Eldar 2000 point Tournament List

I did a complete 180 on my previous list after one real physical game and then a handful of games on Vassal – the weaknesses were too strong to overcome (most notably lack of ranged shooting). There were certainly lots of options such as running BA next to Imperial Guard or SoB + Imperial Guard, full on SoB with some Exorcists and Retributors, etc. I even considered doing an alteration of my Girlyman list (with Primaris – that list needs some thought as I think it has good potential but then Girlyman makes everything good). All of them had the issue of models or lack of playtime (sans Girlyman) so I went with an Eldar list I had been working with over several weeks and fiddled away.

The end result is as follows:

Battalion Detachment (Alaitoc) –

HQ –
Autarch Skyrunner w/Laser Lance, Reaper Launcher, Banshee Mask (Warlord – Mark of the
Incomparable Hunter) 130 points
Farseer 100 points
Warlock 35 points

Elites –
8x Howling Banshees, including Exarch w/Executioner 107 points
5x Wraithguard w/D-Scythes 225 points

Troops –
5x Dire Avengers, including Exarch 60 points
5x Rangers 60 points
5x Rangers 60 points

Heavy Support –
9x Dark Reapers, including Exarch w/Tempest Launcher 248 points

Dedicated Transport –
Wave Serpent w/triple Shuriken cannon, Vectored Engines 144 points
Wave Serpent w/triple Shuriken cannon, Vectored Engines 144 points
Wave Serpent w/triple Shuriken cannon, Vectored Engines 144 points

Airwing Detachment (Alaitoc)

Flyers –
Hemlock Wraithfighter 210 points
Crimson Hunter Exarch w/2x Starcannons 165 points
Crimson Hunter Exarch w/2x Starcannons 165 points

Totals: 1997 points
7 Command Points

The three flyers is new – I have normally been running two so it will be interesting to see how this plays with regards to boots on the ground, particularly given that I have also added in Wraithguard over more foot soldiers such as Swooping Hawks and Rangers.

The list has a variety of ways to setup (units inside or outside of Transports with any combination thereof with either Webway or Cloudstrike stratagems) and can be very hard to take down with -2 to hit on most of the vehicles at range and using stratagems such as Fire and Fade on things like the Dark Reapers. It has decent mobility (though I really wish I had some Swooping Hawks for more in that regard with reference to Objective taking) which in turn combines well with the Autarch and Rangers to put pressure on characters. Howling Banshees, while not a huge concern, can tie up units early and put pressure on the opponent, particularly when throwing some stratagems or psychic powers on them as needed.

Psychic powers are obviously flexible – I like Jinx on the Hemlock though most of Eldar psychic powers are strong. Quicken likewise works well depending how I am deploying but both of the combat ones make Banshees more of a concerning factor. Doom and Guide are pretty standard staples but Mind War is not to be overlooked with a potential -3Ld running around.

All in all, the list is flexible and durable against most shooting so will be cramming in more games this weekend followed by painting and see how we go.

To follow – How Not to Prepare for a Tournament101…

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47 responses to Eldar 2000 point Tournament List

Prisms are good, but I wouldn't run less than three if I were gonna do them, and Reapers are cheaper and do a better job at shooting down enemy reserves (not to mention flyers, Alaitoc, etc) as well as better for hiding from alpha strikes.

I think there's some merit to the idea of a heavy mech Eldar list, though. They can get some absurdly cheap vehicles, and Cloudstrike is an excellent stratagem.

Be careful, your Autarch is from the Index, it might not be allowed by the tournament where you're going.

Your list is good, but i think you might lack of shooting overall, you have a really good amount of anti-tank/heavy infantry shots, but it should be hard for you to deal with hordes with this army.

ITC so following the GW flowchart of stupid.

Yes the raw anti-infantry is lacking (again, would love two squads of Hawks…) but the list durability and mobility should hopefully make up for that. Poxwalkers is probably the biggest thing that scares me in that regard.

Sure but I think the list would be better served by Bright lances. At least on one of the two Hunters.

Because the only long-range antitank is a single unit of Reapers and the 2 Pulse Lasers on the Hunters.

I think Doom plus that many Shuriken Cannons and Star Cannons is going to be pretty effective at knocking out tanks – other than that, as a Guard player who loses to Eldar a whole lot, do you even *need* to kill tanks? With 3 Wave Serpents, I don't think it's unreasonable to say that you can just charge enemy tanks if you want them to stop shooting at you.

Eldar also don't really need long-ranged anti-tank, it feels to me, since you're both high movement on the table and have trivially easy access to stuff like Webway Portal, where range becomes a non-issue.

