Live QnA re 8th Edition 40k

From Natfka since I cannot be bothered summarising:

The New Edition Live QnA with Pete Foley and Any Smillie is going on now, and I am updating information as it happens.

Pete is the head of the team behind the new edition, and Andy is from the Warhammer Community Team.

Lets get this going. If I miss something… feel free to post it up in the comments.

Sorry for anything missed or errors. Typing while listening.

New Edition Warhammer 40,000 QnA
What is a primaris space marine?
new generation of space marines. Blended primarch, custodes, and space marine geneseed. Bigger more powerful, but more specialized when compared to tactical squads. The entire primaris squad is all trained in the weapons.

Ultimate Founding…
New Primaris Marine Chapters! + they will be other existing Space Marine Chapters. Even existing Space Marines can be adapted and made into Primaris Space Marines.

What is Mark X Armor and what happened to Mark IX?
Mark X of Armor is new but didnt give a lot of information about it.
Mark IX is a mystery on what happened to it.

The new Crusade?
Guillimans new Crusade is to help distribute the new Primaris Marines, as well as turn back the tide of Chaos and Xenos.

How long did it take to create the new rules….?
18 months.

The three ways to play will develop further as feedback comes in, with continuous playtesting and feedback.

Primaris Space Marines, the first batch was made on Mars, but the ability to create them was given to all the Chapters.

General feeling that shooting will be stronger than close combat. how will it work?
Close Combat is more damaging than before.
Pile in allows for more units to get caught in it.
A lot of special rules
Units are quicker now.
Consolidating into combat.
They believe that close combat will be just fine.

Close Combat Initiative?
Lash Whips,
Power Fists are just -1 to hit.
Lots of things that effect how combat is handled

How will psychic powers be selected?
You may select them or roll. Your option.

Perils of the Warp still there?

Faction Specific Ways to build armies?
No. Battleforce selections are for all the armies, but there will be some tailoring for each army.
New specific stratagems, like taking down fortifications with Imperial Fists or hit and run with White Scars.

Battleforged Armies will get bonuses and the more specific your army the more specific your stratagems.

Will not be full drop pod armies in matched play. However you can in narrative play.

Transports can take multiple units. Each transport has a capacity and you can fill that how you want.

How can characters avoid snipers? Command Squads can help characters avoid them with special rules to help take wounds.

Grav Weapons are said not to be toned down, but everything else is toned up.

Invulnerable saves? Similar to now.

Wound allocation is back to the old method, where player gets to choose which ones are removed.

Can Primaris Marines be corrupted to Chaos…?
Who knows, we will have to wait and see.

Rules Wise, Tactical Marines are much more flexible on the tabletop, where Primaris Marines are very focused.

(mouse just died), Running for new batteries.

Will we see more Primarchs?
A cowled one may be on its way soon!!!!!!!
So there may be more on the way.

Thats it guys.

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23 responses to Live QnA re 8th Edition 40k

"Grav Weapons are said not to be toned down, but everything else is toned up." oh…kay.


I'm hoping that Salvo goes away, and Grav just becomes Rapid Fire 1 (for Guns) and Rapid Fire 2 (for Cannons.)

Considering the fact that las/melta looks to be ~similar effectiveness relative to 7th…dubious.

Possibly Graviton is the same, but they're changing Salvo (or grav amps…), or only Dam 1 for same no of wounds, but nerfed relative effectiveness vs MC/vehicles?

The changes to how vehicles/MCs work and also the general increase of wound counts for other models (e.g. Terminators) definitely mean that Grav will be less effective than it was; however, even "just" doing five wounds to a big target is still pretty huge, and it won't lose any of its effectiveness at wiping out squads of medium/heavy infantry targets (like Marines) at all.

It really says something about grav when las can triple wounds, and still be only just over half as damaging on average…

(And hence my comment of 'dubious', though I didn't realise how well it still stacked up until I checked…)

I don't think Grav will do anything like the extra vehicle damage anymore. That was never the concept, it was just a messy version of what they implemented in the rules. With the Move stat being a thing, I expect any changes to Grav will be to ramp up/ highlight that aspect. Expect something like -2 Move next turn, or cannot Advance, or something.

