Summary of 7th Edition Changes – Psychic Phase

So new edition, new series – Summary of Change. In conjunction with this Forum post, we’ll be putting together a list of the changes and their initial impact upon the game. As we get more gaming time we’ll come back and look at how they’ve really impacted everything but for now, easy to browse “what’s new / different” :)!

The biggest change of the 7th edition rulebook is the bringing back of the psychic phase.

A weird mix of the Fantasy magic system and something pulled out of somewhere, psychic powers are both more powerful and less reliable. Let’s quickly run through the psychic phase and then look at some of the math that others have already done. We’re not going to go into generating powers at this point – this is largely the same.

Before anything else is done, the Warp Charge pool is generated. The player whose turn it is rolls a D6, each player then adds this D6 to the cumulative total of their Mastery Levels (including Brotherhood / Pilot units). This is each player’s Warp Charge pool for that phase.

Example; Eldar vs Space Marines. Eldar has two Farseers (ML3); Space Marine player has Tiggy (ML3) and two allied Inquisitors (ML1). Eldar player rolls a D6 and gets a 4; Eldar player therefore has 4+3+3 = 10 Warp Charges in their pool while the Space Marine player has 4+3+1+1 = 9 Warp Charges in their pool.

The psychic phase then commences:

1) Select Psyker and Psychic Power: Unless you have zero Warp Charges remaining, select one of your Psyker units, then nominated a psychic power known to that unit you wish to manifest.

This is where two rules come into effect – only the player whose turn it is can manifest powers (so reactive powers currently don’t work in this edition) and “no unit can attempt to manifest the same psychic power more than once per Psychic phase.” You only get one chance to cast each power per unit – if they are in different units, all good. Remember, only witchfires can be cast from within transports now and only if there is a firepoint.

2) Declare target

Choose the target of the explosion of psychic goodness!

3) Take Psychic Test: The psyker must now expend Warp Charges and attempt to harness them by taking a Psychic test. If the test is failed, the psychic power fails and nothing further happens. If two or more 6s are rolled, the Psyker suffers a Perils of the Warp which is resolved immediately. 

This is not a leadership test like before – this is a comparison of how many warp charges are harnessed. You must declare how many Warp Charges you are attempting to harness and immediately remove them from your pool and then roll a number of D6 equal to this (not one at a time, simultaneously).

For each 4+ on a D6, the Psyker has harnessed one Warp Charge successfully. If the total number is equal to or greater than the Warp Charge necessary for the power, the test is successful.

If two or more 6s were rolled, take a Perils of the Warp.

  1. Dragged into the Warp; Psyker must take a Leadership test, if the test is passed the Psyker suffers 1 Wound / glancing hit with no saves of any kind allowed. If the test is failed, the Psyker is removed as a casualty and his unit suffers D6 S6 AP1 hits.
  2. Mental Purge; The Psyker suffers 1 Wound / glancing hit with no saves of any kind allowed. In addition, randomly select one psychic power known to the Psyker. That power is immedidately lost and cannot be used by the Psyker for the rest of the battle.
  3. Power Drain; 1 Wound / glancing hit with no saves of any kind allowed. In addition, if it is currently the Psychic phase, roll a D3; both players lose a number of Warp Charges equal to the result.
  4. Psychic Backlash; 1 Wound / glancing hit with no saves of any kind allowed.
  5. Empyric Feedback; The Psyker must take a leadership test. If the test is failed, 1 Wound / glancing hit with no saves of any kind allowed. If the test is passed, the Psyker suffers no ill effects.
  6. Warp Surge; The Psyker must take a leadership test. If the test is failed, 1 Wound / glancing hit with no saves of any kind allowed. If the test is passed, the Psyker gains a 3+ invulnerable save as well as Fleshbane, Armourbane and Smash special rules until the start of the next friendly psychic phase.

Perils is a pretty even table with two really bad options and two options were nothing bad may happen. Most of the time though, the Psyker is suffering a wound. Wargear which impacts this could be huge (see Eldar Relics).

