Sentinels of Terra

Blablabla, fluff stuff, Lysander kick some guys ass, then again, and again…and one more time and was stuck up about it. And scroll (I mean flip) through the pictures of yellow Marines. Aha! The rules.

Bolter drill is now twin-linked at half distance – so…it’s worse at long range (which Fists are supposed to be good at) and better at close range? Whatever, I’ll take it as twin-linked bolters are pretty sick kids. Centurions can be Elites and Heavy Support and Assault Centurions can be Elite and Fast Attack (why are slow units creeping into Fast Attack?). This can free up heavy support a bit if you wanted to run Devs (better with Fists), Thunderfires, Preds or Stalkers so not terrible.

Captain Garadon is stoopid. He’s cheap which is great but WTF DOES HE DO? BEATSTICKS NEED TO BEAT FACE. And I lose a Troops UNIT to become an HQ. No thank you (he can take the cover ignoring bolt pistol and shove it where the son don’t shine as well). A 25 point banner which gives out counter-attack to the…bearer along with crusader and the usual re-roll morale/pinning – ย next. Bones allows +1 warp charge and re-rolls on psychic tests which is decent for using Tele powers where you might actually want four warp charges but that’s on the few occasions that does happen and on Ld10, you’re pretty reliable anyway. At 25 points… its 10 points too much to see regular use I think. Well yay, an AP4 weapon that costs points – takes to S6 which is nice but the whole old Catalyst style power is just blah – I’m not taking a Chaplain anyway, nor should you. Eye is basically an 18″ Auspec which also says get fucked to buildings – this is actually pretty damn solid against anyone running around with Fortresses or Bastions; especially when coupled with Imperial Fist Chapter Tactics. I foresee far less whining about fortifications in match-up type tournaments as this one piece of wargear gets allied in.

Warlord traits… Hey Space Marines! Ya, you. You got one-upped son. Times 6. +1 to building damage (okay there’s a theme going here) isn’t great but it helps when those forts do come along; IWND? LYSANDER! OI! +1/-1 for Reserves? Done. Fearless meh but Counter-attack is pretty solid for a unit that is designed to be a counter charge unit or bubble-wrap. -1 to building damage the warlord’s embarked upon can make for some stupid strategies for Fists hiding in buildings I imagine. And…. another Orbital Bombardment! That’s just rude.

So… all in all, nothing major. If you were going to run Imperial Fists, the better Warlord trait might be good or if you’re jamming a bunch of stuff in Heavy Support and need that flexibility. I wait for Pedro using Imperial Fists Chapter Tactics to take an army from this supplement.

Let the raging begin for that!

Otherwise it’s not Black Legion bad but not Farsight good.

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42 responses to Sentinels of Terra

Well, Lysander doesn't get the benefit, but you can still take a Biker Chapter Master with TH/Shield Eternal/AA and be basically as tough as the Iron Hands version. It's not reliable, but the Biker Beatstick CM is good even without IWND. A bike also lets the CM use the Double Orbital while still moving and assaulting.

You can only select the relics from Sentinels of Terra if you want the warlord to have their warlord trairs… Which means no Shield Eternal or Armour of Indominus (or what its called)

When playing Imperial Fists do you have to use the supplement version of Bolter Drill? or can you chose to use the SM Codex version?

If you pick any single element from the supplement you have to use the suplement's version of Bolter Drill. If you don't want anything from the supplement you use the Codex SM version.

For warlord traits, relics and Bolter Drill is either the Codex SM or the supplement. You cant pick for example bolter drill from the codex and use warlord traits and relics from the suplement

Hang on, wait for Pedro doing what? What did I miss – is it something to do with Spess Mehrens allying with themselves to gain chapter traits?

The supplement states any army using chapter tactics Imperial Fists – Crimson Fists use those Chapter Tactics so you could take Pedro and roll with the supplement (I did not find anything which restricted this but I didn't look very hard; I cannot see a reason why you'd want to do this other than piss fluff bunnies off though….).

SM only get ML2 librarians, but I think the points for the bones are okay. If my staff librarian had wielded it, he would have slayed the that 2+ save destroyer lord with WS and MSS and it would have felt soooo gooood
And it works on rolling double 6.

The bolt pistol is the only bolt pistol that can be carried by a terminator which… Still doesn't make it worth it.

I dunno, I think re-rolls on psychic tests is pretty valuable — PLUS an additional warp charge and that's a pretty handy piece of gear.

I mean, I've run GK with Coteaz et al… fail often enough that you feel it.

The extra Warp Charge isn't big, but it's something. Lets you cast a ML2 Telep power or maybe activate a Force Weapon while still doing other stuff. Rerolling psychic tests is definitely handy for things you're relying on, but I'm not sure if I feel it's worth 25pts all in total. You're paying as much as you would for another ML, but not actually getting two of the bigger bonuses (another power known, better potential for Deny) with it.

