8th Edition – Primaris Space Marines

Primaris Space Marines are the new Marines on the block called Intercessors. Apologies for the delay in talking about this but I was told it would be a fluff post last night! Jeez GW doing GW things.

So looking at their statline straight off we can see they are the exact same bar two changes. W2 and A2. So basically they are Terminators with a 3+ save. Okay nice middle option in terms of statlines. The post reveal also specifically mentions this and states again that Terminators have an invulnerable save still while Intercessors do not.

We also see that ATSNKF still exists. We just do not know what it does  yet.

More importantly though Krak Grenades still keep their shooting profile with an impressive -1AP and D3 damage. Did not expect that but of course, quite short range. Frag Grenades we can see are D6 which is probably more than we were expecting for small Blasts which bodes well for every other small blast out there. The blast plot thickens…

The Bolt Rifle though, has an extra 6″ range and AP-1 compared to the Boltgun. This will make them very effective in firefights with MEQs as they can outrange and reduce their armor.

An important caveat to all of this though is… they get zero access to special weapons or heavy weapons. Is the double durability of a normal Tactical Marine and slightly increased firepower going to be worth it? A small backfield objective holder might be a great role for these guys ala a tiny Fire Warrior squad but with more oomph and durability. I don’t see them replacing Tactical Squads though unless they are dirt cheap and somehow just a bit more expensive than their junior counter parts.


Here’s the text.

There’s a new type of Space Marine on the block: the Primaris. When the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 lands, how will they play in the game? Let’s take a look at their rules to see what we can expect on the battlefield from the galaxy’s newest super-humans.

As you can see, there are a lot of similarities to classic Space Marines: 3+ save, bolters (albeit, up-gunned a bit), and the usual frag/krak grenade loadout. There are some definite differences though.

2 wounds puts Intercessors somewhere between your typical power armoured Space Marine and a Terminator in terms of survivability. Compared to a Tactical Squad Space Marine, who only has a single wound, an Intercessor will last twice as long against small arms fire but will die just as quickly to heavy weapons. Terminators have the same number of wounds as a Primaris Marine, but their better armour and invulnerable save means that they will last longer against all types of weapons.

That bolt rifle is pretty cool too. This is the iconic bolter armament of the Space Marines with a bit more kick. It has additional range and armour piercing punch over a standard bolt gun, meaning Intercessors will do well in a shoot-out against most current Warhammer 40,000 Troops units, and thanks to the new Strength vs Toughness system, they can even start to menace lighter vehicles, wounding any vehicle smaller than a Gorkanaut on 5’s and reducing its save by 1.

That said, like the Legions of the Great Crusade, they don’t have options for heavy or assault weapons within the squad, so there are still situations where a Tactical Squad will be better suited – bringing lascannons, flamers or other specialist weapons with them for greater tactical flexibility.

Though not melee specialists, the Intercessor’s two attacks makes them pretty handy in a fight. In close combat, they can also use their bolt pistols to fire point-blank into enemy units in the shooting phase. The enemy will need dedicated assault troops or lots of bodies to overwhelm a Primaris Space Marine up close.

You can see on the datasheet too, that you can select a <Chapter> as a faction keyword. That means you can add Primaris Space Marines to your Ultramarines, Dark Angels, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Iron Hands, Rainbow Warriors, or any other Codex Chapter you like, even one of your own invention.

Of course, all this comes at a price. Intercessors cost a fair few more points than a Tactical Marine; an army composed entirely of Primaris Marines will be a fairly compact, but utterly lethal and elite force. You can expect these guys to make a big impact on any game in which they make an appearance.

And remember, the Intercessor is just one type of Primaris Space Marine that Guilliman ordered up from Mars to defend the galaxy. We’ll have news on a few others very soon…

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The precise point cost for these guys is going to make or break them. If Tactical Marines end up much cheaper, then I'll likely pass on them.

On a sidenote: man I hate the fluff for these guys. Yay! Better Marines! Screw all the other guys!

I'm sorely tempted to put Mk VII helmets and backpacks on these guys and just use them as regular Marines, though. The legs on the regular Marines just look so comically undersized now that its hard not to notice… Goddamn it GW, why did you do this to me?

The fluff is a stupid cover for GW replacing current marines with less "heroic" ones. I like the models but I question whether GW hasn't done more harm in concocting this whole justification than they would have if they'd just released new marines. On the other hand, there is a lot of other stupid in the fluff that doesn't bother anybody, so we'll eventually adjust to the new stupid too.

