Eldar Rules dump from Twitch

Copy pasted from Facebook.


“From the livestream tactics talk:

• Shining Spears are down 6 points.

• No Ynnari in the Craftworlds codex. Ynnari armies don’t benefit from Craftworlds attributes.

• Dire Avengers are now 12 points a model (same as Rangers).

• New power Quickening, essentially Warptime. Pick a friendly Craftworlds unit within 18″ pf the caster. It can move as if it were the movement phase.

• Sounds like Guardians are the same cost (they discussed points costs for troop unit, said 60 points for base Dire Avenger and Ranger squads, Guardians are closer to 80 points (which is what they are currently).

• Warlord trait on the Avatar allows it to target characters in the shooting phase even if they aren’t the closest unit.

• Biel-tan attribute affects all shuriken weapons in the army.

• Warlord trait for +2 movement.

• Webway strike stratagem allows between 1-3 Craftworld units to enter the battlefielf using normal deep strike rules.

• Skystrike stratagem allows a unit with Fly to appear on the battlefield

• Banshee mask denies overwatch now instead of always striking first. They can advance and charge.

• Warwalkers now have an outflank ability

• Swooping Hawk guns are now Assault 4 instead of Rapid Fire 2, still 24” range.

• Swooping Hawks have dropped 4 points per model.

• Craftworlds can field a brigade for “less than 1100 points now.”

• 3 Dark Reapers are now ~80 points. Still have 3+ to hit regardless of modifiers in the shooting phase.

• Relic: When this models dies, on a 2+ it causes D3 mortal wounds. If those wounds kill a model, the model with the relic remains on the table with a single wound remaining. Only relic the Avatar can take.

• Phoenix Lords don’t benefit or effect Craftworld attributes. Can be taken in any Craftowlrds army without messing up the detachment bonus.

• New warlord trait: Puritanical leader: All units within 6″ of the warlord auto pass morale.

• Striking Scorpions down in points (didn’t say how much).

• “I saw a really nice comment on Reddit, actually…” Looks like they do browse the sub!

• No big changes to Wraithknights.

• Everything in the book benefits from the Craftworlds attribute. Hemlock Wraithfights of Alaitoc now have -2 to hit.

• Nightspinners down in points.

• Iyanden Warlord trait: At the start of the turn, roll a dice. On a 6, gain a command point.

• Falcon Grav tanks down by 50 points.

• Heavy weapons cheaper now.

• Warlocks are 35 points.

• Jain Zarr, all Banshees always fight first within 6″ of her.

• No changes to Storm Guardians.

• Empower psychic power: +1 to wound rolls for a friendly unit.

• 6 Runes of Fate. Guide, Doom, Fortune, Mind War, 2 other they mentioned quickly.

• “Harlequins and Ynnari will be in a codex at some point.” Implied they’d both get their own codex.

• Eldrad down in points plus some new lore.

• Windriders are 18 points with shuriken catapults. 28 for shuriken cannons.

• Ynnari rules packaged in the Triumverate box are the same as the index Xenos 1 rules.

• 15 points for scatter lasers

• “Tyranids are a really, really interesting book! We’ll talk about it in a couple of weeks ;)”

Looks like that’s it!

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29 responses to Eldar Rules dump from Twitch

Just a scenario to consider:

2-3 Alticoc hemlock wraithfightes fly up and form a line sideways, use deepstrike strategem to drop x3 10man units of shadow spectres behind them. Double move shining spears with quicktime, then double shoot guided shining spears with Ynnari Soulburst, then charge in. So much alpha strike its hard to come back from. Hypothetical I know.

Without getting in range of the flamer mode (which you can't with deep striking, presumably) Spectres aren't gonna do a ton of damage that turn except to heavy infantry. I would probably save the 3CP and just move them up the board normally, relying on the -2/-3 to hit them to do the job.

Its before T1 same as alpha legion and raven guard, if you going first you drop them move them flame away, going 2nd deploy back and rely on -2 to hit to keep you safe before advance. Basically it's possible to field an army that leaves Imp Guard on 6's to hit with vostroyan super heavy and tank commanders. Plasma is all but useless.

I do agree though it won't matter if you stack the buff to -3 and spam it, you will simply have too much army that is too difficult to hit that any opponent bring enough auto hit weaponry to counter you, then loses to a more standard army.

Essentially weeks after making imp guard tanks viable, they heavily hampered by them by introducing a -3 to hit army. I think hell hounds go up in value a lot, so do GK both answer -2 to hit infantry pretty well

The -1 penalty doesn't apply at range, so you'll see more melee-focused and short-range armies coming to the fore if Eldar start making a significant presence at tournaments. (I wouldn't guarantee it, since Raven guard have been around for a while without making any waves, but it's possible.) It's absolutely strong, but it has a built-in way to negate it, so I don't think it's going to be unstoppable- just strongly disincentivizes long-range shooting armies.

(And good to know on the "sneak" stratagem. I hadn't seen any specific text for it yet.)

I think, not sure, that the issue is the Spectres. Everything else I think I can play around, but the spectres are a bit too cheap. They are good anti infantry of all types but they key thing is their incredible survivability soon as you give them -3 to hit, you are forcing your enemy to counter them by stepping up into 12" and gunning them down (2+ in cover) or charging them (get flamed).

