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Battle Report – Scyrah vs Legion (65 points)

So a month ago went to a local club Siege of the Hills for the first time where they are wrapping up a Journeyman League (hence the weird points total). Will hopefully be going many times again!

The scenario was a simple one – no Killbox and each player had a 30 hit box ARM 20 objective (no special rules) which if destroyed, won the game. Relatively easy thing to kill but it was placed very far back in both deployments so hard to get to. Anyway, took a Helynna list and played against pThags – hopefully remembered the lists correctly below.

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More EPIC:ARMAGEDDON – Tau vs the Dead Emperor’s Dead Planet

IPB Image


This game was a rare opportunity to kill two birds with one stone – test the latest revision of the Death Korps list, and the current Developmental Vior’la Tau simultaneously. I posted a battle report recently where I played Tau against my opponent’s Death Korps, while this turns the tables and switches the generals around.

There were a few compromises made to fill in gaps in models, mainly using death korps infantry tilted upside down as Death Riders, and traitorous hammerheads filling in as Macharius tanks that I didn’t have models available for (see the pic below on the right for the models I’ve since finished for use as Death Riders).

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3++ Video Battle Report: Eld/Tau vs. Eld/SM


Hello, gents and ladies and gents. It’s been a while, as I’ve been rather busy with the holiday season and tournaments and whatnot; however, there is an upside to this: some of my practice partners and I have been working on putting together some battle reports in a somewhat more animated form than the usual. So, without further ado, the first of (hopefully numerous) video batreps for your enjoyment.
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Tournament Report: The Harvester of Souls

Know Your Gons

Last weekend I went out to the Harvester of Souls tournament in Spokane, Washington and managed to come away feeling pretty good about things. The tournament was held at the “new” location for the Gamer’s Haven after the old one had burned down. (I put “new” in quotations because it’s actually been around for the better part of a year, but as it’s my first visit to the store it was, at least, still new to me.) As an ITC-registered event and part of the store’s yearly tournament series (with another event, the Storm of Silence, occurring in the spring) it was a good chance to face off against some pretty strong competition while still having a good time and play on some really nice-looking tables. I ended up going defeated across the five rounds with my Necrons and took Best General, though my middling paint score (as well as the presence of some very nice-looking armies) meant that my shot at Best Overall or Best of [army] was something of a non-starter. But as I said- good times, good folks, good games. Keep reading if you want the details.
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Battle Report: Astra Militarum vs Tau Empire

fwweToday’s post features a battle report by Frost89, who has been trying out the new Astra Militarum codex and put this up for discussion in the 3++ Chatbox. Witness the Might of the Imperial Guard as it attempts to wrest back control of a ruined city from the Greater Good of Tau technological wizardry.

The report is worth a read because the it gives a good indication of the direction many new Imperial Guard lists are likely to start moving towards: a much higher portion of the points spent on HQs, a good chunk in Troops and Heavy Support, little to none in Elites (goodbye Psyker Battle Squads, you will be missed) and the previously maxed-out fast attack slot now a lot slimmer.

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Photo Battle Report: The Battle for Helms Deep

HelmsDeepLotRLast weekend TGA hosted “The Battle for Helms Deep”, a massive 5,000 points game between Steve and Matt (Rohan) and Tony and Aaron (Isengard) on the tremendous Helm’s Deep board built brick-by-brick by Steve (Onyx). This was a terrific game, and I invite anyone who loves table-top gaming to have a look at the photos from this epic match whether LotR is one of your favourite systems or not.

As far as I am concerned, in the video-game age, table-top games like this are why we bother in the first place.
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Warmachine Video Batrep

Ok, got a special treat here.  Going to try and do more of these, also experiment with the videos as time goes on to try and get a format I like going.  For now this is what I got going on and enjoy.  Brief setup is that it is 50 points between myself and our local Press Ganger.

Cygnar vs Convergence

Escalation, Stronghold Assault, Battle Report-CAG Bash

Cincinnati Arsenal GamingBy Spaguatyrine



My friend John Lay and I drove the 2 hours to Cincinnati Ohio to play in the 4th annual CAG Bash.  This year they allowed escalation, stronghold assault, and forgeworld 40k approved units.  There ended up being 38 players.  Check out this battle report with a few pictures.  Not as good as Xaereth’s of course but I am working on it….

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★★★ STALINGRAD ★★★ Epic Battle Report

Cancon 2014 has come and gone, and once again featured one of Australia’s greatest Epic Tournaments.

Continuing the introduction to Epic Armageddon that I started here on 3++ with There is another 40K game. And it is Good., the following is a battle report from one of the games I played. Now I am aware that many 3++ readers aren’t very familiar with 40Ks scaled-down model size scaled-up battle size stablemate, but read on to get a general feel.

And there are pictures!

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Guest Apoc Battle Report

tjkopena has been kind enough to allow another re-post from RocketShip games. Busy busy I’m afraid and all hobby time is geared towards 3++con currently (few spots left for this weekend if you’re free!).

Anyway, below we have an Apoc Battle Report to keep you all entertained whilst we get stuff together.


With the fall of Caldor IV and Rittenhouse Hive, yet another of Abaddon’s years-long black crusades continues to build momentum. Gazing deep into sector holomaps, Kingbreakers’ leadership decides to make a stand on Kimball Prime. Great works begin as the planet is made into a fortress world, with bunkers, shield generators, and innumerable weapons batteries built from the ice wastes of the poles to the sweltering jungles of the equator. Here the traitor’s tide of war will be blunted, or the incursion will rage unstoppable throughout the sector.

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