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Sisters of Battle / Blood Angels Tournament List

I am off to a tournament again with very little prep work *sighs*. I will get better at this one day… So it came down to two armies for me, Blood Angels or Eldar. Tyranids were in the mix but I needed to do a lot of painting for them and in the end, I went with BA as I was missing some Swooping Hawks to take the Eldar list I wanted. The list then moulded to be primarily Sisters of Battle with a BA attachment.

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Quickfire Summary and Review – Sisters of Battle / Adepta Sororitas

We have not done a mathammer of Sisters of Battle yet but it’s not exactly rocket science – they have meltas and flamers. Go. With that in mind and given there has been some questions and buzz around Sisters, it appears to be a perfect time for some discussion and analysis of them. Maybe one day Games Workshop will give us multi-part plastic kits as well… Anyway, we all remember the lovely days of Flamestorm / Immo spam and the success those types of lists had in 5th edition.

As before with the Tau post, while more time has passed and games are under the belt, things will rapidly change with the codex release timeframes but for now, we shall look at must have, okay and bad units.

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