Tbh though i do like it, i think it might prove too strong, but its not like you can just run them as only unit, past a certain point they lose effectiveness, complimentary units are better, but i can sure see their value in just tieing up any armies high accuracy guns. for a bit.

I wonder if eldar will push the spam out a bit, and make room for space marines again (who are good vs -3 to hit).

Even SM struggle a ton with -2/-3 to hit on units; that's reducing their shots to the point where even full Rowboat rerolls are still making you less accurate than a Guardsman, which is pretty crippling.

And yeah, Spectres are the real problem- the combination of nigh-immunity to shooting along with powerful overwatch is very difficult to deal with and I think a lot of armies will struggle with it. I wouldn't be shocked if Spectres got a nerf at some point, but until that goes live they are going to be a feature of every Eldar player who can afford or convert a set of them.

Oh, spectres have -1 already. Fun time for guard then, yeah. Still no spamming -3.

Though one thing I do like about this, the -1 to hit are some of the few effective ways of toning down the 'everything die' that this edition has a proclivity towards.

(And conceal's AoE, so it can, albeit awkwardly. Curse lack of edit function…Though someone mentioned a preview removing conceal from Hemlock, but you could still just use a Warlock with the stratagem.)

I dunno how no ynarri/craftworld interacts if it is detachment based it will be fine or if you have yvraine as warlord that's it, no craftworld bonuses, then as good as -1 to hit is, it is terrible compared to strength in death.

For certain kinds of armies, -1 to hit and Battle Focus (as well as a wider range of warlord choices) will end up being superior. Not always or even most of the time, I think, but there is at least some reason to consider playing a Craftworld army now.

Well, if you're insistent on playing Mechdar, you may as well go Craftworlds over Ynnari, since the latter doesn't give you any benefit at all (aside from being able to include DE/Harlies in your list.) Even with the changes I don't feel that will be a great army, but you at least have a reasonable suite of vehicles to pick from with the Serpent, Falcon, Prism, and Spinner.

-1 to hit is good alone, not as good at SFD. But when it gets to the -2/-3 range it gets nuts, makes some altioc lists literally immune to 4+ shooting armies, guard, orks and tau

Yeah if you can keep that Warlock alive, Spectres (or Hemlocks) are just untouchable by most things.

With the changes to Smite coming down the pipe, it might actually make Craftworlds viable as a tournament army.

It has not been officially announced, but we know Chapter Approved is going to be altering a lot of stuff for the game. Some of these will be rules changes for the "basic" rules of the game, which will include limiting the number of Smites that can be cast each turn to three. Some of them will be army-construction rules, like giving non-codex armies Objective Secured and preventing "mixed" detachments. Some of them will be outright cost changes to units currently in print.

You got a source for that specific Smite change? Seems a pretty hefty nerf to many popular army comps. Cheesy and spammy ones, but still.

I kinda wish they'd implement a "successive casts suffer a -1 penalty per attempt" for all psychic powers. One attempt per power per turn is so limiting.

Not that one that I am willing to name, no. Sorry, but the information was given to me on condition of anonymity, so I can't say a lot about who it is- however, it's someone who I've talked to a lot about other playtest stuff from 8E and who has been consistently accurate about the changes upcoming, so I don't have much reason to doubt it (though he admits it's possible that things were further changed after the version he played was put out.)

Personally, I don't think it's really the best way to handle issues with spamming Malefic Lords and Primaris Psykers, but I suppose we'll see. Reducing those two to casting Smite on a single d6 (the way many other units do), increasing their cost, or giving them "baby Smite" in the fashion of GK/1KSons would all feel like better solutions, but at least GW is doing _something_ to address the issue.

(Supposedly a ton of other changes are coming to FW rules as well in Chapter Approved, though I don't have any specifics. But the gist was that anything that is currently getting spammed will likely be toned down, while many of the garbage units will get some buffs.)

~45 minutes of just audio review by mr. Igetlotsofruleswrong is not that good. I’d have hoped he showed something. (I listened until he said the “no pics” part, then skipped and checked 6-7 random points in the vid). If he showed something please point me to the correct moment

Dunno i think this is much better than his pure salt ad mech review. Still, it is a sign that they have mega buffed craft worlds, though they still seem to be worse than Harlies, the exception being the -3 to hit army which will always win some games at tournaments because there's just no way to build a balanced army that can counter it at the same time as countering other things.

Given that there's also the Avatar Resurgent stratagem, it seems like you could make an Avatar that's pretty damn hard to kill.

I really hope they don’t mess around with smite itself when the problem is Malefic Lords. Just increase their points. Good grief don’t nerf things like Grey Knights who no one is complaining about.

Grey Knights won't be affected, their smites not strong enough for any issues with it hurting them too much. It's not just Malefic Lords, I played an army which had 18 smites from astropaths and primaris psykers, if the person playing it had known harlies could move through enemy models i woulda lost for sure.

Guys quick point. Conceal has now changed and it is cast into 1 infantry/biker unit at 18", so it is no longer a bubble that can affect several units and hemlock it is no longer a viable target (thus no -3 hemlocks), but we can still get 1 unit of specters at -3

While it needed nerfing (it was too good, and with new alaitoc it would be bonkers), I still think is great because it is easy to cast at a 6 and 18" range means you can easily reach where you need.