Cancon Day 2

Heading into Day 2 2-1 and sitting 19th with realistically needing to go 3-0 for a chance at the top spot. I drew three Eldar (okay the second game was Dark Eldar and Eldar) players so a day of Eldar mirror matches! yay.

Game 4 – first game of the day was against Michael who has a similar list to mine but double Reaper squads, two Hemlocks, more Rangers and less Serpents. I made a key mistake in not blocking where the Hemlocks need to land to take out my Reapers and compounded this by dropping my Wraithguard to help kill the Hemlocks (I probably did not need to do this; could have polished them off with Serpent Shields) and then further compounded this by sending their Serpent away… woops. This meant my ability to clear out the Dark Reapers was vastly reduced and while the game was close, my opponent put it away later in the game. I lost 14 to 29.

Game 5 – played against old mate Hayden (he had three nights and Magnus at the last tournament) who was running Dark Eldar (lots of Kabalite Warriors, 2++ Archons, 4 of the Forgeworld Ravager type vehicles) and Eldar (Farseer on Bike and three Crimson Hunters). The terrain was great for hiding both of our armies Turn 1 so I very happily gave T1 to Hayden forcing him to move his flyers into the open meaning when it was my turn, I could get close enough to ignore the -1 modifiers. This meant I won the air battle and Hayden did not use his Dark Eldar vehicles in combat until later in the game and I was able to pull away a close game in the final turns. I won 37 to 23.

Game 6 – Final game of the day against Jason with… more Eldar. Lot less vehicles with a single Serpent, Wraithknight and Hemlock along with several psykers, Guardians, Reapers and Banshees. I won first turn and opted to go aggressive (I again forgot to block where the Hemlocks would need to land to target my Reapers) so pushed up and took out the Hemlock. I ignored the WK until T3 and then dropped it and kept my mobility up. I made some movement and placement mistakes which allowed Jason to get more points which kept the game close but pulled away again late game as his army dwindled. Won 29 to 15.

Thoughts so far – Despite have a handful of games under my belt prior to the tournament with this style of army, there are still some key areas I am not familiar with (i.e. playing against flyers) and using the Wraithguard. All of the games have been pretty fun though so while I do not expect to finish anywhere near the top with two losses, good learning experience. Two more games tomorrow and sitting 17th.

Facebook for photos so far.

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