Epic Journeyman Warcasters

Hey guys, sorry for my absence. New job has started and likely moving soon so been caught up! I will get to all of your email requests shortly.

In other news, the journeyman warcasters have gone epic! See below. All of them look pretty solid though again my knowledge of Cryx / Khador / Cygnar is not what it is for Menoth / Circle / Scyrah but I’ve seen mostly positive things about them. Loving both Tristan and Elara though… will go into more detail this weekend :).

Until then, enjoy!


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11 responses to Epic Journeyman Warcasters

I find it disappointing that Tristan has Field Marshal: True Sight, but not a single ranged buff to help his warjacks take advantage of it. -.-

Also, he's a Menoth Warcaster with Spd 5, Def 14 and Arm 16. Wow, leave some innovation for the rest of us.

menoth casters arent exactly stat buffheads though.

i think trying to maximise everything on tristans card is a trap (same as kr3oss). a reckoner or vanquisher which can still beat face with his melee spell and plink out stealth solos are going to gain some benefit as well.

That's the thing though, it would have been nice if there was *something* to buff ranged Jacks.

I get that they're not buffheads, but it would be nice to see the statline mixed up just a little.

well kr3oss is a pretty solid statline, up there with Vyros2 and Rez2 isnt bad though huge base is huge base. feora2 with escort is a solid statline if not that popular anymore in mk3. but most of your spell slingers are old man def/arm which kind of makes sense. sevvys, harby, vindi, tristan, etc.

regardless, i think if tristan had another buff to improve shooting he would be hands down the best caster menoth has access to. something like guided fire or death sentence would make gunlines just plain brutal.

i agree with both of you – Tristan has some skornegy with his spells but menoth jacks (i.e. reckoner) are still capable of taking advantage of both without destroying the list. I think a lot of people are going to fall intro the trap of bastions + sense with MotC but feel Cinerators/Flamebringers are the better options, potentially Vengers too.

He isn't Hordes but the merc journeyman that came out with the others. Guess I am out of luck either way.