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Explosives / Templates in 8th Edition – aka the Battlecannon Debate

We’ve had a few discussions around this topic already and while the final verdict won’t occur for several weeks (or months) now, we probably have most of the information to start dissecting the changes in template and blast weapons (now called Explosives and … well nothing). First let’s look at what we know:

  • Physical blast and template markers are no longer in the game;
  • Templates still automatically hit and do D6 wounds to a unit within X”;
  • Templates no longer ignore cover;
  • Some templates have different ranges (we know a normal flamer is 8″ and a pistol is 6″ so heavier weapons might be 10″/12″/etc.);
  • Blasts have been replaced with DX hits (we’ve only seen D6 so far for both a large blast and small blast);
  • Stronger weapons (such as the Battlecannon) do DX wounds;

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40k 8th Edition – New Edition, New Rules… New Culture?

Games Workshop have announced the impending release of the 8th Edition of their 40k games system.

Any new release from GW is sure to cause a major splash in the tabletop gaming community, and while debates about the rules and what the few details already announced could mean, what I found most interesting is that there are indications this release could herald a whole new culture at GW, and a remarkable change in how they interact with their fans and customers.

Maybe I am just being optimistic, but read on and see what you think.

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So You Want To Play Competitive 40K? Three Observations For New Players

Americans thrive on being the best at any- and everything that we endeavor towards achieving, whether that is a high-minded pursuit like landing on the moon, or something a little more lowbrow (i.e. the Big Mac or fried butter).  Our shared hobby is not immune to this competitive itch, in fact it is experiencing a Renaissance, if the number of GTs that are being run are any indication.  If you are a casual player, don’t write this off; I still consider myself a casual player, even though I actively search and participate in more competitive play.  They are not mutually exclusive play styles, and there is room for you to be both simultaneously.  Don’t believe me? Read below, where I have compiled 3 things that I have learned if you are just now starting out in competitive play. Read more »


It is a  big weekend for WH:40K in Australia – the most important 40K gaming event of the year kicks off in less than 24 hours. Top players from 6 states will be battling for supremacy at the Australian Team Challenge, this year held in Hobart on the island of Tasmania on the 4th-5th of July 2015.

This will be the 5th ATC event, the annual interstate tournament having kicked off in 2011. This year the two ‘honourary states’ Australian Capital Territory and New Zealand will not be fielding teams, so there are 6 states participating, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, Victoria and of course the hosts Tasmania. I can vouch for what incredible, fun and competitive events these are, having been to a few of these myself as captain of the Western Australian team, but this for the last two years that honour has been passed to Mike “Massaen” Basc.

In the past people have been interested in the lists that are generated when groups of tournament players from across the nation are smashed together in a single cauldron of battle, so you can find links to the army lists below.
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As Strong as Hercules and As Flexible As Gumby: Using Nemessor Zandrekh


While many of the Necron special characters lost most of their unique abilities, there are a couple major exceptions. Szeras and Orikan, for example, offer significant survivability buffs to an army while also adding some other utility as well. However, one of the characters not only kept most of his original abilities, he actually got arguably more powerful in almost all respects. I’m talking, of course, about everyone’s favorite delusional general, Nemessor Zandrekh.
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Exigence New Tiers: Trollbloods

The second half of the roundup on Exigence involves the 6 Theme Forces featured in the book for the new warlocks: Avalanche, Wold War, Footsteps of Giants, Death’s Wings, Voodoo Dolls, and Curtain Call.  The idea of a Theme Force gives you bonuses for running armies a certain way, at an opportunity cost of other models.  So lets see what we’re looking at, starting with Trolls and going down the line for each one. Read more »

7th Edition Orks Codex Review Part 9: Heavy Support Part 2

orky9by Scuzob

Orkz have four different kinds of Walkers sitting in their Heavy Support. As we all know, Walkers are super cool in concept, but the 40k rules prevent them from being super cool on the table. They’re combat units with a small amount of shooting, but are just too damn slow to get into a fight when you need them to, and too vulnerable to dedicated anti-tank firepower. When the rules change in a manner that makes Walkers better, that will directly improve the Orkz’ offerings, but for now they’re all sort of mediocre.

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7th Edition Orks Codex Review Part 8: Heavy Support Part 1


by Scuzob

At this point, what army doesn’t have a Heavy Support that’s packed to the gills with units you would like to take a load of? Suffice to say, Heavy Support often contains a Codex’s killer units mixed in with some other fun but okay/terrible stuff. Orkz are no different, with Mek Gunz and Lootas taking the top spots, Battlewagons following closely behind, Flash Gitz occupying a “not as bad as they used to be” spot, and four kinds of Walkers trailing behind. The Orkz have their biggest guns and strongest shooting packed into this section and it is a rare army that does not make use of two or even three of these units.

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7th Edition Orks Codex Review Part 7: Fast Attack

orky7by Scuzob

Ork Fast Attack is not as packed as it first appears, since three of the units here are actually slight variants on the same Flyer, and two others do the same kind of job, except one is a Jetbike and the other is the flimsiest vehicle in the game. The units do the usual FA job of being fast married to the Ork jobs of being plentiful and cheap, which is a great combination that many other armies lack in their Fast Attack. For the Orks, these units all make good minimum-size harassment units.


Like Kommandos, Stormboyz are Choppa Boyz with an upgrade that fixes their terrible speed issues. Namely, the Stormboyz are the Assault Marines to the Ork Boyz Tactical Squad. At nine points a model, they are very cheap for their speed, as their special jump packs let them run 2D6” at the cost of taking Dangerous Terrain tests when they do so. It can cause a lot of casualties if you’re unlucky, but at least this potentially damaging movement is optional, unlike the last codex.

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Guest Article: Stompin’ Time: Notes on Knights

by tjkopena

This past weekend a good-sized crew from PAGE went out to the NOVA Open. I pretty much got my face punched in throughout the Trios and Narrative tracks (reports here & here), but I learned a lot and had a great time. Even in those but especially walking around the Invitational and GT you couldn’t help but notice the multitudes of Knights: Imperial Knights, Wraithknights, Rip-knights… Gorgeous models, under-costed points, for once GW figured out how to really sell something everyone will like, as long as it’s on their side of the table. The following are some lessons I’ve learned about fighting and using Imperial Knights.

Your weapons are (all but) useless, puny fleshlings! Charles Craig's sweet Chaos-allied Knight picks a fight with Sgt Titus and his meltagunner friend.

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