Happy New Years from 3++

A happy belated new years from 3++ everyone! Hope you all celebrated the new year in your own style.

So a quick post about what to expect from 3++ in 2018. We obviously had quite a while off and 2017 brought us back again with a passion and some slight differences. Gone are many authors of yesteryear and while our primary contributors are still around (Kirby, Matt and Puppy), you’ll notice we are still not posting as regularly as we were back in our heyday. I do not expect this to change unfortunately with life circumstances being the way they are but the content will hopefully be consistent. As always, our goal is to provide a competitive viewpoint and thereby start discussions and improve gameplay. This won’t change and includes the classics of codex reviews and battle reports.

What we are looking to change though is how some of that content is delivered. YouTube and social media have obviously taken off even more in the time since we have been away and that is something we are accessing in only limited amounts. Forums are less important (not that the 3++ forums ever became a huge thing) and even blog comments are often spread over different sources. Our facebook page and group are growing steadily but are a fraction of what one would expect given our SEO statistics (average of 4000 users per day; still below our average of about 5500 from our heyday but shockingly good given the short amount of time we have been posting again). Unfortunately, I am not a multimedia or social media expert and while the 3++ team has gladly welcomed Kadeton to the family to help with coding the webpage, this is still something we are lacking.

With that in mind, we have three things kicking around the bucket for this year.

  1. Firstly, is get some video content for our YouTube channel has languished. Whether it’s quickfire reviews of books as they are released / getting the podcast started again or your standard battle reports, etc. Regardless, if we want these to be good quality (particularly the battle reports), we would need some assistance in this matter.
  2. This goes into the second point. You would have seen our ads have changed to standard AdSense type ads rather than the rolling banner we had previously. We do not want to make an ad driven website like BoLS or Spikey Bits – this is not our primary income but we would like to be able to pay for site hosting and fees and not ask people to do things for free. We always appreciate the support the community provides regardless. With this in mind, actually giving some attention to our Patreon this year would be of benefit but we need to know what you would actually want from it. A lot of publishers use it as an access pass and we do not want that. Frankly, initial thoughts are just using it as a way for you to show support to what we do but feedback would be great.
  3. Thirdly, we want to expand our social media presence to allow 3++ to self propagate itself like it used to. Most of us do not have the time we once had to ensure we were linking articles on other sites / forums and directing traffic here as we did during 3++’s build up and I certainly do next expect everyone else to do this for us. How we do this I do not know so I put this out to the 3++ community as well.

So for 2018 our “resolutions” as they were are as follows:

  1. Continue producing high quality, competitive minded content for 40k;
  2. Improve our social media presence;
  3. Create high quality videos to supplement written content;
  4. Develop consistent income through Patreon / ads without detracting from the website to cover costs for the above;
  5. Enjoy the hobby.

Your thoughts and feedback on this matter would be most appreciated!

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2 responses to Happy New Years from 3++

I’ve always liked the simplicity of your forum- straightforward with views primarily on units and tactics. I don’t usually watch vidreps but tactical videos on using certain units or showing how things work (such as the assault phase) would be great and different.

That said I’d be willing to support your Patreon without actually needing anything “exclusive”, just as a way to show support.

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