Battle Report – Scyrah vs Legion (65 points)

So a month ago went to a local club Siege of the Hills for the first time where they are wrapping up a Journeyman League (hence the weird points total). Will hopefully be going many times again!

The scenario was a simple one – no Killbox and each player had a 30 hit box ARM 20 objective (no special rules) which if destroyed, won the game. Relatively easy thing to kill but it was placed very far back in both deployments so hard to get to. Anyway, took a Helynna list and played against pThags – hopefully remembered the lists correctly below.

– Sylys
– Aspis
– Manticore
– Discordia
– Banshee
– Chimera
Full Sentinels + CA

– Angelius
– Typhoon
– Bolt Thrower
– Shredder
– Raek
Full Swordsmen

Legion won roll-off and elected to take the forest side of the board to hide one of his Hellmouths behind so I went first.

Scyrah Turn 1 –

After forgetting to take pictures during deployment, here’s the end of the first turn. I didn’t move the full distance up with my Warjacks (run + Rhythm of War) being cautious of the Hellmouths plucking them out for an easy trade. Sentinels run up full distance in a reverse triangle formation to maximise their defense which I screw up the next turn (go me!) and my support pieces tucked in behind. My Chimera runs off to the left but I’m not sure what to do with him at this point – in hindsight I should have scooted him across to the right to protect against the Raek, I end up using my Aspis for this which is a complete waste of what the Aspis does. Rhythm of War goes up as well as Deceleration and Discordia’s imprint, not that they will do much given the limited shooting / magic on the other side of the table.

Sorry guys about small text!

Legion Turn 1 –

The tentacles of the Hellmouths move up with the perfect 4.5″ spread to ensure nothing can charge through without experiencing a free strike. The swordsmen move up behind them with just enough space between them and the Sentinels to ensure no charges are getting off. Raek, the Shredder and the Bolt Thrower move off onto the right flank while the Angelius, pThags and Typhoon move up behind the forest. pThags throws up Fog of War and places Draconic Blessing on the Swordsmen. Each beast ticks up enough Fury to leech to full. I have board position here to enact good trades but there is no scenario here to bolster that in the form of a win condition.

Scyrah Turn 2 –

Several mistakes here – I’m very worried about the Hellmouths and the movement havoc they can wreck on my Warjacks and easy exchanges they can create so I want to remove them quickly. With this in mind I’m trying to take out two of the right flank tentacles to let the Sentinels through to charge the Hellmouth itself but I want to keep my Sentinel formation as much as possible – I fail miserably at this. I allocate a focus each to the Banshee and Manticore to allow some boosts against the Tentacles and use Helynna’s reposition gun to move a tentacle on the left towards me to make it easier to kill. I would have been much better off here having the Chimera run across the flank and dropping Hand of Destruction on the right hand Hellmouth to improve their chances of dropping some tentacles. Instead I go for an Obliteration which destroys a Tentacle on the right. Banshee and Manticore fail to do anything putting me in a less than ideal situation. Disco then sprays and is able to drop a tentacle to allow the Sentinels through. Sentinels charge and drop the right most Hellmouth but I over commit – sending in six Sentinels across both flanks and allowing the Swordsmen easy access next turn. I pop minifeat (and could Rhythm up at this point and pop Feat as well but choose not to). I Rhythm everyone closer together with the Chimera having come into the middle of the board and the Aspis doing who knows what on the right.

Legion Turn 2 –

pThags upkept Draconic Blessing on Swordsmen who piled in on the Sentinels, killing six (I got lucky here as two survived), leaving four jammed in on Discordia. Shredder came in to help out and poke another Sentinel while Raek ran behind the forest on the right, putting pressure on my backline. The Bolt Thrower moved into the middle of the Legion lines to get a shot off on Helynna, knocking her down (if only she had a Shield Guard!…). Typhoon and pThags shuffled up and that’s about it.

Scyrah Turn 3 –

Sentinels Vengeance activates and I’m able to clear three of the jammers from Discordia freeing her up so I don’t have to trample but the forest is going to cause problems in terms of getting charges off and starting some piece trades. I upkeep Rhythm and load up some focus on Warjacks and although I clear the Swordsmen bar one, I’m unable to get any significant shot damage from the Banshee or Manticore. Discordia is able to swing around and drop a spray on pThags causing Brain Damage but the damage was transferred to the Shredder. Rhythm of War activates and I bring all my Warjacks closer together, creating a virtual wall with the forest between everything and Helynna. Aspis has run back to babysit her finally.

Legion Turn 3 – 

I have control of the middle of the board, I’m in prime position for piece trading – I’m unlikely to lose two heavy Warjacks here which means I could wail back on both of his heavy beasts pretty easily and he still has to clear some Sentinels, so I’m feeling pretty good…  Raek moves, jumps and wiggles to headtbutt Helynna and knock her down. Angelius activates and comes in on the left flank to pull with its Aniums, clearing open a lane to Helynna for the Bolt Thrower, pThags and Typhoon. The Bolt Thrower pops over to knock down Sylys and then pThags does his thing where he kills Sylys to teleport to their location (Mutagensis) and begins wailing on Helynna. Game set and match. (Note: We forgot about brain damage still affecting pThags even though the damage had been transferred but we rolled it out for Typhoon’s sprays on Helynna after measuring to make sure he was in and she still died). A classic Gotcha! moment in Warmachine but also reflecting back to my poor placement of Helynna and poor use of the Aspis / Chimera which would have been used as further blocking tools.


First game in a long time outside of my player pool which is good – kiddie pools give you bad habits. There were plenty of mistakes from a gameplay perspective here and the primary one that I will always need to keep reminding myself is of caster protection. When I play 40k (or anything else really that doesn’t have a chess king mechanic) – everything is expendable if it advances my board presence. That works fine in WMH to a point, your caster is not expendable unfortunately. I could have easily prevented that assassination by keeping her 2″ further back (which would have had no impact elsewise) and used the Chimera as a midline node in front of her rather than flanker and kept the Aspis close to the support bubble. These two minor changes would have allowed my strong board presence to attrition the Legion army down.

On that note, first battle report upon return is complete. Will look to get another one out next week as well as Week 2 of the Tale of Two painters.

In the interim, we are starting up a Patreon page to help fund running the website and make more videos – will do a full post on this later to see what people would like as Patreon rewards et al. but until then, check it out in its simplistic glory.

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