Adeptus Mechanicus Preview – Lucius, Agripinaa, Stygies VIII and Ryza

Final Forge World previews before the codex goes drops this weekend were released over the weekend – too many weekends! This includes very little information about Stygies or Ryza unfortunately – clearly the not favoured of them all, but Stygies has a very, very nice Forge World trait.

Let’s look at each trait first.

Lucius essentially ignores -1AP weapons. This could be amazingly important or vastly ignorable. There are lots of AP-1 weapons out there that are quite common – Autocannons, Assault Cannons, Heavy Bolters, Missile Pods, etc. to name just a few but there are also armies which don’t have many, if any, of these type of weapons (i.e. Eldar). Not to mention certain army builds as well. When applicable, it is a very strong option but it’s applicability will really depend on what the common weapon may actually be.

Agripinaa Overwatches on a 5+ rather than  6+. Great for a lot of the high volume shooters AdMech has access to and can help them in a phase they are normally pretty bad at. Certainly not garbage and shores up a weakness they have.

Stygies is copy-pasted from Raven Guard – -1 to hit when more than 12″ away but importantly does not apply to just specific models so your big guys who are standing back and shooting are going to be fairly durable with this *look at Robots and Dunecrawlers*.

The final Forge World rule is Ryza who get to re-roll 1’s in the Fight Phase. We are quickly moving past this as rubbish – take Agripinaa if you want to shore up your ability in the combat area of the game.

Lucius’ specific Stratagem is lovely – basically Grey Knights teleport copy-pasted and allows units to deep strike even if they do not have the option. If you are planning on having this flexibility, the Lucius Forge World rule is not the worst in the world but be prepared for it to have wildly varying levels of impact.

Agripinaa’s specific Stratagem was also revealed which allows you to spend CP to bring a Servitor based unit (so Destroyers are a good option here) that has been damaged but not eliminated, back based upon it’s Power Level. I do not understand why Power Level is being used as a universal option when Matched Play does not use it (just like using Power Level for Kill Points). Regardless, the unit then walks on from your board edge – great to recycle a unit, move a unit from danger, capture a backfield objective, etc.

Elimination Volley is a standard Stratagem which allows a Destroyer and Robot unit within 6″ of each other to add +1 to their hit rolls – this is great as both units are quite usable and +1 to hit when AdMech often struggles with this (frustratingly) is always to be looked upon favourably. With 8th edition allowing everyone to split fire, big units to take advantage of this are not as horrendous as they used to be.

Overall there have been some really nice options to come from the AdMech previews and we have seen some FoC movement in the codex already – this hopefully harbours positive changes for the rest of the books and some AdMech forces being brought into Imperial armies more regularly.

Forge World Focus: Lucius

One of the most exciting features of the new Adeptus Mechanicus codex is rules for seven different forge worlds, allowing you to customise your collection more than ever before with powerful and thematic new abilities. This week, we’ll be previewing what the forge world rules mean for your army in our daily previews of Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus in advance of the pre-order this Saturday:

The forge world of Lucius is renowned for Luciun, a unique alloy known for its durability. Naturally, the armies of Lucius are armed with war-plate and weapons made of Luciun, lending them considerable durability against small-arms fire. On the tabletop, this is represented by the forge world dogma The Solar Blessing:

Being able to ignore AP -1 attacks helps your larger units resist armour-piercing firepower, reducing the impact of popular shooting weapons like heavy bolters and autocannons.

Best Units

Kataphron Breachers are pretty durable, but Toughness 5 is only so much of a defence against massed shooting.

Maintaining their 3+ save means your battle servitors will stay in the fight for much longer, while the unique Lucius stratagem, Legio Teleportarium, is perfect for delivering them into optimal combat range.

Similarly, Kastelan Robots benefit from ignoring low-AP attacks for much the same reasons; as an added bonus, they can combine their firepower with the Kastelan Robots with the Elimination Volley Stratagem!