Eyebrows were definitely raised at that one. Pretty much everything else sounds good; I still really want some more substantive detail on how melee is better but consolidating into combat is definitely hopeful.

Which means they're strength and AP values (converted) will stay around the same, but they won't be getting all the multiple wounds that the other heavier weapons are getting (lascannons d6, missle pods d3, etc). Maybe they get a flat 2 wounds, or something.

"How will psychic powers be selected?
You may select them or roll. Your option."

Well in that case,

Or more seriously, unless there is access to higher levels of power or entirely different abilities by taking the chance to randomly roll instead of select powers, you'd be mad to roll.

(which might indicate either they are giving access to higher levels of power or entirely different abilities on a random chart, or they just know how much their audience can't resist rolling dice)

That's how it is in AoS- you can technically roll on the various charts (command abilities, relics, etc) but realistically players just select the one they want. It does lead to some options being taken way more than others, but I appreciate the avoidance of randomness to no purpose.

Considering that making a numbered chart (1-6) takes essentially zero effort beyond creating a bullet point list, the dev team might as well say “Pick if you want, roll if you want…”

I think that's probably more something for Narrative, rather than matched – i.e. adding a bit of random chance when it doesn't matter can be fun (or if you just really don't care what you get and rolling's easier). Not always (Daemons say hi), but as Ish said, it's not like it takes much effort to give more options as to how to play this.

…What. Come on man, this is a perfect snowmobile article. Who are you and what have you done to the old lazy Kirby ;p

Oh hey DE, you know that one good stat you had? Yeah, we're removing it and replacing it with nothing whatsoever. Have fun being a paper-thin army that can't even reliably strike first in melee anymore.

Have fun striking last against power fists and thunder hammers because your extra inch of movement means bugger all when your opponent brings a bike.


Seriously though, I'd wait until we have a little more info before we call an army rubbish. I mean, you might be right, but it's a bit of a leap with the small amount of info we have.

I like a lot of the mechanics, but the details seem a little Space Marine centric so far. I'm still on the fence about the game, as it will have to be good enough to elbow it's way in front of my current games and I'm skeptical GW will pull that off, particularly with the D6 obsession.

DE's notable stat was their speed. With Move as an actual stat again, I think we can definitely expect to see things like basic troops moving 8" and stuff.

DE were never notable for their speed except in the fluff. The idea that they were ever a fast army was complete nonsense.

– Their infantry was among the slowest in the game. Literally the only thing they have to represent their speed is Fleet, and several don't even have that.
– Their HQs couldn't buy anything to make them faster (no bikes, no jump packs, no skyboards)
– They had all of 1 jetbike unit, 1 skyboard (jump pack) unit and 1 beast unit. Compare that to the plethora of fast units other armies gain access to (especially armies like Eldar that are actually fast). What's more, aside from the Jetbikes, none of these units have any abilities to make them significantly faster. Hellions move exactly as fast as Assault Marines, and are far slower than Eldar Warp Spiders.
– If their "fast" Ravager actually wants to fire its weapons at full BS, then it is exactly as fast as a Leman Russ.
– DE have 2 Monstrous Creatures. Both are stuck moving 6".

Literally the only thing DE have are 2 fast transports. However, even these are no faster than the fast transports of other races (an unupgraded Raider is no faster than an Ork Trukk, and even upgraded it is only faster when it does literally nothing but move – so hardly a useful combat ability).

Their transports aren't bad, but they're not nearly enough to make DE a "fast" army. Especially when you compare them to Eldar – which can have Jetbike troops, Jetbike HQs, Jet Pack units with extra movment (and which can even move in the enemy turn), a MC with a Jump Pack etc. Or Corsairs, who have wide access to Jet Packs and Jetbikes and, more importantly, have extra movement as an army-wide rule for all their infantry. These armies both run rings around the supposedly fast DE.

They were always billed as a fast army.

That they weren't is more an indication of how poorly they were designed in the last few editions than anything else.