Eldar Craftworlds, Harlequins and Ynnari – 8th edition Full leak

Will be uploading pictures as I get them – have full list for Eldar and co.



Prince Yriel


Illic NightSpear




Jain Zar








Maugan Ra




Autarch Swooping Hawk


Autarch Warp Jump Generator


Autarch Skyrunner


Avatar of Khaine




Farseer Skyrunner


Warlock Conclave

2-10 at 30pts each


1 for 30pts

Warlock Skyrunner Conclave

20-10 at 70 each

Warlock Skyrunner

1 for 70



Guardian Defenders

10-20 at 8pts each

Heavy Weapon platforms 0-2 at 5pts

Storm Guardians

8-24 at 7pts each


3-9 at 20pts each






Night Spinner


War Walkers

1-3 at 61pts



Fire Prism


Vaul’s Wrath

1-3 at 77pts

Dark Reapers

3-10 at 5


103 at 64

Hemlock Wraithfighter


Crimson Hunter


Crimson Hunter Exarch


Warp Spiders

5010 at 13

Shining Spears

3-9 at 24


5-10 at 29

Wave Serpent


Fire Dragons

5-10 at 7


5-10 at 23

Striking Scorpions

5-10 at 17


Howling Banshees

5-10 at 12


5-10 at 20

Dire Avengers

5-10 at 10

Swooping Hawks

5-10 at 10



The Yncarne (Ynnari)


Yvraine (Ynnari)


The Visarch (Ynnari)


Voidweavers (Harlequins)

1-3 for 63


2-6 for 35pts each



Shadowseer (harlequins)


Solitaire (harlequins)


Troupe Master


Death Jester



5-12 at 15 each

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45 responses to Eldar Craftworlds, Harlequins and Ynnari – 8th edition Full leak

Battle focus is good, but Strength From Death is stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid.

Goddamnit, GW, this is the first thing I've seen that I don't like.

Yeah, that's dumb too, but I'm more concerned about the ability to take "basically all the things" under one united faction. Which I guess you probably could already, but this makes it easier with shared keywords and whatnot.

Ynnari playstyle is reckless. Most of the time it puts you in a position to take chances and generally get tabled by a savy opponent. With the emphasis on hordes and fast assault you will see Ynnari armies raped left and right. Regular eldar have a stronger, faster playstyle.

You get all (most) the same units other eldar do, not prevents you from playing conservatively if you wish to.

(not that that usually works out in wargaming generally, in my experience)

The only way to truly benefit from strength from death is to be 7″ away from a unit that dies. Meaning if you are close enough to get the benefit your eldar army is generally already screwed. Plus the army is slower, as it no longer benefits from battle focus. It also now only effects infantry/bikes, where as before it could also effect a wraithknight or wraithlord. A lot of the eldar book got toned down in general, so it won’t be the powerhouse it was.

Eldar aren't bad in close- the Wraithlord, Wraithknight, Harlequins, Wraithguard, Banshees, Scorpions, etc, all attest to this. It's not always ideal to be next to the unit when it dies, but it's not crippling, either.

(Ynnari didn't have Battle Focus before, either- that was always part of the deal, to lose it in exchange for SfD.)

Eldar won't- can't possibly- be as dominant as they were before, but I'm not yet convinced that they aren't still a top-tier army. Many of their best units stayed very similar (Warp Spiders, Windriders) or got changes that were in many ways a wash (Wraithguard, D-Cannon.) We'll certainly see a different sort of Eldar than before, but they may well still be a contender.

It’s only 2 points to swap out a Jetbike’s twin Shuriken Cannons for a Scatter Laser.

That sounds like good internal balance if you ask me. I don’t think anyone was complaining about Jetbikes that kept their Catapults…

It makes them overall a bit less survivable, though more resistant to Boltguns and other basic weapons that were their bane before. (The changes to morale also mean no more skittering off the table after losing one model.)

However, losing JSJ, changes to other unit speeds, and many other factors make them overall weaker, I think. Still far from bad, but not going to dominate the game the way they once did.

Spose they needed a nerf but I’m not a fan of the whole -1 bs (scatter lasers) thing for them now, but that is a game wide nerf so shouldn’t be too salty

It’s more the point that the basic 17-pt version was not the one people complained about so it was a bit weird that it’s the one that went up in price while the relative difference between it and the Shuricannon version is smaller.

Nobody comments about that Windriders are now Fast Attack with 2 wounds and a 4+ save. But there is no rule about the Eldar Jetbike assault phase move, personally I want it gone. It is unfair elfish trickery, killing fun for fun. AND I PLAY ELDAR.
Need to buy Dire Avengers for my troops cause.

But there is a lot of fun hidden here.
Like BS10 Crimson Hunter Exarchs, as if sniping people with a jetfighter wasn't demented enough, now they shoot like a god used to (KHAINE! What happened to you?)
Shining Spears with a 4+ invul save against ranged attacks.
Scorpions going full Predator with invisible deep strike.
Wraithguard have W3 and fall back(!) but only a T5.
Swooping Hawks Lasblaster is Rapidfire 2, meaning when they land 9" away they fire 4 times. Does nobody think of the poor cultist equivalents?? 40 Lasblasters to the face ain't fun guys. (yes it is)

But I personally think the Starcannon might be the biggest winner now. Reliable 3 dmg, -3 AP, S6 looks like a brutal gun that used to be a safe and weaker plasmagun. Thunderwolf Cavalry? 1 unsaved wound = 1 kill. The price tag though…

Exarchs lost all their better WS and BS, that makes me sad. But I guess that needed to go, to make Phoenix Lords look high and mighty.

