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20th of this month it comes out and the iBook sample says thusly: “The Tau can outshoot pretty much any other force, but rather than talk about the tactics of a tau gun line, this supplement will focus on how to get the most out of an army comprised entirely of super mobile battle suits.” Come on Games Workshop – do it right son.

This is what supplements should be used for, though I still think they can be included in the main book and just make the main book worth the $83 price tag you throw on it initially but if they actually want these to be taken seriously, they need to modify the armies in some way – different wargear is great but making army list changes are better and will see use (as long as they are not so good, they always see use).

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77 responses to Farsight Supplement – Tau Codex

"an army comprised entirely of super mobile battle suits.”

"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced."

Two pages of rules that could have been in the reg rulebook, for a cost that will buy you a stand alone something awesome, like a great board game, or a video game

Can we please stop saying there are only "two pages of rules" in the book. By that logic the only rules we ever get are the special rules that each individual army gets in their codexes. The Iyanden supplement has 21 pages of rules (well, minus the full page pictures, so closer to 18), and that includes Army special rules, strategems for expansions, special equipment rules, and mission rules.

Anyone who says you only get two pages of rules is being willfully narrow-minded on what constitutes rules for the sole purpose of talking crap about a product they're probably not planning using anyways.

Why is that? were you still a baby when WD used to include supplements like this for free?
Truth be told, its gullible people like you which GW milks money off from. But again, thats really alright, atleast you are willingly milked while others have a choice not to.

Hey man, I'm not saying that the supplement is worth the price, in fact I'm saying it's definitely not. What I'm saying is that the constant mis-characterization of the contents has become an almost pathological knee-jerk reaction from people who aren't interested in objectively assessing the value of the supplement.

With all the arguments about allowing/disallowing supplements, (only if the player has a legal copy of the rules, even if they are oop, WD, etc.) SM players cannot run the Stormraven, Sisters are gone, etc…
GW has started to watch the Interwebs, and sees all, so better buy all the "legal" supplements if you want to run a proxy and/or counts as model, lol…

We're glad that in your opinion there is more than two pages of rules. But in the majority of players opinion's there IS only two pages of note.
So while you are totally welcome to your opinion, it is neither fact, nor really reflective of either the situation or popular opinion.

For the cost of a supplement – codex cost, or alternatively the cost of the last BRB, people rightly have high expectations. For someone claiming it's not worth purchasing and calling for objectivity you seem to be struggling to understand any perspective but your own.

You really can have an opinion over how many pages of rules there are, and where that opinion matches the facts it's a good opinion.

"Two pages of note" is not the same as "two pages of rules." And again, this statement reflects the idea that the only "pages of note" in any codex then is the army rules because that is what there is two pages of. It also completely discounts new rules for equipment, a new psychic power, cities of death, planetstrike, and new mission / historic battles rules. Now if you want to talk about whether the supplement is worth the price, that's a wholly different conversation, but people should stop saying that there's only two pages of rules, because it's a fact that there's more.

If you want to note that there's only two pages of rules that you care about, that's fine, but it doesn't change that there are more than two pages of rules.

I remember paying for a WD to get rules supplements, but I never remember getting WD for free.

"…when WD used to include supplements like this for free"

While I remember when White Dwarf included rules, I don't ever remember them being free. IIRC, I still had to buy it.

You paid for the White Dwarf. You did not pay extra for the White Dwarf AND the rules.

Your semantic attempt aside, the statement isn't true anyway. Codex Catachan, Codex Craftworlds etc were not white dwarf additions.

Given how everyone basically says today's white dwarfs are wholly over costed as they provide no additional rules, I would argue that by paying for WD back then you were paying for additional rules.

In any case the whining about GW charging for this or that is tiresome… The market will find an equilibrium for supply and demand and that price and either GW will re-evaluate its pricing or it won't.

If you want to complain, then note the writing in the example pages. Looks like they got CS Goto (or whomever the worst at Black Library is now) to write them. If the whole 120+ pages is filled with such poorly worded tripe and recyled pictures then you may have a situation where the product is not worth it to the buyers that GW is actually seeking.

Seismic Fibrillator Node – AN EXTRA SHOOTING PHASE!?!?!? WHAT

I'm sure this is just for a single unit but even then, very, very powerful.

This is very likely a piece of wargear that slows down one or more enemy units, rather than one that actually allows additional firepower, if I had to make a guess.

Yeah, that would make more sense in the context of what it's called. Probably makes all guys either be unable to move or move as in DT.

Fibrillation is the rapid, irregular, and unsynchronized contraction of muscle fibers. Combine that with Seismic (waves of energy that travel through a planet's layers) and you've probably got some form of an earth quake generator that will make the opponent move as if in difficult/dangerous terrain.

The 'extra shooting phase' just means might take one more turn for the opponent to reach the Tau, rather than you get a free shot with every gun in your army.

More than likely – something like the Grav Inhibitor Drone from Pathfinders or Seismic Crucible from Crypteks but for any unit which, would be great.


Never before have I wanted something more than to be able to use an all-suit army for Tau.

I want this. Now.

Also, that last image.

