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Allies – Good or Bad for the Game?

Lets have more philosophical discussion!

Allies started off as a rumor for 6th edition and a lot of us (me loudly included) lamb blasted (I was hungry okay?) Games Workshop for it as a money grab which would unbalance the game. A lot of early 6th edition tournaments didn’t include allies identifying they thought it would break the game. Time wore on and we found this not to be the case but it actually brought in a lot of variety to armies. Part of this is the 6th edition ruleset as well where mech isn’t the dominant force of 6th edition nor is it completely useless (though the pendulum certainly swung too far that way) and along with Allies this encouraged more diversity in list construction. We started seeing really divergent and different armies which were effective without being skew or gimmicky being brought in as people not only tried to get their heads around new editions and releases but the concept of being able to plug in army list holes.

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“Codex” Review: Inquisition supplement

So Codex: Inquisition is kinda a big deal. Maybe not as much of a game-changer as a couple of the other big drops this past month (*coughcoughEscalationcough*), but still fairly huge for a lot of armies and a lot more likely to actually get used. While none of the units included in it are at all revolutionary- in fact, they are almost all just copy-pastes from the Grey Knights book- it’s their ability to widely access them in addition to whatever ally force you decide to bring along.

For most Imperial armies, an Inquisitor is something of a no-brainer inclusion these days, and even for some Xenos armies he will be well worth considering. With a plethora of options you may see many different builds for Inquisitors, but you can be quite assured that youwill be seeing them.
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The 5 Stages of dealing with what GW is doing to 40K

obsoletaMany of us see the Formations currently being released as creating a huge shift in the balance of power between codexes and forces in the game we love, the viability of the armies we’ve painted and built, and changes in how the tournaments and events we enjoy will be run.

Gamesworkshop sees this as a fun December Advent Calendar likely to put more of their products in Christmas Stockings worldwide.

That statement should be hyperbole or at least exaggeration, but appears to be literally true. This article is an attempt to take a mature look at where we are, where we’re going and how to reconcile the gap between that and where the players who enjoy tournaments as well as casual games would like it to be. Read more

Eldguard – Shooting Guns and Melting Brains

photoIf you’re going to ally Eldar with anything other than their Tau Battle-brothers or Dark Eldar, you’re going to need a very compelling reason. As a long-time Eldar fan (my first codex!), my reason for not wanting to ally with Tau requires an almost embarrassing admission as a competitive-gamer: it’s simply that I don’t like the models. Dark Eldar are more appealing, but their contributions to the list are mainly based on making models with 2++ saves reroll those saves, which makes the lists a bit gimmicky.

In this article I’ll take a look at an alliance that really hasn’t had much coverage online – the Eldar and the Imperial Guard. This is outside the box -we’re going to take Eldar for gun tanks, Guard for psykers and assault troops, and hope to roll the intensely unpopular Mindwar power. Read more

Are Guard in Decline? Let’s fix it.

Image13I don’t like admitting it, but in replying to an army build request from Stampy this will be the first time I say that the Imperial Guard are not the world-beaters they used to be.

2013 has not been good to the IG, and the codex is finally showing signs of age. However, as an avid guard player who has taken them to victory at a large number of tournaments, I believe it’s worth looking at what has contributed to their decline, but also that they remain a strong force and it is far from time to let them go quietly into the night.

Stampy’s request:

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Seertide – A Taudar List

So, following from our Taudar (or Eldau?) post let’s put together a list using the two armies. I’m going to use a Tau parent base and I want the Eldar list to fill a specific hole. First, it’s going to be a foot list so no Wave Serpents, that’s next time. Second, one of the main things I want when bringing in Eldar for Tau is two brilliant targets for twin-linking. Most Broadsides are self-sufficient in this regard, they are twin-linked. Most infantry squads don’t really want twin-linking if they have markerlight support and their numbers generally reduce the capacity for it to be efficient with them anyway. Most vehicles are solo targets and thus not really gaining a lot from twin-linking… Crisis Suits and Riptides are therefore the prime choices. Read more

Taudar (Eldau?)

With Eldar and Tau just being released we have a unique opportunity (so far) to look at two battle brother armies for 6th edition. Yaya, Daemons and Chaos Marines are Battle Bros as well but that’s pretty simple, right (and all that instability stuff)? Heldrake and go! Tau are perhaps the most complete army we’ve seen from Games Workshop in a long, long time and certainly the best in 6th edition and Eldar have hopefully brought stronger mech lists back where transports are actually a common sight. But what do they do for each other…?

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The Solitaire and a Standard Eldar Ally Template

Click me for the thread in which I was made!- Credit to precinctomega

Click me for the thread in which I was made!- Credit to precinctomegaThe Farseer is good.

In fact, the Farseer is REALLY good. He’s so good that you should be sticking him in just about every Eldar army, and in any army where you’re taking Eldar as allies and you’re Battle Brothers.

But when you’re not, he loses a lot of his effectiveness. He can’t cast on allies of convenience or lower, and while he can get some offensive psychic powers, he really is mostly just a buff machine.

And so, there are those scenarios where the Autarch starts to become a more attractive choice. Unfortunately, you can’t build an Autarch in a ton of different ways. Very fortunately, there is one way which is very effective. I’m talking about the Solitaire.

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Tau List Ponderings – Foot & Hybrid

Yes the Dark Angel codex review is still getting completed but I’ve been busy so you have to deal with more Tau stuff as it flys off our fingertips in the passing moments I have spare. So what I’m working with is trying to identify a way a semi-Mech list so the Hammerhead(s) don’t stick out like sore thumbs and scrapping that concept and running full foot. Here are two list spitballs so far…

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Leviathan Wrap-up and Analysis

Okay, so let’s do the usual looking back on the weekend, a brief overview of each game and how the list performed overall (the list can be seen below). Again, the missions were taken from the published works of 3++ so were good missions overall (if I don’t say so myself :P) though Julian went for a fun secondary in Game 5 (get your Warlord dead; don’t kill your opponent’s).

So list was:

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