Welcome to 3++, one of the web’s premier strategy and tactics sites for tabletop gaming.

Our main focus is Warhammer 40K, but you can also find coverage of other popular games on this site, including Warmachine/Hordes, XWing, Armada, Epic:Armageddon and The Lord of the Rings (Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game).

Who are 3++?

The site’s authors include its founder, Will ‘Kirby’ along with long-time authors Matt ‘Shadowlord’ and Abuse Puppy, with a number of other contributing authors such as veteran-tournament player, Neil Phillips. If you would like to write something for this site and feel you have something to contribute, please contact Kirby or Matt.

Our Goals

We try to promote an environment where players and enthusiasts can learn to improve their tactics and army lists together. There’s a lot of discussion about army building and how to get the most out of individual units. Optimising armies and fine-tuning forces is a far cry from ‘Win At All Costs’, and we like to believe we promote a fair-play approach to gaming – after all, a large part of the appeal of these games is their social aspect, and both players should be having a good time even if one side eventually comes off second.

The long term goals of this site are sharing knowledge and tactics, upgrading players’ and readers’ skill levels, and improving the quality of games for everyone – all while helping people make new friends and acquaintances from other states and countries.

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