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I’ve been seeing a few posts and comments asking and wondering about point costs in the new codex. Well wonder no more! I have compiled a list of everything! I made a comment in a thread with them but thought I would make an actual post for more visibility. If you think something may be wrong, let me know and I’ll look into it again. I had to decipher a sometimes blurry video so anything is possible.

I’ve left a few notes on a few things I thought were good to know.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ne8vBVT8N0

Note: If something is indeed gone as an option/loadout, you should still be able to use that loadout per https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/07/05/codexes-your-questions-answered-july-5gw-homepage-post-2/ Things were likely removed due to current sculpts not having that option out of the box.

Q: There are a few options that are missing in the codex that appear in the index: why is that? Does that mean I can’t use these models in my army anymore?

A: While the indexes are designed to cover a long history of miniatures, the codexes are designed to give you rules for the current Warhammer 40,000 range. There are a few options in the indexes for some Characters and vehicles that are no longer represented in the Citadel range – certain Dreadnought weapons that don’t come in the box, or some characters on bikes, for example. Don’t worry though, you can still use all of these in your games if you have these older models. In these instances, use the datasheet from the index, and the most recent points published for that model and its weapons.

EDIT: Now in a nicer format!

EDIT: Added note about missing weapons/loadouts



Name Points Notes
Autarch 65 If your warlord is a variant of Autarch, in addition to re-rolling hit rolls of 1, roll a die for each command point you spend on stratagems, on a 6, refund that point.
Autarch Skyrunner 95 By default, Autarchs lose the weapon choices they had, and they come pretty bare bones but due to my Q/A note above, you should be able to kit them out as you did.
Autarch with Wings 85
Crimson Hunter 120
Crimson Hunter Exarch 135
Dark Reapers 5
Dire Avengers 8
Falcon 125
Farseer 100 Roll a D6 when this model suffers a mortal wound, adding 3 to the result if the mortal wound is the result of the psyker suffering a perils of the warp, on a 5+ it is ignored
Farseer Skyrunner 130 Same as above
Fire Dragons 7
Fire Prism 155
Guardian Defenders 8
Guardian Platform 5
Hemlock Wraithfighter 200 Can only cast the second part of Battle powers now, Mindshock Pods is -2 Ld now
Howling Banshees 9 Can Advance and charge at target at 15″ instead of 12″, can’t be Overwatched, loses fighting first unless with Jain Zar
Night Spinner 135
Rangers 12
Shining Spears 18
Spiritseer 45
Storm Guardians 7
Striking Scorpions 13
Support Weapon 30
Swooping Hawks 6 Can drop gernades if they deepstrike within 12″ of an enemy unit and when they move over
Vypers 50
War Walkers 50 Scout move is replaced. Instead of getting a free 12″ move before the game, they can come in from any edge, at the end of your movement phase, as long as they appear within 3″ of the edge and more than 9″ from an enemy
Warlock 35
Warlock Conclave 30 per
Warlock Skyrunner 65
Warlock Skyrunner Conclave 60 per
Warp Spiders 10 Can deepstrike more than 9″ away
Wave Serpent 107
Windriders 18
Wraithblades 29 Now T6 instead fo T5
Wraithguard 23 Now T6 instead of T5
Wraithknight 402
Wraithlord 103 Now T8 instead of T7


Special HQs:

Name Points Notes
Asurmen 175
Avatar 250
Barroth 110 Can drop grenades if he deepstrikes within 12″ of an enemy and when moving over an enemy
Eldrad 150 Roll a D6 when this model suffers a mortal wound, adding 3 to the result if the mortal wound is the result of Eldrad suffering a perils of the warp, on a 5+ it is ignored
Fuegan 150
Illic Nightspear 80 Voidbringer is a flat 3 damage now
Jain Zar 140 Can Advance and charge at target at 15″ instead of 12″
Karandras 150
Maugen Ra 140
Prince Yriel 100



