15 responses to Forgeworld – The Rest of CSM / Daemons

Interesting to note there has been some curious additions and remissions in the new FW books.

Sicaran Venator is in the book, but it was originally JUST a 30k unit. Now usable in 40k.

Rapier Quad Launcher – had 40k experimental rules but is deemed as 30k only now…

Not to mention various bits of wargear (Grav-flux bombard for example).

FW are going to look into missing options…(autocannons on fire raptors for example)

Seems to be missing a few thing still. Particularly the Decimator rules, as well as the points values for the daemon lords (Aangrath etc.) and things like the rapier.

I have to say, as much as I don't like what 8E has done for the most part (admittedly, I still think 3Ed was the best edition and the further you move in either direction from 3, the worse it gets, so I was primed to hate it before I even saw anything), I think the HUNGRY TANKS are the best things to ever happen in 40k.

Sure, for ages we've had Daemon-possessed tanks that eat their own crew. But the actual thing where it gets worse at shooting and better at actually eating enemy models, and regains Wounds for doing so, makes me happy. Especially the Land Raider, which actually has a front hatch == mouth.

I'm peeved about modeling units that had the option before but no longer do. Havoc launcher on chaos contemptors…sigh…

Unfortunately this happens almost every edition. Heck, my Tau skimmers are still modeled with Landing Gear, and that hasn't been a rule since 4th edition.

The presumption from seeing the picture of the chapter listing of the Xenos index is that Corsairs are no more- their stuff is listed under the Craftworlds section in the book, and there's no indication that they will have an updated army list. (It's possible that, like the other codices, they will get a book of their own later, however.)

CSM used to be able to have Bolter, Bolt Pistol and a Chainsword. That option is now gone too.

Yes, although it's also largely unnecessary- Boltgun + Chainsword still lets you fire before charging and get two attacks base in combat, which were the main reasons to want a Bolt Pistol.