Doom is only one target though. And ramming Serpents at tanks is a good stopgap tactic but ideally you don't want your Alaitoc vehicles in close range. It also doesn't work against Monsters.

Webway Portal is only going to work against bad opponents who haven't figured out that screens are a necessity in 8th.

It's not like I have an only 24" army nor is the army slow. Webway Portal may abuse people who cannot screen but what happens if their screen is gone or the threat is there?

Well no, of course the army isn't slow. I'm just pointing out that once the Reapers and the Hemlock are gone, your ability to destroy armour hinger on Doom, 2 pulse lasers and maybe the Wraithguard if your opponent hasn't got a way to deal with them. By contrast, everything in your army bar the pulse lasers can deal with infantry fairly efficiently. Just seems a little lopsided and an exploitable vulnerability imo.

If you can consistently lock down the enemy tanks and prevent them from shooting (with banshees and/or Serpents), whether they die or not is actually kind of irrelevant. Also, if he's lost the Hunters, Hemlock, Wraithguard, and Reapers… well, I mean, that's most of the army right there, isn't it?

Consistenly being the operative word. To me, it seems a bit of a stretc to think you will be able to do so against a skilled opponent. Also doesn't work against Monsters.

Needs more Reapers. No, seriously.

What was your other list? "lack of long range shooting" sounds like CC to me, and I'm not sure a CC eldar army can really work. Banshees are cool again, and all, but as the spice, not the meat.

The Flyers are dirty though. The whole -1 to hit stacking with the Flyer thing is a stupid, stupid rule that never should have been allowed. What I'm saying is it's a good choice but you should feel bad about it. (and I still hope it gets FAQ'd)

More Reapers is always nice but limits you in tools elsewhere.

I really do not see how flyers are "dirty". Many units can stack negative buffs. They are certainly a strong choice but also lack any field presence.

Mostly because they shouldn't be able to stack -1 to hit. I think that was a bad and unfun oversight on GW's part. The eldar flyers are particular annoying because they effectively don't degrade.

I was referring specifically to the hemlock, which seems to be mostly what everyone takes (didn't even notice Kirby took Crimson Hunters, that's really quite rare) which effectively don't degrade because even at their slowest they can still move 45" (which is plenty) and fire those stupid D-scythes and still auto-hit.

But you knew that, and you're just trying to start a fight, again.

Yeah, when you make factually incorrect statements that reflect your poor knowledge and assumptions about the game, that's just me being a big ol' meanie. It has nothing to do with you conveniently overlooking models that falsify your point (such as the models in Kirby's army posted above) because they don't allow you to whine about other factions as much.

Oh, also, just so you have something else to complain about, I'm going to say the words "Forge World" so that you can ratchet your blood pressure up a few notches.

I've thought about it a little, calmed down, and now I want to give you a deeper, more thoughtful "Fuck you", Puppy.

Kirby said he didn't think Flyers were dirty — I responded that I didn't think that the -1 to hit should apply to the Flyers, definitely shouldn't stack. I hardly think that's a unique position, in fact, I think most people think that. When the new Tau codex comes out, I don't think it would be great if whatever Chapter Tactic (sept) stacks with stealth suits, either. (probably will)

I also made the comment that it was worse in the Eldar's case, because the Flyers don't effectively degrade. Now, I was referring to Hemlocks, you knew that, but you had to be a little shit about it, anyway. I made a small mea culpa, realizing that Kirby was only taking one of those. (good for him!) They are STILL 90% of the eldar flyers I see. That they don't degrade still makes eldar flyers even more annoying, on top of the double -1, which most people don't think should be a thing. All the statements are still true.

But you were fucking excited to see me make a mistake on something. This was like your chance, man. Not only do you get to point out how I was WRONG (in a small way, about a side point), but you get to say (you think) that not only was I wrong, I am apparently "stupid, know nothing about 40k, and should just generally shut up forever. K, thx." That's a paraphrase. I think it's pretty accurate.

This, after I asserted you were really just looking for a fight.

Puppy, I am argumentative and sometimes belligerent. Known flaws.

But you are PETTY. Nasty. Demeaning. You seemingly popped a chubby at finding that I had made a small incorrect assumption (specifically, that Kirby had taken more Hemlocks. That was the only error), because in your mind, that was opportunity to belittle me and try to punish me for having any opinion that you disagreed with.

You're a nasty piece of work, Puppy. It is you "being a big ol' meanie". You're fucking excited to start a fight. It's obvious. I don't know what's going on in your life that makes you feel that is necessary, but just stop.

I've disagreed with Prometheus (a lot) before, but it does seem like you've got something of a personal crusade going at the moment, Puppy.

