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Space Marines in 8th Edition – Datasheets, Points and Power Levels

Welcome back! In this instalment, we look at how Datasheets, Points and Power Levels are going to impact the Marines.

The first thing that is worth noting about Datasheets is that it will still be possible to have units switch spots on the Force Org chart. That is not a huge surprise but it is a relief to know that all-bike armies will still be a thing in all likeliness. It will be interesting to know if White Scars can get Bike Squads as a default Troops choice… probably not but it would be cool if so. Next, the fact that the Aspiring Sorcerer has Ld 8 vice the common 7 of the Rubrics is likely indicative that most if not all squad leaders will continue to have an extra point of Ld over their squaddies. How that translates for Marines is hard to say for sure: maybe only Veteran Sergeants will have Ld 8, or maybe all Sergeants will. Nevertheless, and as we discussed in a previous article, Morale is going to matter a heck of a lot more now, so spending some points on upgrading Sergeants to veterans may be a much wiser (if not outright necessary) move. Read more

Space Marines in 8th Edition – Weapons Part 2

Ladies and gentlemen, good day! In this instalment, we will look at the effect the new weapons rules revealed by GW will have on Space Marine armies.

First off, twin-linked weapons have been completely reworked, and in a way that is more beneficial for Marines (and other high BS armies) than for those not endowed with high marksmanship. This is simple math: the old rule to twin-linked resulted in 33% more hits for a weapon fired by a BS4 model, whereas a BS2 model (like say, an Ork) would see a whopping 66% increase in hits with a twin-linked weapon. Now, both will get twice as many hits, which is a boost to both low and high BS armies, but more so for the latter than the former.

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Space Marines in 8th Edition – Large Models, Infantry and Characters

Greetings, citizens! In this article, we will look at how Space Marines are affected by the changes to large models, infantry and characters.

So there’s not a lot of info for us to talk about in the Large Models reveal. We already knew Damage tables were going to be a thing. The question is: which of our models will get them, and which won’t. Smart money is that Land Raiders will, but the rest is up for debate. Dreadnoughts and Guilliman didn’t seem to have them (though this may have been simple subterfuge on GW’s part), so it makes me wonder whether Rhino-hulled vehicles will or won’t. I’m guessing that Rhinos and Razorbacks (and Whirlwinds?) may not, and Preds + Vindis may. Read more

Space Marines in 8th Edition – Battle-forged Armies

How do you do, fellow kids? In this article, we will look at how Marines will interact with Battle-forged armies in 8th edition.

So… Formations are gone. Ouch. While I am personally happy to see them go, it is undeniable that losing one of the most powerful Formations in the game – the Battle Demi-Company – is going to hurt our competitiveness. Granted, the thing was just broken when fielded as part of a Gladius Strike Force-enabled full Battle Company, so we shouldn’t complain too much. Nevertheless, those of us who could steamroll through the less competitive armies/builds of 7th are likely going to have to adjust to being scared of Orks, Tyranids and Imperial Guard again (assuming the playtesters and the design team did a good job of balancing things). Read more

Space Marines in 8th Edition – Charge, Fight and Morale Phases

Welcome back! In this instalment, we will look at how our Space Marine armies will be affected by the changes to the Charge, Fight and Morale phases.

So the basic mechanics for Charging remain pretty much the same. A minor but helpful (for us, at least) change is that you can fire Overwatch for as long as your unit is not locked in CC. This will punish armies that try multiple long charges against our primarily-shooty army. The fact that you only have to be within 1 inch of an enemy model to lock it in CC is mostly going to be a hindrance for Marines (again, primarily shooty army and all that), but the silver lining is that our slow foot assault units like Assault Terminators, Honour Guard, CC Scouts and Assault Centurions will have a bit of an easier time reaching combat (though in the case of the Termies (and also likely the Centurions), it’s a wash given they lost an inch of movement).

