Imperial Guard preview – Mordians – A new hope for a slightly different 8th?

Imperial Guard preview – Mordians:

Today we got our best preview yet of the Imperial Guard codex coming out shortly. Mordians: In short, we saw the return of proper regiments (not just Cadians, yeah!), the attempt to remake the Leman Russ as a something worth taking and at the end, the following attempt from GW to shut down the monster they created with unit buff bubbles from untargetable characters. Lets begin :

This is a strong option – yes, you lose your ability to string out a combat or cover a larger area, but the advantage is pretty solid. Now this isn’t the be all and end all for some units-  for instance 50 conscripts kill only 1.85 MEQ’s more on average (100/3)/3)/3) with overwatch while a Leman Russ Punisher with HB’s all around kills about 1.25 MEQ’s more.

This command point addition takes your chances of hitting to 4+ with the Parade Drill shown above, meaning 2.5 more marines dead on average via a Leman Russ Punsiher = though the results can be extremely pitchy when you start considering other loadouts – multiple hits or misses with multi-melta’s/lascannons/anything else can be really good or bad, as all high damage output low weight of fire weapons tend to be.


This is a big deal. The straight up doubling of output means there will be some interesting calculations done once points come out for Leman Russ variants. Most people will want to see the results of the Executioner and Punisher – mass Executioner plasma shots or a torrent of Punisher Gatling shots is pretty solid. Add in potential rerolls of results and tank commander bonuses for extra fun. I just received a new Leman Russ Demolisher kit from the US and am stoked to be wanting to get it out and assembled ASAP.

Also note the Vanquisher battle cannon and Exterminator autocannon options become … less terrible with this rule? Hopefully they buff up them both and ensure they come off the shelf.

Also if you take the following line “If this model moves under half speed in its Movement phase (i.e. if it moves a distance in inches less than half of its current Move Characteristic) it can shoot its turret weapon twice in the following Shooting Phase” to mean it has to move to qualify for Grinding Advance, I think you are wrong as that’s not how English works – not moving at all is moving less than half its distance. Happy to discuss it in the comments, but I’m getting in first.

This is the money shot of the release. I’m assuming this is a Mordian infantry only. Hopefully it applies to all Mordian units, though I expect it to be excluded for Scions and Vehicles.

If this does apply to any <Mordian> infantry unit, I can see this being used on missile or lascannon heavy weapons squads, or more rarely special weapon squads/command squads on suicide missions with assault weapons (EDIT – both wrong. On comment reflection, I skipped over the two words Rapid Fire. Fail). So instead of heavy weapons or assault weapons, it affects plasma guns and lasguns – meaning special weapon squads with plasma may be a thing. Maybe. 


Anyway, go read the post from Games Workshop and comment below!


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17 responses to Imperial Guard preview – Mordians – A new hope for a slightly different 8th?

"The straight up doubling of output means there will be some interesting calculations done once points come out for Leman Russ variants. "
Eh. Unless other stuff changes, I don't see anything else being run but BC (range) or punisher (output).

"I can see this being used on missile or lascannon heavy weapons squads, or more rarely special weapon squads/command squads on suicide missions with assault weapons."
Rapid fire weapons only. So…unless you can order it on Scions (I doubt it), probably not hugely helpful.

Yes, but how many Characters are going to be getting into range of them, that you want to kill with this, that you'd actually be able to kill with plas (bearing in mind no reroll 1s from orders)?

I guess you could valk drop them? (To be honest, I forgot that was even a thing since Scions do that-but-better now). Expensive and not effective enough though I'd say – probably better off with more ratlings…

From the way these previews are looking, I'm betting the nerf to conscripts is that they won't get a regimental keyword. They're conscripts, not Mordians or Catachans and taking conscripts is going to mean you miss out on the lovely regimental disciplines.

And yes, the Mordian order is for Mordian infantry only. Scions are Scions, not Mordians so they're out of luck there. Still, plasma vets and special weapons teams are a thing, and if you're going hunting characters, a squad or two of them will benefit a lot from that order.

I really don't think the Mordian stuff is that good is it?

At the risk of being labelled a dirty heretical pedant, the punisher is forge world only, unless it see's an actual write up in the codex, it won't have the new Grinding Advance, still have it's old one, so no double firepower, it will be too expensive and too under gunned still.

There's been no updates to any FW stuff with any of the other codexes, other than "lol my bad ya you can still use all of this" and so i am a little worried that they spam "omg punisher amazing" on their front page, and in fact it will be punisher suck.

Let's assume my pessimism is unfounded. We compare the damage increase of a Catachan Leman Russ to a Mordian one.

Catachan has 20 Punisher shots re-rolling 1's for a healthy 4 hits, 2 heavy flamers for another 8.5 hits.

The Mordian has 20 shots, hitting 10 times, and 7 shots off its flamers.

Obviously the Catchan russ is likely to take a battlecannon, relying on hell hounds for anti infantry, but thats an aside. It seems to me to make the mordians a fun option, but their ability to vastly improve overwatch =/= the ability to vastly improve all shooting.

Lets look at the Plasma now. Okay so we have awesome anti character firepower, without a doubt shooting chars with plasma will be hilarious, heck gunning them down with las guns will be fun, but is it worth giving up the ability to drop your dudes from space and no ability to re roll 1's?

Situationally, it's an excellent order to have, right now, with no other bonuses revealed it's the best infantry bonus, a distinct buff, but it isn't enough to go taking a mordian command squad over a tempestus one. If you put a command squad on the table, expect it to die the first turn your opponent has, it's why you deep strike them.

The Punisher is one of the default options in the kit & was in the Index. I think it's reasonable to assume it'll be in the Codex.

The Punisher is most definitely a standard variant, found in Index Imperium 2. It's not forgeworld. And I have no idea why you think that Mordian troops can't jump out the back of a valkyrie, or a chimera for some extra protection.

I firstly dismissed it cos well, valkyries and chimeras are not great (too expensive, too unreliable).

127pts gets you the Command squad, Commander, and a Special weapons team (less accurate but still okay) all neatly fit in a Valkyrie, that's a 39pt saving, and if you take that off the price of a Valkyrie it suddenly doesn't look like a pile of junk. Bear in mind you don't have to kill chars, you can still go for re-roll 1's and keep your plasma alive, but this does provide a very viable way to pop the changeling, take away Magnus's -1 and then he can go down to the rest of the plasma. As ever the issue will be getting line of sight.

…Punisher FW only? Umm, you sure on that? I'm almost 100% positive that it's one of the demolisher dual kits…So yes, it will get grinding advance and thus actually be able to compete with a vulture, which gets 2 punishers base with a better survivability profile and move to begin with…

(Agreed that as they stand, Mordians look neat, but not Catachan level – prefer just blasting everything away before you need overwatch).

Given they specifically call out Conscripts as benefitting from being MOrdians, I suspect they probably get the regiment discipline.

That Mordian "Firing Squad" rule says rapid fire weapons. So you won't be sniping characters with heavy weapons, just lasguns and maybe hellguns.

Yep – my block reading fails me.

Plasma guns- maybe hellguns but Scions don't count so there aren't many options.

That is still really good vs soft targets like commissars. Heck since it is an order nof a stratagem it is fine to try out vs 4-5 wound marine characters or even just being able to actually apply your plasma to pesky daemon princes.

It seeems really good.

Historically conscripts have been hard to discipline. I am guessing the nerf will be follow orders on 4+ roll. The commissar might have to shoot d3 to restore morale too!