New Codex for Everyone!

So as expected, the replacement of the Indices are coming quickly with 10 to be released before Christmas. We know four of them (Space Marines, Grey Knights, Chaos Space Marines and Death Guard) and there is speculation rife throughout of what the other six will be. Importantly, it’s confirmed there will <TAG> specific rules such as Legions, Chapters, Craftworlds, etc., new warlord tables, Relics, psychic powers and stratagems which likely will require all of your models to come form that codex. This will limit the Imperial Soup fun we are seeing before if the bonuses are worth it.

I’ve seen a lot of whining that this is invalidating the Indices but we knew this was coming and the Indices were always going to be a stop gap but much better than previous edition changes where some armies languished without an update for literally a decade.

What I’m more interested in is an army builder app please.

Anyway – copied below, have at it.

Your Codex is Coming

Codexes are on their way, and soon.

Very soon, you’ll start to see the first of Warhammer 40,000’s new codexes. Each one of these tomes will be an invaluable resource on a faction within the 41st Millennium and the Warhammer 40,000 game. While the indexes provided the platform for every army to play from day one of the new edition with all their models, the codexes will be where the incredible depth and rich background of the galaxy really manifests on the tabletop.

While we can’t release codexes for every faction on the same day, our Studio and the playtesting team have been on overdrive to get them into your hands as soon as possible. How soon? You can expect to see around 10 new codexes before Christmas, starting with Codex: Space Marines, coming later this month.

Codex: Space Marines will be swiftly followed by the Grey Knights and Chaos Space Marines with Death Guard not far behind. (Yeah, you read that right – the sons of Mortarion are getting their own codex.)

What can you expect from the new codexes?

A major gaming addition in these codexes are the army specific Stratagems, representing the unique ways in which every army in Warhammer 40,000 does battle. These useful abilities are available to your army via Command Points and can change the course of a battle in a moment, from sudden orbital bombardments to desperate acts of heroism.

As well as Stratagems, there’ll also be Relics, Warlord Traits, Tactical Objectives and psychic powers for your army. You’ll be able to pick your Warlord Traits and psychic powers, meaning that you can decide what sort of characters you want your armies to have. Maybe your Warlord is a tactical genius or your officer a proud duellist or inspirational leader? By combining all these options, you’ll be rewarded for building the kind of army you want to play.

For you gamers out there, one very exciting addition are new rules representing specific sub-groups in many of the major factions; these range from old classics like the Space Marine Chapters or Chaos Space Marine Legions to returning rules for individual craftworlds, as well as previously unexplored groupings like Necron dynasties and Adeptus Mechanicus forge worlds. These will be included in each codex.

There’s a lot to be excited about, and there’s stuff in there for every type of Warhammer 40,000 gamer; from those of you wanting to build narrative thematic armies, true to the story and character of the faction, to those looking for competitive matched play forces, you’ll find more choice and more viable options than ever before. And of course, the codexes are also a rich source of background for each force, packed with updated lore, incredible artwork and glorious miniatures photography.

We bet you already have a hundred and one questions about the new codexes. You’ll find some of your answers HERE.

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If I remember my reading correctly between that and the FAQ about codices they also linked to they specifically called out rules for individual craftworlds, forgeworlds and Necron dynasties so my guess is those will likely be in the first ten. As for the rest it’s anyone’s guess.

As long as bonuses for being say, just Tau will be as good as picking a single SM chapter, or similar. (who am I kidding? Of course they won't)

Also, I was told there would be free rules, so y'know GW wasn't making money of the indices. (psssst, I got me free rules)

We were told there would be free core rules.
There are free core rules.

You still haven’t apologized to anyone for insulting us all as “apologists” and worse for the better part of a month.

He has a point. Core implies all the rules necessary to play the game. That's not what you get with the primer. It is really bare bones. GW would have been better off not talking about it. If it doesn't bother you that's fine, but telling other people they have no right to be angry about a blatant mischaracterization is not logical. I don't understand why people defend GW like it's their child. You see the same thing when somebody criticizes GW's prices. I don't get it. I've never seen anything else like it, where people will be complete jerks to other people in defense of a corporation.

This, especially if you live in Australia or NZ, you can’t call GWs prices anything except price gouging.

Probably because you're still an apologist, and the teaser they call "core rules" is nothing like "free rules" and certainly not what you need to actually play the game.

But y'know, thanks for stopping by, Ish.

But it IS all they promised.

This "free rules" thing you think you deserve was NEVER something they actually said they'd give you.