Name Points Notes
Aeldari Missle Launcher 25
Avenger Catapult 4
Bright Lance 20
Chainsabres GONE
D-cannon 45 Now S12 instead of S10, doesn’t need line of sight
D-Scythe 22 You roll 1 die per model now for number of shots, not 1 die for the whole squad, still auto-hits
Death Spinner 8
Doom Weaver 0
Dragons Breath Flamer 17
Firepike 20
Flamer 9
Fusion Gun 17
Fusion Pistol 9
Hawk’s Talon 10
Heavy D-Scythe 0 Now S12 instead of S10
Heavy Wraith Cannon 50 Now S16 instead of S10
Lasblaster 7 Now Assault 4 instead of rapid fire 2, still 24″
Laser Lance 8
Melta Bomb 0
Plasma Grenade 0
Prism Cannon 0 Can shoot twice at same target with same profile if moved under half movement
Pulse Laser 0
Ranger Long Rifle 0
Reaper Launcher 22
Scatter Laser 10
Scorpions Claw 12 No longer suffer -1 to hit in melee
Shadow Weaver 25
Shuriken Cannon 10
Shuriken Catapult 0
Shuriken Pistol 0
Singing Spear 5
Star Lance 10
Star Cannon 15
Sun Cannon 118 Damage is a flat 2 now instead of D3
Sunrifle GONE
Tempest Launcher 27
Twin Aeldari Missle Launcher 50
Twin Bright Lance 40
Twin Scatter Laser 17
Twin Shuriken Cannons 17
Twin Shuriken Catapults 5
Twin Starcannons 28
Triskele GONE
Vibro Cannon 30 Added effect that if it inflicts damage against a unit, that unit cannot advance in its next movement unless it has FLY
Wraithcannon 17


Melee Weapons:

Name Points Notes
Aeldari Blade 0
Biting Blade 8
Chainsword 0
Diresword 4
Executioner 7 +1S instead of +2S but you no longer suffer the -1 to hit penalty
Ghost Axe 10
GhostGlaive 10
Ghostswords 6
Mirrorswords 4
Paragon Sabre 8
Power Glaive 4
Power Sword 4
Powerblades 4
Scorpion Chainsword 1
Star Glaive 6 NEW! Autarch weapon – Sx2, AP-3, D3 Damage, suffer -1 to hit in melee with it
Titanic Feet 0
Titanic Ghostglaive 30
Titanic Wraithbone Fists 0
Witchblade 0
Witch Staff 0
Wraithbone fists 0
Wraithguard Fists 0


Other Equipment:

Name Points
Banshee Mask 0
Crystal Targetting Matrix 5
Forceshield 6
Mandiblasters 0
Scattershield 20
Shimmershield 20
Spirit Stones 10
Star Engines 10
Vectored Engines
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42 responses to Full Eldar points from reddit

Are there any limitations specifically noted in the rules that would prevent a full craftworld detachment from using stratagens wile in a ynnari army?

Autarchs losing their weapon options is ridiculous. That's not some crazy conversion, it's a model that was commonly available for a long time and featured in several generations of codexes. They're even selling the winged Autarch on their website to promote the codex. Yeah, you can use the index rules instead, but that's asking me to pay $25 on top of a $50 codex to use models I also had to buy from them and then constantly have to deal with whether non-codex models are going to be allowed in any particular game.

A: Don’t worry though, you can still use all of these in your games if you have these older models. In these instances, use the datasheet from the index, and the most recent points published for that model and its weapons.


And addressed above, if you’d read the comment. I didn’t buy the Index as it was just GW picking my pocket prior to a code release. I shouldn’t have to buy the Index. It probably won’t be in print in 6 months. And many tournaments are not allowing non-codex options where a codex is available.

It also means it is getting phased out. Sure you can play it from the Index now. But that's not gonna last.

This “if it’s not in the box, it’s not in the codex” design philosophy has got to end. I mean, I guess I am happy they are at least applying it consistently across all their codices and battle tomes… But, ugh, I hates it.