4) Deny the Witch: If the psychic test was passed, one of the enemy targets gets a chance to expend Warp Charge points to nullify the power by taking a Deny the Witch test. If the psychic power does not target an enemy unit, your opponent can still attempt to Deny the Witch but will not be able to use any bonuses. In either case, if the Deny the Witch test is passed, the psychic power does not manifest and nothing further happens. 

You need to nullify all of the Warp Charge points that were successfully harnessed by the Psyker.

Select one unit that was targeted by the enemy’s psychic power (so for beam / nova effects, pick ONE). Declare how many Warp Charge points you will spend and remove them from your pool and roll this many D6. For every roll of 6, you have nullified ONE harnessed Warp Charge.

You gain bonuses to this if you are a psyker (including pilot / brotherhood), have a mastery level higher than the opponent’s psyker or have the Adamantin Will special rule. Furthermore, Psychic hood wearers can attempt to Deny the Witch in place of the targeted unit if within 12″.

If the total number of 6s is equal to or greater than the number of harnessed Warp Charges, the Deny the Witch Test has been successful and the psychic power does not manifest. The same process takes place to Deny the Witch against blessings and / or conjurations however; there are currently no bonuses against these powers.

For example; The Farseer (ML3) attempts to cast Misfortune (WC2) on the Space Marine Tactical squad. The Farseer elects to utilise six Warp Charges and rolls, 1,1,4,6,6,6. The Farseer immediately suffers a Perils of the Warp (rolling a 4 and thereby suffering a wound) but the power still goes off with four Warp Charges successfully harnessed. The Space Marine Tactical squad is within 12″ of Tiggy (ML3) who has a Psychic Hood and elects to utilise seven Warp Charges to Deny the Witch. They need to roll four or more Denys to successfully stop Misfortune given the Farseer successfully harnessed four Warp Charges even though the power is WC2. The Space Marines roll 1,2,3,4,4,5,5 which does not Deny any Warp Charges however; since they are within 12″ of Tiggy, they add +1 to each roll (being a psyker with a psychic hood) to give them an effective 2,3,4,5,5,6,6. This equates to two Warp Charges denied and therefore, Misfortune goes off as all four that were successfully harnessed were not negated. The Eldar player now has four Warp Charges left in their pool (10-6) and the Space Marine player also has two (9-7). 

5) Resolve the Psychic Power: Assuming the Psychic test was passed and the power was not successfully negated by Deny the Witch, the power is now resolved. 

Place any effects into play.

Repeat steps 1-5 until there are no more Warp Charges left or no powers can be further cast. No Warp Charges are carried over between psychic phases.

What’s quickly obvious is that there is a lot of educated and calculated risks needed to cast powers however; it’s very easy to cast a power through Deny the Witch if you throw lots of Warp Charges at a power. You’ll suffer Perils likely but if you have lots of Warp Charges, the Perils table isn’t that scary assuming you have back-ups (i.e. 10 Warlocks, 4 ML3 Heralds, etc.) for those “must have” type of powers. What’s really important though is having a strong defense – and they just don’t exist currently. We have no idea how Shadows in the Warp is going to interact with this new Psychic Phase and we know Rune Priests will get nullified quite quickly. Beyond that, having a Psyker with a high mastery level and a Hood is a solid option for defense against offensive powers.

The main issue here of course is that the majority of really important powers are non-attack based and thus passive defenses do nothing there. So we head back to… Rune Priests. If no FAQ happens around them, expect to see them in lots of competitive lists to make casting that much harder.

