40k 8th Edition Q&A – What we know so far

Taken from the 40k Reddit page (my comments in pink):

  • Rules are written in Scottish
  • New faction coming out with 8th, some with the release
  • Getting rid of AV for vehicles
  • Vehicles and MCs will get less potent as they take wounds (lower WS/BS, etc) This is an interesting, and I hope viable, choice. Vehicles have swing wildly between not usable to OTT powerful based upon it’s design. 4th edition transports were death traps but Holofalcons were indestructable bullshit. 5th edition cheap transports were ridiculously durable for their points but your heavy armored vehicles were often too expensive for the amount of anti-tank abound. 6th and 7th edition brought them more into line but allowed suppression fire to litter the battlefield with vehicles. A balance needs to be struck and this may be the answer.
  • “Everything will be able to hurt everyone.” Specific example of a lasgun taking out a tank This concerns me just a wee bit – if everything can hurt everything on a 6 followed by a 6 and another 6 (or something like that), will mass cheap bodies be worth their weight in gold?
  • Heavy weapons will do more wounds than regular weapons (see SW:Armagedon for an idea)
  • Stat lines no longer capped at 10
  • Stat lines will have to work much harder now as there’s more going on
  • Unified stat line for all models This with the above is interesting – are we going to  have a base statline and then unit stats add +X/Y/Z to WS/BS/et al? That’ll certainly streamline things in the long run but be a bit of  boob in the learning stage for those with age old knowledge of statlines which have barely changed in a decade. 
  • Movement values returning I like this. 6″, 12″, 18″ and 24″ moves often covered the vast majority of units (along with your specific rules such as Bike / Jetbike / Fast / Open-topped / Beast / Flying / etc.) but often I felt there were some gaps (like the old Raveners moving and charging 9″). A Space Marine moving 5″ but a Scout 7″ will add a great change to the most important phase of 40k
  • Armor modifiers returning for weapons
  • Templates are removed, no note on how they change but likely going to multiwound weapons. Hmm will be curious about this as it will impact placement of models a lot if there’s no harm for being bunched up.
  • If you charge you get to attack first Going back up to movement this could be huge as getting your placement right is going to be very important. 
  • Big focus on making CC better CC doesn’t necessarily need to be better – it just needs to not leave you out as high and dry the following turn (not sure if its still the same in 7th to be fair). Something like a BS reduction for shooting units after a consolidation representing the unit being slaughtered but the army being concerned for shooting their own allies. 
  • Big focus on making the game more accessible: Cheaper, easier rules, etc.
  • 1500 pt games designed to take 90 minutes
  • 3 ways to play: Open, Narrative, Matched Good – fact they acknowledge this is good. 
  • Narrative play will use “Power levels” for each unit. Balance a game around the power levels
  • Matched play will have a point system very similar to the current game
  • Open play is basically do what you want
  • Warhammer 40k app like AoS app Super good. This has been a topic in the chatbawks a bit on and off recently but this has been a good move by GW and particularly with all their releases, saves spend serious $$$ to get all the rules you need to play a singular army. 
  • Main rules will be like generals handbook for AoS, updated annually with community feedback
  • Top 3 design choice: Game that worked for all 3 ways to play (story, narrative, competitive). Make the game more accessible: cheaper, rules, painting, gaming, etc. Get back to Imperial vs Chaos; Make Chaos great again!
  • Hopefully more balanced than previous editions. Tons of playtesting went into this new edition. We will see.
  • Command Points:
    • Designed to make thematic armies better
    • Armies must be battle forged w/ force org chart
    • Multiple force org charts; 14 at launch. Harder to fill charts give more points
    • Give rerolls, can interrupt charges, etc
    • Gone when used
    • Can only use 1 per phase
    • Designed to modify tactical situations
    • Basic ones in main rulebook with faction specific ones in codexes
  • All new rules will be out day 1 with 5 new books: Main rules, Xenos, Imperial Chaos, one other
  • New codexes will have fluff and art as well as rules to make your faction a little more specific (Chapter tactics, command point uses, force org charts)
  • Should be less expensive than current codexes. Main rules and unit rules will be free with future units getting warscroll style releases between updates.
  • Major story progression over the next few years but not going to remove what’s come before. IE not AoSing the setting
  • If you feel you recently bought a rulebook and feel you got ripped off they’re extending their return policy to 8 weeks from the announcement (last Saturday). If you have proof of purchase they’ll give you a voucher for the value if you contact their CS.

Kirby again.

It sounds good – it will obviously be a wait and see approach to see how they are going to implement a lot of these ideas but they are saying the right things and I feel have been moving in this direction for a while. I said a long time ago when they started releasing things a lot more regularly and in smaller batches such as the supplement codecies, formations, data slates, etc. that a more streamlined approach could be coming and it would be bumpy while they were going through the transition. If that transition is coming to an end and we are in a new era, I will be very excited to see what that brings and hope the rules match.

Anyway, all aboard the hypetrain.

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9 responses to 40k 8th Edition Q&A – What we know so far

A lot of people are freaking out about the Lasgun being able to damage a Land Raider, but I don't think this will be an issue if other weapons have appropriate damage. Nobody is going to try to plink a high armor vehicle to death if there are other options that do it better. I'm more concerned/curious with how templates will be handled. In any case, I hope the people freaking out will calm down and wait until we see the actual rules.
All in all, I like where they seem to be going and I'm cautiously optimistic that I will be playing 40k again by the end of the year.

There is huge scope for how this can be handled. As Ish points out below, it could be superficial damage (i.e. a Crew Shaken type result), as long as its not overboard where 30 Lasguns rapid firing have a near 1/6 chance of causing death. I'm sure it will not be the case but we will wait and see.

My concern is what this means for things like Gauss or Poison, which are quite iconic abilities of certain races, and if they will be marginalized.

I have a suspicion that there will be a Vehicle tag for things like Dreads and Tanks, that Lance, Poison, and Melta weapons will key into somehow. Poison will be less effective, while Lance and Melta will be more so.

Don’t think of it as a lasrifle damaging a Land Raider, think of it as a crewman popping the hatch to get a better visual of the battlefield and a rifleman getting lucky.

they released states, dreadnoughts have 8 wounds and a 3+ save. so it will be difficult to punch through that

Is there a link to this reddit discussion? The search bot is coming up dry (no surprises there though).