Hordes – Lesser Warlock Rules

Begads! We have pictures.

Each Hordes faction is getting a new Lesser Warlock.

All have four Fury, are a character with all the Lesser Warlock stuff and cost three points. Here’s their cards courtesy of the forums:

Legion of Everblight – Fyanna the Leash

fyanna1 fyanna2 fyann3

Circle of Orboros – Una the Falconer

una1 una2 una3

Trollbloods – Horgle Ironstrike

troll1 troll2 troll3

Skorne – Tyrant Zaadesh

tyrant1 tyran3 tyrant2

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13 responses to Hordes – Lesser Warlock Rules

wow loving fyanna the lash! the 4" melee range combined with the ability to throw models strikes me as a model with a lot of potential for smart positional plays. the second melee attack per activation sounds great as well. really looking forward to picking her up.

Zardesh looks rather sweet. Even if perdition doesn't come into play very often I can think of quite a few beasts that will like him.

They already had a lesser warlock thing, and it's not like they needed help running more beasts.

And Legion warlocks are generally so battlegroup-focused to begin with that the character lesser warlock would have to be kind of bonkers to be worth considering.

The way how Legion works is very unnatural so it makes sense. More than likely Fyanna is going to get a shard later.

What do you mean by a "shard"? Btw, the model is very good, better than the Mage Hunter Assassin of Retribution I dare say

It plays a different role but the MHA is nastier. And the shard would be an Athanc piece from Everblight himself. The beast mistress just happens to share a connection with lesser who are simple. The others require a draconian blood connection and a shard to command.

It looks like she's going to be used for dragging things out for beasts to eat. Pretty useful for disrupting shield wall formations and such. Plus she can fling a warnoun into a better position for a run.

I no longer have to run the max FA of beast handlers in order to Skorne? Sold to the man with FURY 4!