They aren't applying it consistently. Grey Knights has conversion guides. Marines have biker captains. Chaos Space Marines would have lost about half their army if they followed that philosophy.

It's a stupid philosophy.

I'm not aware of any GK units you can't build straight out of the box. Techmarine and some of the other units with weirdo options lost them for the most part. CSM… definitely don't have any units without Official Models in some form or another.

Chosen do not exist. (No, basic CSM models are NOT chosen models because that's what everyone uses. What everyone uses is irrelevant when the argument is "If it's not what it says and shows on the box, it's illegal.).

Also, this isn't about kitbashing two different boxes together, because the lie-philosophy is "If it's not in the box, it's too confusing".

Chaos Terminators do not have all of their options. Cultists have no available heavy weapons. Chosen no longer have an actual kit (and the one that did exist is now illegal). The CSM box comes wiht a heavy bolter and that's it for their heavy weapons. CSM bikers come with no special weapons. HAvocs exist to fill the Heavy Weapon void, but that doesn't fit the philosophy. Noise Marines have their weapons in the box, but not in sufficient numbers (Conversion and add on kits do not count, because it's not in the box) for the entire squad, so by this logic, should not be able to equip the entire squad. Berzerkers likewise. (I will admit these two are a little bit of a stretch, but they DO fit the philosophy). There is no way to build most Power armoured Chaos Lords (Options :-Jump Pack/2 lightning claws, Axe, plasma pistol, bolt gun, power fist, and an iron warrior warsmith, which is armed with a combi-melta, a claw, a servo arm, and the statement that 'only iron warriors may use this', which hasn't been true for some time, because it's not a legal option for anyone).

Grey knights have conversion guides for Librarian, Brother Captain, and Chaplain. Of these, the only one with an actual available option in the Grey Knights range is the Brother Captain. They have no Grey Knight Librarian or Grey Knight Chaplain options. (No, "They have Space Marine ones" do not count for this philosophy. Remember, all conversions are confusing!).

Eldar don't even apply it consistently within themselves! The Kitbashing Eldar community post waxes lyrical about how the weapons can be crossed over between models, and they've taken advantage of this to make weapon loadouts that don't come in the normal boxes.

I mean, by that logic you could also say that Space Marines don't have a Space Marine Librarian, because the Space Marine Librarian isn't a Space Marine Librarian.



The Grey Knights do not have a Librarian kit. They are encouraged to kit base one out of the Space Marine Librarian Terminator and Grey Knight Terminator parts.

The philosophy behind removing options is "If it's not in the box, it should be removed because it is confusing". Kitbashing between Space marine Librarian Terminator and Grey Knight Terminators is not in the same box.

If you can't use a Space Marine Librarian for Grey Knights, a chapter of Space Marines, why are you allowed to use it for Ultramarines, or Iron Hands, or White Scars (all likewise Space Marine chapters)? There obviously is no Space Marine Librarian.

Because you can do all those Chapters' Librarians out of the Space Marine Librarian kit, but according to Codex: Grey Knights, you need to combine that kit with at least one other kit in order to make a Grey Knight Librarian. According to the "not in the box philosophy", that's not allowed.

I'm not convinced that GW is actually working from a "not in the box philosophy", given that they make kitbashing suggestions in the books, but I am convinced that you two are having one of the most pointless arguments I've seen in quite a while.

The guy pictured in the link that Ala posted (the Terminator one, as GK have no power armor one) is equipped with gear that are perfectly legal for GK to take. Storm Bolter, check. Force staff, check. That's a legal model right there. That you need to go into the GK box to get the "right" shoulder pad for him is as meaningless as the fact that no shoulder pad exists for the overwhelming majority of chapters- he's still a 100% legit model.