The -2's to hit is why I started running a FW Sicaran. RAW, the turret ignores all modifiers to hit against anything with the FLY keyword.

Interested how you have reason about hemlock vs hunters? Many players only use hemlocks but I think they have different pros and cons. Hunters for example are better against flying monsters because they can stay away and don’t get charged.

Wait people actually charge your hemlocks? Auto hitting overwatch with the strength and AP of the hemlocks, I would welcome pretty much anything to charge the hemlock.

Both are good – Hunters are cheaper and fulfil anti-multiwound nicely while Hemlocks get to skip lots of steps (i.e. hitting and saves normally through their d-Scythes and / or smite). Both allow strong character sniping. Hemlocks can bring psyker utility and leadership utility.

Hey Kirby, thanks for posting some Eldar content!

Is the intent here not to take the most powerful list possible from the Codex? If it is then I guess a number of choices are explicable.

Otherwise I feel like it needs a lot more tempest launchers to help you clear out pesky objective holding squads like scouts and nurglings that can otherwise hide out of LoS.

I'm also not sure you need the third wave serpent. You can deepstrike the reapers to stop them from getting alpha struck and then you can always use the banshee's serpent if you want to fire and fade the reapers into a transport.

I also think that at least Wraithguard or Reapers should be ynnari and Yvrainne should sub in for the autarch on bike.

Finally, i'm not sure about hemlocks. I do play them in casual games but in seriously competitive contexts I think that needing to get so close puts them in harms way by negating the alaitoc bonus. They are super destructive but yea, reapers are just better I think (womp womp).

Not at all.

This list, and most Eldar really, are fast. You do not need lots of Tempest Launchers to drop out of LoS hiders when you can scoot units over there pretty quickly. The list's biggest weakness is anti-infantry in general but if I need to pick off 5 scouts / rangers / etc. from an objective, I can certainly do so.

Potentially true re the third Serpent and that would open up the points for double Hawks or another Reapers unit but that is what not fine tuning a list gets you. This is the first time I'm running three flyers as well so one of them may go.

I like the Autarch on Bike – a Strength from Death action would never be amiss but the way the army is built she then ends up babysitting the Reapers more often than not which I want to avoid. Straight up damage Ynnari wins out but I think the utility of accessing everything else outweighs it. I may regret this instantly of course…

I do not see how Hemlocks are a casual only choice – I am leaning more and more to Hunters these days but Hemlocks offer the straight up damage and a vast amount of utility. Sometimes as well when you are sniping you just need some mind bullets and do not want to chance their invulnerable save plinking away things.

Well yes Eldar are really fast but I don't think they are fast enough to always be able to clean out 'out of LOS' units in a single movement phase. Generally they will need two phases to get into position. If you consider that Banshees getting out of a serpent are going on average about 28.5" (with a charge) and everything else in the list (apart from the flyers) is slower than that, you will struggle to clean out 'out of LOS' units THAT turn. A tempest launcher has an 'immediate' response range of 43". Being able to clear out units THAT turn is relevant for a variety of maelstrom card objectives and obviously ITC.

On the autarch on bike v Ynnari choice, I originally thought the same. But when you have guided reapers shooting twice, I found the power level just too good to pass up.

Well the Hemlocks are very vulnerable to deepstriking shooting units and armies that turtle up. That's why I think they are more a casual unit. Plasma scions and obliterators are going to hurt them and its difficult to screen them off your Hemlocks. You can kind of do it with Hawks but that is a limited option. Also, if you are playing against a clumped up enemy and have to fly in close to your target, you are going to eat a ton of return fire at only -1 to hit, not to mention smite.

Anyway, very keen to see how you go. What is the tourney?

Hopefully you are not relying on just a single movement phase, particularly when you are playing ITC missions and those units could be continually scoring from T1. Yes Tempest Launchers are great but also if they are perceived as the only thing that is going to pressure the opponent, will be an even bigger target over the course of the game.

I would never dismiss out of hand the guided reapers shooting twice but I like utility (I also then do not need potentially two strong psykers babysitting the Reapers). The Autarch is also a great response to your above point.

How are Hemlocks vulnerable to deep strikes? Yes very rarely will they be able to have bubblewrap protect them but that's a case for all flyers. The range is still 18" and Altaioc is never going to maintain -2 at all times but using the speed to come in from an angle will limit the units that only get -1. Eldar flyers really do not care about turtling with reference to their movement given they can pivot twice. This does limit their ability to snipe characters as effectively but that is also where the Autarch can become more important to actually have some sniping ability available. And if they are full turtling, I will likely be able to get ahead on ITC mission points.

Me too. I think I will feel the loss of the Hawks (but that's 200 points if I want three units…). Friday – Sunday; 8 games.

