Ynnari and Eldar / Dark Eldar aka the Aeldari

So with the Faction Focus of Ynnari being completed last night (see below), I want to start a brief topic of conversation about this and the differences they bring over Eldar, Harlequins and Dark Eldar. As we know so far, detachments must be units from a particular faction (i.e. Aledari) and that a Ynnari army can take any units bar Haemonculus Covens, some special characters, the Avatar and Mandrakes from both Eldar, Harlequin and Dark Eldar armies. This is certainly not an issue and I hope will open up some great and different army builds (Imperium and Chaos have much the same list building advantages with multiple factions to choose from and I’m currently fiddling with a GK list that has Space Wolves and Inquisitor units) but I’m curious to look at the army benefits at face value for Ynnari straight off the bat.

Strength from Death is strong. Very strong and other than your non-infantry / jetbike models is it worth being Dark Eldar, Harlequin or Eldar for the Power From Pain, Rising Crescendo or Battle Focus army rules instead? Multiple activations allows units to effectively act at double their point cost in a particular way and while I did not have to enjoy the silliness of a Wraithknight going twice in 7th edition, a large unit of Wind Riders, Scourges or Wraithguard getting a second action in a particular round seems potent – much more potent than Power From Pain, the watered down Battle Focus and even Rising Crescendo which makes the Harlequin’s already fast units, crazy fast.

Most Imperium armies also have issues combining a lot of their auras and buffs given they are locked into Keywords. An Astropath is not going to be making Space Marines in the open have a 2+ save for example so its important when building an army not to take a buff bot character for a small number of units (Draigo is a great beatstick but if there’s no GK units for him to buff, are you really gaining the best advantage?). Ynnari really… well they do but the most important buffs are not locked. Dark Eldar have very few related bonuses outside of the Archon’s Ld bubble and most are more specific (i.e Wych, Haemonculus based, etc.) and Eldar’s biggest bonuses are the psychic powers (see below) or are again keyworded to specific units (i.e. Aspect Warriors) sans the Autarch. Harlequins are probably the hardest to manage here given all their interlocking synergy but they still work functionally fine within the Ynnari army – those buffs just aren’t transferring and you need to make sure your point spending is being efficient. Not really a big concern – again, Imperium and Chaos have a lot of the same army building handcuffs. Until we look at Eldar psychic powers…

Eldar have some of the hands down, best psychic powers in the game with Guide, Doom and Conceal / Reveal along with very strong utility powers in Fortune, Embolden / Horrify and Enhance / Drain. Some important ones here are keyworded to Asuryani units but they do not lose that Keyword when becoming Ynnari and while an Eldar Farseer / Warlock may not be able to Guide / Conceal a Venom, they can still Guide / Conceal Wind Riders, Guardians, etc. AND Doom / Horrify / Drain still all work perfectly well for every unit in the army to take advantage of.

Now Imperium certainly have lots of psyker options as well that are not keyworded (i.e. Rune Priests and DA Librarians -1 to hit spells) but I do not believe we are looking at the level of output Eldar can being.

Quite simply, it seems as thought it is really easy for anyone to take a Ynnari detachment, get the solid benefits from Strength from Death and then take a Patrol detachment for a Warlock / Farseer and a quick Troop filler (anything really + Wave Serpent?, 5x Rangers?) to get most of the best from both worlds.

Is this game breaking? No and I’m certainly not complaining – I really look forward to seeing the different army combinations this brings but I’m concerned if Ynnari is a straight up improvement over the other Aeldari army benefits we will see watering down of lists.

Thoughts? Am I missing something?

The Ynnari represent hope for the Aeldari. By harnessing the power of death, they have brought a renewed sense of purpose to their dying race. But how will they fare in the new Warhammer 40,000?

Previously, Ynnari created quite a splash in the Warhammer 40,000 world for their incredible ability to enable units to act multiple times in the same turn. Wraithknights doing anything twice was incredibly potent. When backed by the rest of the hyper points-efficient Aeldari faction, you had a powerful combination.

In new Warhammer 40,000 Ynnari are still a force to be reckoned with but have had some sensible limitations placed on them. Their signature ability, Strength from Death, now only works on Infantry, Bikers and the Yncarne (sorry Mr. Wraithknight). What it does allow you to do, though, is incredible. Each time a unit is completely destroyed within 7” of one or more units with this ability – except in the Morale phase – pick one of those units to make a Soulburst action. These allow you to move, cast a psychic power, shoot, charge or fight. Pretty spectacular.

They also allow you to form an army from multiple Aeldari sub-factions and use the Ynnari keyword instead. Only the Haemonculus Covens are excluded from joining the Ynnari. Lastly, Ynnari characters can ride in other Aeldari transports – which is quite good, as they all have access to some excellent methods of transportation.