DO you think it's shady if a company says they'll give your "up to 50% off" and it's actually only 10%?

They said "free core rules" because they KNEW that would be misinterpreted as "free rules". And the "core" rules are essentially useless, by themselves. They're not "core" at all. If they were, you could actually play a game with them.

And then everyone goes and torrents them anyway. *shrug*

-shrugs-. I'll certainly agree with you that they very much could have given us far more for free than they did – the lack of basic rules in pdf form (like AoS) is a step backwards. People would buy the codexes anyway, so it only loses them the indexes (hell, lots of people bought the Grand alliance books)

But saying "they promised us free rules and didn't give us free rules" instantly makes your argument simply wrong. They didn't say "50% off" and gave you 10%. They said "The core rules will be free". Now, you can certainly argue that The New 'Trustworthy' Games Workshop maybe should've defined what they meant by core.

But just because you interpreted it that way doesn't actually mean they are WRONG. It just means they aren't being as nice as they could be.

We've been through this before.

They promised you free core rules.
They gave you free core rules.

That you disagree with them over what constitutes core is irrelevant to that.

That YOU decided they promised you free rules does not make it so.

Just stop. Seriously. They never promised ANYTHING other than Free Core Rules and they gave you that.

We HAVE been over this before. So why are you persisting? You're completely aware of what I think and why I think it. They lied. I give zero fucks that they said "*core" as if that somehow changes what "free rules" means. Stop telling me what I can be pissed about.

You fucking stop, I'm not going to.

Because you are a wrong, you sound like an idiot, and you are creating easy strawmen for people to knock down in case of legitimate complaints?

You can be pissed off that they didn't give you free rules.

You CANNOT be (validly) pissed off that they promised to give you free rules and didn't, because your own failure to read what they actually said is your own damn problem. They did not fucking lie because you couldn't actually read what they said.

To put it another way. They didn't fucking promise you free rules, stop whinging that they gave you what they actually promised.

They did not promise you free rules, you fucking idiot. They were absolutely clear that it was "free core rules" and "reasonably priced unit rules".

The only person who promised you free rules was you.

Hey, fucking idiot, this has become a contest to see who gets the last word. Started that way, actually, since you knew what I was going to say when you first posted.

They promised me free rules. Didn't deliver free rules. They fucking lied.

They didn't promise you free rules. They promised you free core rules and reasonably priced rules for models.

They delivered free core rules. It's up to you whether the indexes/codexes are reasonably priced.

The fact that you MADE UP that they promised you the entire ruleset for free doesn't mean they promised you it, it means you are deluded.

But I'm sure you think everyone but you is an apologist, what with actually looking at what GW actually said, right? You are just speaking truth to power, you badass internet pirate you.

GW never promised you free rules. Get over it.

Are you _trying_ to sound like the whiniest babby on the face of the earth, or is it just your natural talents shining through? Because jesus fucking christ, dude.

Yeah, man, it's clearly me who's the jerk here, not the guy who turns every thread he posts in into a giant shitshow.

By the way, have you met my friend kettle? I think you two have a lot in common.

So let me get this straight: GW are the liars because when they promised what they delivered, they *knew* that you would read it wrong and then feel betrayed/silly. Am I understanding that right?

Stop making a bad name for us Tau players. Every post I see is some combination of you picking fights/whining/or being generally abrasive. There are plenty of facebook comment sections out there for that.

The issue here is that GWs announcement about free core rules is misleading. You literally cannot play with what they are calling the core rules, you need the unit rules as well. Personally, I didn't expect them to release unit rules for free from that announcement since they are a business, but I get the point that some people may have interpreted this as full rules. By the very definition of "core", it should include the most important rules, which I think would be the unit rules since those are the rules you actually reference frequently.

They probably should have called it basic rules of play and made it clear they were going to see the army rules separately. It would have been easy for their community outreach team to clarify this early on.
They also should have made it clear that some of the indexes were going to be invalidated the following month (e.g. codex space marines). For this, I'm a bit irritated with GW myself. I wouldn't have bought Imperium 1 if I was just going to have to buy a codex a month later.

Except that they said – in the same passage in which they said "free core rules" that the unit rules would be "reasonably priced".

It's not really misleading if you read what they actually said.

To Prometheus:- Therefore you cannot, in fact, produce a reference for your continual crusade here?

Where did they promise that you'd get All the Rules for free?

Give me a link to them saying that, and I'll shut up. Actually, I'll admit I'm wrong and then shut up.