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Space Marines in 8th Edition – Shooting Phase

Good day! In this article, we look at how the Shooting phase and Marine armies will interact in 8th edition.So, right off the bat, a big difference from 7th ed is that every squad member will be able to shoot at a different target. This just makes sense: unless every single Marine in the 40k universe is an absolute moron, there is no reason why a Tactical Squad’s Lascannon-equiped heavy weapon trooper would shoot at a mob of Ork Boyz with the rest of his bolter-equip Battle Brothers instead of directing his fire at the Deff Dread bearing down on his unit. This change is going to make a lot of our squads a LOT more efficient: Tactical squads, Terminator squads  and Sternguard squads will be able to bring their firepower to bear A LOT more effectively.

Space Marines in 8th Edition – Movement and Psychic Phases

Hi again! In this short installment, we will look at the Movement and Psychic phases together.

The Movement phase has mostly remained unchanged. You do Run (now called Advance) in this phase now, which will prove slightly detrimental at times in terms of tactical options (but given the huge time-saver this is, I am immensely happy it’s happening regardless). The big news about Movement is this: you can now move out of combat during your Movement phase! This carries some hefty penalties, but can (likely) be salutary for some armies. Space Marines – being a mostly shooty army – will likely benefit immensely from this change: no longer will your Tactical Squads be stuck flailing uselessly at vastly superior assault units for turns on end, preventing your other shooty units from blasting apart those same assault units that are devastating their brethren. Ergo, this is a pretty clear win for Marines in my book.

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Space Marines in 8th Edition – Weapons

Welcome back! In this post, we shall look at the new weapon profiles and how they affect our beloved Marines.

The first big – and most definitely welcome – change is the inclusion of Damage for certain weapons. Being able to cause more than one wound with high-powered weapons like Lascannons is going to drastically improve the effectiveness of Marine special and heavy weapons. Indeed, one of the main reasons you saw Grav in every Marine army during 7th is that all of our other weapons were so impotent against the bigbads of that edition (Wraithknights, Riptides and the like). Now that Lascannons, Missile Launchers and other heavy/special weapons can actually make a MC cry, a lot of units that had been relegated to the shelf can come out and play again without being a hindrance to the player. Predators, Devastator squads, Multi-melta Attack Bikes – all will have a chance to be useful again!

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Space Marines in 8th Edition – Unit Profiles

Hello (again, to some of you)! It’s good to be back! With this post, I will be starting a series on Space Marines in 8th Edition. I played Marines competitively during all of 7th and had good success using the Gladius Strike Force, so I am definitely looking forward to knowing how my force will have to change as the game changes.

First off, let’s look at Unit Profiles.

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Blood Angels in 6th: Initial Analysis

