Lylylth, Shadow of Everblight Analysis

In MkII Lylyth2 was one of the feared warlocks for being able to bring the assassination.  Incredibly popular with most Legion players, a lot of the player base found her polarizing, and with good reason.  Multiple Ravagores, Bolt Throwers, Zuriel and a Naga ended up being a common core build and having a snipe feat with the ability to ignore +DEF and +ARM spells meant not much survived.  If you did survive however the list quickly crumpled.  If you also ignored stealth on her battlegroup the frailty of the Battlegroup became apparent, but you still needed to survive the feat.  So with all of her changes in the new edition, how has she fared?


Starting off with her list of changes is Eyeless Sight.  This was a key piece of how dangerous she was in MkII for those who did not play against her.  Unless you hid behind something that provided cover or an obstruction that blocked line of sight, no other piece of terrain for most lists could give you any sort of defense bonus against her and her army.  In the new edition you still have that same problem but now forests, an item they ignored completely, provide at least their line of sight bonus against these dangerous models.  For the benefit of the Legion player though Gorman di Wulfe, a model with immunity to a number of Legion’s guns because they are fire-based, now has two strikes against him.  Both involve Black Oil, which provide the status effect Blind, which as of almost a year ago is now shakeable.  This status effect now in the new edition is now unable to effect anyone with Eyeless Sight.  Given how Legion runs Warbeast-heavy lists pretty frequently this is a bigger boost to the dragons of Everblight, and to Lylyth as well in all of her incarnations.

The second item on her list of changes that needs to be mentioned is her feat.  Eyeless Sight was an issue to players, but most people understood what they were dealing with vs Legion.  Her feat however took all frustrations to 11.  When it was used, she gave both an extra shot to her battlegroup and snipe to everyone that stayed in her control area.  Legion Warbeasts could effectively have a threat of 25″ across the board, and it could be further extended with Slipstream.  These three factors combined to a lot of frustrations for players in general, and it was noticeable in games.  With the changeover in the new edition these factors were looked over and felt it gave people a negative play experience.  For the feat the second shot stayed in her arsenal, however Snipe was removed from her feat, and instead placed on a Light Warbeast, the Bolt Thrower, as a self Animus.  This change allows all of Legion’s Warlocks to benefit from Snipe where they didn’t before without having to give Snipe to the one thing that would drastically break everything, the Ravagore.  What replaced snipe though was a far more interesting choice, Gunfighter.  Legion isn’t known for firing their guns so close outside of Typhon.  Additionally it means jammers can’t just run into Deathstalkers and other archers with melee scores being extremely low without a care in the world.  They would have to deal with bows and arrows at point blank range, and Deathstalkers breaking free of the jam on their own is a scary prospect for any player with four shots flying out from one model.

Finally her spells have been changed to Mirage and Soothing Song, allowing a reposition before you start the turn and fury management during your turn.  Both work quite well with the changes to the Shepards and it’s always helpful to see an additional reposition to work with Slipstream to gain additional ground.  Pin Cushion stayed the same as part of her signature spell.  So how does she stack up?  Surprisingly well.  The fact of the matter is snipe every turn for her allows her to shoot out pieces of an opponent’s army, allowing her warbeasts to continue focusing on the battlegroup’s primary targets, all without exposing herself too much.  With innate Stealth on herself she is in a better situation than her MkII counterpart.  But building her to the same build as she did in MkII may not work out with the changes to terrain rules in Steamroller as well.  She also had another weakness in a few lists with dealing close quarters combat.  With this in mind this has been the build I’ve been using:

  • Effigy of Valor – Steamroller Objective
  • Lylyth, Shadow of Everblight – WB: +28
    –    Succubus – PC: 4
    –    Angelius – PC: 17 (Battlegroup Points Used: 17)
    –    Seraph – PC: 14 (Battlegroup Points Used: 11)
    –    Ravagore – PC: 19
    –    Typhon – PC: 24
    –    Nephilim Bolt Thrower – PC: 11
  • The Forsaken – PC: 4
    The Forsaken – PC: 4
    Strider Deathstalker – PC: 4
    Blighted Nyss Shepherd – PC: 1
    Spell Martyr – PC: 1

The Angelius and Typhon give Lylyth a melee presence once it gets much closer.  Both of them are capable of handling harder targets after the others soften up the initial first wave.  The Forsaken essentially take the place of the Shepards for mass fury management, but the Shepard does help with healing and a point of fury.  The Spell Martyr is there to just extend her threat range with Pin Cushion.  She still has issues, as I’ve found her ability to hold the center is very frail.  But she can still hold her own and with the Bolt Thrower she can stay safe with the Effigy of Valor’s Cover.  The only other objective I can think of using with her with would be Armory so she can fix an aspect lacking without the Naga Nightlurker: Magical Damage.

It’s still too early to tell if this is the right way to run her or if she needs a different build.  I’ve seen other models put in like Nyss Raptors as good flankers.  However it has worked against Caine2 so far and against Koslov, though in both battles I will admit there were tactical errors that were taken advantage of.  Until next time, and post up what builds you have seen that have worked well.  Let’s see what can make her shine again.


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3 responses to Lylylth, Shadow of Everblight Analysis

Her feat now affects all friendly faction models, not just her battle group (you implied it with 4 shots from the Deathstalker but didn't call it out in the changes). I think that's why Raptors are popular with her now.

I like the idea of running Typhon and an Angelius with her so she's not just a feat bot. I'm curious to hear how this list goes for you and which matchups you think are favorable for this list or her in general.

It's not clear whether we will need an infantry mulcher – but if we do Lylyth is going to be really great at it with her personal contribution plus the ability to put out tons of shots with Raptors, Deathstalkers, etc.