Battle in the Bush – Second 8th Edition Tournament

As you read this, day 1 will likely already be over and I am probably licking my wounds as I head into another tournament with very little practice with my list. Flakey gaming buddies *stares pointedly at someone*. You can follow along on the Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Anyway, ended up going with a modified Girlyman list with some thrown in Conscript allies – because you can. I unfortunately did not have time to finish off all my heavy weapon Marines or Conscripts so no super pretty pictures of the army but I will make sure they get finished when I return so I can (it’s amazing the amount of Marine models I have painted and then keep needing to add to them…).

List is below:

Points – 2000
Warlord –
Roboute Guilliman
# of Detachments –
Primary Faction –
Adeptus Astartes (Ultramarines)
CP –

Ice Claws (Ultramarines Chapter Tactic)

Battalion (3CP) – Adeptus Astartes

HQ –

Techmarine w/Servo Arm, Boltgun, Chainsword
Chronus w/Predator w/Storm Bolter, Predator Autocannon, two Lascannons

Elites –

Chapter Ancient w/Power Sword, Standard of the Emperor Ascendant (Relic)

Troops –

5x Space Marine Tacticals w/Grav Cannon, combi-plasma
5x Space Marine Tacticals w/Grav Cannon, combi-plasma
5x Space Marine Tacticals w/Plasma Cannon

Dedicated Transport –

Razorback w/twin Assault Cannons, storm bolter
Razorback w/twin Assault Cannons, storm bolter
Razorback w/twin Assault Cannons, storm bolter

Heavy Support –

Devastator Squad w/three Lascannons, one Missile Launcher, Armorium Cherub
Mortis Dreadnought w/two twin Autocannons
Mortis Dreadnought w/two twin Autocannons

Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment (0CP) – Adeptus Astartes

Lord of War –

Roboute Guilliman (Warlord, +3CP)

Vanguard Detachment (1CP) – Imperium

HQ –

Company Commander w/Chainsword, Laspistol

Elites –

Eversor Assassin
Commissar w/Boltgun, Chainsword
Astropath w/Laspitol, Psychic Barrier

Troops –

28x Conscripts

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6 responses to Battle in the Bush – Second 8th Edition Tournament

Nice list! The Ancient feels a bit superfluous given that he'll be supporting 3 min-sized Tac squads. Could've had an extra 22 Conscripts instead.

I would have preferred 2 Dev squads but the tournament here said no index units if not in codex so had to run Mortis Dreads. Not sure how I would have grabbed the second squad though but the Banner did very little unfortunately – flubbed most of the dying attacks despite getting lots of 3+s.

List otherwise performed really well.

Sorry I posted this before but my computer must have eaten it.

I would drop the plasma Tacticals for a Scout Squad, and pick up a Heavy Bolter in return. With the stratagem that's more firepower than a plasma cannon especially vs Invul saves.

Dropping the conscript blob lets you drop the Commisar and Company commander too if you are vs a deep strike list you can use the scouts as deepstrike protection, if not infiltrate and force your enemy to come and deal with them or free objective every turn. Not much can deal with scouts cost efficiently.

You can keep your psykers by moving them up into a supreme command detachment with Guilleman and upgrading it to Primaris Psyker*3 then drop the vanguard detachment (same CP, lose the blob, but gain 40pts to spend elsewhere).

That lets you decide if you want a Spearhead detachment then, the 21pts you saved turning the Tacticals into scouts gives you a total of 61 enough for a techmarine \o/.

Also it allows you to turn the Mortis Dreads into Budget Dev squads, with the advantage you put some chaff between your enemy and the heavy weapons. You can upgrade the Tech marines to Conversion beamers maybe strip some of the heavy weapons from the tacticals and put them all as scouts? I like that, it means you can double up your chaff shield as 3 squads of scouts, but when it isn't needed (ie vs another castle) you can deploy them deep to take objectives and bring extra firepower to bear on enemys castle.

The dev squads make for much better "assault" troops cos they can go as double grav heavy bolter maybe, then you take 2 dev squads of las/launcher at the back? Apart from objective secured, Dev squads are just much better than tactical ones.

Triple Las Dev is 145, Mortis is 141.

You'd have to play around with the costings of it to decide what you like, but I think that keeps your list as you want it, and adds in the devs over the dreads?

I'm having trouble parsing your phrasing. Are you saying you wanted 2 devastator squads and 2 rifleman dreads, but the tournament restriction required you to take the mortis dread from the imperial armor index instead?