I consider the rest of his example equally spurious. He will, I'm sure, insist to his dying breath that you CANNOT use the Chaos Marines box to make Chosen, although the reason why remains completely obtuse to me. Likewise, the idea that Noise Marines are somehow invalidated as a unit because they use a finecast clamppack to convert normal Chaos Marines into them is… absurd in the extreme.

Grey Knight Librarians can't take a Force Staff, only a Nemesis Warding Staff. Are those different things? I cannot express how much I don't care. GW will continue to invalidate options and allow options exactly as much as they choose to, regardless of what's available in a box.

You absolutely can use Chaos Space Marines for Chosen.

What you CANNOT DO is say "Chaos Space Marines have a kit for Chosen because Chaos SPace Marines can be used for them".

If the philosophy is "If there is not a box for it, it should go away" – which is what GW are pretending is the case – then the lack of a box for Chosen should mean that Chosen shouldn't exist.

Just because you, me, and everyone else uses CSM with useful weapons as Chosen doesn't change that.

The point is not what you are allowed to use.

The point is that if GW wants to claim they are removing things based on what kits are available, you need to look at what kits are available, not what 'everyone' uses to represent them.

They aren't working from it. They ARE however (or, rather, their community team is) saying that they are.

I'm honestly not sure what point Abuse is trying to make regarding the actual discussion, since he's now trying to argue that the Space Marine Librarian is not a Space Marine Librarian.

GW's design approach isn't consistent, or even particularly coherent. The community team will use whatever justification is most convenient – like all community managers, all they really want is for people to shut up about the things they can't change.

Inconsistency pretty much explains it all. Yeah, they have a "Not in a box, it needs to go" attitude. But they, of course, make exceptions and especially for Space Marines.

Actually, Space Marines – non infantry Space Marines, anyway – lost a fair bit from it, since they lost every biker character other than the Captain.

Chaos lost all the mounts and bikes.

I think this is more the edition of GW hating anything that's not infantry.

Always hated those anyway. So again I'll take it. Fluff and rules barely overlap but the bit about characters always driving into battle on motorcycles should at least be mentioned. They should have made an Ash Wastes or Old Earth game if they want bikerhordes so desperatly like in 7th.

Even Marines have dozens of options in their Codex which arent available "out of the box", for example:

– Captain on Bike
– Librarian with Forcesword and/or most of the available ranged weapons
– Terminator Librarian with Forcesword or Forceaxe and/or most of the available ranged weapons
– non-primaris Lieutenants
– virtually every HQ with a jump pack
– Tactical Marines with Gravcannon / Lascannon / Plasmacannon / Multimelter
– Company and Sternguard Veterans with Stormbolters
– Vanguard Veterans with double Chainswords
– Razorback with Assault Cannons

We should note here that GW has never actually said anything that remotely says they have “if it’s not in the box, it’s not in the book” as an official policy. That is purely my inference based on my reading of the codices and my knowledge of their catalogue.

Of course, I have neither read every codex nor memorized the contents of every kit sold. I would have thought that putting the phrase inside “quotes” and my glib tone would have indicated I was speaking casually and not making a definitive claim of Absolute Truth™.

“If it’s not in the box, it’s not in the book” sure seems to be the philosophy behind many of GWs design choices, butbthats just my opinion. I find it interesting to note that they are showing a consistent history of using the philosophy in both AoS and WH40k.

Hugely obvious with the release of Genestealer cult funny enough. Despite the ease of weapon swaps from the massive Imp collection, the Primus came with exactly those 3 weapons on the model and no choice.

They've said it on the community page. The argument is that it's far too confusing for new players to see models that they cannot buy a box to represent as seen.

That would carry more weight if they had any market research supporting that claim. Since they are so proud they don't I claim nonsense on all their statements like that.

I mean, yeah…it's pretty obvious that it's nonsense, since the statement now is "It's too confusing for new players to see a unit they can't make out of the box. So instead, they'll see that unit, but they have to buy a different set of rules to the set of rules they were told were all they needed in order to access it".

