ULTHWE in 8th Edition – A credible alternative to Ynarri?

The preview of Craftworld Ulthwe rules has been released! First a disclosure; this is my own preferred brand of Eldar, and the way I’ve modeled my own army. If you think you detect bias, you’re probably right: I’ve been repainting my army and am even wearing an Ulthwe t-shirt to commemorate the rules preview.

But are Ulthwe really going to be able to tempt this dying race’s players away from the sweet sweet strength from death to which so many of us have become accustomed (addicted)?

First, their attribute:

“Foresight of the Damned is the most versatile of the new Craftworld Attributes, acting as a flat (and much-welcome) universal bonus to the durability of the Asuryani. On more fragile units, this additional save helps to compensate for Toughness 3, while tanks and Wraith constructs are even harder to kill and gain some additional resilience against mortal wounds.”

I’m just going to come out and say it; I found this attribute disappointing. After rampant speculation about Black Guardians deepstriking out of Webway portals or Ulthwe’s legendary psykers doing crazy things like double- casting powers, this is a very tame attribute.

But on reflection, that doesn’t make it a bad one by any means. Starting with the negatives, it doesn’t add any bonus to units with Ghost helms or Spirit Stones -and unless it has been changed in the new book, Hemlocks appear to be forced to buy stones regardless – and unless the spell’s wording is changed it also prevents the unit from benefiting from Fortune:

    • Choose a friendly ASURYANI unit within 24″ of the psyker. Until your next Psychic phase, whenever that unit suffers a wound, roll a D6. On a 5+ that wound is ignored. If a unit already has an ability with a similar effect (e.g. the Avatar of Khaine’s Molten Body ability) this psychic power does not affect them.

The positives are simple: The Ulthwe army’s resilience is increased by 16% across the board, and points spent on Stones can be saved and casters used for Fortune can be re-purposed.

In particular, where Iyanden’s morale ability may suit large 20 man units of Guardians, Ulthwe looks like it could be a good army for a mechanised eldar force that brings up Guardians and dumps them out within 12″ for the full rapidfire treatment.

I agree with a post made by Dionysodorus comparing this favourably against the Iyanden trait that was revealed yesterday, so here is a repost of it:

Also, it’s important to realize that the Iyanden trait is worse for basically everything than the Ulthwe trait.

Consider a Wraithlord. 10 wounds, with profiles at 1-2, 3-5, and 6-10. I’m going to talk here about “damage” pre-FNP rolls, and for convenience I’ll just be relying on “probably”s and expected values, but nothing much is going to change if we do a more rigorous analysis.

Both Craftworlds’ WLs are still the same with up to 4 damage taken.

With 5 damage taken, the Iyanden one is always still on its first profile. But the Ulthwe one is probably still on its first profile too — if it passed a single one of its 5 FNPs it will still have 6 wounds left to the Iyanden’s 5.

With 6 or 7 damage taken, the Iyanden one is still on its first profile while the Ulthwe one is very likely to be on its second.

With 8 damage taken, both are very likely to be on their second profile.

With 9 damage taken, the Iyanden WL will be on its last profile while the Ulthwe one has about a 50% chance of still being on its second profile.

With 10 damage taken, the Iyanden WL is dead, while the Ulthwe WL is almost certainly still alive, probably on its last profile.

With 11 damage taken the Iyanden WL is still dead, while the Ulthwe one is probably still alive.

So the Iyanden WL only actually has a clear advantage over the Ulthwe WL for 2 possible amounts of damage taken, while the Ulthwe WL has a clear advantage for 3 possible amounts of damage taken. And of course the Ulthwe one is just 20% more durable.

The only thing I’d add to that is that the amount of anti-tank weapons that cause multiple wounds means that it is probably more common to have a unit overkilled than to have it just hang on with a wound or two remaining. It’s possible to make a couple of spirit stone saves during a Waveserpent’s 13 wound lifetime without actually keeping it alive for any additional turns – but by Eldrad’s pointy ears, it is well worth the try!

A 6+++ save might not sound like much to you.

Until your opponent starts making some.

“Best Units”

(inverted commas added 🙂

Guardians in the new Craftworlds codex will still be the mainstay of your Asuryani army, having received several indirect improvements with Stratagems and Craftworlds Attributes at no increase in points cost. Statistically speaking, you’ll get more out of Foresight of the Damned on larger units, while the low armour saves of the Guardians are vastly improved by an additional chance at saving a wound. Ulthwé armies also have access to a unique Stratagem designed to represent the superior discipline of the famed Black Guardians:


Meanwhile, if you’re having problems with durability, a quick Celestial Shield should help see to that:


What this tells us:

  • The Guardians’ prices have not gone down
  • It is very unlikely their 12″ guns have increased in range (this would have been a good place to have mentioned it!)
  • ‘Indirect improvement’s means we should expect no direct changes
  • There are 2 new strategems specifically for Guardians: Add 1 to rolls to hit (sadly, not Wound because those rending guns could have loved that) and another that adds a 4++ save for a phase. Neither of these are bad, but Eldar armies are not known for a wealth of command points, and throwing them at weak units is not likely to be the best way of using them.
  • I like Guardians very much, and frequently run 30 even using the Index lists – but even so these strategems feels like it might be like throwing good money after bad.

