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Craftworlds Codex Review: Troops: Guardian Defenders

When only the finest graduates of Underwater Basket-Weaving school will do to protect your homeworld, you need Guardian Defenders.

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Pieces of 8th: Markerlights

Markerlights- always an integral part of the Tau army, and always the first target of the enemy’s guns. (Or at least they ought to be.) Though their exact effects have varied from edition to edition, their general abilities (spend to increase BS or to reduce cover) have been more or less the same. 8th Edition brings a change to this, but while many regard it as being for the worse, it’s really just one more iteration of the way things have always been.

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Bits of 8th: The Wound Chart

So it’s been a while, hasn’t it Pinkers? But I’m back again and will be writing off and on again for 3++, so you’ll probably see more of me around here in the coming months.

But that’s not really what I’m here to talk about- I want to talk about some of the facets of 8th edition that haven’t been discussed a whole lot. Obviously everyone is pretty excited by the previews and the rules changes we know about, but not everything has gotten equal attention, so over the next three-ish weeks I’ll be talking about parts of the new edition that I think deserve more attention than they’re currently getting. So, let’s dive in.

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Lessons for Competitive Players

There are lots of ways to play any game with different goals in mind; for example, some players play games purely for the social aspect, with the game itself being more or less a secondary concern. Some do it as a form of problem-solving, treating the game like a puzzle. Some take the game as an entertainment experience, with success and failure just being two different “plotlines.” None of them are right or wrong in any meaningful sense of the word, although not all games are equally suited to these methods of play (but, of course, if you’re having fun with it who cares?)

So here’s my list of lessons and strategies for players who want to enjoy 40K from a competitive play perspective. Hopefully you can take something away from them as well.
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The Day the Clown Cried (Codex: Harlequins review)


After quite a long time spent being little more than an entry in other people’s codices, Harlequins have gotten their own book once more. As seems to be the case for a lot of the new “mini-codices” it’s not really enough to easily field a full-sized army with (although theoretically you could), but it does make a nice little package to add into another army.

But, of course, that raises the real question: how good is it? Because Harlequins, as they were in the Eld/DE books, hadn’t really had any meaningful influence on the game for quite a long time for a variety of reasons. Does the new book shore up their weaknesses enough to be useable, or is it another Legion of the Damned-esque blank slate?
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