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Cancon Battle Report 2 – Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines

Following Game 1, I went into Game 2 1-0 and the dream was still alive…


My list can again be seen here while my opponent’s (Dean) list included 2 19x Bezerkers, 2x Sable Claws, three Chaos characters including a Sorcerer, 3x3x Nurglings, 3x3x Mortar Renegades, 10x Renegades and 2x Company Commanders (Dean also runs the Blog for the Blood God). The Sable Claws and Bezerkers are obviously the work horses of this list and given I have many flyers, the Sable Claws are pretty important targets while those Bezerkers could ruin my day pretty quickly with whatever they touch in combat. I do not have a lot of infantry in the list so I will need to be wise about my placement to seal off deep striking assaults. The Sable Claws though do have a very large footprint. There is very little shooting in the list though (9 mortars and the Sable Claws). Dean choose Death by a Thousand Cuts, Big Game Hunter and Recon for his secondary objectives and I choose Headhunter, Behind Enemy Lines and Recon as mine. Mistake made here which we will go into.

This is an excellent game example of how you can lock yourself in combat though, so keep your eyes peeled for this.

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Cancon Battle Report 1 – Eldar vs Renegade Knights


My list is here. My opponent’s list was three Renegade Knights with a variety of shooting weapons and Magnus the Red.

The first mission was six objectives in a rectangle formation and two more in the midfield with Spearhead Assault deployment. This was advantageous for me as it kept my opponent nearly as far away overall as possible and given his army would strongly beat mine in combat, never a bad thing. My opponent having four drops was always going to get the +1 to go first and could put a lot of pressure with his knights / magnus on my army if he got close. I do have the speed to play some keep away and his firepower would be pretty ineffective against me given the negative modifiers to hit so I just had to deal with the inevitable combat damage. My secondaries included Big Game Hunter, Titan Slayer and Recon. BGH and Titan Slayer go hand in hand and if I do not kill at least 3/4 of his army, I have likely lost anyway. His secondaries included BGH, Headhunter and Kingslayer on my Autarch.

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ITC Missions – a post tournament Review

Before we jump into the cancon battle reports I want to run through the ITC Missions and my thoughts around them, both the good and bad.

Firstly, I will say that I much, much prefer this year’s missions than last years Maelstrom random crapola. We all now by now that I do not like random and the more random something is the worse off. While this may balance itself out over a tournament, you should not have missions swinging that wildly (it’s your own prerogative to take and accommodate units within your list like this). I will give ITC nice props then for changing this system and bringing in the primary and secondary missions.

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Cancon Recap and Eldar List Review

Okay. I am back to civilisation! I ended up going a disappointing 5-3 and finishing 21st out of 130 odd players. Good but not my usual standard. Let’s look quickly at the last two games (games 1-3 and games 4-6 are recapped here) before looking at the list and experience as a whole. We will then have lots of battle reports with another tournament in 4 weeks…

Game 7 – was against Nurgle + Knights basically (two knights, Morty, Daemon Prince, Lord of Contagion and Typhus). I went first and was able to just kill Morty with my last shot and I then killed the 27 wound Knight with my last melee attack the next turn. This game was then very similar to Game 1 where I was able to pick apart the big units one by one and start scooting ahead on ITC points. My opponent played more aggressively which meant I lost more and if I had not dropped Morty on the last shot, I could have lost a bigger chunk of stuff. As it was, game was overly pretty quickly and I had another two hour lunch break…

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Cancon Day 2

Heading into Day 2 2-1 and sitting 19th with realistically needing to go 3-0 for a chance at the top spot. I drew three Eldar (okay the second game was Dark Eldar and Eldar) players so a day of Eldar mirror matches! yay.

Game 4 – first game of the day was against Michael who has a similar list to mine but double Reaper squads, two Hemlocks, more Rangers and less Serpents. I made a key mistake in not blocking where the Hemlocks need to land to take out my Reapers and compounded this by dropping my Wraithguard to help kill the Hemlocks (I probably did not need to do this; could have polished them off with Serpent Shields) and then further compounded this by sending their Serpent away… woops. This meant my ability to clear out the Dark Reapers was vastly reduced and while the game was close, my opponent put it away later in the game. I lost 14 to 29.

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Cancon Day 1

From Facebook page…

Day 1 recap.

Game 1 – vs magnus and three knights. magnus fell for bait and warptimed up to my HQs killing both and then dying in a hail of death. Knights did not get up close so I used -2 to hit stuff and killed a knight a turn. I left some points on the table as forgot to play turn 5/6 so that may hurt my placing later… 37 to 13

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Eldar 2000 point Tournament List

I did a complete 180 on my previous list after one real physical game and then a handful of games on Vassal – the weaknesses were too strong to overcome (most notably lack of ranged shooting). There were certainly lots of options such as running BA next to Imperial Guard or SoB + Imperial Guard, full on SoB with some Exorcists and Retributors, etc. I even considered doing an alteration of my Girlyman list (with Primaris – that list needs some thought as I think it has good potential but then Girlyman makes everything good). All of them had the issue of models or lack of playtime (sans Girlyman) so I went with an Eldar list I had been working with over several weeks and fiddled away.

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Sisters of Battle / Blood Angels Tournament List

I am off to a tournament again with very little prep work *sighs*. I will get better at this one day… So it came down to two armies for me, Blood Angels or Eldar. Tyranids were in the mix but I needed to do a lot of painting for them and in the end, I went with BA as I was missing some Swooping Hawks to take the Eldar list I wanted. The list then moulded to be primarily Sisters of Battle with a BA attachment.

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Happy New Years from 3++

A happy belated new years from 3++ everyone! Hope you all celebrated the new year in your own style.

So a quick post about what to expect from 3++ in 2018. We obviously had quite a while off and 2017 brought us back again with a passion and some slight differences. Gone are many authors of yesteryear and while our primary contributors are still around (Kirby, Matt and Puppy), you’ll notice we are still not posting as regularly as we were back in our heyday. I do not expect this to change unfortunately with life circumstances being the way they are but the content will hopefully be consistent. As always, our goal is to provide a competitive viewpoint and thereby start discussions and improve gameplay. This won’t change and includes the classics of codex reviews and battle reports.

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