Considering they thought two-thirds of their players don't even look at the rules anyway just a year or so ago all their statements about things like that are just too funny to me anyway 🙂

In their recent financial report the claimed to have started doing market research under the new CEO. You are referring to the previous CEO, John Kirby.

They claim a whole lot. Just like with playtesting I don't believe you can just suddenly be good at it without actually getting in outside specialists to build up the infrastructure for it.

As someone who used to play Xenos I find it strangely refreshing. Because they did it to us all the time and now at least the Imp's get slapped with it too.

The Starglaive is unique to the Autarch only, so it's only a PF in the sense that a lot of weapons are Power Fists. They often price such "unique" weapons at a discount.

It's only available to the Autarch, sure, but I'm not sure that's a point in its favour – as it means the only model that can take it hits on a 2+, whilst most IG stuff hits on a 4+ (and so is made considerably worse by the reduction in WS). Not to mention that 6pts on a ~65pt model is very different to 10pts on a ~30pt model.

I wasn't aware that unique weapons tended to get discounts (artefacts notwithstanding). If anything, it seems to be the opposite. For example, the Huskblade costs 10pts (compared to 4pts for an Agaoniser), in spite of its abysmal stats. Likewise, the Corsair Voidsabre also cost 10ts, in spite of having identical stats to a 4pt power sword.

But, as I said, it's a minor point. Just one of those little things that irritates me.

I think the presumption is that when things like that are limited to a single model, part of the cost is "built in" to the base price of the model- like all of the 0pt weapons that get listed in so many books.

(And yes, I realize that is stupid and self-contradictory to the way they seem to want to make prices work, but I'm not trying to take credit for GW's system here, only explain it as I understand how it's supposed to work.)

Just curious, why should they be costed the same?

Shouldn't the cost come from what the weapon does in the context of an army, rather than its stats in a vacuum?

Do IG actually buy power fists? If not, would they buy them for 6 points?

I agree, weapons should be costed differently. And usually are. It seems that models with better stats (or perhaps more expensive ones) tend to pay more for weapons.

What's weird is that you would expect IG to have the cheapest Power Fists – since they have the cheapest HQs and the worst statlines. That's why I found it strange that an Eldar Autarch – with better WS and more attacks – gets a PF that's almost half the price of the IG one.

As to your question, I believe most people find the 10pt cost of PFs for IG too expensive outside of 'fluffy' builds. So, yes, I believe that lowering the price to around 6pts would make them a more appealing option.

You're not strictly wrong about most of that stuff, but another thing to consider is what functionality you _want_ an army to have. Ideally, each faction should have different strengths and weaknesses that balance it against the others- so for a heavy shooting army like IG, you actually don't want to give them as good of melee options as other armies have, because at that point their weakness becomes moot.

I don't think that's the reason GW costed them at 10pts for a Fist, but it's certainly another thing to think about when trying to come to an understanding of what the "correct" price for a piece of wargear is.

Granted, but I think you really do have to take the cost and stats of characters into account as well – otherwise you just end up with a self-fulfilling prophecy.

"Guard shouldn't do melee, so we'll make their best melee weapon stupidly expensive*. Oh, look at that, no one is taking melee weapons on Guard models."

*Relative to the cost and statline of the models

I do get what you're saying, but given that most of their characters are WS3+ with just 3 S3 attacks, I really don't think it would hurt to let IG power fists cost less than 10pts.

I think it could be fine, but it's also good to cautious- it's not really a "self-fulfilling prophecy" if it's the intended effect, that's really just successful design. Could they bring the cost on Guard PFs down? Yeah, for sure. Do Guard lack for strong options in their codex? No, not really. Again, they're supposed to be bad in melee- and while a Fist hitting on 4s (rather than 3s) and S6 (rather than S8) is a bit worse than the standard in most other armies, it's still a relatively dangerous weapon to most other characters just by virtue of that d3 damage. Pretty easy to pulp a Librarian or other support character on the charge, even with just three attacks.