is it possible to:
    1) Deploy O'Vesa on the table and Deep Strike with Farsight and the XV8s?
    2) Join Farsight and O'Vesa with the XV8s and Deep Strike both together?

  26. Marsh says:

    Another quick question:
    If you take O'Vesa, would it be possible to take a generic Riptide and give it the Earth Caste Pilot Relay? Is the "1 per army for Signature Systems" restrictions inclusive or exclusive of Unique characters?

  27. Michael says:

    From what I read, if you choose to take the commander team which is a HQ choice that doesn’t take up a force organisation slot, then you still have to take a HQ to fill up the compulsory slot no? Additionally, you can’t take farsight as that HQ as he is one of “the eight”. So you’re choices are, ethereal who is essentially useless (although the LD boost and 3 of the invocations are still effective if you discount that he’s a walking victory point) a fireblade (nuff’ said) or a commander with four weapons (as no wargear is available. I’m saying this from a “I’ll use them as allies” point of view btw. On the side can you just take any one of the named commanders as a HQ or has that not been released yet.

  28. anonymous says:

    this sucks.. i was hoping they would make them more badass veteran renegade like, with a touch of darkness, and all they did was replace some weird equipment with some other weird equipment.. when i heard it was coming out i was sure i was going to start playing 40k again. now i just want to send hate-mail to the author…

  29. nayblaise says:

    and a full drone unit to any farsight bomb.
    controlled drone units are amazing support fire
    deep strike farsight, ovesa and regular riptide together no scatter.

  30. nayblaise says:

    hey also how many sig. systems can a riptide take?
    does it take up one of the 2 slot allowed to support systems?
    or are we allowed to take as many as we want?
    ignoring points… generic riptide, with fusion blades and talisman and micro codex plus 2 regular wargear options?
    yeah its ludicrous, but any one of those is a good fit on a riptide. im particularry intrested in fusion blades and talisman, would Armourbane plus monstrous creature +3d6 armour penetration?

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    Farsight Enclave – Tau Supplement | 3++ is the New Black

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