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Australian Team Championship 2014

Hey guys,

I’ve been at the ATC the past weekend hence no posting! Last games of 6th edition (hurray!!!). Will do a quick re-cap of the weekend and then we can get back into the swing of things with 7th edition and go from there :).

NSW ended up 4th with VIC, SA and WA taking the podiums.

Randomness – Needed? How Much?

With 7th edition rumors coming thick and fast a couple of comments have been made on randomness and queries have been raised regarding this so I thought we’d take a look at it.

Randomness is always going to be part of this game (and many others) – it’s part of what makes it fun; rolling dice. However, there is necessary randomness and then there’s being random for no reason (you can call it Forging the Narrative if you like, or It’s Cinematic! or bad rules design). Now I’m no games design expert, self-taught or otherwise, but this is a key point to any successful system.

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Melta is the New… Autocannon?

Thor 1

In the past several book releases, we’ve seen something of a trend. More and more, we are seeing an increasing viability of many of the tougher targets that were on the out last edition. The most recent example of this would be the large price breaks (and effectiveness increases) of Leman Russ tanks of various sorts in the IG book, but this is hardly the only instance- Knights, despite their real-world price tag, are sure to make an appearance at some tournaments, and other factions have seen some tough contenders as well.

Against these hard targets, the usual fare of S6-7 torrent weapons simply does not suffice- they can sometimes deal some minimal damage, but more often than not they will simply plink off without effect, and many of the units are sufficiently hard-hitting that slowly wearing them down over 3-5 turns just isn’t an issue. Hence I think the meta is going to drift in the direction of seeing more and more inclusions of the harder-hitting weapons of days past, melta included.
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Tyranid Dataslates (Rising Leviathan) – Digging through them all

Games Workshop identified (let’s give them the benefit of the doubt, come on…) Tyranids needed something to make up for their complete lack of Ally options. So they gave them 15, read 15, 15 Dataslates. That’s a lot and we can hope one of them would actually be good and naturally some of them would just be bad.

Shockingly, this is the case. Let’s have a look at each one and how they might be applied for the good ones. You can see all the details here on the forums.

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Allies – Good or Bad for the Game?

Lets have more philosophical discussion!

Allies started off as a rumor for 6th edition and a lot of us (me loudly included) lamb blasted (I was hungry okay?) Games Workshop for it as a money grab which would unbalance the game. A lot of early 6th edition tournaments didn’t include allies identifying they thought it would break the game. Time wore on and we found this not to be the case but it actually brought in a lot of variety to armies. Part of this is the 6th edition ruleset as well where mech isn’t the dominant force of 6th edition nor is it completely useless (though the pendulum certainly swung too far that way) and along with Allies this encouraged more diversity in list construction. We started seeing really divergent and different armies which were effective without being skew or gimmicky being brought in as people not only tried to get their heads around new editions and releases but the concept of being able to plug in army list holes.

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Astra Militarum – Rules

Sorry guys – another lazy post; I’ve been sick this weekend (and I don’t have all of the X-wing lists! Come on people!!).

Astra Militarum has started dropping and we’ve got some pictures and rules swimming around.

I’ll endeavour to get something up tonight and then have a look at this during the week.

Escalation, Stronghold Assault, Battle Report-CAG Bash

Cincinnati Arsenal GamingBy Spaguatyrine



My friend John Lay and I drove the 2 hours to Cincinnati Ohio to play in the 4th annual CAG Bash.  This year they allowed escalation, stronghold assault, and forgeworld 40k approved units.  There ended up being 38 players.  Check out this battle report with a few pictures.  Not as good as Xaereth’s of course but I am working on it….

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Tempestus Scions – more pictures

I’m gonna be lazy and just link to the forums where there are pictures of the points and lots of rules for this up-coming minidex (another one!?).

Odd mix between Chimera and Razorback for the Taurox (henceforth dubbed Tonka) – AV10 side though is pretty bad and cheap shooty transports aren’t the rage they were in 5th (I’m still waiting to try mass MSU again just to see if people can deal with 30+ HP lists).

Anyway, discuss.

6th edition Force Organisation Chart

Thought I’d share this; I’m sure many of you have already seen it or already been able to piece together what’s going on with 6th edition but as a reminder, pretty much since 3rd edition outside of some special mission parameters, you have only had access to one Standard Primary Detachment (top left of the picture). Compare.

Force Org

Crimson Slaughter – The New Chaos?

So first there was the Chaos book which got largely slammed except for the Heldrake. Supplements started coming out and after a so-so Iyanden and a pretty strong Farsight, everyone was hopeful. Then Black Legion came out. And the Iron Hands and the Imperial Fist ones followed by some really questionable Dataslates after the Tau one until we got the Tyranid ones. Things have turned around we hope! And thus we get to Crimson Slaughter. Which is actually, well decent.

Hyperbole aside, Crimson Slaughter is no Black Legion and although it’s not the “auto-replace of CSM” it’s a nice alternative if you can use what it provides.

Full rules and pictures here.

So, let’s start with the basics.

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