And speaking of casting, Chip has gone and down some lovely math over at ToF. Let’s take look:

Number of Warp Charges Chance of Success – WC1 Chance of Success – WC2 Chance of Success – WC3 Chance of Perils
1D6 50% 0% 0% 0%
2D6 75% 25% 0% 2.78%
3D6 87.50% 50% 12.50% 7.41%
4D6 93.75% 68.75% 31.25% 13.19%
5D6 96.88% 81.25% 50% 19.62%
6D6 98.44% 89.06% 65.63% 26.32%
7D6 99.22% 93.75% 77.34% 33.02%
8D6 99.61% 96.48% 85.55% 39.53%
9D6 99.80% 98.05% 91.02% 45.73%
10D6 99.90% 98.93% 94.53% 51.55%

We can quickly see that trying to spam any type of power is going to be difficult if you want to be successful – there aren’t going to be many Fireball throwing armies out there as for even a 90%+ chance of success, you need 4D6 on WC1; 7D6 on WC2 and 9D6 for WC3. Any higher WC spells are going to be very difficult to cast consistently and then throw in chances of denying (albeit, minimal if they are Blessings / Conjurations) and you’re not going to be spamming spells at a high rate successfully. Throw in the increasing chances of perils and the diminishing returns on each attempted WC die and I can see two general strategies coming to the fore – having a large psychic pool to throw out one or two big spells and suffer through the perils through simple psyker numbers (attrition) or having a handful of lower WC spells you would like to cast (i.e. Prescience). Whether or not this is how it unfolds remains to be seen but there are still some very obvious combinations out there with which there is little defense against and could continue the trend of silly deathstars we have been seeing (i.e. Invisibility).

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87 responses to Summary of 7th Edition Changes – Psychic Phase

other than invis what powers are more powerful that actuly matter? shriek got a range buff but is alot harder to cast, overall this psy phase seems to realy limit psykers effectiveness at casting big powers.

Unbound army consists of 16 farseers and a fortress of redemption.
48+D6 Warp Charge: First turn summon 30 pink horrors and turn 6 of them into lvl 2 heralds.
63+D6 Warp Charge: Turn 16 more pink horrors into heralds
95+D6 Warp Charge: Summon 11 Bloodthirsters (or GD of choice)
The summoning powers matter….
And before you cry perils ghosthelm will remove one warp charge from your pool.

Unbound isn't going to fly in tournaments so no one cares about all the Unbound possible shenanigans. It just isn't going to happen.

Forgive the 5 minute list but:
Herald of Tzeentch x4
Lord of Change
Pink Horrors x6
CSM Sorcerer

35 initial warp charge, bound army. Yeah Summoning is a thing

Or using multiple detatchments
Herald of tzeentch x12
Pink Horrors x11 x6

1750 and 48 Warp Charge.

Ok, then they will limit the Warp Charge by comp, just like they do in WHFB big tournaments with Power Dice. I know 40K hates Comp for some reason but it's about time to admit that it is needed for some things, this being one of them.

ive never seen a WHFB comp that didnt suck total balls. they always feel like they were wrote by someone who prefers 40k and is trying to shoehorn in an FOC chart instead of the percentage system

Whether you hate it or not it is generally used in most major tournaments on both sides of the pond. Personally, I don't care if it is comped or not in WHFB, just a different set of rules to operate under and it has never determined whether or not I play in a particular tournament . I just think it is more generally accepted in WHFB, although there is plenty of bitching about it.

I would argue the prevalence of comp, combined with the distaste for it, is a sign that Fantasy is suffering from massive problems and hence why it's not very popular, not that it is a sign that comp can work.

WHFB has way less problems now then it did 2 years ago so I would strongly disagree with this. The 8th Edition problems were due to a new Edition that didn't mesh well with old ABs, with every new AB the problems get less and less. I quit myself about 6 months after 8th came out, was still winning but tired of arguing about rules in Tournaments. Just jumped back in with a lot of other people I know that had also quit.
It doesn't have massive problems at all and the whole comp thing has really no bearing on that. Comp in WHFB is still used to fix a few things and tends to be pretty mild, with the exception of ETC which really tries to rewrite the game. ETC is designed for one set of events though, and using their rules outside that event is idiotic. That is a whole different issue though.

