Tale of (Two) Painters – Week “One”


Hey all! Week One was of course delayed *glares at Vinsanity* but we are here with our first instalment! Will keep progress tracked in the original post, though I’m not sure why the colours aren’t working on all of the breakthroughs. Much annoyance.

Pictures below the break.

Kirby – Scyrah

I did Elara1, pEyriss and a Mage Hunter Assassin with some different techniques. All three are fairly different models in terms of their cloak to armor ratio so I wanted to see how that worked with the grey and pink. I did a different, speedier technique with Elara1 and think it comes out a bit too dark with the inking overshadowing the original colour (though to be fair, it’s super bright). As per usual, taking these pictures shows up all the detailing I missed which I’ll need to go back over with though one of my goals with this army is to get it decently painted and rather quicker than my normal 3,409,583,458 microseconds per unit (actually that’s pretty quick… let’s say per model).

DSCF4454 DSCF4453 DSCF4452 DSCF4455

Vinsanity – Circle

Vincey did both of the Kruegers – not text on his descriptors (and also tiny photos as he sent them through Facey – wait mine are tiny too ;)).

eKrueg1eKrueg2  eKrueg3 pKrueg1 pKrueg2

Khador –

And for Khador Vinsanity did the red terror of the Butcher.

pButch1 pButch2


Points – 

Kirby painted Elara1 (4 points), pEyriss (7 points) and a Mage Hunter Assassin (4 points) for a total of 15.

Vinsanity painted pKrueger (Caster – 6 points), eKrueger (Caster – 6 points) and pButcher (Caster – 6 points) for a total of 18.

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Counts. I can't get enough of AoS. And the displeasure it causes to neckbeards only adds to that fun.