The bigger issue I think is going to be their lack of special / heavy weapons. Although this may not be an issue like it was in the past, it was one of the huge drawbacks a lot of non-Imperial Troops always had such as Fire Warriors, Warriors, anything Tyranidy / Orky except in corner cases, Guardians, etc. could only bring limited firepower to the table. Often it was very niche (combat related) or one weapon (heavy weapons platform, dark lance, etc.) with very little support around it. There were books which made this easier to mitigate (allies, Jetbikes as troops, Nobz as troops, etc.) but I feel these guys are likely going to fall into the same basket. Good in corner cases for objective holding but not your main line Troop.

That being said, the new S/T system on every model makes this less of an issue than it was before as everything can damage everything.

There an image floating around that has a Primaris Marine holding a plasmagun… Make of that what you will.

Perhaps they’ll have a Special Weapons Squad option? Perhaps they will have specialist weapons in their squads, they just aren’t in the preview for some reason? Maybe it’s an option that they removed in development and it’s an old(er) pic?

Ya I saw that. I would imagine those are an Elite option rather than Troops. We still don't know if Troops are more important for missions though. GIVE ME MISSIONS PLEASE.

They say straight up that this is only one of the Primaris types. I really would not be surprised if this was just a flavor handwave of the HH style marines, with Special Weapon and Heavy Weapon only squads.

Thousand Sons’ Rubric Marines are PL 8; Primaris Marines are PL6… I’m going to guess that a standard Tactical Squad will probably be PL5 for a Sergeant and four Marines; PL+5 at full ten-man size.

What do you mean, "guess"? They specifically listed tactical squads sheet, including power level, a week or two ago.

The question is what their tournament points will be (I'm guessing 16 or so per model. And that's an actual guess.)

Well… I mean “I guess” because I didn’t remember reading a PL for the Tactical Squad and was pulling a number out of my head. Looking it up, I see that they are indeed PL 5 for a five-man Tactical Squad.

I think the decision to write P-Marines into the fluff was poorly chosen, for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, I can't help but feel that the kind of person who was attracted to playing Space Marines – the force that's characterised as elite superhuman warriors, "the best of the best" – is going to react badly to being told that the Marines they've collected so far are now merely second-rate, last year's model, obsolete. Not merely their line troops, but all the special characters and epic heroes they've admired from Black Library novels are now overshadowed by the fact that all of them are intrinsically flawed and diminished; they're simply not as great as they could have been if they were P-Marines instead.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, this scrambles the established tone of the entire setting. Innovation is heresy! Technology is unfathomable, and the best humanity can hope for is to recover some tiny fraction of the knowledge they've lost, and put it into production as a pale, broken imitation of what it should be. The entire mechanism of the Imperial government is geared towards crushing any dissenting voices or new ideas under nightmare bureaucracy. If you take away the oppressive religion and replace it with scientific advancement, you're overturning everything that makes the Imperium what it is. Unless the tagline for 8th Edition is "In the Bright, Hopeful Future of the 41st Millennium, We're Finally On Our Way To Winning The War" then you have to be *really* careful about the implications of changes like this.

My point isn't that Guilliman (and/or Cawl) shouldn't be trying to create better Marines – that actually seems quite reasonable for them to attempt. The point is that they should fail, on two fronts: Cawl's skill at engineering superhumans seems unlikely to exceed that of the Emperor at the height of his power, and even if they were to succeed, the Imperium, especially the Ecclesiarchy and the Inquisition, would be utterly, violently opposed to such a thing. The bizarrely naive "Guilliman made better Marines and gave them as presents to all the other Chapters and everyone said 'Yay!'" tone of this fluff update is jarring, to say the least.

They've also painted themselves into a corner with this distinction. They could have just said "We've made a big decision to herald the new edition: we're going to phase out the classic heroic-scale Marines, and we're now producing true-scale Marines instead." That would have enabled them to bring true-scale Chaos Marines into the product line as well. Yeah, it would have been a big shake-up, but it would have driven a lot of sales, even from people who protested online. How long do you think they'll hold out before they start releasing Traitor P-Marines? How stupid is *that* fluff going to be?