The Bolt Pistol is cute- it's 5pts and lets you do some shenanigans with Precision Shots and such. I think you could do worse.

Most of the rest of the stuff is unimpressive; Bolters at half range is nice for a Drop Pod army I guess, but I think I'd often rather have the flexibility. It does work with Sternguard Ammo, though, yeah?

Warlord table is pretty crap again, but no surprise there.

I'm sooo happy I spent the last two years collecting, building, and painting my Dark Angels in advance of their Sixth Edition codex revamp.

Jeeesus, I was expecting the vanilla Space Marine codex to have some new toys and fancy tricks in it, but I didn't expect to see Codex: Dark Angels so completely outclassed.

If you want something good then sell the army.

Meaning they will then come out with a supplement that will make them good.

your not playing them right. yes I have to use tau to kill things but im having no problems with them

If I have to use allies in order to be "playing them right," then the problem is with the codex not the player. (Especially when you consider 25+ years of background information painting the Dark Angels as even more leary of xenos allies than the typical Adeptus Asartes chapter… who ain't exactly diplomatic to begin with.)

Ravenwing are actually quite awesome with 6th edition DA codex. A core of Ravenwing with some regular greenwing units supporting them is arguably one of the best Marine armies you can build from any codex ATM (with White Scars armies being their closest competition)

I agree. I'd add that their synergy with the Deathwing, especially in having both scout and teleport homers, is pretty incredible.

Exactly my point. I think that C:DA is a fine book, especially if you play to its strengths and make full use of the "combined arms" approach of Deathwing, Ravenwing, and basic marines… I fully admit that the niche army (pure DW) I collected is subpar. But it is fun and serves my primary function (easy to transport when I travel) better than any other army could… ____The problem I have comparing C:DA to C:SM is that it feels like the Dark Angels really just loose out on a bunch of little things, like unit equipment choices… and big things like the Storm Talon vs. Nephilim… Yeah, we all know which model is better looking, but which do you want to see in an army list? The new Hunter anti-aircraft tank would fill a glaring hole in the C:DA army list — reliable anti-air — and the model must have been in development for some time, but it wasn't included… Which I'd have been fine with if GW had given the Dark Angels BACK their gorram Mortis-pattern Dreadnoughts!____I'm sticking with my Dark Angels, but, oi vey, I just can't help but feel like Santa gave me a box of socks and my big brother got a new Nintendo.

Pure dw are actually quite devastating, really hard to bring down. The ability to mix combat and ranged is worth so much. Split fire ensures that heavy weapons effectiveness is maximised. Deathwing assault vengeful strike are great if used effectively. The knights are one of the best combat units in the game and are severely under appreciated.

The only two things that I dislike about the Da/SM codexes is the extra options the terminator hq get in SM (terminator weapons and storm shields on librarians). Everything else is just fine.

Agree with you on the underappreciation of Knights, but Deathwing are really, really kind of bad. Even as Troops. It doesn't take *that* much firepower to roll some 1s.

I'm doing fine with Deathwing, playing against some good players too. Don't win them all but even the loses are close. Had a game at the weekend against Tau that I only lost due to some seriously unlucky dice rolls (lost a fight against four pathfinders with one knight, hitting on 3s wounding on 2s, two round combat and didn't kill one of them!)

They are a bit slow at getting where they need to be, but once they get there, they do they're job.

I don't know about that! I had a DW command squad with libby, 2x TH/SS, Apoth, Cham and Plas/CF take 2 rounds of ork/Necron shooting for a total of about 125 wounds and only lost a TH/SS, go 2+3++5+++

But that doesn't happen every game.

The banner specifically says just the bearer? Thought those rules are conferred to the unit attached to the model. I would think CSR/CA for 25 points is a bargain considering that DA would get a slightly different version of that banner for the price of a command squad + 45 points.

Overall I get that they want to provide variation and options to give these funny little rules that may change the outcome of a game, but for 25 points, I think most people would rather upgrade their guns… So many overpriced boondoggles in all of the GW codices. It's almost like they need to fill a quota of wargear and the prices are just slapped on via some wheel of points they spin before printing the final copy.

well I guess in that case giving it to a jump pack HQ with vanguard squad, or even a terminator HQ (not sure the limitations of it), I mean the BRB USR description says that it would be conferred to the unit. Maybe it's not that bad for 25, though re-roll morale test in an HQ squad is kinda silly…

It doesn't actually confer to the Unit. You get to roll for it as long as at least one Model in the Unit has it, but only the Models who actually have CA get the extra Attack.

This was a really common misperception back at the start of 6th when everyone was sticking SW Characters in Power Blobs to give them Counter-Attack, before we read the rule more carefully ๐Ÿ˜›