Fight Night pt 2 – Huron Blackheart vs Kharn the Betrayer

Fight Night 2 : Chaos Edition

Tonight we are moving to the Chaos Codex, where we get to have probably the most combat oriented character ever created in Kharn the Betrayer vs one of the craftiest commanders of the Chaos Realms in Lugft Huron, the Tyrant of Badab.

While I’m sure Khorne will be smiling on his most single minded champion, he does not care from whom the blood flows, and anything could happen on Fight Night.

Huron Blackheart Review – Lords2001

Short Backstory – Lugft Huron has one of the more interesting back stories in 40k, being the only named character not rooted in the Horus Heresy. His story comes about as the progenitor of the Badab rebellion, lead by his grossly overstrength chapter along with a number of other allies against the activities of the Adeptus Mechanicus and Ministorum and their attempts to act as oversight of the Adeptus Astartes and not providing sufficient resources to contain the Maelstrom – the second largest warp storm in the Imperium.

What started as a Tea Party became a system wide rebellion that lasted a decade and a number of chapters saw themselves fighting their brothers on one side of the conflict or another. Eventually the Astral Claws and their allies were pushed back, and the Tyrants citadel was breached. Lugft Huron was mortally wounded by a melta blast and his body was retrieved by his veteran warriors and taken into the Maelstrom.

There he began to rebuild his empire, only in the name of Chaos, the Astral Claws renamed to the Red Corsairs, and Lufgt Huron became Huron Blackheart, Lord of the Maelstrom. None knew when he turned to the powers of Chaos but since he has succeeded in building a vast empire only rivalled by Abaddon in terms of size and power, fuelled by new recruits and renegades from the Adeptus Astartes and Traitor Legions. His rise from the grave is fuelled by a fusion of machinery and warp machinations that is the hallmark of the Dark Mechanicum and Apothecarium.



Huron Blackheart is similar to a typical Chaos Lord, coming with an extra attack, two psychic powers and a power fist, power axe and heavy flamer. All in all he is pretty well rounded, along with his rerolls of 1 to hit in his aura. He is a bit lacking in the save department with a 3+/4++ but his psychic abilities and differing combat modes can hold his own in a fight. He is much more of an all rounder, though expensive, than some of the other solely combat focused characters that Chaos can bring.

Chances – My only chances against Kharn are to go first and use Death Hex and Gift of Chaos fast. Or run away really quickly. I could get very lucky with invulnerable saves and then do well with my attacks, but if I don’t finish Kharn off, the additional attacks will ruin me.

Success rate – 33% – Psychic powers are where it’s at – if I go first battle one, get a win in, it is anyone’s game. If not, it’s been great being the Tyrant of Badab – place my head high on the pile of skulls on Khorne’s throne?

Why couldn’t I be using this guy?

Kharn the Betrayer Review – RedLetterDay

It’s not over! Everybody betrayed me! I’m fed up with this world!

There are many tiers of crazy when it comes to 40k. You have your all-purpose everyday crazy, your fire-and-brimstone (that special kind of crazy you bring like your Sunday best) self-flaggelating crazy, and your have your garden variety mind-warping chaos nonsense.

Kharn is too cool for that. Kharn eats Alex Jones and craps mind-controlling sewing machines used by intermensional reptiles.

His new model is pretty awesome too

Kharn has died and come back more times than most characters have featured at all. The avatar of martial prowess and bloodthirst, nothing stands between Kharn and slaughter, or at least not for long.

Kharn’s combat phase is akin to chainsaw wielding honey badgers strapped to a helicopter rotor piloted by a blind make with Parkinsons on speed. He is a flail made of black mambas and hand grenades that are also on fire

Kharn laughs at your combat phase, he has two. Six S6 AP-4 d3 wound attacks hitting on 2+ will ruin most things short of super heavies, and in those cases, they will still be hurting afterward. Then he hits again, promptly reducing the target to puree.

“Why can’t I hold all of these combat phases?”

Chances – Huron doesn’t stand a chance.

Success Rate – See above.


The Fight

Round 1 – Kharn won the rolloff, shrugs off the 2 heavy flamer wounds on the way in with his invulnerable save and gets 7 hits for 6 wounds. Huron promptly decides that Gorchild is grossly but accurately named, and falls over with 8 unsaved wounds.

Round 2 – This was rather short.  The opening stanza was very, very bad for Huron  – fails to cast Death Hex and doesn’t succeed in causing any damage with Gift of Chaos in the psychic phase. Huron shot to no effect with his flamer, only hitting once with his heavy flamer. He then charges into combat and causes 2 wounds with a power fist from 3 wounding hits (2 were saved). Kharn then proceeds to do 10 wounds back to the face of Huron.

The same would probably happen if it was 30K Kharn

The wrap – 

Well, my maths showed that Huron had a pretty decent shot going into this. The outcome however was pretty brutal even with Kharn having no psychic protection any more. 2 wounds caused to Kharn, vs 18 done to Huron. This is without Kharn getting his second phase of combat in as well.

I know it isn’t about winning, but RedLetterDay is off to a flyer with 2 quick wins in a row. That hurts me on the inside.

Next time – Lets hope we can pull it back next week with our first look at Xenos – from Craftword Eldar we have two Phoenix Lords –

Jain Zar vs Karandras 


And can I say, the Phoenix Lord are tough.


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10 responses to Fight Night pt 2 – Huron Blackheart vs Kharn the Betrayer

>> [Huron is] the only named character not rooted in the Horus Heresy. <<

What are you talking about? The vast majority of named characters have no “roots” in the Horus Heresy. Most of them weren’t even born until the 40th or 41st millennium…

Great fight! Huron never stood a chance.
The only thing I don't like about this articles is that I can't eat popcorn while reading them because I will get the keyboard all greasy 😛

IMHO, Death hex just doesn’t make sense and is a waste of a spell. Smite bypasses the invulnerable save, so I’d roll with that. Stack that with infernal gaze for up to 3 more mortal wounds, and Huron now has at least a slim chance to kill him before he swings back. Not a good one, but at least A chance.

Keep up the good work. These are cool!

Death Hex was to avoid the 4+ save which meant 2 blows could put him down. While smite could do some damage, the invul stopping 50% of wounds I felt was more dangerous. But yes, I like your idea, the only problem is that I rolled a 4, which meant whatever power I chose instead of Death Hex wasn't going anywhere.

But I'll keep smite in mind for when I get to Ahriman etc.

Right on! It's funny, I've never had death hex go off for me in a game. Must be a curse (ba dum tsss)

Alternatively, Infernal Gaze has been fantastic for tacking on those few extra mortal wounds. At WC5 its just so reliable, and it can target characters since its in the psychic phase. 🙂

I'll be hoping it does – by the looks of it Ahriman will be up against Lucius the Eternal, so we will see who survives out of that particular encounter – I'll see if I can get Infernal Gaze to work there.

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