Dark Angel rumors

Taken from Facebook by The Inner Circle.

As usual, take with a grain of salt. There are some unusual things in here but may be translation or communication errors.

I am also back from a 6 week holiday now so expect some posts that are not just about release information. Will be looking to finish the GK codex review, finally drop that GK weapons post, 8 battle reports and start some chit chat about Eldar and Tyranids as I get them on the table.

So the Codex is finally announced and a good friend of mine has given me some juicy tidbits.

Preorder on the 2nd of December
Available on the 9th of December

A few changes in a couple of units. Points moving to match the vanilla codex.

No Sammael in Sableclaw in the codex

Black knights and deathwing terminators may now be upgraded to a command squad (1 per army) this basically gives them the bodyguard ability.

Now the juicy stuff


And they shall know no fear

Inner circle
This unit automatically passes morale checks. In addition it may reroll at to hit rolls against Heretic Astartes and all to hit and to wound rolls against Fallen in the fight phase

If this unit moves it gains a 6+ invulnerable save to all shooting attacks. If it advances it gains a 5+ Invulnerable save to all shooting attacks

Grim Resolve
All UNFORGIVEN units may Overwatch on a 5+ and will only lose one model to a failed morale test

Have the same space marine stratagems as vanilla marines with the exception of
Masterful marksmanship
Cluster mines
Tremor shells

Also access to these unique stratagems

Fury of the First
Use this stratagem in your shooting phase. All plasma weapons may use the supercharge weapon template but ignore any mortal wounds that would be caused by a roll of 1.

Repent for Tomorrow You Die
Unforgiven Stratagem
Use this stratagem before overwatch, the UNFORGIVEN unit may fire overwatch at full BS.

Teleport Homer
Unforgiven Stratagem
Play at the beginning of your turn. Any DEATHWING unit may deepstrike from reserve within 9″ of an enemy unit as long as it is within 6″ of a RAVENWING UNIT

Deathwing Assault
Unforgiven Stratagem
Play at the beginning of your turn, any DEATHWING unit entering by deepstrike may fire twice or add 3″ to a charge roll this turn.

Same standard space marine Warlord Traits as vanilla marines with the following unique ones.

Hold at all costs
Your warlord and UNFORGIVEN units within 9″ of your Warlord may roll a D6 for every wound sustained, on a 5+ it is ignored.

Courage of the First Legion
UNFORGIVEN units in your army may use your Warlords Leadership for morale checks.

The Hunt
Any enemy Character that your Warlord slays in the fight phase grants one victory point

Rapid Manoeuvres
Your warlord and any RAVENWING units within 6″ of him may add 2″ to all move, Advance and charge distances and add +1 to all JINK rolls


Sacred standard
Only one sacred standard can be taken per army

Standard of Devestation
All UNFORGIVEN units within 9″ of the standard may fire twice in the shooting phase and automatically pass morale checks.

Standard of Retribution
All UNFORGIVEN units within 9″ of the standard may attack twice in the fight phase and automatically pass morale checks.

Standard of Fortitude
All UNFORGIVEN units within 9″ of the standard when suffering an unsaved wound may roll a D6 on a 5+ the wound is ignored and automatically pass morale checks.

Mace of Redemption
S+3 Ap-3 D2
If a unit suffers damage from this weapon reduce WS by 1 until the end of the next fight phase.
Against Heretic Astartes weapon is AP -4

Lion’s Roar
When attacking with this weapon, choose one or both of the profiles below. If you choose both, subtract 1 from all hit rolls for this weapon-
Boltgun 24″ Rapid Fire 1 S4 AP0 D1
Plasma 24″ AssaultD3 S7 AP-3 D1

Foe Smiter
Rapid fire 3 S4 AP-1 D1

Monster Slayer of Caliban
S+2 AP-2 D d3
If this weapon causes at least one unsaved wound roll a D6 on a 6 the model is removed from play. Does not effect models with the VEHICLE keyword

Shroud of Heroes
The shroud of heroes confers a 4+ cover save and for each unsaved wound roll a D6 on a 6+ the save is ignored

And finally the biggest news in my opinion

Lion El’Jonson
M 8″
WS 2+
BS 2+
S 6
T 6
W 9
A 7
Ld 10
Sv 2+

Hope Melee Melee S+2 AP -3 D 2 If you roll a wound roll of 6+ for this weapon, it inflicts Mortal Wounds instead of its normal damage.

Despair 18” AssaultD3 S8 AP -3 D3 If a unit suffers any damage from this weapon, roll a D6 on a 6 the unit suffers D3 Mortal Wounds

And they shall know no fear

Master of the First – If your army is battleforged, you receive an additional 3 CP if Lion El’Jonson is your Warlord.

Armour of the Order – Lion El’Jonson has a 3+ invulnerable save. In addition all UNFORGIVEN units within 8” receive an 5+ Invulnerable save.

Blade Master – For every unsaved wound Lion El’Jonson causes in the fight phase he can immediately make an additional attack. This ability can only be used once per fight phase.

Master Strategist- each time a stratagem is used roll a D6 on a 4+ the CP for that stratagem is not spent

I Primarch – You can re-roll any failed hit and wound rolls for friendly UNFORGIVEN units within 6” of Lion El’Jonson

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27 responses to Dark Angel rumors

Not enough salt.

