Tale of (Two) Painters – Week “Two”

I’ve given Vinsanity an extra three weeks and he still hasn’t finished anything. So you get pictures of pink and nothing more!

I completed my Sentinels and Rahn these past couple of weeks though you may notice one Sentinel is missing – only got nine arms unfortunately so part is on order.

Still need to finish the bases with flock and finish the power line / gem work on the normal models (as I say this I just realised I missed the fur on the CA…damnit) but otherwise the unit is ready to go! Full listing of models here.


And because I’m nice, here’s a picture of all the painted / primed models so far. There’s still a Mage Hunter Strike Force, Mage Hunter Infiltrators, 4x Griffons, 2x Gorgons, Aspis, Imperatus, 10x Destors, 2x Destor Thanes, Arcanist and Dawnguard Scyir not pictured.



Points – 

Kirby painted full Sentinels (18), Sentinels UA (4) and Rahn (Caster – 6 points) for a total of 28.

Vinsanity painted jack shit.

Totals – Kirby 43; Vinsanity 18

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