If you want to field the heavy hitters of the Adeptus Mechanicus without having to worry about massed small arms fire, then Lucius is the forge world for you. Come back tomorrow, when we’ll be checking out Agripinaa, dauntless defenders from the Eye of Terror.



Forge World Focus: Agripinaa

One of the most exciting features of the new Adeptus Mechanicus codex is rules for seven different forge worlds, allowing you to customise your collection more than ever before with powerful and thematic new abilities. This week, we’ll be previewing what the forge world rules mean for your army in our daily previews of Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus in advance of the pre-order tomorrow:

Being situated right next to the Eye of Terror would, for most factions in the 41st Millennium, be seen as a death sentence, but Agripinaa stands firm even with Cadia destroyed. The warriors of Agripinaa are dauntless, famed for their expertise in defensive warfare. Perhaps more ominously, Agripinaa is known for the ferocious rate at which it produces Servitors, expending them with a ruthless lack of remorse and never short of new raw material thanks to “volunteers” from the unfortunate refugee vessels that orbit the world following the fall of Cadia.

On the tabletop, Agripinaa armies possess a forge world dogma that’ll make any melee army think twice about charging you:

Staunch Defenders means your overwatch attacks will always hit on a 5+, effectively doubling its effectiveness! Nearly all Adeptus Mechanicus units possess some form of shooting attack, and this trait means they’ll be able to take full advantage of it even when charged.

Best Units

Kataphron Destroyers are superb in a Agripinaa army; you’ll be dealing damage in overwatch with both your Cognis flamer and your primary weaponry.

Where Agripinaa Kataphron Destroyers really come into their own is in conjunction with Fresh Converts:

Does it look like your Destroyers are in trouble? Simply replace them with some new ones, positioned for a last-minute grab for the objective, or in a more optimal firing position.

The Onager Dunecrawler with an Icarus Array is also a great option for an Agripinaa army. The Icarus Array has a number of high-damage shooting attacks that can all be fired simultaneously, which should significantly discourage any assault units looking to cripple your anti-air capabilities.

If you want to make life difficult for melee armies (or just fancy drowning your enemies in servitors) then dedicate your Adeptus Mechanicus army to Agripinaa. You’ll be able to pre-order the Adeptus Mechanicus codex tomorrow.



Praise the Omnissiah (or Nurgle, if that’s your preference!). Today, the new Adeptus Mechanicus codex is available to pre-order, alongside the new Deathshroud Terminators.

Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus re-engineers the servants of the Machine God for the new edition, designed to make your army more powerful, more thematic and more fun to play than ever before.

Outmanoeuvre your foes with a range of new Stratagems, customise your armies with forge world dogmas, or build your own legendary Tech-Priests with warlord traits and relics. We’ve been previewing these all week – and here’s your final two forge world dogmas, for Ryza and StygiesVIII:

The new codex is available in standard hardback format, as well as a lavishly presented collector’s edition and an eBook and Enhanced Editionif you’re looking for a codex you can read on your dataslate (or tablet, or iDevice!).

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42 responses to Adeptus Mechanicus Preview – Lucius, Agripinaa, Stygies VIII and Ryza

The power-level restriction on Agripinaa is a complex way of saying that regular servitors cost 1CP and destroyers cost 2, or 3 if you dare take more than a min-sized squad.

I think, if you plan to use it, you are going to take a max sized unit of destroyers, you can't risk them getting globalled in a single turn, they have awesome range and move and fire so make the best thing to bring back too.

It is an excellent effect, you can force an opponent to ignore your destroyers for fear of wasting firepower, and punish a mistake that fails to wipe them out, (just like necrons do), the only question is what you fill the detachment out with?

The Stygies stratagem (1cp) to deploy any stygies unit with the same restrictions as SM scouts or eldar rangers, combined with the changing protocols stratagem (1cp too) opens some different uses for Kastelans, even though the stratagem locks you into the protocols you have switched to for the remainder of the game

I think it is good on Kastellans, it is amazing on electro priests. The threat of the priests alone can win you games as people play too timid.