Here is the original release post:

Here is the release FAQ that went out with that:

The release FAQ only talks about rules in a general term, no mention of codexes or indexes, and indicates the core rules will be free.

"How can I get the rules?
We’re going to make it easier than ever to get your hands on the rules and start playing.
The core rules for the game will be free, and you’ll have several options on how you get your hands on the full rulebook. Watch this space for more."

Sure, but also note, in the same article: –

Can I still use all my models?
Yes. Every Warhammer 40,000 miniature we sell today will be usable in the new edition of
Warhammer 40,000. What’s more, they’ll be supported with new rules, which will be available
from the get go in handy, low-cost books

Alastores – Just wanted to mention, you're right, I missed that in the FAQ. Thank you for pointing that out.

That is the part that irritates me, the lack of mention of new codices being released immediately after the indexes. Anticipating having to pay a ridiculous amount for them if I want to keep 3 armies going.

But, let's be realistic here, Games Workshop has been selling supplemental codices (or equivalent) for their three mainline games since the early Nineties.

WH40k has had codices since 1995 with 'Codex: Ultramarines.' Arguably, you could even point to 'Waaargh: Orks' (1990) and/or 'Realm of Chaos' (1988 and 1990) as prototypes for the codex model.

WHFB had its army books, starting in 1990, and those have of course given way to AoS's battle tomes… Although, again, even though army books didn't show up until 4th Edition of WHFB, there were "prototypes" even in its first edition.

I haven't really followed the development of the various iterations of the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit games, but there have been supplemental rulebooks for that line since day one as well.

Did you really think that GW wasn't going to have codices for WH40k 8th Edition? I mean, really?

Basically you are saying that you have to treat GW like the sharks they are and if you don't then you are the one being unreasonable. Jeebus,are you a banker by chance? GW ran a shell game. It's not unusual. It's not criminal. Just be honest about it. The argument that GW didn't "technically" say that you wouldn't have to buy rules to play a game with their "core" is fine in a court of law, but consumers are entitled to their opinion on that kind of behavior.

Free “core rules” can definitely be construed as false advertising, depending on what you define as “core”.

But regardless of your interpretation, we know GW and we’re not gullible idiots right? No one seriously believed we’d be given all the rules we need for free.

So are the indexes still going to be useful?

I want to buy the new codexes for the armies I play and then use the indexes to know enough about my opponent’s armies. Is that valid?

They said 10 codexes by the end of the year, but that's hardly everything. Even the Space Marine Index is gonna still be useful for the next year or so, probably.

The indices will also be useful if you don't want/need the full codex- for example, if you're just allying in some extra units from one or two books, the index is a lot simpler way to do so, especially if you're taking an Imperial, Chaos, or Aeldari detachment to get the maximum flexibility in what you bring.

Only if whoever your organiser is allows it – the Indexes are "outdated" when the codexes come out – they will no longer be valid rulebooks for the factions with codexes.

Here, this means a lot – we have a Games Workshop that actually has play space, and therefore they get to set the rules for tournaments, and so everyone requires valid rulebooks for everything they bring. What other tournaments do regarding Index versus Codex….-shrugs-.

I am…annoyed…at the codex invalidating the index. It's very underhanded. They could easily have had the index serve as the basic rules, and the codex has the relics etc. People would still buy the codex for that!

I think there's a couple reasons they're having codexes overwrite previous stuff. For one, it allows them to "hotfix" problem units with a printed version relatively quickly- so stuff like Taurox Primes or such can be tweaked to be less powerful early on. Second, it avoids one of the complaints of 7E, which was rules for things being scattered across multiple books due to the growth of supplements, etc- including multiple versions of a single unit.

So while I don't love the idea of indices followed by codices, it does solve the problem of transitioning to the new edition relatively painlessly, especially since the indices were all priced to be quite cheap by most standards.

-shrugs-. Sure, but….they want 10 codexes by the end of the year.

This isn't balance changes. This is stuff that already exists now, that was part of the same balance process that created the indexes. (Hell, I wouldnt' be suprised to see early codexes coming out with the exact same misprints or balance blunders that they've just had to errata for the indexes).

I can certainly buy the sense of "We are overwriting this because it's a living rules set, and we've learnt that we didn't get it quite right". That's fine. But that simply cannot be the case here. Production time doesn't allow it. This isn't about balance. It's about selling the same rules twice.