WFB has less players now than it did 2 years ago, so that may be why. AP hit the nail on the head on this. It boggles the mind why GW are taking a dying system and imposing it on their most popular system. Which itself is losing player base.

You have some numbers to back up this statement? I hear it all the time but we don't see it or have any numbers to back it up here at least. There are more players locally then there were 2 years ago. AP made a general statement that has no basis in fact, same as yours. If you knew how WHFB worked you would realize that they didn't take anything and impose it on WH40K..that's actually the problem. The Magic Phase is balanced and works in WHFB..this Psychic Phase in 40K is garbage and will not work.

Magic doesn't completely work in fantasy like if I want a really nasty spell all I need is to spam psychic levels and I automatically get the power. Also certain spells like dwellers really should only be able to be cast by a lvl 3 or 4 mage and NOT a lvl 1 or 2.

The biggest issue with WHFB is not magic it's steadfast which for certain armies like skaven just breaks the game. Also stupid rules like laser guided cannons are very unpopular. Lastly 8th edition forces you to run large armies which results in spending more money which has also caused people to leave WHFB.

Yeah, but some events put an even greater limit on PD and how many dice can be thrown at a spell, I should have been more specific.

cant have multiple heralds heralds say primary detachment your primary detachment is the one with your warlord in! so even multiple focs cant have more heralds

They FAQ it. You can have more now. One set of four for each ally. Sense you can ally with yourself. That will be 4 for the first two horrors and then another 4 or 5 for each horror after that. So ya. Don't you love the changes. I mean every other spell is made useless. So lets just see how much we can summon instead. Fuck GW. I say.

1850pts Daemons would give you:

13 HQ of Heralds mastery lv 1 585pts
14 TROOPS Pink horrors lv 1 1260pts

And a start of 27 Warp points.

So you will have two options:
A. Roll three times with 7D6 and two times with 3D6.

B. Roll eigth times with 3D6.

This would result in:
A. Two summoned units and four perils.
B. One summoned unit and three perils.

Looking at the perils table I think you would break just about even, as you will most likley loose some models.
But throw in the summoning of a Greater daemon or herald and the reward is better. But both these two options are random spells so if you take 27 psyker units only around eigth would have access to one of the two.

I would say this list is dangerous to some armies but most balanced armies would have no bigger problems hampering the psychic phase and kill of some units too keep the daemons in check.

The only real way to hamper the psychic phase is by have space wolves or a butt load of warp charge yourself, and even then…

Also it is more points efficient for squads of 11 as an extra pink horror gets you a warp charge.
Lvl 1 herald 45pts, extra level 25pts.
Multiple detachment list I posted gives 12 lvl 3 heralds so 36 rolls on the table to create as many heralds and horrors you can turn 1 and 2 then turn as many as you can to greater daemons turn 3+
I'm going to playtest unbound and bound and multiple detachment or just one.

Space wolves allies, grey knights primary so you can buy three storm ravens with mind strike missiles to clear out all the heralds in units.

Sorry. I f**ked up.
Missed master of magic rule…

They get 40 warp charge in my example, if I change the list to:
12 Heralds
9 units of 16 Horrors
And one unit of 10.

This will make the number slightly better as they will have room for one more very likley success or five low probability tests.

So the result would be:

A. Five success and six perils.
B. One or two successful tests and three or four perils.

Still no obviuos game breaker, I think I would enjoy playing a couple of games against this army.

daemons will still care about perils. and daemonology spells will peril alot. also we dont know which psykers actuly get access to daemonology yet., also the units you summon have to deepstirke. they can still scatter and mishap aswell

Pretty sure it's said that if your powers aren't previously determined (grey knights) then every psyker in your faction can roll on any table availible to your faction. Also units with the daemon special rule only peril on double 6's when using malefic daemonology, unlike all other units.

Daemons don't have the additional chance to Peril with Malefic Psychics, so they'll only peril on a double 6.