I completely missed W2 on Jetbikes. Everything else though, yup. Starcannons are expensive but do a lot of damage, so does the Suncannon.

I'm torn on Shuriken vs Scatter still – will probably end up going for Scatter simply due to extra range but I am really enjoying the fact that nearly all the Aspects feel playable.

Everyone gets leaders in the squad for free now and most of the Exarchs come with their powers from prvious books automatically so…

Hm good catch, an exarch is indeed a free upgrade.

I am guessing FLY will negate the heavy movement penalty as it would clearly give Eldar tanks and all Flyers an advantage.

But what are the special rules given to FLY? Clearly the datasheets do not explain what FLY does on its own.

The Fly keyword does not negate movement penalties for heavy weapons- it allows you to leave close combat and still be able to shoot (but not assault) that turn.

The upgrade effects are listed in the weapons and wargear section, in the small sub-table at the end. You have to hunt for them, but they're up there.

Can someone explain battle focus to me as I’m either thinking it’s not as good as it used to be or I’m missing something, ty

Battle Focus allows you to move (and to advance) during the movement phase, and then shoot normally in the shooting phase- though it doesn't with Heavy weapons. Normally, you would take a -1 to hit with Assault weapons when you advance and you wouldn't get to shoot other weapons at all.

Ah okay so works the same as before just instead you have to move before shooting, will make Eldar able to get up in the enemies face very quickly

More or less, yeah. It's still a very good ability and makes infantry on foot quite fast. The fact that it also benefits bikes now (who I think have it?) is also pretty big.

Does this mean i can't move and advance and then shoot a heavy weapon platform?
Or does this mean that i can still advance, except will suffer the -1 to hit with a heavy weapon platform?

Also the Harlequin spell to make a unit move again, can they also advance again with that? Or just move?

They way i read it is, Guardian squad cant advance and shoot the heavy weapon platform, but they can move as normal and shoot it at -1. So kinda a nerf to guardians with the heavy weapon platform, but only 100pts for a unit of 10 with a Blance. But the whole move like tau battlesuits (move, shoot and move back) was abit too much to be honest.

Also for the harlequins, once again the way i read it is that they can move as if it was the movement phase, including advancing, as when you choose a unit to move, you declare the advance.

Anyone else agree or have a different idea of it?

I don't see any reason they shouldn't be able to advance as part of the movement; it would prevent them from charging that turn, but otherwise be entirely legal.

I read it as:
In the Movement Phase, the Harlequin unit moves and advances as normal.

In the Psychic Phase, if successful, the Harlequin unit gets to move and advance like it is the Movement Phase.

In the Charge Phase, the Harlequins can now declare a charge thanks to their "Rising Cresendo" special rule allowing them to charge after advancing.

Anyone lead into this? Troupes whipping across the board possibly for that turn 1 charge?

Oh yes, certainly- turn 1 charges are very much a thing now. Admittedly, it's dependent on your opponent's deployment and your rolls to advance/charge, but with as fast as a lot of units are you'll certainly be seeing it happen fairly regularly.

Hmmm I would of taken it as if the heavy weapon could still fire as the unit is counted as not moving except for the heavy weapon so it can still fire but at -1, hopefully and FAQ or the codex sorts this

"The unit can shoot in the Shooting Phase as if it hadn't moved or advanced (except heavy weapons.)"

That means all weapons except heavy weapons are allowed to ignore the unit's actions during the movement phase. Since a "normal" unit cannot advance and fire heavy weapons, Eldar cannot either.

Ah that does more make sense, your way of explaining makes it a lot clearer, thank you!

Yeah, I think it got missed in this one and some of the other photoscans as well. Summary version:

-Spirit Stones: Roll a die when you take a wound, on a 6 it's negated.

-Crystal Targeting Matrix: Ignore the -1BS penalty for moving and shooting heavy weapons if you fire at the nearest target.

-Vectored Engines: If you Advance, enemies are at -1 to hit you with shooting attacks.

-Star Engines: Move an extra 2d6" when you Advance, rather than 1d6".

Thanks. CTM was exactly what I was hoping it would be. Need a place to put those Starcannons. 🙂

That is a very nice upgrade for only 5 points, makes falcons insane and fire prisms very good

Yeah I really can't be angry at any of the tank upgrades, cheap as they are. Star Engines doesn't grab me, but I didn't particularly like Enhanced Aethersails on DE vehicles, either, though some people swore by them.

8 point guardians, 5 point dark reapers? ^^ Has their power value in place of points, i guess they're around 20.
Vyper also doesn't have the transport keyword.. so not sure how it can use Blade Wind.

you have to add the point of the wargear…. A Vyper is no transport vehicle, it was never one…

A guardian will be 8pts but a reaper will cost 36 due to the base 5 cost and the 31 point cost of the reaper launcher, and you can use blade wind if you take three voters as a unit otherwise they use the base movement

So Vypers cannot get Vectored Engines…. That makes me sad, especially when the Harlequin and DE Vyper sized vehicles get it. If Vypers cannot purchase vehicle upgrades, I wish they would get Vectored Engines automatically as part of their base profile.

Has anyone else noticed that Dire Avengers are 17 points per model? Compared to a Space marine at 13, a Firewarrior at 8 and Kabalite Warriors at 7, it seems a little over the top, even for their killing power with quasi-rending and Overwatch at 5+

Yeah, I won't field them atm. Hope their points are adjusted when the real codex comes out since they are cool looking dudes.