As for 'cheap'. Sort of. But Space Marine players – who do not also play Different Space Marines, which surely cannot be all that rare – have essentially paid 1.5 times for their codex, for all the use they'll get from the essentially instantly invalidated index.

I play everything, and my preferred army is Sisters of Battle. If my index becomes invalidated, that's actually a cause for celebration. But for everyone else? Feels a bit dickish to me. -shrugs-.

I dunno, I think that they are gonna learn a lot in the first month or two of open play that the playtesters never found. That is almost inevitably the way of things. And even if it's issues the playtesters brought up, there's going to be a much louder and more vocal player base now that the game is "for reals."

I'll certainly give you the first couple of books- SM and Plague Marines simply don't have the time for that to be possible, although it may be that they will incorporate late-stage playtesting info that couldn't be put into the indices (for the exact same reason- time constraints on printing.)

Everyone is going to have to buy their book "twice" in that sense- it's the flaw of wholesale rewriting the game when there are lots of existing models/armies. The only way around it would've been releasing the indices for free- and while I think that would've been a good idea, GW just isn't down with that. Even taking the prices of the index and the upcoming codex together, I think it's still cheaper than one of the 7E hardbacks was (not to even mention the cost of all the supplements you'd need/want), so I think we can count this as getting off easy.

Don't worry, man, SoB never gonna get a real codex. They'll get another shitty pdf and zero model releases this edition, just like every other edition in the past fifteen years.

Hey, they techincally got TWO releases in eight edition! Celestine AND Canoness Veridyan (who, of course, has now disappeared. The Imperial Space Marine gets rules, but fully half of the Sisters releases in three editions? Nah).

Not trying to sound like a dick here… but didn't the fact they called them Indexes give it away to anyone else they'd be made obsolete so soon?

I’m just really upset that we had more than a few awesome books right before the release of 8th. Then not only did we buy those amazing HH books and an even more awesome traitor legions(all of which are now only fluff and pics,utterly useless),but now we must pay for them two more times after the fact?! If you don’t see that as underhanded and completely fucked then you must be on GW’s banker/asshole club. I’ve been playing since rogue trader and second edition, only to see the game 6 editions later only to find the game leaning towards second ed rules?!Money grab of course, then you wonder why people get their rules via wherever. Especially since this company has has changed out codex books faster than you can say I got fucked and so did my army yet again.

What is it about the 8th ed rules that makes you say they're "leaning towards second ed rules"? Is it just going back to having a Move stat and save modifiers? Those seem like vague similarities at best (since they're handled differently, and overshadowed by far greater differences), and 8th ed feels very distinct from what's come before to me, so I'm curious about your take on it.

I'm wondering if it's because people haven't played Sigmar? 8th edition is much closer to Sigmar than it is to 2nd.

Besides you’re talking to an OG player who played(s) Necromunda for the better part of 20 years without support from HE or minis. Like my esteemed friend Krug pointed out,”What people don’t understand is that die hards like us never stopped playing.” You probably never will either,rookies.

So we are supposed to buy two books now that are about to be mostly invalid by the end of the year, after all the other books they sold just got invalid. GW hasn't changed one bit, no idea how long it will take for the new shine to rub of and the rose tinted glasses to break.

What two books are you "supposed" to buy? The only things necessary to play the game (other than dice, models, and a table) is the Battle Primer and whatever index your model collection requires… That's only one book for the vast majority of players.

If you happen to be running "Imperial Soup" mixing and matching models from multiple factions, then, yes, you might need to get two books. But that's a niche case.

If you happen to be running "Imperial Soup" mixing and matching models from multiple factions, then, yes, you might need to get two books. But that's a niche case.

Or even just mixing anything Space Marine with anything non-Space Marine, like wanting to include an Inquisitor with your Grey Knights. The Imperium has many tiny sub-factions that are intended as mix-ins to other Imperial forces – Inquisitors, Assassins, Sisters of Silence, Custodes, etc. Passing them all off as 'niche' seems to willfully ignore the fact that GW is strongly encouraging "Imperial Soup".

Also, the Battle Primer only works for Open Play, which I wouldn't expect anyone to be satisfied with past their first intro game, let alone "the vast majority of players". The BRB is still very much a required purchase, though it obviously isn't likely to be invalidated any time soon.

Opting to play a multiple faction army is a far cry from “supposed to buy two books,” though. You don’t have to include allies or multiple sub factions in your army – and in my (admittedly anecdotal) experience most players don’t – so there’s no compulsion here. Besides, if you wanted to mix space marines with anybody else previously, you needed multiple supplements so nothings really changed on that front.