Reapers are good, but don't overestimate them- they are quite fragile (even when in cover) and are not particularly fast on the ground, so it's very possible to see them wiped out in the early game or to simply not be able to see the targets you want to shoot with them. And while the Tempest Launcher is great against infantry targets, it does little or nothing against heavier stuff that you typically want to shoot Reapers at, and the 36" range isn't always enough.

A lot of people are making the same mistake they did last edition, i.e. finding a single good unit and taking nothing but that to solve every problem. Scat Bikes before, Reapers now- same syndrome. You need other tools to be able to deal with other problems, especially this edition- as an example, Reapers are pretty bad against stuff like Guardsmen (they're only barely better than a Guardian at killing them, at four times the cost), and unlike a lot of Eldar units they can't easily escape from combat if the enemy manages to get you locked in. Armies that run 30 or 40 Reapers look scary on paper but will cave pretty badly against good players that know how to take advantage of their weaknesses as well as to hard-counter lists that simply bring things they aren't prepared to deal with.

I play reapers a lot and the problem is that it is so easy to protect them from a turn 1 alpha strike (stratagem, wave serpents) and their return fire just kills most things straight up. I think their fragility does come into play against a deepstriking, horde assault army (Tyranids and Daemons are scary I think) but against other armies the alpha is just going to win you the game.

Reaper spam lists have also won two well attended tourneys in the UK. Heat 2 of that GW tournament and a tournament at a large games shop 'Element Games'.

Apart from fast, deep striking assault lists, i'm not sure what problem they don't deal with. Large single models and elite infantry cave to 10-man units of reapers. Hordes and small MSU units cave to 3-man reaper units with tempest launchers. 36" on the tempest launcher begins 43" when you consider they can move and shoot with no penalty.

Now I would love to hear from top tier players like Sean Nayden on how his eclectic eldar list beat reaper spam but I suspect that those wins had a lot more to do with his individual brilliance and less to do with Reapers not being as OP as I think.

I'm pretty sure the guy at the GW tournament was making an illegal move with his reapers by using Fire and Fade to get back into a transport he had disembarked from previously that turn. Yes he got permission from the tournament organiser to do it but it is still an illegal move and we should not just the durability of reapers based on that.

As Puppy has said, Reapers are very good no one is going to argue against that but they are one dimensional. As you said good players are not afraid of a reaper spam list because it can only do one thing well. This on top of playing with an actual decent amount of terrain helps to bring reapers down to just a very good unit rather than a "I should just be taking more reapers instead of X".

To address your earlier comment of being afraid of people focusing fire on your hemlocks, be thankful if they do. In this edition something you have is going to die, and if they are focusing all of their effort on your hemlocks which are quite hard to bring down for what they can do, it means they are not shooting your reapers, hawks or shining spears.

>Reaper spam lists have also won two well attended tourneys in the UK.

I can't speak to the UK, since I haven't seen as much coverage of tournaments over there, but in the North American side of things they have done significantly less well since the character rule has been changed (and thus prevented all-character lists that fronted with unhittable Assassins from being able to dominate things.) In fact, Reaper-heavy lists have been soundly defeated by more balanced armies in several tournaments recently, and I think that the Las Vegas Open will give us more of the same.

>Apart from fast, deep striking assault lists, i'm not sure what problem they don't deal with.

They're fairly mediocre at dealing with hordes and T3 models, neither of which they are great against in general. A block of 30 Termagants with Devourers or even just 30 Hormagaunts is a major issue for Reapers to deal with- they just don't kill them quick enough, and lacking Fly or any other such rule they are pretty easy to trap in combat.

>Now I would love to hear from top tier players like Sean Nayden on how his eclectic eldar list beat reaper spam

Sean has been a bit obtuse about things (not surprising given he is about to attend the largest 40K tournament in the world and probably wants every advantage he can muster), but there's plenty of stuff we can deduce from his list. He runs several units with anti-overwatch shenanigans (and high speed) to allow him to get into combat, where he can blow the Reapers apart easily- the Autarch Skyrunner is likely to kill ~6 or 7 Reapers by themselves once they get into range, and can easily avoid being targeted by them by hiding out of line of sight (which even the Tempest Launcher can't shoot at due to character status.) Similarly, his many other elements can drop in near a squad and and then go for assaults quickly, taking advantage of the poor melee performance of many Eldar armies these days.

Sean's skill as a player certainly had a lot to do with his winning, but he also brought the right tools to the table to do so. It's a lesson that Sean has shown us in past events as well and one that shouldn't be ignored- just because a unit is good doesn't mean it's good at _everything_.