Deep striking with Lucius is also interesting for Kastelans. 12" flamers and fists popping up in an awkward position should cause some problems.

Yeah, it is without a doubt the best thing in the book. 6 Kastellan robots with 2+/4++ 9" from deployment is an incredibly hard problem to deal with, they are hard to shoot to death, hard to beat in melee and have good firepower and excellent melee.

The issue of course is Astropaths and to a lesser extent other psykers. Whether electropriests are better for the deep strike too, robots you can always just not deepstrike, electropriests are not running ever.

Looking at the whole book, there is a massive improvement to ad mech…….but nothing new. Compared to the Death Guard book it is a huge let down, all those FW models and no rules for them. You are paying £25 for a cheaper power fist, an HQ that was elite and a few points off a couple of models. It's just not good enough.

What rules there are are a huge benefit to Ad Mech, enabling all sorts of new strategies and most importantly offering some deep strike capability as both offence and defence, the stratagems are all good, its an excellent quality of life improvement, but in the end, just that 3/10.

Yup, and theres over twice as many again FW models, troop transports, tanks, super heavy tanks + robots and more castellans.

The indexes and FW armour books were reasonable value, every other book since has been shockingly bad value, only the Deathguard book brings anything close to a reasonable amount of new stuff.

Sure if you don't own the indexes they are fine, but if you do, whats the point? I can cross out the points values in the index just fine.

GW has clearly been following the pattern established with AoS’s Battle Tomes with the releas schedule for the new Codices. Codices with full model releases are being interspersed with codices that get no (or very few) new models. “Vanilla” Space Marines got a full wave, “Vanilla” Chaos Marines and Grey Knights did not, Death Guard get a full wave, Adeptus Mechanicus will only get the Cawl re-boxing…

Given that the entire Adeptus Mechanicus model range* dates back to only 2015, but significant chunks of the “vanilla” Chaos Space Marine model range date back to the late 1990s / early 2000s… Well, c’mon, man. First world problems.

* I believe the Enginseer model is close to 15 years old. But that’s _one_ dude and he was originally for the Imperial Guard anyway.

Meanwhile the Khorne Berzeker models are legally old enough to buy tobacco products and Abaddon the Despoiler is old enough to buy alcohol… and the Chaos Space Marines didn’t get a “full wave” model release with their Codex.

Nurgle was always my favorite Chaos God, so I’ve decided to hop on the Plague Marine bandwagon this edition. I have no shame… But, yeah, the vanilla Chaos Space Marines need some attention from the model makers. They got a fair bit of new stuff when Seventh Edition debuted: the new Hellbrute dreadnoughts, the Helldrake, the “Dino-Bots,” the Cultists, and so forth. But they desperately need updates to their rank and file.

I strongly suspect that codices for Emperor’s Children/Slaaneshi Marines and World Eaters/Khornate Marines are on the “To Do” list (frankly given how much attention Khorne gets in general it’s baffling that the Berzerker kit is so old). But they really, really, really need to just make a new box of generic “Tactical Squad” Chaos Space Marines.

They've actually LOST models from this edition — Cultist heavy weapons and the (admitedly poorly armed) Chosen models can no longer be purchased anywhere.

I can't get holf of a Lord of Skulls either, which annoys me cos it is making me Aetaos which is like turning up to play with the Sokar in terms of OP, and about 1/4 as cool. Could just use a knight i guess, but they suck.

Lord of Skulls is at least only "out of stock", rather than actually not sold. (Makes the Chosen shown throughout the book that much sillier. "These are Chosen. You can't get any, they came in the starter box 2 editions ago".

…..Sure. But the 'new' Chosen, that were released the last time Chaos got any models, that are the ones advertised in the codex as Chosen, are impossible to get.

