Tournament Report: Powerfists & Psykers 10

Greetings, fellow jovial servants of the Lord of Decay! Today I bring you a brief report on the tournament I attended this weekend.

The tournament in question was Powerfists & Psykers 10, run by the Canhammer team ( out of the National Capital Region in Canuckistan. There were 18 participants and we played 3 games using the ITC Champions missions.

I’m pleased to report things went WAAAY better for me this time, compared to the last tournament I attended.  Part of it was bringing a better list, part of it was better play on my part, and part of it was thanks to the ITC missions.

It turned out I couldn’t bring the list I had detailed here on 3++ a while ago because I just didn’t have the time/energy to model too much (I even had to borrow someone else’s Guilliman because mine is still halfway assembled). This is what I brought:



Game 1:

My first game of the day was against Chris, part of the Canhammer team and a tremendous competitor. He ran a Chaos soup list composed of a jump Lord, jump Sorcerer, 2 big blobs of Cultists, 6(!) squads of Nurgle Oblits, 2 Slaanesh Heralds, 4(?) squads of Brimstones and a Feculent Gnarlmaw.

The game had ups and downs all along. I deployed badly, which allowed Chris to Deep Strike his merry band of Nurgle Oblits right in my backfield. To make matters worse, Chris used the Denizens of the Warp stratagem to deploy his Gnarlmaw with them, which made killing them soooo much harder.

That’s a lotta Obliterators…

On the flipside, Chris left a small hole in his Brimstone and Cultist wall which allowed me to drop my Assassins in and rake in some Reaper, Recon and Behind Enemy Lines points.

The Oblits nuked my Razors on the drop. Fortunately, I had enough foresight during deployment to put them close enough to the ruins to have my Devs disembark out of LoS. My Eversor dropped just about where the sheets of paper are in the pic.

In the end, I managed to pull ahead 24 to 15, but given that this was the very first time Chris played the ITC missions, it’s not hard to see that it could have gone much worse for me very easily. Chris ended up taking Best Heretical General, after all.


Game 2:

My second game was against Nick and his Ork horde. He had 3 big mobs of Boyz, a Big Mek with KFF, another Big Mek on bike with KFF, a Boss on bike with the relic big choppa, 2 Mek Gunz (the anti-tank ones), 4 Kanz, 10 Nobz with kombi-skorchas and killsaws in a Trukk, a Weirdboy and a Nob with banner. Oh and a Morkanaught.

Nick’s army

Having learned my lesson from last game, I used my Scouts to create a bubble around my army to avoid having Da Jump give me a really bad day. This allowed me to fight the battle on my own terms and I managed to cut apart Nick’s army piece by piece while suffering minimal losses.

Most of my army was deployed behind the tallest building, with my Scouts in the ruins closest to the camera, behind the two-story building near the center of the board and on the other side of the tallest building.

I got full Gangbusters points from the Kans, full Reaper points from the Boyz and full Recon points thanks to my Assassins. In the end, I won this one 40 to 11.


Game 3:

Final game of the day against Zach and his Tau. He had 8(?) Commanders with 4 Fusion Blasters, a Coldstar Commander with drone controller, 5 Firewarriors and then a gazillion drones.

I knew I was in trouble from the get-go because I had played against almost exactly same army and player at the last tournament I attended and I knew it was a very strong list piloted by a skilled general. I once again pushed my Scouts forward to delay the Commanders’ drop, which probably allowed me survive long enough to for this game to not be a complete knockout by T2.

So many Drones… At this point in the game, my Scouts had been cleared out, so I pushed my Devs forward to act like a second screen, which bought my Razorbacks another turn of shooting.