Apparently O'Shovah looked directly at the warp and realized that Chaos was a thing which was real.

Sounds like he broke off to sacrifice himself for the Greater Good to start a portion of his race to specifically fight it.

At least, that's my headcanon now.

dont count on that chaos corrupts everything nothing is safe from its influence even the necrons cant fight it

you said it man … farsight is beyond corruption … he wants justice and the best to his comrades

Tzeentch is already corrupting the tau. Who do you think sent the ethereals to change .. their ways …

lol like I said chaos corrupts anything like planets dont have a physic imprint but it to gets turned

he is not corrupted … but he rather acknowledge of what he witnessed with the daemons he saw in that planet … and makes himself conscious of the reality of this new threat … he is too badass to go into chaos

Tau DO have a warp presence, it's just very small. If they didn't have any warp presence they would be Blanks.

An untouchable is arguably different than someone with no interaction/warp presence.

Psychic powers can still effect the Tau, where they cannot effect untouchables, and really the fluff for untouchables is realistically more of a black-hole that can absorb the warp, then as something with just no warp presence.

>An untouchable is arguably different than someone with no interaction/warp presence.

Only by degrees. There are different kinds of blanks, but all of them have the same "off" presence and invisibility to warp creatures. Tau don't fit with either of those criteria.

"Tau DO have a warp presence, it's just very small. If they didn't have any warp presence they would be Blanks." Or if they were not psychically active. Psychically active races affect the warp. Barring Orks. Psykers can interact with the warp. Blanks are psychically active and do have a presence in the warp, it is simply a negative one. Lemme rephrase that. They are psychically active but are a negative on the psychic manipulation scale, so that their minds create an aura that is antithetical to the warp and its affects in realspace. It would be fascinating if they cast a shadow into the warp. Tau, on the other hand, have so little affect on or interaction with the warp that they don't realize it even exists over their known history. Zero psykers, zero daemonic possessions, zero gods feeding off of the effects of their collective psyche on the warp. It sounds like the Etherials learned of the warp from external sources and hid that knowledge.

Zero psykers is the norm for most races; humanity is the exception, not the Tau. As far as we know, there were no Necrontyr psykers, either.

The fact that Farsight and the Ethereals even _can_ perceive the Warp precludes the possibility that they are have a null warp presence.

The "negative warp effect" metaphor is good, but I think that is only true for the higher-level Blanks; lower-level ones are just "empty space" in the Warp.

Um…you have clearly not read the Necron fluff. Not only does it not touch them, the C'Tan find the Chaos deities to be nothing more than petty little disturbances. Chaos is the biggest enemy of mankind, as we are the most corruptible. The Hive Mind blanks it out and messes with it; the Necrons don't feel it at all; and it more often than not just pisses off the Orks. Really the reach of Chaos is one galaxy; they are flawed and finite, often cowardly even. Chaos is willing to throw anything under the bus for it's own gain. Chaos also doesn't take over a soul, or a planet – the living being has to have a small part of them (at least) willing to succumb to it. Evil doesn't force our hand…we choose to be evil.

Yeah, see, the problem with the Necron Fluff is that it's written from the point of view of the Necron.

EVERY SINGLE OTHER PIECE of fluff relevant makes a mockery of the C'tan's silly little worldview. Chaos is emotion and entropy. It's so far beyond the abilities of the piddling little poke'tan as to not even notice them.

That doesn't even make sense. Arguably the only reason the Eldar gods were destroyed by chaos was because Slaanesh was made far more powerful than anything seen before or since by the destruction of the Eldar race.
The C'tan at full power were more than a match for pretty much the rest of the universe with the Necrons in tow.

Also the Necron interaction with chaos now doesn't feature Necron's being corrupted (anywhere that I have seen) but does still mention that chaos's ability to appear almost anywhere is still an issue, since of course Necrons are susceptible to physical harm.

Also the DE successfully trapped chaos in pocket dimensions too.

Only imperial fluff and the BL books truly lend chaos (and the chaos gods) the immense power they have, mainly while interacting with humanity.

1:- Once Slaanesh had been made, he had always existed. Chaos is timeless.
2:- Slaanesh is the WEAKEST of the big four chaos gods, and at the time of his birth, he was arguably weaker than minor powers (he gained so much power so quickly BY killing the Eldar Gods).
3:- The C'tan were a match for the universe, so much so that they were turned into pokemon by their mortal followers. Uh-huh.
4:- The C'tan being a match for the universe is pretty meaningless when you remember that Chaos is not IN the universe.

Only Imperial Fluff, the Black Library books, the Eldar books, and the original non-factioned books lend Chaos the immense power they have.

So..the FLUFF BOOKS talk about the power of Chaos. The non-factioned books…,.talk about the power of Chaos.

>The C'tan at full power were more than a match for pretty much the rest of the universe with the Necrons in tow.

That is entirely speculative. If they were so powerful, why did they need the Necrontyr's help?

This is both completely wrong and misleading. The only way to combat Chaos is with psychic power. The Necron codex specifically mentions that the technology that they used to contain the C'Tan (ripping them up and spreading their power among multiple pocket dimensions) has no effect on Chaos' ability to corrupt reality, be it realspace or any other dimension you can manipulate with technology.

