40k 8th Edition – New Edition, New Rules… New Culture?

Games Workshop have announced the impending release of the 8th Edition of their 40k games system.

Any new release from GW is sure to cause a major splash in the tabletop gaming community, and while debates about the rules and what the few details already announced could mean, what I found most interesting is that there are indications this release could herald a whole new culture at GW, and a remarkable change in how they interact with their fans and customers.

Maybe I am just being optimistic, but read on and see what you think.

The truth is GW have earned a reputation as a company that hasn’t paid much attention to its fans. Fantasy Flight Games provide perhaps the starkest contrast, as a company that

  • Runs forums for their fans
  • Has external playtesters
  • Hosts their own events
  • Supplies prizes and material to even small shops -around the world!
  • Monitors the results of their events
  • Adjusts rules and cards when necessary
  • Actively monitors and adjusts their game to try ensure a (reasonably, relatively) level playing field
  • Attempts to nerf the most powerful and boost the weakest models

That doesn’t mean they are perfect or that they always achieve all these goals, or that the new shiny toys aren’t often better than the old dusty ones, but they definitely make an effort to be a very active part of the community of gamers that play their systems and support their business.

GW on the other hand have preferred to be a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, tied up in a bow of haphazard points pricing, expensively rapid rules release and online silence.

It’s 2017 and they don’t even run an online forum.



But now, perhaps the times they are a-changing.


“Over the last few months, it’s been pretty clear that something has been coming – we’ve seen the Baal System threatened by the Tyranids, war erupting across the Damocles Gulf, a Daemon Primarch return in the Fenris System and most recently, the events of the Gathering Storm, in which worlds fell, gods were born and a Primarch rose from his 10,000 year slumber.

The new Warhammer 40,000 will see the continuation of these epic events – this is the universe you know and love, but the story of the galaxy is advancing. Be prepared for some major and exciting developments in the story of the Dark Millennium.

This is the game you know, but improved, faster, bloodier and better. The rules team have gone to great lengths to make sure that every unit, weapon, vehicle and character has its role – everything will be useful, and every miniature will have a place in your army.

We know you’ll have questions. Hopefully you’ll find a few answers here, in our FAQ on the new edition. “

Free Core rules.

‘The core rules for the game will be free’. Excuse me, it sounded like GW just said the core rules for the game will be free.


BEFORE the release. The text in it doesn’t answer rules questions, but it will certainly alleviate a lot of players’ concerns.

All Armies Supported

As they should be, but that’s very good to hear.

All Models Supported

That’s a little more surprising, but equally welcome.

A Less Byzantine Rule Set

“Have you dumbed down 40K?
Not at all. We’ve made it easier for new people to enter and get to grips with the basics. At the
same time, we’ve made sure you can add as much depth and complexity as you like – there’s
some fantastic new gameplay elements coming.

Listening to Feedback

This is a BIG STATEMENT from the great GW monolith:
“What we’ve done is reexamine every aspect of the game, and made plenty of improvements, many based on the gaming community’s feedback and suggestions. 

Annual Rules Updates

“We’ve had such a fantastic response to our community-led approach with the Warhammer Age of Sigmar rules updates that we’re committed to doing the same forWarhammer 40,000”

Inviting Communication

“… everything we’re talking about now is just an extension of all the community engagement work we’ve been doing over this last year and a half. We’ve learned a lot from you guys and gals, and we’ve tried really hard to make sure everything you’ve asked for is included.

And if we’ve missed something? Drop us a line on the Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page and let us know.”

Does this mean a new Culture at GW?

Only time will tell, but even saying these things about community involvement and making these statements about listening to fans and trying to engage and improve the game based on feedback are very large steps for GW.


Let’s hope so. I for one intend to give them a chance to deliver, and look forward to playing 40K again after a long hiatus.




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15 responses to 40k 8th Edition – New Edition, New Rules… New Culture?

If these core rules are made for us for free will the codex also be for free. Not all the whole thing with the paintings and so so, I mean the rules. The basics for all the armie.

They are for Age of Sigmar, with only point values and battalions being behind a paywall… and noy a very pricey one at that.

That last paragraph really sums it up for me.”Let’s hope so. I for one intend to give them a chance to deliver, and look forward to playing 40K again after a long hiatus”

40k is where many of us cut our teeth into miniature gaming. This very well may be what gets so many of us disenfranchised individuals to finally come home and roll masses of Dice again.

How I do miss two full hands of Dice rolling for massed bolter fire.

Well, what they've said is promising. I have my doubts that 40k will displace the games I left it for, but it might elbow it's way back to the table. With the codex cost gone and the free core rules, I'll at least give it a try. I mean, I'm excited about 40k, and that hasn't happened in 3 years. That's a good thing, right?


Just bought a codex? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered

Hey folks,
As Andy mentioned on tonight’s Warhammer 40,000 Live Q&A over on Facebook, our Customer Service teams are all set to give you vouchers for any codexes or Warhammer 40,000 rulebooks you’ve bought in the last 8 weeks.
So, if you’ve just bought a codex for a new army, or the rules for Warhammer 40,000 itself, in the weeks before the new edition was announced last Saturday, we’ll send you a voucher for the cost of your book. Usually, we’d do this for up to 4 weeks before the update was announced, but as we’re so excited about the new edition of Warhammer 40,000, we’ll be extending this to 8 weeks (8 weeks for the 8th edition!). And of course, you can keep your book(s).
You can claim a voucher no matter where you bought your codex and/or rulebook, as long as you have your proof of purchase and it’s dated between the 25th of February 2017 and the 22nd of April 2017.
We have a few different Customer Service teams, each helping a different part of the world. Find the email address for your local Customer Service team here:

I don't believe everything i read. But IDK how I am suppose to believe this about GW. Even if it is true it doesn't change my opinion of them. Meaning it still probable wont be enough to bring me back.

Then keep your bitterness to yourself. If the game isn't enough to get you interested the sales structure won't. Go back to being unheard and irrelevant sir.

They re still gonna wanna make money from us. Just look at that primaries marines, we all gripe but we’re gonna buy a million pounds worth in -2 months probably.

But me I don’t even far AS LONG AS THE GAME IS GOOD!!!!