Cancon Day 1

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Day 1 recap.

Game 1 – vs magnus and three knights. magnus fell for bait and warptimed up to my HQs killing both and then dying in a hail of death. Knights did not get up close so I used -2 to hit stuff and killed a knight a turn. I left some points on the table as forgot to play turn 5/6 so that may hurt my placing later… 37 to 13

Game 2 – vs two big zerks squads in sable claws and associated hqs. some mortors, cultists and nurglings to boot. Dean did well to make the first zerker squad lock units in combat (18 models gets you a lot of coverage). the game was nip and tuck throughout as i used my speed to scoot around but reapers being tied up t2 meant i was not shooting at max firepower. game ended early t4 15 to 20. t5 likely would have likely been 21 to 23 and t6 i should have eeked ahead. regardless, great game that was tight throughout and an example of the right way to use combat by Dean.

Game 3 – vs Sisters plus Inquisitors and Culexus Assassins (2). The terrain was a nightmare here but impacted my army far less than his due to my speed and range. He was able to drop one flyer by t3 but I had taken out all but his assassins, one repressor, two domion squads and celestine. won 36 to 6.

List feels good though i have not had to deal with tons of infantry. 5 more games so still a chance (sitting 19th atm) but have to play perfectly.

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