The Autarch

“Throw in a nearby Autarch utilising the new and improved Path of Command ability and you’ll have a terrifyingly accurate firebase capable of chewing through light and heavy infantry alike.”

Re-roll 1s to hit is very useful, and the main reason people currently take Autarchs. They are currently very pricey compared to most tougher ‘reroll 1’ figures, so lets hope they get a little discount in the new book.

It is interesting to see the come with a way to regain CP that isn’t a warlord trait or a relic. It does require the model to be the Warlord, so there’s both an opportunity cost and the risk of putting a ‘kick me’ sign on a low toughness combat model, but it could be worthwhile.


Between a considerable cut in points and the vastly expanded Runes of Fate discipline, Eldrad Ulthran makes for the perfect leader for an Ulthwé army.

While you’ll be spoilt for choice with what powers to take on Eldrad, we’d recommend Mind War, a deadly new way of dealing with particularly troublesome characters:

Combine this ability with a nearby Hemlock Wraithfighter (which reduces enemy Leadership by 2), a unit of Warlocks casting Horrify (which reduces it by a 1) and you could quite easily cut down a key Commissar or even a Space Marine Ancient with a deadly deluge of mortal wounds.

Eldrad is currently overpriced at 180pts. He’s a great model, thematic and powerful, so hearing he will have a discount applied is very welcome.

Mindwar isn’t actually a very reliable way to deal with enemy characters due to the multiple points of failure: casting on a 7 makes it one of the harder spells, and most targets you want to use it on will have LD9 – the same as Eldrad’s current value. A draw in the leadership challenge is not enough to even cause a wound, and your opponent may have more CP available and be even more incentivised to use them: if they know you’ve caused enough wounds for their character to die, they have nothing to lose by rolling for a higher number. If you know you’ve caused enough, will you really reroll to try beat their possible higher second try?

However, with Hemlocks apparently reducing leadership by 2 (they currently reduce it by 1) and Warlocks casting horrify (AKA another point of failure!) you do have a decent chance to inflict damage.

Hopefully ‘a unit of Warlocks casting Horrify‘ doesn’t mean they can no longer be taken individually. The unit of several was awful and expensive.

(Note that the Shadow Spectre’s rule doesn’t interact with this check as it is not actually a morale test, and if it did you wouldn’t like the result anyway! “Shadow of Death: All enemy units within 6″ of a Shadow Spectre Exarch must roll an additional dice when making Morale tests, discarding the lowest dice rolled before determining the result.”)

Now the big question:

Is Ulthwe better than taking Ynarri?

Based on the limited information, imho

No – in an infantry force, the Ynarri attribute remains top dog in my opinion. 6+ saves are great, but free actions are golden

Yes – in a mechanised force, there is finally a reason to take something else. The units that don’t benefit from Ynarri like vehicles and flyers will love Ulthwe.

But why can’t we have both? It’s probably too early to say, but the first thing that springs to mind for me is an army with a Ynarri battalion containing most infantry and bikes, and an Ulthwe detachment containing mech units and transports.

If nothing else, it is going to be worth considering the craftworlds operating in unison rather than trying to pick the one best one.

And at least we’re finally being offered a reason to not simply a slap Ynarri badge on everything and call it a day.



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24 responses to ULTHWE in 8th Edition – A credible alternative to Ynarri?

Hitting on 2s with guardians for just 1 CP sounds really good to me. Just add Doom.
That inv 4 sounds pretty good too.

If Iam not mistaken the +1 to hit stratagem should trigger the-3 to saves ability of shuriken weapons on rolls of 5. This should considerably increasw the effectiveness of the Guardians.

Unless I'm mistaken, that's a wound roll, not hit roll, so +1 to hit would do nothing to the trigger. (Was rending last ed, pretty sure it's still 'rending' this ed).

NoOne is correct – it's the wound roll that uses sixes to 'rend'. The strategem only affects the hit roll, which in this particular rare case is less important than Wound roll.

Don't forget that Windriders, War Walkers and Vypers are also technically Guardians, so there might be a chance they benefit from the stratagems (WW hitting on 2's with Brightlances could be awesome, same with 4++ bikes). I think it will happen because WG, WL and WK have now the Wraith-construct Keyword, so there is no reason for the Guardian machines not to have it.