So, how do our beloved Bangles get affected by the new rules?
Well it’s a bit early to tell, but here are some observations (in no particular order of importance):
-Our libbies got both boosted and nerfed all at the same time. Boosted in that opposing libbies can’t stop our powers that help our own units (Shield, Wings, etc), nerfed because our hoods got nerfed too. Mephiston and Libby Dreads are much more reliable now. That said, fudgemuiffin Wolves and Eldar still have their great psy defence, so it’s not all roses.
-FnP got changed to a 5+ that ignores everything but Instand Death. Is this a boost or a nerf? I think that within the context of 6th (or what I perceive it will be), it is more of a boost than a nerf: low Ap weapons are much more relevant now, so being able to bounce Plasma more reliably is a boon. Also, having some kind of save against power weapons is nice.
-Furious Charge got nerfed pretty badly, since it no longer boosts your Initiative. This sucks. A lot. It was a big part of playing BA properly, and it helped a lot with our survivability in assaults. Also note that you don’t get the Strength boost if you charge more than one unit (stupid, stupid change… *sigh*)
-Random charges = ugh. I think it wouldn’t have been so bad if it had been say 4″ + D3, but 2D6 is just painful.
-Pure DoA lists are now impossible, due to the Reserve rule stating that you can only keep 50 percent of your army in reserve. It wasn’t a great list, but its a massive slap in the face to those that built such a force. Thanks, GW!
-Razorspam got hit with the nerfbat pretty fierce. Not only are light vehicles much more reliably destroyed due to Hull Points, but the way disembarking rules work really make it harder to use Razors and ASM together effectively. Before, you’d move up on turn 1 and 2, and disembark/assault on T3. To pull off a T3 assault now, you have to disembark on T2, leaving you open to getting shot and charged preemptively. Not good.
-While on the topic of Razors, I think the Assback is still the best turret to have in spite of the boost Plasmabacks got (shoot 2 weapons at Cruising Speed for Fast vehicles). The reasons for this are as follows:
  1. The single gun is much less of an issue now that glances don’t roll on the damage chart.
  2. The TLAC is a much better anti-air platform than the las/plas: more shots and all of them are twin-linked.
  3. While the plasmaback is better at 12 inches when shooting at MEQ and vehicles, that is not a good position to be in due to the way assaults against vehicles are resolved now. Combine this with the fact that pre-measuring vastly helps keeping your Assbacks both in range of their guns and out of assault range and… yeah.
-Assault Squad loadouts is going to change some. Not so much in the special weapon department (melta is still the best choice there), but the way you equip your sergeants will have to evolve. The good old powerfist is just not as godlike as it once was: dreads can be hurt by meltabombs much more easily now, and if you get stuck in against things like Wraithlords, you can simply elect to run away (unless you are in the throes of the Red Thirst). That said, fists/hammers combined with a Storm Shield is going to be a good combo in Challenges – you get a 3++ followed by a 5+ FnP against Power Weapons, and you get to bypass the awesomeness of 2+ saves and instagib most ICs. If you want to go cheaper, just getting the Storm Shield will be a good buy for jump lists – stick him at the front of the squad and soak up plasma shots like its nothing, using Look Out Sir to pass on regular wounds to the regular guys. Otherwise, twin Plasma Pistols I think is going to be a thing thanks to the Gunslinger rules (fire both pistols). Finally, completely naked sergeants (save for maybe a meltabomb) seems like it might not be a bad idea to save points.
-Sanguinary Guard went from bad to actually pretty decent. Power Weapons just bounce off thanks to their 2+ and 5+ FnP, and as long as their is a Libby with Shield around, they should fair ok against Plasma too (5+ cover and 5+ FnP). The rules for Glaive Encarmines are still a bit up in the air – GW didn’t bother to FAQ them (nor Dante’s Axe Mortalis, for that matter). I think they will end up being a master-crafted, two-handed version of whatever they are model-wise (axes or swords).
-If Sang Guard are good now, Termies are simply godlike. They can kill tanks in CC super easy, are a pain to remove even with plasma, can use Deep Strike with much greater effect, and can use Allied SM Libbies with Gate to move around. Simply win.
-Speaking of the FAQ, there is a non-sensical ruling that Independent Chars falling to the Red Thirst can only join squads who also fell or the Death Company. You will probably remember at this point that none of our ICs have Red Thirst… so lol at Gee Dubs for failing at FAQing once again. I assume that in a future FAQ, all ICs will get it, so best make sure you have at least a small squad of DC in your army or else it will lead to some rather unfortunate situations where your ICs will have to walk/jump on their own…
-BTW, the DC/DC Dread got massively boosted – not only does Rage no longer makes them uncontrollable, but on top of that they get +2 attack on the charge instead of +1. Too bad that the Crozius Arcanum of the chappies got nerfed to AP4 at the same time or else Lemartes would have been a real beast.