The ability to pick such a wide variety of units is the real strength of this faction. You can make a lore-accurate army, for example, comprised of Fire Dragons, Incubi, and Harlequins. This immense flexibility gives you all of the tools you need to build a well rounded and deadly force.

One of my favourite combos is to use the Word of the Phoenix psychic power on a unit that has already moved to let it Soulburst and move again to get in position to either shoot or charge. With the speed of most Aeldari units, this gives a massive threat bubble. If you position a supporting unit well, if the first unit destroys their target, the support unit can then soulburst, too. This cascading effect can create utterly lethal combinations.

Ynnari will be a popular flavour of Aeldari in new Warhammer 40,000 and continue to provide incredible force multiplication capabilities.

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21 responses to Ynnari and Eldar / Dark Eldar aka the Aeldari

And thus it was cemented, we have three great factions: Imperium, Chaos, Eldar, and …….other. Tau/Necrons/Orks have to just go swinging it solo.

ya there are certainly less options for them. Necrons I think will be more than fine and Tau seem very okay as well. I'll leave the Ork analysis to someone who has reviewed them a bit more.

I'm assuming Prometheus' post wasn't a statement on balance, so much as the way that "separate" armies can be combined. Orks, Necrons and Tau should all get on fine, they just won't have a lot of allies.

Though really, I would amend the original statement to "We have one Great Faction (Imperium), two small factions (Eldar and Chaos), and a bunch of solo factions." Given the Imperium faction is about as big as all the others combined, it seems weird to put Eldar and Chaos on the same level, just because they can each muster a few disparate lists together.

Listed on books:-

Imperial:- 13 in Indicies, plus Primaris, so 14.
Chaos:- 3 (one of which is "A knight". Possibly plus Death Guard, and Thousand Sons aren't listed, which is wierd since they got a focus. 3-5 depending on how you count them.
Xenos:- 9

So Imperial:- 14 versus Non imperial:- 12-14

Those really aren't 1 to 1 comparisons. Legion of the damn is just one unit. Lots of the others are fairly small lists (Custodes are like 3 units?)

Primaris are not a faction, so I'm not sure why you mentioned them.

Versus chaos has basically everything marines do plus some. Like I said, not 1 to 1

Because Primaris are going to get a codex, apparently. If we aren't counting them, we also can't count Thousand Sons or Death Guard.

Chaos absolutely does NOT have "everything Marines do plus some". What the hell version of the game are you playing?

If you aren't counting factions with limited numbres of units, Chaos has a grand total of TWO factions. Cutting out the Imperial "small factions" lowers them by Legion of the Damned (1 unit). Custodes are not a listed faction – Talons of the Emperor is, and they have at least 6 units, plus whatever comes across from Forgeworld. Imperial Knights, I guess, although they probably have multiple unit entries.

So that means that the Imperials have 12+Primaris.

Chaos have a whopping 2. And Xenos have 9 if we include the ynnari on the grounds that while they don't have many units (3 being your cut off for Custodes not counting, after all), they do fundamentally change how the faction plays.

So this still means 12 versus 11.

I'm going to honest, guys, I don't even care to argue it. It just seems like there's three big coalitions and then "other shit" like Tau.

I guess I'm not really sure what you're getting at with that statement, then. Like, there are three faction keywords that span more than one book each… okay, but I can't really work out what that fact means to you.

The old Allies matrix made that more-or-less the case anyway, didn't it? The Imperium stuff could already take all the other Imperium stuff, the Chaos stuff all allied together, and so did all the Eldar. Orks, Tyranids etc were always on their own, just as they are now.

Is this basically a really roundabout way of pointing out that Tau can't ally with Eldar any more?

The ork players seem pretty happy, mostly cuz they can put a bunch of models on the board and run forward without fear.

And Kadeton is right, it isn't a statement on balance.

Having played multiple games against the DE and now the Harliquin, I think the Ynnari focus on those factions would be insanely strong, so many Inv saves, great firepower and that mobility. I'm not even sure what they were thinking making Dark Lances assault weapons, almost no other army gets such power on such a fast and yet still tough platform.

Do DE even need Ynnari now? I've been exploring 2 Batallions with Archons, Warriors and Ravagers for a Dark Lance party fest with 6 CP

Why not go Ynnari? Is PFP even that good? DE are fragile, so are going to die, you may as well get to shoot twice with those Lances

It's true, but Ravagers won't benefit from any of the PfP abilities, either (since they don't have it.) It's a matter of looking at the infantry/jetbike models and deciding which of the two abilities work better for them (though typically it will be Ynnari.)