It's possible but seems unlikely.
Going by what is in the index version, Windriders, War Walkers and Vypers don't have the Guardian keyword.

Guardian defenders have "INFANTRY, GUARDIAN DEFENDERS" and their choppy cousins have 'INFANTRY, STORM GUARDIANS". On the other hand, Windriders for example have 'BIKER, FLY, WINDRIDERS' but no mention of Guardian anywhere in their current rules.

In the Index, Wraith-Construct doesn't have the Keyword aswell. However, they will have it in the Codex (see the Psytronome Artifact which affects every Wraith-Construct). This means that there is also a chance for every type of Guardian, vehicle or not, to share the Guardian keyword. We can't be sure of course, but i think there is a big chance it will happen

I still think that getting access to 'Discipline of Black Guardians' on things like Vypers and Windriders is unlikely, but heck I'll take it if it comes 😀

Yeah, I would be surprised if they get it, though it's not impossible- a surprising number of the Slaanesh units have the Daemonette keyword to benefit from Heralds, as an example.

Going RAW (at least I think RAW) as long as you put Yvraine or the Yncarne in a supcom detachment or a patrol one, you can keep both ynnari and craftworld trait potentially on everyone (except the 2 unlucky hqs or the Troop that goes in the patrol), and it would be a [Craftworld] detachment for Stratagem access purposes too

You substitute Battle Focus, Rising Crescendo and Power from Pain for Strength from Death. If it works like all other "chapter" bonuses, as long as all the models in the detachment share the craftworld, they would benefit from it. Nowhere you lose the [Craftworld/Kabal/Troupe] keywords. Anyways, here is the rule in full. Note that you "gain" the Ynnari keyword, not replace any other keyword for it

With the exception of <HAEMONCULUS COVEN>units, Urien Rakarth, Drazhar, Mandrakes and the Avatar of Khaine, any AELDARIunit can be part of an Ynnari army. Any unit that does so gains the YNNARIkeyword. These cannot use any of the following abilities, and are not considered to have them: Ancient Doom, Battle Focus, Rising Crescendo, Power from Pain. Instead, INFANTRYand BIKERunits included in an Ynnari army gain the Strength from Death ability, as described below.

The FAQd Ynnari rule, changes the "army" thing to detachments:

Page 76 – Army of the Reborn
Replace this paragraph with the following:
‘If the Warlord of your army is either Yvraine, the Visarch or the Yncarne then – with the exception of
<Haemonculus Coven> units, Urien Rakarth, Drazhar, Mandrakes and the Avatar of Khaine – any Aeldari unit can also be Ynnari. Any unit that is gains the Ynnari keyword. These cannot use any of the following abilities, and are not considered to have them: Ancient Doom, Battle Focus, Rising Crescendo, Power from Pain. Instead, Ynnari Infantry and Ynnari Biker units gain the Strength from Death ability, as described below. If your army is Battle-forged, Ynnari units can only be included in Detachments in which all units have the Ynnari keyword.’

Yeah, is exactly how it works, you run a mix of units some Ynarri some not (because Jet Bikes for example can threaten a turn 1 charge with 22" move then charge if they have rising crescendo)

Also cos you need like 6cp total pre stratagems being available so you don't care if you have a brigade or some small detachments.

The addition of the Ynnari keyword doesn't override the <Craftworld> keyword. So as long as you have one of the Ynnari characters in their own detachment and as warlord, you can benefit from the Ynnari special rules.

Iyanden guardians just got a lot better with stoic endurance and the celestial shield strategem listed above.

“Disgustingly Resilient” Space Elves!?

Apparently, Isha likes her “husband” Nurgle a lot more than we had been led to believe.

They are being really sparing with the special rules for craft worlds, these are all weaker than the imp guard ones, and massively weaker than the space marines. Have to wait and see what they do with the rest of the book and point costs, but at the moment craft worlds are going to remain all but unplayable.

Massively weaker? The Ulthwe attribute is exactly the same as the Iron Hands trait. Actually, it's better since apparently craftworld attributes affect vehicles, and marine traits don't.

To be fair to Andy, the Ulthwe may indeed be a better version of the Iron Hands trait, but IH is one of the weaker Marine options.
You'd have to be an Iron fan to take it over Ravenguard or Salamanders.

To be fair, they (technically still a rumour…) get Ravenguard too. Except on everything (please put a caveat on conceal/Hard to Hit…-3 is a bit too much).

Basically all of the complaints I've seen about traits are some combination of: bland, copy/paste, uninspired, unthematic. e.g. Biel-Tan, supposedly an Aspect-heavy Craftworld. Trait only really benefits Dire Avengers and everything but. And Autarchs do nothing with it. Unlike, say, Cadian Fire on my Target…

Basically, while mechanically they seem decent, it looks like a massive let down after the Guard traits.