Saying that you can get them by using another kit is fundamentally missing the point.

Chaos actually LOST models from 8th edition. Not units that supposedly didn't have models, actual models. (It'll be interesting to see how they get around this, because the Dark Vengeance sprues are quite interconnected).

I agree with this a lot, i am just really hoping that when they release army books like eldar and 'nids, theres 4-5 new or redone models.

My nid army dates back to 4th ed, and it shows. (cos i couldn't paint to save my life back then) and they are super strong already in 8th and i look forward to improving them (theres about 9k points of them at the moment). So I will be very disappointed if it is only strats and relics in codex.

Since every codex has super heavies, i think maybe we will get Hierodules as a plastic model. Which i think is a good step, the difference between a nid army with and without a hierodule is a lot.

Chosen, as a unit, existed long before Dark Vengeance came out. The Dark Vengeance models were not, in fact, ever intended to be the only (or even primary) way for players to get Chosen, as evidenced by the fact that the monopose models contain almost NONE of the options available to Chosen (and GW has been fairly adamant about removing unit options from things that don't have models.)

They have no heavy or special weapons, which are one of the primary features of the unit. While I agree that it's unfortunate that they have become harder to get- though realistically speaking, it's still not at all difficult to do on Ebay or other resellers- they only "lost models" in the sense that Dark Angels "lost models" as well, since the DA half of the box is also no longer available for purchase.

Chosen have always been built out of the CSM kit, typically with a supplement from metal/finecast miniatures. Nothing has really changed about that.

Yes, Abuse, I'm well aware of that.

The point is that the Chaos Space Marines LOST ACCESS TO EXISTING MODELS.

IT doesn't matter that you 'always could' build them out of other things or that they don't have the right weapons. (GW, incidentally, thinks they do, which while false, makes their removal worse).

It does not matter that you can make them out of something else. When people are complaining about how 8th hasn't brought them something for their pretty new army, the relevant point isn't "Can I make these from another box". It's that the total number of kits for Chaos went DOWN.

I am loving the plague marines, just working on anarmy now, it isn't good but it is hilarious.

I need anyone to find any chaos faction unit with less than 3w. I want to nuke my own army with the 3 cp stratgem, to set off the Tally for Epidimus early and then run around with T9 tanks!!!

I get where you're coming from, but hearing Imperial players complain about how few new models they are getting is pretty laughable for most other factions in the game. Eldar are still using some 2nd Edition sculpts for their models; Tau are living off a lot of 3rd and 4th edition ones; Orks, Tyranids, CSM, and Daemons are all in similar positions. GW has better places to be putting their time and money than into a niche Imperial faction that didn't even exist three years ago rather than completely ignoring entire lines of models in major factions.

I mean (not an Imperial player and neither of my Codices are out), my take on it: paying ~$70-80 (yay Australia tax!) for between 5-10 pages of new stuff, most of which aren't likely to matter (say 1 pg of useful stratagems, 1-2 traits you'd likely use, pts changes might matter)…yeah. I don't really want new units, I just want the Codex to not be stupid expensive hardback…

I haven't seen a full spoiler yet, but let's be fair: any "update" book is going to have a limited amount of new content compared to the original. Getting 2-3 pages of stratagems, a set of unique affiliation bonuses, a set of world-by-world affiliation bonuses, a set of relics, a set of warlord traits, and updates to the costs/stats of various units in the book is not a trivial matter. I'd prefer they went back to softcovers as well, but given the nature of the medium and whatnot, it's not a _wholly_ unreasonable price for things. More than I'd like to pay, but not out of keeping for what you'd expect of a full-color hardback on decent paper.

Yeah its a nice product, don't get me wrong, leafing through the deathguard one right now, there is no comparison to having the book in your hand. But, style without substance is pointless. I am happy to pay for quality stuff, i will continue to do so, but i ain't paying for junk like the SM, CSM, Grey Knight and Ad Mech books. I rather have models to paint and play with and just DL a pdf.

