Astra Militarum Previews – Valhalla and Armageddon

Will post the warhammer tv stuff in a few hours but for now here are the copy pastes of the last two previews before it goes up for preorder.

Conscripts are still a strong screen choice but their versatility without 100% orders and maxing out at 30 per squad will limit them somewhat.

Regiment Focus: Valhalla

The Valhallan Ice Warriors are ruthless, even by the standards of the Astra Militarum, and are renowned for their willingness to expend the lives of their troops to secure victory for the Emperor. On the tabletop, Valhallan armies can keep fighting regardless of horrific casualties, fire directly into units engaged in close combat and even return destroyed units to the field. Not bad!

The Regimental Doctrine

Grim Demeanour helps make up for the generally poor morale possessed by Astra Militarum units – after all, the last thing you need on the battlefield is for a few casualties on a unit of Veterans to cause your key special weapons to flee. Similarly, vehicles in the Valhallan army have a much longer effective life span than others, meaning your opponent will be forced to fully destroy them rather than just relying on crippling you.

Best Units

Conscripts have seen some changes in the new Astra Militarum codex, designed to make them fit their background more appropriately. If you’ve got loads of these guys on hand, don’t worry! They’re still a very handy unit (particularly in the Valhallan army). Firstly, Conscripts can only be taken in units of 20-30, reducing the effectiveness of stacking orders on a block of 50. Secondly, orders only work on Conscripts on a 4+, and, should they fail, no more orders will work on the unit for the rest of the turn.

Conscripts are still very useful, and in a Valhallan army, we’d recommend using yours to hold enemy units in place before using Fire On My Command, the new Valhallan Order, to shoot into the combat. In this way, you can neutralise an enemy unit’s shooting without any loss of effectiveness for your own!

Should all your conscripts die, you can always Send in the Next Wave! – this stratagem is also a great way to recoup the loss of an expensive unit ofVeterans, or a Command Squad.

What better way to transport your infantry to the front than with theStormlord? With more than enough room for almost an entire platoon of Guardsmen, this tank suits the close-assault tactics of the Valhallans to a T, while Grim Demeanour ensures that even devastating damage won’t stop you from making the most of the Vulcan mega-bolter. What’s more, the Steel Behemoth rule has been updated so that Baneblades of all types don’t suffer penalties for shooting Heavy weapons after moving.

One very scary combo with the Stormlord involves a deadly new vehicle stratagem, Crush Them! All Baneblade variants are equipped with adamantium tracks and have 9 Attacks, but only have a Weapon Skill of 5+. With Crush Them!, all your attacks will be hitting on a 2+, and you’ll be able to advance and charge. Use this to get your Stormlord across the table quickly, destroy a key enemy unit and then disembark your infantry next turn before falling back and firing on the enemy.

Valhallan armies are perfect for you if you want a truly relentless regiment. Tomorrow, in the last of our previews of the codex, we’ll be checking out the armies of Armageddon, and looking at how the warping of Armageddon has changed how this regiment fights.

Regimental Focus: Armageddon

Armageddon is one of the most famous worlds in the entire Imperium, having been the final battleground of a series of enormous wars. In the aftermath of the Third War for Armageddon, the planet is plagued by invasions from Ork and Daemon alike, the entire planet a training ground for the regiments of Astra Militarum that call it home.

Armageddon armies have long been known for their armoured regiments, but recent events in the Warhammer 40,000 universe have changed the character of the Steel Legion. Constant warfare with Orks has resulted in some regiments being dedicated wholly to Ork hunting, making them deadly combatants at close range – check out this particularly fierce looking Ork Hunter from the codex!

On the tabletop, Armageddon armies have a series of abilities designed to privilege fast-moving, mechanised warfare.

The Regimental Doctrine

Industrial Efficiency allows your Guardsmen to lay down a withering hail of fire at midrange – an Infantry Squad with lasguns and the First Rank Fire! Second Rank Fire! Order will be putting out 36 shots at 18” and closer! This is great for units deployed from Chimeras, with the second part of the doctrine helping your light vehicles resist being destroyed by popular weapons like autocannons and heavy bolters.

Best Units

Both the Chimera and the Taurox are perfect for getting your infantry into rapid fire range as quickly as possible. Armageddon armies can also deliver a deadly one-two punch by combining their unique order and stratagem:

Using these rules in tandem, you’ll be able to do maximum damage when disembarking, then re-embark and redeploy without losing a turn of shooting. Armageddon mechanised infantry are going to be very, very hard to pin down in the new codex.