While I personally don't play or particularly care about Marines, the decision to introduce the ideas of progress and tolerance into the Dark Age of Technology reveals a fundamental shift in the setting and the game. If that's part of an overall strategy to implement sweeping change, fair enough – they seem to have navigated the choppy waters of change in the Warhammer setting and come out okay, so more power to them. But if this change was introduced purely so they could justify the release of some slightly different Marine models, I think that's a very bad call.

The thing is, we already know better marines were possible, Corax created them in Deliverance Lost. Guiliman and Cawl simply found another route, hell maybe it was even the same route, we don’t know the details yet

Thanks for the info! I haven't read Deliverance Lost, so I'm genuinely curious – according to the book, what happened to these "better Marines", and why aren't they in all the Chapters already? Did the book deal with the question of why the Emperor hadn't just created better Marines in the first place, if it was that easy?

Haha, okay. That doesn't really sound like "Corax created better Marines" so much as "Corax tried and failed to create better Marines," which is totally in keeping with the established tone of the universe: attempting to 'improve' on the Emperor's design ends in disaster yet again.

Well, sort of. Corax had the knowledge of how to do it specifically implanted into his head by the Emperor, and then he plot armoured his way through to get the actual, correct tools to make them, AND had Custodes along to ensure he didn't mess up.

It sort of worked for a bit, but then the Alpha Legion messed it up. It's unknown what would've happened long term (I believe Gav implies that they were stable, but I'm not sure off the top of my head).

After the Alpha Legion (who..apparently…have this technology themselves, so..um) broke things, all of the existing and new ones turned into monsters called the Weregeld.

They never explained why the emperor didn’t do it himself, but yeah the alpha legion corrupted the original primarchs project geneseed with daemon blood and fucked the whole thing up lol

I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on this one… Which is something I never could have imagined myself saying two years ago. Although I think the addition of these Primaris Marines is unnecessary, I’m not boarding the “hate train,” and actually find myself eagerly anticipating new fluff. I haven’t been eager to buy a new rulebook for the fluff it contains since the Nineties.

I'm definitely interested in seeing how the galaxy and the Imperium have changed in the new edition!

My main concern is that if the return of Guilliman and the advent of a new breed of Space Marine haven't rocked the Imperium literally to its core, to the extent of toppling the authority of the Ecclesiarchy and/or starting a new galactic civil war, then this fluff update is going to feel like a massive cop-out that wasn't properly thought through.

A widespread conflict between the Astartes and the Ecclesiarchy would also provide a fantastic reason for the development of the Sisters of Battle as a proper army (in plastic!) which I am 1000% in favour of. So in that sense, I am totally sold on this change – carry on, GW, all the way to the end!

The utter lack of response to Gulliman – already a traitor, although it's likely very few know about him seceding from the Imperium because he couldn't see daddy's nightlight – randomly showing up and staging a coup is bizarre. Then you couple on the fact that apparently everything he's done is being aided and abetted by a heretek (which Cawl just is) of the highest level….

And yet..um..everyone loves him. Because he's ROOOOOOOUUUUBBOOOOOTE GUIIIILLLLIMAAAAAN!!

"Imperium's Darkest Hour" doesn't cover it, either. The Imperium's been in worse positions before – Horus, the Beast – and still happily infought and bickered.

Imperium Secundus happened a long time ago and most wouldn’t know about it. They do know that the son of their God-Emperor is back and has assumed control of the military… Blind obedience is a virtue to most of the Imperium.

The primarchs- ALL the primarchs, not just Rowboat- are literal legends and saints in the Imperium. Having him appear is basically the Second Coming of Jesus would be for America today- the formal structures and theological debates about the matter would be utterly irrelevant, because his place in the mythology is so important that no one could be expected to dispute him.

I dunno. They followed Vulcan, but they certainly didn't do so without complaint, backstabbing, and sabotage (And the Ad Mech and Imperial Navies pretty much ignored him). Beast series.

I largely agree with you from a thematic standpoint, but from a "realistic" one I think I'd disagree- sure, the Emperor was a genius of unparalleled skill in all things. Okay, I can buy that. But _other_ geniuses, working for a hundred centuries without stop, could reasonably be expected to improve on his methods- that is how science and technology work, after all. Even where single individuals make startling breakthroughs, those breakthroughs are improved and refined by others later on.

The question isn't "could" they do it. It's what that means for the existing fluff. The Ad Mech – who do not change, do not improve Old Technology…have spent 10k years doing just that.