Still a worry, but not enough to warrrant " a lot".

And we know they get access to Daemonology. It says so on the psychic table.

So, you spend your entire game preparing for a turn four/five charge with a bunch of Bloodthirsters? Clearly, the end of 40K. What horrifying kind of cheesy list would ever be able to put down an opponent that doesn't hurt you in any way for four whole turns?

No, seriously, you win by playing solitaire until the other guy gets bored to death? It's a plan, but Green Tide does that already. And better too, since there's actually a chance that it might charge before you hit time limit.

Agreed. These numbers assume that you're not getting hit on Turn 1/2.

And… if you're running 16 Farseers in a Fortress, it's the kind of tournament or game where I can bring in a Warhound Titan and crater that Fortress on Turn 1.

Is there anything clarifying whether Codex Psyker units that have set powers or set Disciplines (the Psykers in the Inquisitorial Henchman Warbands have a set power, Horrors are listed as using only the Change discipline, etc) get to use the full list of Psychic Disciplines, or not?

Yes – if something has set powers or a codex says you can only take powers from X, you cannot change them out or can only select from that power table (codex trumping rulebook).

So for example, Horrors are limited to Change and Coteaz has his set powers, etc.

So that pretty much means every codex right? every 6th edition codex specifically states which powers a psyker unit can have. Since there are no Faqs any longer neither can pre-6th armies. I think when a new edition drops you have take the "codex trumps rulebook" thing with a grain of salt.

No – the FAQs are still up to identify which tables are allowed for each army and there's the reference sheet in the new book.

Each unit generally has a given set or power they can take but thats not to say there isn't something else which could come along in a release that is a unit without set powers.

Kirby, can you say where we can find the FAQs nowadays (new or old)? I don't seem to see any references to any FAQs at all anymore on GW/BL websites.

BTW just checked the old FAQ and unless this is changed, Coteaz is specifically referenced so ignore the above comment regarding his set powers (same with Mephiston).

Any daemon has accesss to malefic daemon powers p28.
Any psyker that doesn't specifically state they can't take daemonology has daemonology p28.

By the "codex trumps rulebook" logic knight titans SD has not changed.

Giving access to daemonology to everyone is the same as say 6th edition updating the vehicle profiles to have hullpoints…

Basically everyone has daemonology, except grey knights can't get maelific, Daemons can't get sanctic.

it modifies their leadership, possibly causing more damage via Perils….

but yeah, it does nothing to inhibit casting at all.

If affects the Leadership of Psykers. So if your Ld9 psyker is leading a unit of Ld7 guys, he's going to be at Ld6 and no use to them. So they'll take Fear, Morale, Pinning, and other ld-based tests on Ld7. In addition, the psyker will be roll on Ld6 if he perils and has to take the leadership test or be removed from the table.

eh, ill take scythes and tesla guns over psychic powers any day. at least crons only have to roll to hit and to wound to damage stuff instead of going through all this malarky

I don't want to join in the herpderp party, but any force that doesn't have psykers is going to get reamed in the arse by not being able to Deny effectively.

im going to deny their powers by shooting them. can only cast witchfires when youre in a tank so theyre out in the open if they want to cast anything else, and its not like the pure tzeentch summoning circus listed above is any good at taking hits or buffing its cover saves while they summon more T3 5++ units

Right. All of the summons lists arithmetic assumes that no damage is taken. As far as I understand, being inside a fortress or other building is the same thing as being in a vehicle, so you can't summon.

So you summon a good amount of points each turn… say you start with 1850, and add in 10 Heralds (750 pts value). Looks nice, but without any worry about your firepower or attack ability, the opponent can go all out on offense, and can probably kill almost as much as you summon. Next turn you summon Horrors to prepare to sacrifice for Greater Daemons… and the opponent does a similar amount of damage, or more if he gets to assault.