WH40k needs an AoS-style app with the unit profiles and stats for every model. Stat.

I’m absolutely shocked that they didn’t launch this edition with one already made.

Yeah, i don't think they'd even lose money, I basically spend as much as i was going to spend on their stuff, whether its books, cards or models and paints they aren't going to get anymore money. So why not just get all the profits from the models, and get new people into the game buy making it easier to start playing?

hardback isn't that expensive, they can always do what they did in 5th or 6th or whatever where the hardback was limited release then they made only softbacks and being GW, they charged the same damned price.

If you are only concerned about the rules themselves then sure, the new codicies aren't necessarily amazing over the indices but the fluff is pretty damn sweet. I'm actually quite enjoying the new books for that alone over the rules.

Now, you complain about our aussie tax, how do you think the new zealanders feel? So harsh the prices for them.

Options – ebay them.

dodgy dodge it and find a pdf, they ALWAYS are floating around.

I'm actually content with the codicies as they are. I am very much hoping the new Tyranid one due out by years end is going to be awesome thougha dn make Tyranid Warriors a HQ option again not just a prime, expensive hq';s suck.

"hardback isn't that expensive, they can always do what they did in 5th or 6th or whatever where the hardback was limited release then they made only softbacks and being GW, they charged the same damned price. "
Coming in at the tail end of 5th, my experience was softbacks ~$55, then they released hardbacks at ~$80.

"but the fluff is pretty damn sweet."
Well, my experience with updated fluff is 5th->6th nids, which is basically 90% literal copy+paste, so…if it's new and good fluff, I'll actually consider it (actually was interested in the GSC fluff – which was well written. Bar typos…)

"Now, you complain about our aussie tax, how do you think the new zealanders feel? So harsh the prices for them."
Poor kiwis 🙁 .

"dodgy dodge it and find a pdf, they ALWAYS are floating around. "
And not complain about something on the Internet? The horror 😛 . But seriously, I'll probably bite the bullet and buy nids, since otherwise I'll be printing stuff and that's an additional reason over any other qualms (ebay usually isn't much help once you factor shipping here). But Cult? *Whistles* Going to have to give me a really good reason to get another Codex probably <1 yr after the last one, when they've got less stuff in it in the first place yet are charging full price (and just generally unhappy with Cult at the moment 🙁 ).

Even if they were just allowed to use Rhino's/Chimeras – that would be a chunk of people that would immediatly go out and buy 1-2 of them minimum…

>> I do not understand why Power Level is being used as a universal option when Matched Play does not use it (just like using Power Level for Kill Points). <<

Because it's faster than specifically listing a range of possible point values (e.g., 1 CP for units up to 199 Points, 2 CP for units between 200–399 Points…) and having to calculate all that on the fly.

Yeah, PL is basically used as shorthand for unit costs. Dealing with smaller numbers is simpler and having it right on the datasheet is easier as well.

What abusepuppy and ih said.

At the end of the day, it'll takje a match play player an extra 5 or 10 secodns to write down the power level of the unit they just bought in points and really, that's not a big deal, anyone who whinges about it should take a few deep breaths and realise the time they spent whinging they could have already noted the power levels down and started with the drinking already!

2 things:

1) You haven't put anything up in a while.

2) Your website (probably an add) tries to download something, preumably malware, as soon as I visit. On the good side, Chrome catches it.

It's the chatbox flash plugin.

According to Kadeton, Chrome updated their security settings and it is something that chatbox needs to function. There is no harm in it but not sure if we can rectify it without changing the chatbox program.

Yeah, it would be good to find an alternative. I'm probably not going to get much time to research chatroom apps any time soon, so if you feel like helping out, any suggestions would be great!

We're looking for something HTML5-based, mobile-friendly, and the smaller the footprint, the better. We don't need any fancy features. Also: free.