(The Grey Knights and Sisters of Battle and the Ordos Malleus and Hereticus are an interesting case as they once shared a codex supplement with each other: Codex Daemonhunters had GK with OM and Codex Witchhunter had the SoB with OX… But that’s a very rare deviation from the standard. The SoB and GK have been “independent” from the Ordos in the majority of their codices.)

I'm actually pretty interested to see what the Imperial Codex landscape looks like in the end – the main forces are pretty obvious, but are we going to see mini-Codices for the mini-Factions, like a Codex: Sisters of Silence with four whole unit entries, for instance? If so, collecting a mix of Imperial forces could require a frankly silly number of books. If not, which ones would get combined, and how?

As for combining Imperial forces, I'm not sure why people are reluctant to do so… perhaps it's the need to buy two books? 😛

I'm certainly looking to run my Deathwing and Imperial Guard together, since they seem to complement each other reasonably well (in a "Hit the shooty stuff and shoot the hitty stuff" way). At the moment, with no real incentives to run a "pure" list, I can't see why you wouldn't take specialised units from different Imperial factions. (Why field an Exorcist when you could take a Basilisk, etc. etc.)

Well, Admech already have the rule that Canticles of the Omnissiah only applied if your detachment is pure Admech, so I'd bet that we'll see a lot more of that. Special boosts and bonuses if your detachment is "pure".

We might see stuff like Codex Adeptus Ministorum, with SoB, Preachers, Frateris militia etc, and Codex Imperial Agents covering stuff like Sisters of Silence, Custodes, Assassins and Inquisitors. There's also nothing to say a unit can't appear in multiple codexes – like the Techpriest Enginseer in both Admech and IG lists.

Yeah, I'm definitely expecting pure detachments with attendant bonuses. I'm not so sure about advantages for pure armies, though – I don't think that really suits GW's sales model.

I'm very uncomfortable with identical units in multiple Codices. Mainly because it leads to errors when one version gets updated in an Errata and the other doesn't, but also because it's unnecessary in this paradigm… as long as the cost for the extra rules doesn't become prohibitive.

We don't lock threads on 3++, but please consider the 'Free Rules' argument closed.
Thank you

The new rules for Reivers might be interesting. If they don't have a way to infiltrate or outflank though, I don't think they will be that useful since you'll be limited to trucking them with that new skimmer. With a 3+ save and only 5 models, you'll get shot to pieces running up the board. You're going to be paying more per marine for that extra wound and attack, without the added mobility of jump packs.

They may have a "scout move" of some sort… It'd be an interesting point of comparison to traditional Scouts.

I'm betting they'll have an inflitrate move – it's certianly how they are described as working in Dark Imperium.

Also, rules for Primaris Captain and Librarian have been leaked:

Basically, the standard +1 attack +1 wound you'd expect from a normal primaris. Librarians don't get the snazzy "heavy bolt pistol" option that the Reivers are getting. You'd think they'd at least make plasma pistol an option over the boring standard bolt pistol. Primaris captain can take a stalker pattern bolt rifle if you're doing the gunline thing and want the AP -2 but with 1 shot. I imagine both will have more options available once the codex comes out.

GW has been on a real “if it’s not in the box, it’s not an option for the unit” streak with all of their new releases the past couple of years. I’d say it’s a strong possibility that there may _not_ be more options in the codices for these guys.

I’d love to see Interceptors with bolt pistols and chainswords, Hellblasters with meltaguns, or a Primaris Captain with storm shield and thunderhammer… Mostly because I think they’d look cool. But, I’m skeptical.

There's a good chance you're right. The new Reivers basic set only come with the heavy bolt pistol and CCW though, while the launch picture has a Reiver with a bolt rifle in the background, suggesting they may be adding the option later.

Have you seen the Primaris Captain sprue? Only comes with a single rifle, but two different clip variants to represent the two types of bolters. No bonus bolt rifle for us.

I wonder if the pointy finger hand from the captain will fit the librarian without too much trouble? It’d be a fun, if small, change over the typical palm-o-doom pose for casters.

I’m very much tempted to start an “All Primaris” army, but I keep telling myself to wait until they have their full codex.

If you're thinking about an all primaris army, maybe wait for the GW store birthday captain model. Comes with plasma pistol and power fist. I really hope they roll the various options up into one entry in the new codex so we don't have a bunch of different entries for the Primaris Captain.