OK. Do they have the capacity to do that? Sure. But if they have the capacity to improve on the Emperor's Work, that means they have the capacity to improve on other things. Declaring that they've improved on this makes the fact that they've not actually improved on anything else of note…odd. It makes the Imperium look very, very stupid. "They actually DO have the capacity to understand and improve on things, rather than just cargo culting the knowledge of their ancients! They just haven't done so! Except when a Primarch, who is notably opposed to creating vast armies of superhumans under individual command, who finds the idea of tinkering with the genome of Space Marines utterly abhorrant, commands us to tinker with the genome of space marines to create a vast army! Then it's perfectly fine to do so. But for everything else, even though we COULD improve things, we won't".

Remember, the Ad Mech is NOT a scientific organisation. At all.

The Sigmarines don't bother me that much. I don't buy the "Cawl does better genesplcing than the emperor?!?" line – when the Emperor got serious about gene splicing, he made Primarchs. When he wanted elite troopers, he made Custodes. Space marines are not his favored creations, he does not really shed a microscopic tear when one dies – that is just the in-universe Imperial Propaganda. Yesterday's supersoldiers being obsolete sounds pretty grim to me – reminds me of Deus Ex, actually.

On the model side, they look *great*. All the other new stuff space marines have gotten – Centurions, Storm Raven, Storm Talons (yeah, they abandoned the "forever stagnating" thing a while back…) have looks deformed and toy-like, the new marines look awesome. I hope this new aesthetic acrrys across into not-quite-thunderhawks that look like proper flying boxes, not blocky spheres with guns tacked on.

I think the tonal shift is real, but it is all about Guilleman coming back. The faction is now led by a revered hero, not a bunch of evil bureaucrats, speaking on behalf of a corpse animated by the murder of thousands of souls on a daily basis. The imperium was always capable of doubling or tripling how many space marines they had if anyone had the vision and courage to order it, but they've been running scared of the Heresy for 10,000 years. That the newest batch is a bit bigger, faster and stronger, eh.

But I'm OK with that, because I am drawn to heroic archetypes!

I will say – what I would have done was say Guilleman's blood helped replenish the gene-stock on Mars, so there was a massive increase in the number of marines (so that we no longer have more marine minis on Earth than marines alive in the 40k universe), and take advantage of the reboot to just re-spec marines to be more awesome, like they did with terminators.

Add in a nice article and interview where they make fun of the fact that Cadians are taller than old space marine models, and discuss the exciting new direction on the marine aesthetic, and still release the awesome models.

I understand why they did what they did, though. Their biggest competitor in the market is actually eBay and the massive 2nd hand market. They need to drive players, be they competitive tourney-goers who need WYSIWYG of the new hotness, or garage gamers who devour the fluff and build their armies like the short stories say they should (me 🙂 to buy *new* models, not some dude's garage sale.

Guilleman coming back is probably literally the first good thing that's happened to the Imperium since the HH in the story.

I mean, think about it. They've been fighting for survival for the past 10k years, and only through sheer numbers has humanity survived until this point. They are constantly beset by xenos races, chaotic influence, and their own Paranoid Delusions of the sacrifices that need to be made to the past. The Inquisition, supposedly the last hold out against the crazies, has gone completely against their original ideals, Mars has abandoned any hope of teching out of the pit they're in, the Space Marines are lost without a unifying purpose and are just fighting eternal holding actions against forces they are hopelessly outnumbered against, and the masses have completely given up and just throw in behind any whackjob with a pulpit.

And then… a Primarch appears. One of the Emperor's own sons, his flesh and his blood. He comes with a vision of Crusade, one to help rebuild and reunite, and wash back ten thousand years of senseless blood. And with him he brings his tools, newer, stronger, Space Marines, without ten thousand years of Geneseed corruption and natural mutations, to help him forge this new future.

Of COURSE they're going to fall in behind him. He's likely their only hope at this point.

"The faction is now led by a revered hero, not a bunch of evil bureaucrats, speaking on behalf of a corpse animated by the murder of thousands of souls on a daily basis."

In a nutshell, that's basically the bit that doesn't convince me. No evil bureaucrat has ever said "Wow, this guy is really offering us all hope for a brighter future, I'll give up my position and power to help him!" At the very least there should be assassination attempts, excommunication, discreditation, misinformation… taking power away from the powerful is never something they will submit to without a fight, which when you're talking about people who command billions of soldiers, space fleets and planet-killing super-weapons implies a near-limitless escalation of the conflict.