Maybe you can summon fast enough to beat the incoming damage and get to summon several GDs without losing much of your original force, then outfight the opponent on Turns 4-5. But it's hardly a "wow, you can't beat this" list unless the opponent is running a pure gunline. And, just for kicks, what is a gunline with 6-9 Wyverns going to do to this plan?

I really don't think this is the case. Killing the psykers is still a perfectly viable option. Psykers are either stupidly expensive or *really* squishy.

I am usually on GWs side when it comes to a lot of the nonsense I read on various forums. They are a business who needs to make money, etc., etc. However, to come out with a new rulebook and not have the FAQs immediately available is just beyond comprehension to me. This isn't the first time it has happened and if I ran the business I would fire the people responsible. It is absolutely ridiculous.
How do you even play the game right now without knowing how RPs, Shadow, a ton of items, etc., are going to work in the Psychic Phase?

Yeah, I was wondering that as well. Does it give you more dice for the deny pool? Sure hope Tau can get some form of defense.

Peoples should not use play on words with 'star trek' in website links. I got super excited; Then BAM! Thrown back in A level maths class…..

… The only thing you need to know about statistics is: "Throw enough dakka at something and it will die. If it doesn't die.. MORE DAKKA!".

Apologies… I saw 6d6, but read 5d6… stupid brain. I re-did my math and came up with the same result as above.

How does choosing a power interact with the mastery level of the psyker? Can a ml1 or 2 pyker know and manifest a ml 3 power?

It basically doesn't, and yes. Any psyker can know a ML3 power and use it as normal, even if they are only ML1. There is also no fixed cap on how many dice you can throw at using a power.

At least now we know why GW included Wyrdvane Psykers in the new Guard Dex. Cheap expendable bodies to soak up those Perils wounds.

i find it very odd that all the psykers in the same army are drawing their power from the same "pool" especially since the ML3 guys can "donate" their warp charges to the ML1 guys. this is exactly the same system of generating spell points that made wizard-spam such a problem in WHFB 6th/7th ed, which each wizard you had always gave the army the same number of spell charges, so you could easily overwhelm the opponent's dispel pool.
having a legal army that could always get 35-40 spell charges was a huge problem for WHFB, and im kind of not surprised that GW has forgotten that when they fixed it for 8th

The cynic in me says they didn't consciously fix it with the switch to 8th – they just changed it to mix things up enough to justify the new edition.

I am completely in agreement with you on this one and quite amazed myself. Not only did they not limit the amount of warp charges available to an army, there is apparently no penalty for 'failing' to get off a power or suffering perils. You can just continue to cast from what I see. Major fail and something they already knew caused problems in WHFB previously. It's also a lot harder to stop a power in 40K then it is in WHFB from what I see. At least there you have a reasonable chance to stop any one spell you desire too..unless it gets off with IF or course.

and now that IF carries a hefty penalty in causing a miscast too, i'd say the 8th ed magic phase is the most solid, balanced one so far. solid/balanced in that the system itself works, not to say that the spells themselves are any kind of balanced…

Question: On step 3. Say you're up against someone else during their psychic phase. They spend 3 dice to cast a power, and it goes off successfully with a 4, 6, 6. They rolled double sixes, so they also perils. Rolling on the perils table, they get a 3 (Power Drain), which causes BOTH players to lose d3 warp charges.

So when do you lose the warp charges? Would I lose them immediately, before I even get to roll dice for deny the witch? Or would it be after?

Perils is resolved "immediately" if it happens, before the DtW roll is made. So you would lose them before you get to DtW unfortunately.

This seems like a massive pain in the ass to me. Just throwing a bucket full of dice around to very little effect.

Psykers no longer have the ability to power their own abilities, they either need the extra D6 or a points-sink of a psychic battery to be even remotely reliable.

Not really, say that a ML2 Herald attempts to summon another Herald and only uses 1 warp charge. They have a 50% chance of success and 0% chance to PotW. So, no real downside and they have a 50% chance to make +(75-9=66) more points to their army. They also have 1 warp charge they contributed to the combined pool they did not use, or they can try to cast another power.