Hold at all costs and Rapid Maneuvers are better aura bubbles of other codicies warlord traits.

I don't even want to start with the banners. Too much overlap as well, FNP available from traits and 2 relics. Morale mitigation absolutely everywhere when you, at worst, can only lose 1 model.

Shroud having cover might have been a brainfart, but then there is the plasma stratagem removing mortal wounds when that only applies to vehicles.

The Lion in December seems highly unlikely as well.

Yeah, there's a bunch of stuff there that is either complete nonsense or perhaps very bad mistranslations – +1 to Jink saves? 4+ cover save? Then there's a bunch of wishful thinking, like deep-striking within 9" of the enemy, only ever taking 1 casualty from Morale (and also auto-passing it in like three different ways o_O) and firing overwatch at full BS. Plus a totally un-hyped Primarch?


"Then there's a bunch of wishful thinking, like deep-striking within 9" of the enemy, only ever taking 1 casualty from Morale (and also auto-passing it in like three different ways o_O)". They already have this so it isn't surprising they adapt it to more Dark Angels. "and firing overwatch at full BS" doesn't have ad mech already have this stratagem? They are known for recycling others stratagems into armies so no surprise. The only thing i do have issue with is the Primarch. I agree there is little hype for him, but with it being near Christmas maybe they think they will sell more? I am hopeful i would love the ravenwing warlord trait. It would seem a little too strogn though. :/

I doubt they'd releasee a Primarch at Christmas. They don't tend to put big releases at times of the year that already make them lots of money.

AdMech with cognis can shoot those, so the Ballistarii and Onagers heavy stubber.

Astra Militarum add one to hit for tanks, although that one is only 1 CP I believe.

I assumed the Inv Save on the Ravenwing was called 'Jink'. +1 to that doesn't sound all that implausible.
The only one casualty from morale is cloned directly from the Fallen unit in CSM.

Lion’s profile seems very implausible. He looks like a carbon copy of Guilliman with a strictly worse weapon but all of Guilliman’s abilities plus a couple quite overpowered ones as well (and with weird phrasing, too). Mark me down as skeptical.

Well girlyman has THE EMPERORS SWORD, other primarchs weapons probly wont be as bad ass.

But those banners look very implausible to me, specaily devastation. DOUBLE shooting in a 9" bubble?

Yeah, most of that looks…I won't say OK, but plausible. Except the banners/Lion, which both seem…less so. Especially a new Primarch, but it's also just…the thematic/mechanical overlap with Guilliman. Magnus/Mortarian/Guilliman are so very different mechanically, which is good. Having Lion El Johnson being essentially a Guilliman copy/paste (but better)? Sceptical.

The double shot banner…well, I can see where it came from (true or not), since DA had a double tap banner in…6th if I remember correctly. But that was bolters only (pretty sure infantry only too), and required them to remain stationary, so it wasn't that crazy. Also something like 50 pts. This though? I guess it depends what Unforgiven is: if it's only Greenwing infantry, that's not _too_ bad…still gives you double-tapping devs etc, but…well, double tapping quad las preds/rifledreads, with Lion for full rerolls? Ouch.

The banner in 6E made their boltguns into Salvo 4 (so essentially 4 shots standing still.) The Banner as listed above lets them shoot _all_ weapons twice, and potentially works with the Deathwing Assault stratagem for some truly absurd nonsense.

Also, the Deathwing Assault stratagem is about the wishlistiest piece of garbage I've ever seen. Double shooting! Double charges! Applies to every model in your army! Costs basically nothing!

Keywords may put a damper on some of the shenanigans you can pull with that…
(i.e. Not everything will have Deathwing, and…well, my initial guess was that Unforgiven was the 'Greenwing' equivalent, but on rereading/looking at current Keywords, I'm not so sure. And that would be ouch).

The Deathwing strat…well, the 'double shoot' bit is totally believable (both Chaos and nids get one: I think they're both infantry only, but…well, I don't think you can bring any Deathwing vehicles, so that's basically infantry only) for I think the same cost (I know the nid one is 2CP). The +3" assault…isn't beyond the limits of credulity either.

Lions not coming out this release. if he were, GW would be making a big song n dance like they did with magnus, rowboat and morty, and it wouldnt be a dual codex release with blood angels

Except…they've made a big thing about not having rules in the Codex for things they don't have models for. Releasing something this big, without a model? No way.

The part that tells me it is fake is the Lion. No way they burn off the arrival of the second Primarch on an end of the year conversion of an Index to Codex.

Having said that, they did sort of drop Mortarion into the Death Guard release with far less fanfare than Robert or Magnus….

Lion el' Johnson and the banners seem fan-made as all get out, a reskinned guilluman with an invuln save aura, even though Azrael has a better one… banners are also ridiculously versatile force multipliers… hope this is fake.

*opens creaky door*


*bats fly out of the foyer*


*entire second floor collapses into a billowing debris cloud, choked with spider webs and ghosts*

I guess no-one's home…

Well I am sorry for having a holiday!

Catching up on work, hopefully get the Grey Knights weapons post up tonight and will do some thoughts on Eldar and Nids soon.