I wouldn't at all mind if Guilliman prevailed against those overwhelming odds and forged a new Imperium out of the ashes of the old – that would actually make a decent story, and be a believable shift in the setting. To have the established powers of the Old Imperium just let him act as he pleases without issue, however, is *seriously* hard to swallow.

The new Marine models do look great, though!

Yeah, agreed. It does strain credulity – though of course we can always imagine a shadow war going on behind the scenes, with Imperial Assassins going after Call, Guilliman, etc. Maybe we’ll even get a Black Library novel about it!

A civil war, once again ruining mankind’s path back to greatness, would be a great plot development, but I don’t think it is on the cards.

For me, having accepted that heroic leadership is back in fashion, the addition of the Primaris Marines is pretty minor.

I agree that the most significant change here seems to be the abandonment of the eternal stagnation of the imperium. Personally I'm very much in favour of it, I'd got tired of everything permanently being set to grim darkest some time ago. Much less happy about how exactly the primaris are supposed to have come about, but hey ho.

While I guess I'd known in the back of my mind that these guys were going to be phasing out old marines, actually seeing the models has really rammed it home for me. It's largely managed to kill my interest in doing any more work on loyalist marines, even though I like the primaris models. That said, pretty pumped to finally see some new chaos marine models, which must surely be inevitable.

As a hardcore imperial player including space marines, sororitas, IG, GK, I actually love the new marines. Fluff wise sure it seems like a bit of a Deus ex machina, like “oh hey Galaxy looks screwed? Well good thing I had a plan for this exact situation that was never once mentioned until about 10 minutes ago.” but anyone hung up on the butthurt of their long time heroes being effectively called obsolete miss the greater picture. Space marines were called the emperor’s finest warriors, not the emperor’s perfect warriors. The astartes are very flawed in a great many different ways and have showed no improvement in 10,000 years. The Primaris Marines are that improvement so desperately needed. Robot Gorillaman had the foresight to see that legions of chaos juiced Marines would pose a big threat. Where does is sound irrational to try and create a superior countermeasure? Either way it’s not like every chapter was exactly thrilled that there is a new bigger meaner marine in the Galaxy now. Their write in was sloppy, but all things considered it’s not like creating them was some half cocked ridiculous thing.

I mean, just LOOK at the Loyalists these days. They're just rife with geneseed mutations. The Red Thirst, the Wolfen, the inability to properly REM sleep, rampant and uncontrollable magpie-level theft… The Space Marines are hardly perfect warriors these days.

So yeah? Why not make newly decanted ones, using the old technology and techniques, to make improved ones that are much closer to the original stock?

With the Sisters of Silence being back, I am curious how GW is gonna do the Sororitas, too. Not only are they my main army, but I wanna see if they put any effort into them, or just update them to current rules and leave them alone. That's not to say I'm not gonna just grab some of the Sisters of Silence to add some melee troops to my Battle Sisters army… lol

That's a perspective that makes sense in a society based on science and gradual advancement – the idea of a particular technology slowly degrading but remaining in use for ten thousand years is basically unimaginable.

The Imperium isn't that society, though… or at least it *generally* hasn't been, even if it's been slowly heading in that direction as writers and game designers struggle to think of how to keep the setting fresh if new ideas are systematically stamped out. At the most basic level, though, all Imperial 'technology' (and the creation of Space Marines in particular) is more akin to spiritual mystery and magic.

Using an analogy, let's say you find a magical amulet that makes you twice as strong as normal when you wear it. You have no idea how it works. From there, how would you go about making a magical amulet that makes you *three* times as strong when you wear it?

None of your experiments reveal any detectable effect – it's not changing the wearer's physiology, it's not emitting any kind of energy, it's not warping gravity or space. You try a few more tests, finding nothing. Randomly, during a routine test, it stops working. As far as you can tell, nothing has changed, except that it doesn't work any more. Now what? Other people, who wanted you to use the amulet to achieve things instead of investigating how it worked, are now angry and blaming you for it failing. Because they are in positions of power, they kill you and use you as a warning to others not to mess with things they don't understand. Now repeat that process over ten thousand years. Nothing is learned about how the magic works, and the most curious and innovative people are killed or suppressed in favour of those who do not question. Welcome to the Imperium – we do not science.