-The combat dreads seem much more useable to me now. With the rise of Plasma, we should see a decrease in melta. Additionaly, it will be possible to “snipe” power fists due to the wound allocation rules – not easily done, but possible. In any case, we might see less of those anyways, as I explained earlier, and krak grenades can’t do much to you.
-Searchlights are a must now that Night Fight will be that much more frequent.
-An important bit in the FAQ is that Combat Squads from a single unit can now share a transport. This. Is. MASSIVE. Other Marine armies benefit from it more than we do (due to making use of the Rhino much more than us), but god it will feel good to break out my Land Raiders again (who are now much more useable). I’m dreaming of a list with 2-3 Raiders and a bunch Preds – high AV spam that is actually effective!
-The Storm Raven went from piece of crap to overpowered in one fell swoop. This is not so much due to the rules for flyers being OP in so much as that NOTHING HAS fudgemuiffins SKYFIRE! Having one measely quad gun from the Aegis kit isn’t going to cut it, nor will a couple of Hydras (who are now crap thanks to being useless against ground targets). Thankfully, I own 3 Ravens that have been sitting in their boxes until now. Still, I think this is a massive cock-up on Gee Dubs part. I suppose it might be brought into balance if all missile launchers get Flakk missiles, but that is no done deal.
-Corbulo is pretty amusing now that FnP ignores almost everything. Might have to start using him more as a bullet sponge.
-Tac Squads got boosted, but still remain inferior to Assault Squads in this Codex.
-Devastator Squads being able to snap fire when moving is kinda neat, but mostly useless as you are hitting on sixes. I suppose that if you are going to try shoot down airplanes, you might as well take the opportunity to reposition while you are at it.
-Sternguards are beastly. Take special note that Pedro Kantor’s Hold the Line wasn’t FAQed to prevent non-Vanilla SM sternies from scoring. Fun times ahead!
-Bike Squads got some nice boost in the form of Jink and being able to take FnP saves against missiles and Lascannons. On that note, it might be interesting to use Bikes instead of Jump Packs for ICs so they become far less vulnerable to Instand Death.
-CC Scouts are still crap (more so now that they can only get a 5+ cover). Sniper Scouts are more vulnerable unless they are in a Ruin, but otherwise get a nice boost from Precision shots (sixes on Hits = allocate wounds to opponent).
-Drop Pods might be a tad more useable now that they can come in on a 3+ on T2, and that, thanks to Allies and Fortifications, you have a plethora of ways to reroll or augment your reserve rolls. Will have to examine this further.
-Land Speeders are now more awesome than ever. Double melta suicide antitank was never more cost-effective than this. Also, using Squadrons of them is much less derp, thanks to the new squadron rules.
-Rhinos being able to carry 2 combat squads is nice. Might see more use in my lists.
-Preds still as solid as ever. Actually better now that you can scoot away from trouble and still fire 2 lascannons.
-Vindicators: massive boost. Less likely to get defanged, immobilised or stunlocked. Reduced cover saves make the big gun much more potent against infantry. New interaction between blasts and vehicles makes it that much better at killing enemy armour. Will have to see if I can’t whip up a list that includes a couple.
-Baal Pred can’t Flat Out + smoke on scout move. Aaaaw :-(.
-Techmarines boosted slightly in that they can bolster the cover of more than just Ruins now, and can repair Hull Points. Still crap, overall.
-Captains still lolbad. Worse off than other Captains due to having no access to 2+ saves.
-I can see Dante becoming more popular now that Sang Guard aren’t a joke. His axe nerf is unfortunate. Guess getting old makes you slow even if you are a space marines, huh?
-Seth still awful.
-Astorath more useful now that DC are much better. His axe is AP3 now, which makes it special rule sorta useless – how many units have good invulnerable saves (read: at least 4++) and not have a 2+ save as well?
-Tycho got a relative boost in that his Dead Man’s Hand strikes at initiative while “ignoring armour” instead of being given a fixed AP value.
-Sanguinor even more of a bad joke now: easier to torrent away and his weapon is AP3.
-I thought that Vanguards would be much easier to use thanks to the reroll for jump packs when charging and Hammer of Wrath. Sadly, GW FAQed that fantasy of mine pretty damn quick.
-Attack bike now eat missiles for breakfast. I think that it might still be a better choice over Speeders for our melta hunters as Speeders can’t contest objectives now.
-Bike squads… well, now that we can ally with SM, it seems less smart to use our own Bikes. Dunno, will have to think this over more.
-Scout Bike squads are even more hilariously bad – they can’t even do the first-turn charge trick anymore. Avoid like the plague.
-Dreads still a solid choice, though if the missile launcher gets Flakk missiles, I think TLAC + ML combo will become the norm.
-Whirlwind still aweful. I suspect that at some point in the future, it will get some sort of Skyfire option.
-Allies open up a whole new world of opportunities. The first thing that came to mind was Jump BA + Devs allied with IG Platoon with a bunch of Heavy Weapon Teams to boost long range anti-tank.
That’s it for now. If I think of something more, I will do a Part Deux to this article.
Comment away, Gentlemen!