What you are probably referring to is the GK codex, which mentions they can contain daemons in pocket dimensions. This supports your view but is a contradiction to the newer Necron codex.

>The Necron codex specifically mentions that the technology that they used to contain the C'Tan (ripping them up and spreading their power among multiple pocket dimensions) has no effect on Chaos' ability to corrupt reality,

Actually, that's not what it says- it says that Necron technology is, to the powers of Chaos, no different from any other kind of raw matter and thus easily corrupted. Nowhere I'm aware of does it mention that Chaos is somehow unaffected by the containment prisons.

War Scraper drone could be some form of battle-suit repair drone, perhaps giving the model (or unit) the It Will Not Die USR.

Also noticed the Fusion Blades on Commander Brightsword…. Looks like a form of close combat weapon to me…. Perhaps a new piece of Special Issue Wargear that gives the Commander S8 AP1 Unwieldy Melta attacks in close combat?

Guys…it's not WarSCRAPer, it's WarSCAPEer. I think it might work along the lines of a Multi-spectrum sensor suite or have some other kind of battlefield application.

hot damn are those bits of fluff on O'Shovah seeing Chaos super awesome.
oh yeah an all gundam army would be cool i guess. this is how supplements should be done, a single change that drastically changes how an army works.

What is interesting is that I got also the preview on my Ipad and I dont' have all the pages you seems to have on your version. Is it that the Australian people got a better treatment than us European?

Wishlisting here, have to see what really comes in the Suppliment, but if I could have my druthers:

1 – FOC Changes:
*If Farsight is included in your primary detachment, he must be your Warlord
*Crises Suits are now Troops choices
*Cannot take Ethereals (special character or normal) or Shadowsun, but Fireblades are now Elite choices and can be taken 1-3 per slot

2 – Special Issue Wargear (can choose from this list or the original Tau list, but not both):
*Seismic Fibrillator Node — One use only. Reduces target unit's moving, running/flat out moves, assault moves, and jet pack/jet bike moves in the assault phase by 3".
*Fusion Blades — User's close combat attacks become S8 AP1 Melta, Unwieldy
*Advanced Jump Accelerator — Replace Battlesuit's Jetpack, granting it a 9" move in movement phase and 3D6" in the assault phase.
*High Yield Shield Generator — Grants user a 3++ Invulnerable save
*Advanced Markerlight Pod — Battlesuit gear that, if it hits, grants two markerlight hits (these can be used by the Battlesuit and his unit, like a networked markerlght)
*Advanced Railrifle — Solid Shot: S8 AP1 Rapid Fire, 60" or Submunition: S4 AP4 Large Blast, 60"
*Integrated Defense Matrix Node — One use only. All friendly Codex: Tau Empire units within 18" of the user may overwatch at full BS for a single turn

‘*Integrated Defense Matrix Node — One use only. All friendly Codex: Tau Empire units within 18″ of the user may overwatch at full BS for a single turn’

Oh goodie, I was worried tau arent overwatching enough.

3 – Special Rules:
*All units with the option to take Bonding Knife Ritual get the upgrade for free
*Unconventional Doctrine — All Crises Battlesuits, Tau Commanders, Crises Bodyguard, and Farsight himself exchange the Supporting Fire special rule with the Rage and Furious Charge USRs.

Riptide with Earth Caste Pilot Array? Could that allow riptide to be a flying monstrous creature. Very cheeky if so.

Nah, that would be Air Caste. Earth Caste is more likely some sort of Combat Engineering gear or something.

That would make more sense, maybe a multiple supporting fire-type piece of equipment similar to Longstrike's suit special rule. Either way looking forward to seeing what the book offers.

……Fusion Blades? I hope there is some wargear to make the Crisis Suit WS/I a little better if they are expecting us to charge into CC with them. Still though, how cool does Fusion Blades sound?

“Rather than talking about the static tactics of the gun line, however, these next pages look at how to get the most out of an army solely comprised of super-mobile battlesuits.”

Followed Immediately by

“Fire Warriors form the mainstay of any Farsight Enclaves army.”


Also, I’m really hoping these supplements will let GW clean up the mess of Space Marines the game is running these days…

You know, as excited as I am about this expansion, I find myself wondering the same thing now as I did when Iyanden dropped; why so soon? My hobby dollars are still pretty badly depleted from all the lovely little goodies that came out along with the new codex, and given that GW is the Rolls Royce of wargames, I'd imagine a lot of casual Tau gamers are in much the same position. I might have to wait another month or so before picking this thing up, because it's coming so hot on the heels of the main codex, whereas if this dropped, say, six months after or so? I'd pick it up in a heartbeat.

Plus, the expansions are the only 'new' things most factions are likely to get until their next codex comes out again. That being the case, why not stagger them a little better, so the factions have at least the semblance of growth while they're waiting for the next round of updates?

GW's found a way to import same day dlc to tabletop wargaming. You have to admit that's pretty impressive even if you don't like the fact that they're aping ea.