The Company Commander may not, on the surface, seem like the most imposing of characters, but the new Astra Militarum codex is packed with Heirlooms of Conquest designed to let you turn your HQ choices into powerful tactical assets. The Dagger of Tu’Sakh suits Armageddon armies, allowing you to bring in a unit of Veterans on a particularly vulnerable enemy flank:

Meanwhile, Kurov’s Aquila is a great way to pick up some bonus Command Points and take advantage of all the awesome new Stratagems in the codex:

Finally, the Blade of Conquest can turn a Company Commander into a surprisingly threatening close combat character. An Armageddon Company Commander using the Ex-Gang Leader warlord trait can handily dispatch even a Chaos Lord with some lucky rolls!

Worried about your Company Commander not being durable enough? There’s a brand new unit in the codex designed to protect your heroes. The Ogryn Bodyguard can be built from the Ogryn plastic kit, and essentially acts as a customisable Nork Deddog with an ability that allows him to intercept wounds meant for your commanders.

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Dagger of Tu’Sakh intrigues me. I'm really curious as to what it costs. Lots of things with the Infantry keyword that your opponent isn't going to want suddenly showing up in his backfield.

Land Raiders are not even close to the size of a Super Heavy tank i think would be the main reason fluff wise, bane blades were city block sized when they were first inroduced in epic, many times bigger than landraiders.

for Game balance, the crush them is to bring Bane blade variants more in line with knights and primarchs, you need to have the capability to threaten melee with them, or they just too easy to counter.

I think i preferred the old rules when any charging vehicle was a severe threat, felt more in keeping with what you'd expect, but this way you do get the combined forces thing working nicely.

If only the stratagem was just for baneblades but the way it is worded it applies to scout sentinels as well. They really should have specified it the same way they did with helbrute stratagems etc…

Hmmm is that a problem, some of the space marine Forge World stuff is pretty good in melee already, how's the IG stuff?

Got it! the landraider is full of terminators, so why does it need to crush people and get filthy xenos blood on its thrice blessed tank tracks!

Can we please get a handle on the Group.swf thing that tries to download each time I go to this site. That or let me know that it is something you guys are doing on purpose. Not thrilled to have something try to download every time I load a page.

If I missed a response to this earlier, sorry. I love the site and don't want to have to stop visiting.

Thank you.

Yeah unfortunately it's part of the Chatango chatroom widget. Chrome hates Flash, so it will warn you about it every time.

If you want the chatroom, I don't think there's anything you can do to avoid having to click through the warning. If you can live without it, either block it or turn off your Flash plugin and you won't see the alert.

I haven't seen anything from Chatango to suggest that they're working on an HTML5 version, so I'm currently looking around for alternatives, but I can't give you an ETA on when things might change.

After some digging, there is a standard HTML5 version – we were just using the legacy version, buried pretty deep in the site's code. So welcome to the future, and GET REKT Flash.

No mention of plasma price changes and Tempestus got massively stronger.

36 plasma shots from a battalion became 43 shots and they have auspex scan for 1cp, so they protect themselves from counter deep strike. Just nasty. Elysians are prolly done with, glad i didn't order them and waited. They can swap to reroll wounds, but likely they are gonna go with reroll 1's to hit cos plasma

Pretty insane.

My bad, plasma got the changes it needed, i think Tempestus are still good, just they aren't the only option now with all the buffs to tanks.

Will be interesting to see how it all shakes out, plenty of buffs that allow greater army selection.

There is a small nerf though for tournament play, previously you were getting objective secured for being troops, now you only get it in a regiment, that is a small nerf to soup, russes have objective secured though if they are in a spearhead

Cadians seem to have a really bad doctrine unless i am missing something, good for mortars maybe.

Do you mean in game mechanics terms, in-universe fluff terms, or real world terms?

In the real world, a regiment is a permanent “standing” unit of an army. Although the exact composition varies from nation to nation, historical period, and the specific role of the regiment there’s some generally accepted ways of organizing it.
A regiment is typically commanded by a colonel (sometimes a brigadier general) and divided into several companies, squadrons, or batteries and often into two battalions. Oh and to confuse things more, sometimes a military will have battalions instead of brigades. Sometimes they have both… An infantry regiment will typically be about 2,000 – 4,000 men strong.

In the United Kingdom and other commonwealth national armies, much more so than in the American military, the regiment is a BIG @&$#%ING DEAL. It is impossible to understate how much important a regiment’s history, traditions, and unique esprit de corps holds for a commonwealth soldier. Seriously, they take this stuff incredibly seriously… Hard to blame them given that most regiments have centuries of battle honors and continuing history. The oldest infantry regiment are the Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment), formerly the 3rd Regiment of Foot, and date back to 1572… The Royal Jersey Militia was established in 1337!

In the American armed forces, the Coast Guard likes to tease the Navy that they’re technically older, as the USCG has a continuous existence whereas the Navy was deactivated after the Revolutionary War until being reestablished 1790. But the British have a regiment that’s just shy of SEVEN CENTURIES of continuous existence.