I got bits of bad luck that didn’t help, like when Guilliman failed to come back up the first time he died (even with reroll) and failing to kill a single Shield Drone with an Eversor shooting and charging it, but in the end, it wouldn’t have made much a difference. In retrospect, I should have selected Behind Enemy Lines instead of Headhunter for my secondary (in addition to Recon and Reaper) since I knew from experience killing the damn Commanders was going to be no easy task. Zach carried the day with 31 points to my 18, which I am honestly not too ashamed of. Zach also ended up winning Best Overall. Now, let’s hope the new Tau book coming up shakes things up a bit and enables lists more varied than Commanders + Drones which is about all that is competitive in the Tau Index…

At the end of the day, I got the Best Imperial General trophy hockey puck. Felt pretty good after all the reversals of the past few months.

Way cooler than a boring ol’ trophy


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12 responses to Tournament Report: Powerfists & Psykers 10

if I had to guess, 2 supreme command detachments and an outrider detachment.
1280 for 8x quad-fusion commanders
139 for a coldstar with just the drone controller and maybe another 5 point upgrade like a stim injector
40 for the strike team
leaves enough points for 67 drones of the gun or marker varieties. I'm gonna guess all the commanders and the strike team have pairs of drones, so that accounts for 20 of them. The rest would be split up among the 6 FA slots in the outrider. There's probably a hefty sprinkling of shield drones, at least attached to the commanders, so those will reduce the total number of drones by 1 per 5 shield drones.

Shield Drones are possible- can't really make out details from the photo- but not a given. Gun Drones serve the same purpose and tend to bring more utility when in large numbers, whereas the Shields are mostly only used in small units. It's plausible either way, though.

The Coldstar Commander is almost certainly running Drone Controller + Advanced Targeting System, presuming the player is doing it "right."

I would argue that the ATS is the "mandatory" part of the Coldstar's loadout; the second support system you choose will vary based on a lot of other factors. In this case, since he has no one else to tote the Drone Controller, that is the natural other choice- but lists with less reliance on drones could easily drop it for Shield Generator, Target Lock, or Counterfire.

"6 commanders with 4 fusion and 2 gun drones each
Coldstar commander, drone controller and advanced targeting system
Ethereal on hover drone with a shield drone

4 squads of 12 drones – 10 gun drones, 2 shield drones
Squad of 12 drones – 6 gun drones, 2 shield drones, 4 marker drones
Squad of 12 – 8 gun drones, 2 marker drones, 2 shield drones
Squad of 4 shield drones
Squad of 4 shield drones

Firewarrior Squad of 5 guys, 1 markerlight

Organized into a supreme command and two outrider detachments"

Straight from the horse's mouth.

It's a meh list.

Just above average and not great and incredibly easy to deal with.

Close combat lists and hordes will have a field day with this.

No one is saying Commander spam is a great list but it's not meh. It's quite frustrating to deal with as it can be very difficult to target the important models (Commanders), there are enough models to block movement and it's a mobile list that is not easy to pin in combat. The Drones are also the most efficient point for point shooting Tau has, just cannot be thrown where you always want it.

Most lists generally take a mix of Commanders and maybe a Y'vhara to up the damage output but it's by no means "meh" – it's ahead of the curve but behind the array of lists doing well.

Well, yeah, because it's the only thing that works. Commanders are good, pretty cheap (not counting the cost of the weapons, which is the same for them as it is for everyone else) and the rest of the army mostly sucks (drones are good, obviously, I think firewarriors are just fine, there's a few other standouts).

But it's not fun, it's cheesy and dumb, and yeah, this is why I've been playing my GK and bought a bunch of Primaris.

I hope they don't fix it just by making commander weapons more expensive, or something. GW has shown they don't really know how to balance something like markerlights. They tend to make things like that either useless or completely broken. And I worry a lot of things that used to be wargear will now be stratagems. And I worry they will make plasma still less good than imperial (uncharged) plasma for no good reason. And that they'll nerf drones to be useless. And that they will have now realized, that stacking penalties are bad, but they won't retroactively adjust them for other codexes, so Tau won't get them with stealth suits, for instance, but Eldar will still have them.

I worry, man.

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