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Cancon Battle Report 2 – Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines

Following Game 1, I went into Game 2 1-0 and the dream was still alive…


My list can again be seen here while my opponent’s (Dean) list included 2 19x Bezerkers, 2x Sable Claws, three Chaos characters including a Sorcerer, 3x3x Nurglings, 3x3x Mortar Renegades, 10x Renegades and 2x Company Commanders (Dean also runs the Blog for the Blood God). The Sable Claws and Bezerkers are obviously the work horses of this list and given I have many flyers, the Sable Claws are pretty important targets while those Bezerkers could ruin my day pretty quickly with whatever they touch in combat. I do not have a lot of infantry in the list so I will need to be wise about my placement to seal off deep striking assaults. The Sable Claws though do have a very large footprint. There is very little shooting in the list though (9 mortars and the Sable Claws). Dean choose Death by a Thousand Cuts, Big Game Hunter and Recon for his secondary objectives and I choose Headhunter, Behind Enemy Lines and Recon as mine. Mistake made here which we will go into.

This is an excellent game example of how you can lock yourself in combat though, so keep your eyes peeled for this.

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Cancon Battle Report 1 – Eldar vs Renegade Knights


My list is here. My opponent’s list was three Renegade Knights with a variety of shooting weapons and Magnus the Red.

The first mission was six objectives in a rectangle formation and two more in the midfield with Spearhead Assault deployment. This was advantageous for me as it kept my opponent nearly as far away overall as possible and given his army would strongly beat mine in combat, never a bad thing. My opponent having four drops was always going to get the +1 to go first and could put a lot of pressure with his knights / magnus on my army if he got close. I do have the speed to play some keep away and his firepower would be pretty ineffective against me given the negative modifiers to hit so I just had to deal with the inevitable combat damage. My secondaries included Big Game Hunter, Titan Slayer and Recon. BGH and Titan Slayer go hand in hand and if I do not kill at least 3/4 of his army, I have likely lost anyway. His secondaries included BGH, Headhunter and Kingslayer on my Autarch.

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Wintercon Battle Report 1 – Tau vs Dark Eldar / Drukhari (2000 pts)

Round 1 from the recent (June 2017) tournament I went to. Tau list is here. Mission 1 is here. Summary of mission – two objectives in each deployment zone, two maelstrom objectives in midfield. Maelstrom included holding the objectives, killing units, linebreaker and counter linebreaker (have units in your DZ but not the opponents) with Dawn of War deployment. Opponent was Dark Eldar / Drukhari with the below list:

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2000 pt Battle Report – Dark Angels vs Astra Militarum

Okay, finally catching up on some battle reports. This one is very important – we have a Dark Angels mech list which uses two main Aura sources, Azrael for his 4++ and re-rolls and Stormshrouds for their -1 to hit up against an Imperial Guard list with lots of Conscripts and a lot of Heavy Flamers on Chimeras. On paper, the firepower weighs heavily for the Dark Angels so theoretically this should be a relatively straight forward game. Let’s see what happens. Learning below.

We played what was the fourth ITC mission – my hate for Maelstrom became strong. Essentially there are six objectives, two in your deployment zone, two in the middle of the board and two in your enemy’s deployment zone using Hammer and Anvil. Maelstrom was about holding Objectives 1, 2 or 3 (your backfield, midfield and farfield) or killing units (4, 5 and 6) with the option to replace two of the same to go for all three. I really wish they varied up the deployment zones for their missions as well. You could have easily 36 options rather than the six they put out… Digressing.

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Battle of the Blogs Round 1 – Dark Eldar vs Imperial Guard

Just before 8th Edition was released, I got in touch with one of my old gaming friends, Mike Basc, who runs increasingly popular Objective Secured blog, tournaments and events, and we agreed to do some challenge games between our Gaming Blogs to generate new 40K battle reports for both audiences.

Mike is a seasoned and successful 40K player who has captained the state team, won dozens of events on the local and national stage and been an organising force behind some of the best regional tournaments.

Round 1: Mike Basc’s sickeningly perverse Dark Eldar take on Matt-Shadowlord’s heretically inspired Imperial Guard. Read more


Today we have a treat for the many people who have been asking for an Imperial Guard battle report, as the Astra Militarum battle the Genestealer Cult across the surface of an ice planet.

This was the first tabletop playtest for both me and my opponent (I’ve had 3 vassal games of 8th prior to this), and a terrific chance to try out the new rules in what would prove to be a fast-paced, hyper violent game of 40k.

Infantry, Monstrous Creatures, Tanks, Artillery, Mutants, Psykers, Heroes and Cavalry – this game has got it all.

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8th Edition Battle Report – 1500 pts, Tau vs Orks

How long has it been since once of these!?

We are still missing a few rules it looks like but what ever stopped us from doing things early!? We decided to give 8th a go just to try out some lists and get the feel of the game. I really wanted to see how the new Drone mechanics work and try out the Sunshark bomber and Vinsanity just did not want to play Tau. So I picked Tau.

Be prepared for mistakes but I’ll try and cover them off if I notice we did them. Lists after the break.

And sorry for some blurry pictures – Macro kept turning off…

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Battle Report – Scyrah vs Legion (65 points)

So a month ago went to a local club Siege of the Hills for the first time where they are wrapping up a Journeyman League (hence the weird points total). Will hopefully be going many times again!

The scenario was a simple one Рno Killbox and each player had a 30 hit box ARM 20 objective (no special rules) which if destroyed, won the game. Relatively easy thing to kill but it was placed very far back in both deployments so hard to get to. Anyway, took a Helynna list and played against pThags Рhopefully remembered the lists correctly below.

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More EPIC:ARMAGEDDON – Tau vs the Dead Emperor’s Dead Planet

IPB Image


This game was a rare opportunity to kill two birds with one stone – test the latest revision of the Death Korps list, and the current Developmental Vior’la Tau simultaneously. I posted a battle report recently where I played Tau against my opponent’s Death Korps, while this turns the tables and switches the generals around.

There were a few compromises made to fill in gaps in models, mainly using death korps infantry tilted upside down as Death Riders, and traitorous hammerheads filling in as Macharius tanks that I didn’t have models available for (see the pic below on the right for the models I’ve since finished for use as Death Riders).

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3++ Video Battle Report: Eld/Tau vs. Eld/SM


Hello, gents and ladies and gents. It’s been a while, as I’ve been rather busy with the holiday season and tournaments and whatnot; however, there is an upside to this: some of my practice partners and I have been working on putting together some battle reports in a somewhat more animated form than the usual. So, without further ado, the first of (hopefully numerous) video batreps for your enjoyment.
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