Space Marines in 8th Edition – Large Models, Infantry and Characters

Greetings, citizens! In this article, we will look at how Space Marines are affected by the changes to large models, infantry and characters.

So there’s not a lot of info for us to talk about in the Large Models reveal. We already knew Damage tables were going to be a thing. The question is: which of our models will get them, and which won’t. Smart money is that Land Raiders will, but the rest is up for debate. Dreadnoughts and Guilliman didn’t seem to have them (though this may have been simple subterfuge on GW’s part), so it makes me wonder whether Rhino-hulled vehicles will or won’t. I’m guessing that Rhinos and Razorbacks (and Whirlwinds?) may not, and Preds + Vindis may.

The Infantry article gives us a LOT more meat to chew on. It gets hinted at that it will be quite a bit harder for non-infantry models to use cover effectively from now on. One could also make the case that GW may have made it so that only infantry types can claim objectives, though admittedly, I am reaching a bit here (“swarm the battlefield in numbers to claim every objective”). This will give our infantry units – for which Marines are supposed to be known for – a leg up. The new damage table… man, I am just not a fan of that. You can argue all day that it’s highly unlikely that shooting a bunch of Lasguns at a Titan is going to cause it too much harm, but the fact that it IS possible at all just rubs me the wrong way… Nevertheless, this DOES make our much-maligned bolter-carrying Tactical Marines a bit more potent, and no one is going to argue that this isn’t a good thing. Also, the common Marine Toughness value (4, in case you didn’t know) sits at a sort of sweet spot where a lot of common weapons that were wounding our infantry on 2s will now be doing so on 3s – that is a nice bit of added survivability. And as we covered previously, now that every model in a squad can choose its own target in the shooting phase, a lot of our formerly-inefficient squads will function a LOT better – Terminators will be able to unload their Storm bolters into enemy Termagants while the squad’s Assault Cannon shoots up a nearby Carnifex, setting up an epic powerfist beat-down for said Carnifex in the Charge/Fight phase. Oh, and GW was kind enough to reveal that – as suspected – vehicles will be able to split their fire. I’m so damn happy about this, you wouldn’t believe. Flexible loadouts on Speeders, Preds and Dreads? You better believe it!

The new way Characters function is a bit of a kick in the balls for Marines. A well-deserved one, perhaps, but a kick in the balls still. While the jury is still out over whether Deathstars won’t just be replaced by Deathblobs, it seems at least that GW is well-aware of how unfun Superfriends lists were to face for the run-of-the-mill player. For those Marines players who enjoyed these types of builds, their likely demise is going to sting. Personally, I am glad to see them go. The tidbit about Guilliman being able to hide from shooting thanks to intervening troops will surely make him much more potent, and Heroic Intervention will also help in that regard. I am looking forward to finding out what effects our Characters will have on the game. My bet is on Chaplains helping with Morale and assaults, while Captains perhaps giving tactical abilities to select units… or so I hope. I am tired of Captains being nothing but beatstick – they are some of the most tactically acute commanders in the galaxy! It would be nice for their rules to reflect that. One question, though: will Characters be able to hop into a different squad’s vehicle even if they are not part of the squad? I am going to assume that this is so, because the reverse if just too dumb to consider seriously. On a final note, the fact that sniper weapons will be able to target Characters will make our humble Sniper Scouts a far more attractive unit than it currently is.

That’s it for now, friends. ‘Till next time!

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4 responses to Space Marines in 8th Edition – Large Models, Infantry and Characters

"that were wounding our infantry on 2s will now be doing so on 3s" Pretty sure you meant the reverse, though I don't know that there was really that much str 2 running around.

I actually like that lasguns and other small arms fire can hurt large models. It means that infantry doesn't end up being entirely pointless in games where such models are used.