From a mechanical perspective, I'm honestly not all that impressed with these guys. They take wounds just as easily as regular Marines do, but they're more vulnerable to the "big" guns that do multiple wounds per hit, which we're definitely going to see in non-trivial numbers due to the need to bring down vehicles. The -1AP on their guns is neat, but it's not gonna be a game-changer against a lot of things considering that they are losing access to heavy/specials.

Interesting to see the statlines on Krak and Frag, though. Thousand Sons didn't have those listed in their profile, did they? Makes me wonder just who is gonna have access to those (or get them for free) in the new edition, since Frag is no longer a necessity for all melee armies.

Yeah, that was largely my take as well. They'll (likely) be more resilient per point to small arms fire but less resilient per point to the bigger guns.

However, I suppose in a Mech heavy army that could be good thing from a target saturation standpoint? Pairing these guys with Razorbacks for instance could be a thing?

Good to see you back on here AP. Are you going to switch your writing back to here or are you still doing articles for FLG?

FLG will still be where I likely write a lot of my articles, but I'll be doing some writing for 3++ again as well. GW has been clamping down on FLG a lot and putting a ton of restrictions on what they can/can't post, which hasn't sat well with me.

I always love the fluff discussions that we find on an other wise dedicated to the competitive aspects of the hobby website.

It just goes to show that deep down inside of every mathhammering power gamer there is a little boy pewpewpewing with his God-man dollies.

I have always been a little boy pewpewpewing wirh my man dollies (with a mathhammering power gamer secretly hidden away). We’re a diverse lot.

Cawl (= super best techpriest) and Celestine got together to pull him out of stasis, and with the help of the new prophet of Ynnead (= Eldar god of death) they did some funky magic to kill/resurrect him and then immediately stuck him into a mechanical suit that keeps him going. Chaos got super-salt and tried to stop it, but of course they fucked everything up.

Rouboute then replays Imperium Secundus until a Grey Knight tells him to stop it, he's being an idiot. Slaanesh tries to corrupt him, but Gulliman refuses. They then start going to Terra. Fateweaver defeats Gulliman by using the only power strong enough to defeat a Mary Sue, the Mary Sue's own angst. Gulliman is captured, and all of the Imperial Guard and Sisters of Battle are killed (The Sisters having not actually been mentioned before this as being part of his fleet).

All of the Space Marines, Tech Guard, and named characters are put into Stasis Chambers inside a Blackstone Fortress that Abaddon has given to Huron for reasons, with all of their weapons and equipment for Reasons.

Cypher shows up with a group of Harlequins. The Harlequins get Gulliman out of stasis. Cypher wants to go to Terra to see the Emperor. Gulliman promises he will do this.

Gulliman maraudes around the blackstone fortress until he finds a chamber that is 'hundreds of miles across' at its centre. All of his forces can see enemies mustering at the other side, so they run across it in a matter of hours. Black Templars die offscreen to Skarbrand. Gulliman kills Skarbrand, who judging by how often he dies, has a very quick respawn.

Gulliman and Friends wander through the webway, pursued by Magnus. They come out of a webway portal on the moon, where they fight Thousand Sons. They are losing, so the Talons of the Emperor show up, and Gulliman beats up Magnus.

Gulliman returns to Terra where there is much rejoicing. Celestine wanders off, now irrelevant to the author because she's no longer needed to validate Gulliman. Gulliman imprisions Cypher, who has done literally nothing except get lied to by the great and honourable Gulliman. Cypher escapes instantly.

Gulliman goes in to see the EMperor, comes out and says that Empy has totally made him completely in charge and removes several High Lords. He then declares himself Warmast..uh, some other title that's totally not Warmaster, takes control of all Imperial Armies, tells the Emperor's personal bodyguards to leave their posts, and wanders off to hit things with his sword, because the author thinks this is what commanders in chief do.

There's definitely a bit of a mismatch between the fluffy introduction and the in-game stats. Touting how the new breed are "stronger, tougher, faster" and then translating that into a model with the same Strength, Toughness and Movement is a little ironic. 😛

Given they seem a little underwhelming mechanically, that's even more disappointing – now you have to choose whether you want to run stumpy Marines with all their variety of loadouts, or new 'beautiful but boring' P-Marines all with bolt rifles.