If the opponent want to DtW this roll they need 1 roll of a 6, but if they use any number of dice then they are losing dice much faster. If they use 2 dice to try to block, then they will block it about 30% of the time (1-(5/6)^2).

So in this edition you need multiple groups of psykers (I guess ideally 1 single in each unit) to enable trying multiple times to cast powers. So the biggest change is needing the psykers to be in separate groups.

I ran an ML 2 psyker in a couple of test games, and he successfully cast something pretty much every turn. Note that I was playing against an Eldar army with significantly more psychic dice than I was generating, and I still got powers off.

He didn't cast every power he knew every turn; in order to throw enough dice at a power to ensure success, and hopefully generate extra successes to make the deny roll harder, I just never had enough dice for that. I actually liked that consideration, even if actually casting is less reliable; trying to outguess your opponent, or bait deny dice so he can't stop your really important power, seems like it adds depth to the game.

It actually seemed to hurt the Eldar player more than it hurt me, that list in 6e would be casting 8ish powers every turn, and in our game he struggled to get off more than 2 or 3.

I'm curious as to how Spell Familiars will be handled in the CSM FAQ. Will you be allowed to re-roll perils or just rolls of 3 or less. Also, does getting the Primaris of your chosen god's discipline when you take a mark release you from the obligation to roll once on that chart. Being able to take a ML3 Sorceror and roll three times on one discipline (probably Santic if the familiar let's you re-roll perils) would be pretty cool.

Right now the Spell Familiar seems pretty simple… you can re-roll FAILED spell attempts. Perils are not mentioned. So if you roll to cast a spell and fail, the Familiar can help you re-roll (all the dice). What it does, is make it easier to cast spells without having to throw a lot of dice. An idea would be to take a Tzeentch Sorceror with it, get a couple of Witchfires, then roll a couple of times on Telepathy, and if you don't get Invisibility or Shrouded, get Psychic Shriek. At this point you have 3 ML, and 3 Witchfires, and you roll each one with a single power die, re-rolling failed casts. You'll never suffer a Perils, and your cast chance goes from 50% per spell to 75%.

Yeah, Spell Familiar (unless erratta'd) is really strong. It functionally lets you roll 1-3 less dice to cast a spell most every time.

It's kind of nice to see Chaos Sorcerers punching above their weight though, and getting an extra chance to peril with the big powers.

The wording in the Chaos Psychic Focus is "they automatically know their God's primaris in addition to… blah blah".

The rule in the codex forces you to "generate" a power in your God's table. I think I am being nitpicky but I'd still ask you to roll one of you regular powers in that table

I don't see the justification for this. They roll powers as normal, from any table they'd like, can swap them out as normal, from any table they like. They then automatically know the primaris, but can never gain battle focus.

The justification is that is what the rule tells you to do. You cannot obfuscate the restrictions of the codex without an FAQ, just like you couldn't in the last codex.

It is worth noting that Chaos Focus does not generate a psychic power. This edition is better at defining things and this is one of them.

This whole "end of 40k" summoning tosh really seems to be nonsense. There are several armies that can simply table such a small number of t3 5++ models in one round of shooting. It seems to me that GK will just beat them as well.

You could argue that you generated a power when you took a mark. Hopefully they will clear all this up in a FAQ. Currently all my CSM stuff is sitting in boxes at the bottom of my closet. We will see whether it stays there or not.

Results #1, 5, 6 of the Perils chart seem to be what the Shadow in the Warp, Daemons of Tzeentch, and the Aegis will affect. In each case these armies (Tyranids, Daemons, Grey Knights) will be generating lots of warp charges to deny the witch, so may force players to risk imperiling their psykers with extra dice.

A psyker can now manifest all the witchfires they know at different targets. Seems like a big deal. I wonder if they'll FAQ/Errata Ahriman to give his ability something meaningful.

Imagine bolting a tank, then frying a unit… seems good.