Hordes – Lesser Warlock Rules

Begads! We have pictures.

Each Hordes faction is getting a new Lesser Warlock.

All have four Fury, are a character with all the Lesser Warlock stuff and cost three points. Here’s their cards courtesy of the forums:

Legion of Everblight – Fyanna the Leash

fyanna1 fyanna2 fyann3

Circle of Orboros – Una the Falconer

una1 una2 una3

Trollbloods – Horgle Ironstrike

troll1 troll2 troll3

Skorne – Tyrant Zaadesh

tyrant1 tyran3 tyrant2

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13 Responses to “Hordes – Lesser Warlock Rules”

  1. eLylyth says:

    wow loving fyanna the lash! the 4" melee range combined with the ability to throw models strikes me as a model with a lot of potential for smart positional plays. the second melee attack per activation sounds great as well. really looking forward to picking her up.

  2. Firstius says:

    Zardesh looks rather sweet. Even if perdition doesn't come into play very often I can think of quite a few beasts that will like him.

  3. CaptGrizz says:

    War room is updating every day, be sure to check it daily

  4. Antonio Montes says:

    Odd that Legion is not getting a lesser Warlock, but rather an assassin solo.

    • Threadmiser says:

      They already had a lesser warlock thing, and it's not like they needed help running more beasts.

      • Chozo says:

        And Legion warlocks are generally so battlegroup-focused to begin with that the character lesser warlock would have to be kind of bonkers to be worth considering.

  5. WildWingZero says:

    The way how Legion works is very unnatural so it makes sense. More than likely Fyanna is going to get a shard later.

    • Antonio Montes says:

      What do you mean by a "shard"? Btw, the model is very good, better than the Mage Hunter Assassin of Retribution I dare say

      • WildWingZero says:

        It plays a different role but the MHA is nastier. And the shard would be an Athanc piece from Everblight himself. The beast mistress just happens to share a connection with lesser who are simple. The others require a draconian blood connection and a shard to command.

        • Threadmiser says:

          It looks like she's going to be used for dragging things out for beasts to eat. Pretty useful for disrupting shield wall formations and such. Plus she can fling a warnoun into a better position for a run.

  6. Threadmiser says:

    I no longer have to run the max FA of beast handlers in order to Skorne? Sold to the man with FURY 4!